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JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon says 'bitcoin is worthless' amid crypto bull run

JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon says ‘bitcoin is worthless’ amid crypto bull run

10/16/2021 11:48:00 PM

JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon says ‘bitcoin is worthless’ amid crypto bull run

JPMorgan Chase & Co. started giving its wealth management clients access to crypto funds in July.

But the banking giant will offer its clients exposure to bitcoin, said Dimon, speaking briefly at the annual Institute of International Finance event.“Our clients are adults. They disagree. That’s what makes markets,” Dimon said. “So, if they want to have access to buy yourself bitcoin, we can’t custody it, but we could give them legitimate, as clean as possible, access.”

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JPMorgan started giving its wealth-management clients access to crypto funds in July.Bitcoin BTCUSD, -3.70% on Monday surpassed $57,500, recently trading at $57,406, with a 15.6% gain over the past seven days. Ether ETHUSD, -1.84% is recently trading at $3,557, up 1% over the past 24 hours.

The crypto community on Twitter highlighted bitcoin’s latest bullish levels against Dimon’s past comments. iframe.twitter-tweet { width: 100% !important; } iframe.twitter-tweet { width: 100% !important; } Check out: Jamie Dimon is expecting the consumer to carry the economy through current bumps back to growth

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Things that are worthless libor bearstearns lehmanbrothers countrywidemortgage Things that will probably become worthless: jpmorgan jpmorgan Things that are not worthless: Bitcoin Scheisse schmeckt, Millionen Fliegen können nicht irren! Well yeah but so is fiat money . Only real value is land and hard commodities for the most part . But who cares …. It’s all about perception . The more alt coins … the more there will be pressure to substantiate such old bitcoins . It’s like windowsME vs Windows10

He’s old, protecting fiat currency and his bank and perhaps right. Putin disagrees. I like it! Keep posting same thing over and over fucking guys already post this 2 weeks ago and this moron doesn’t know anything fuck him Amid $JPM setting up a network for their clients to invest in Bitcoin. All he was trying to do was spread FUD to buy the dip.

This guy probably has or wants it to drop so he can get in!!🤣🤣 so is the dollar, people just don't realize it yet. Interest a bank pays on savings is a good indicator. Lol I bet he knows something that we don't...🤔

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OLD NEWS... Why post this again? Who cares what he says he’s got one foot in the grave How boring he is ….damn 🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐 Trying to tank it so he can fill his bags, I see Cause you are busy doing JPM coin... Another Michael Burry on the horizon Dimon has been saying this for quite some time, when Bitcoin was less worthless.

MM. Just like Gold, Silver, Art, Trading Cards and anything else that doesn’t produce FCF. Yet I’m sure he has expose to all of the above Bitcoin investing

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