Jamie Foxx Shares How Snoop Dogg 'Intimidated' His Daughter's Boyfriend

Jamie Foxx revealed the hilarious way Snoop Dogg helped to scare off his daughter's boyfriend during his appearance on 'Fallon' -- watch here.

10/17/2021 5:00:00 PM

During his recent appearance on FallonTonight, JamieFoxx explains how he is using his celebrity connections to set his daughter's suitors straight.

Jamie Foxx revealed the hilarious way Snoop Dogg helped to scare off his daughter's boyfriend during his appearance on 'Fallon' -- watch here.

The 53-year-old then launched into the story and explained the hilarious way in which he tried to get Snoop Dogg to intimidate his daughter's significant other."My daughter, who didn't know I had already run a background check on her boyfriend, he comes to the crib and Snoop happens to be there. And I said, 'Snoop, there he is right there. Shake him up,'" he explained."Snoop just walked over to my daughter's boyfriend and just said 'Hey, what's up? What's up cuz? You know. Hey, look here. You know. We her uncles, you know what I'm saying? So act accordingly, homie.'"

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After sharing a laugh with Fallon, the"Blame It" singer said that his intentions with using Snoop as a means to intimidate his daughter's boyfriend was to let"the young man to understand that she's got people that really love her. So that if something does go wrong, Snoop is coming."

The actor -- and formerchart-topper -- most recently featured on Solomun's"Ocean," which was released in May. See Foxx on Fallon below. Read more: billboard »


How Jamie Foxx deployed Snoop Dogg to put a little fear in his daughter's boyfriend'I wanted the young man to understand that she’s got people who really love her, so that if something does go wrong, Snoop is coming,' Foxx said.

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