Is the Sex and the City Reboot … Okay?

I can’t help but wonder.

10/21/2021 11:31:00 PM

We couldn’t help but wonder: What on earth is going on here?!

I can’t help but wonder.

Incoming: And Just Like That … photos! Photo: Gotham/GC Images How this series can be filming so frequently for so long, I do not know. I just know this: Please do not show me another photo from the set. When the reboot comes out this December, I will sit down and watch it in all its deranged glory. I will let the disappearance of Samantha and whatever the show has to say about COVID-19 wash over me, and I will probably enjoy it. Until then, I cannot bear to behold another collection of wacky poses from Sarah Jessica Parker on a brownstone staircase.

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Photo: GC Images The situation depicted above arrived in September like a baguette-toting harbinger of chaos. It should probably be noted that Patricia Field, the stylist responsible for the original series’ many celebrated looks, is not returning to style the reboot because she wants to focus on Emily in Paris. With that in mind, know that this puzzling scene is only the beginning.

Photo: Jackson Lee/GC Images Here again is Parker, whose character, Carrie, appears to have resumed smoking (ugh). She’s wearing a pink-gingham sort of nightgown dress with a scarf tied over her head à la A$AP Rocky.Sounds kind of chic, right? If only. On top of the dress is a blue zip-up hoodie, and she seems to have just tossed away a cigarette with her lilac rubber gloves (??). Her cute little heels are also inexplicably unbuckled.

What on earth is going on here?!!?! Is this a fever-dream homage to Mrs. Doubtfire? A piece of performance art about Carrie’s unwillingness to conform to the ’60s-suburban-housewife life expected of her? A Yeezy campaign? Read more: New York Magazine »

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Patricia Field no longer in the City.

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