Dc, Superman

Dc, Superman

How New Superman Slogan Finally Lets Him Be a Man of Tomorrow

How New Superman Slogan Finally Lets Him Be a Man of Tomorrow

10/21/2021 2:10:00 AM

How New Superman Slogan Finally Lets Him Be a Man of Tomorrow

'Truth, Justice and a Better Tomorrow' reflects the evolution of what it means to be the Man of Steel.

Justice Leagueeven though it was created and published for close to four decades as “Justice League of America.” But what does a “Better Tomorrow” say about Superman as a concept and his current place inside DC and pop culture as a whole?Over the past 15 years or so, the Superman that most people are familiar with (Clark Kent, A.K.A. Kal-El of Krypton) has been slowly pushed into a new role: Superdad. What started with 2006’s “Last Son” comic book storyline and that year’s

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Superman Returnsmovie, both of which tentatively played with the idea of Superman as a father, became comic book canon with 2015’sSuperman: Lois and Clarkseries and the subsequentSupermanrelaunch the following year, which codified a new status quo for the hero. Instead of the mild-mannered metropolitan reporter with romantic troubles with fellow journalist Lois Lane, now he had settled into married life with Lois, and the two had a son, Jon, who had his own superpowers. (The 2021 CW reboot of Superman following this lead, adding a second son, Jordan.)

Beyond simply reflecting his aging audience, the repositioning of Superman as a parent changed what the larger Superman story is all about. What had previously been the ultimate immigrant assimilation story was altered significantly by introducing a generational element. It’s no longer enough to save the day; now there’s an unanswered question about whether or not Superman has done enough to make the world a better place for his children, and their children, and so on. headtopics.com

Some Superman stories in the past year have leaned heavily on this theme; aHouse of Elone-shot set in the far future dealt with the idea of multiple generations of Superman’s children struggling with their legacy and what it means, while the recentSuperman and the Authority

miniseries showed a Superman aware of his aging (“Call me the Samurai in Autumn,” he says at one point) determined to leave the world better than he found it through more than just direct action. “As far as I can see, young people like mysonare more responsible and serious about social issues than

weever were,” he explains in the series’ final issue.That’s a reference intended to be taken literally; aged-up via comic book logic, Jon Kent took on the mantle of Superman for himself in the Read more: Hollywood Reporter »


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