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Opinion | Coinbase CEO: We Need a New Approach to Regulating Crypto

Clear rules would benefit the public, and my company doesn’t seek to be the industry’s gatekeeper.

10/16/2021 2:15:00 PM

From WSJopinion: Our existing financial regulatory system doesn’t work effectively for the open, decentralized networks that crypto has created, writes Coinbase CEO brian_armstrong

Clear rules would benefit the public, and my company doesn’t seek to be the industry’s gatekeeper.

ByBrian ArmstrongOct. 14, 2021 12:47 pm ETThe crypto era began 13 years ago with the publication of Satoshi Nakamoto’s seminal paper,“Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System.” Two years later, the first commercial bitcoin transaction took place when someone bought two pizzas for 10,000 bitcoin, roughly $571 million today. Today, more than $6 billion in bitcoin transactions happen every day and tens of millions of Americans own some form of crypto currency.

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Crypto can bring millions of people into the economic system through immediate, nondiscriminatory access to services. It adds renewed transparency to our financial system through blockchain technology and challenges undemocratic political regimes, which can seize bank accounts and close businesses. It lets people avoid high currency-exchange fees and barriers to remittance flows.

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opinion brian_armstrong I think the play here is to bait regulators into regulating, vs banning cryptocurrency. It will be very hard to do either if the crypto is sufficiently decentralized, but still, a ban on crypto in the US would be disastrous for prices. opinion brian_armstrong Becouse it never gonna works

opinion brian_armstrong Yeah, that was kind of the point. opinion brian_armstrong Shhhhhhhhhhhhh brian_armstrong

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