In Conversation 2021/2022 - S1E17: Changpeng Zhao (CZ), Founder & CEO Of Binance

In case you missed it, here's the recording of @cz_binance's talk with @ChannelNewsAsia. Topic: 'Can crypto come in from the cold?' ➡️

1/13/2022 11:30:00 PM

In case you missed it, here's the recording of cz_binance's talk with ChannelNewsAsia. Topic: 'Can crypto come in from the cold?' ➡️

Crypto trading platforms have been butting heads with mainstream regulators, with governments wary of the wild swings and clamping down on even the largest exchanges. Can crypto come in from the cold?

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Crypto star Changpeng Zhao: 'Industry growing at a phenomenal pace'Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, who goes by 'CZ,' discusses what is in store for the future of his company, noting that 'we generally welcome good regulation that promotes innovation.' cz_binance FoxBusiness BabyDogeCoin BabyDogeArmy BabyDoge cz_binance FoxBusiness Binance BabyDogeCoin BabyDogeCoin Binance Binance cz_binance FoxBusiness BabyDogeCoin BabyDogeArmy BabyDoge

CZ’s FAQ 6 - What Makes Binance Successful | Binance BlogIn summary, there is no secret sauce to building a successful exchange. You have to abide by your values, build a good product and service your users. To that end, I want to thank all of the Binance team, including Binance Angels for their hard work, dedication, and contributions they have made. Lastly, we are by no means perfect. We try very hard to abide by our values and are constantly improving our products and services. Please don’t hesitate to give us your feedback. cz_binance $Lanc. Defining freelancing , metaverse implementation. Check it out. lancerialabs SararuSebastian cz_binance Eth's price correction has given more room for appreciation in the future. With the ecological perfection of eth, the value of eth will become larger and larger. With the transformation from pow to pos, mobile mining is a new wealth opportunity. cz_binance é legal o que cz fala 😎👏 vamos lá campeão lista a BabyDogeCoin não nós decepciona chefe 😅😊

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