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Plane dumps human waste on man while flying over his yard: 'A really horrible experience'

The unlucky man revealed he was 'splattered in a very unpleasant way' when the aircraft released sewage on top of him.

10/20/2021 4:32:00 PM

The unlucky man revealed he was 'splattered in a very unpleasant way' when the aircraft released sewage on top of him.

The unlucky man revealed he was 'splattered in a very unpleasant way' when the aircraft released sewage on top of him.

Aircraft store sewage in tanks and the contents are usually disposed of once the plane has landed. The contents freeze at high altitude.John Bowden, a councillor for Eton & Castle who was also at the aviation forum's virtual meeting on October 14, said the incident was a"one in a billion chance."

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He suggested that warm weather in July could have made the sewage leak out as a liquid, rather than as a frozen block.The name of the airline has not been released, but Davies said it was"based a very long way away from here."She added that the upset resident had contacted the airline, which initially denied that its plane had been involved. However, the airline later acknowledged that the incident had taken place after the man identified the aircraft via a route tracking app.

Davies said the resident had decided not to pursue an insurance claim.Whitfield parish councillor Geoff Paxton, who has worked at airports for four decades, told the aviation forum:"We used to have problems with blue ice [frozen human waste and blue disinfectant] on arrivals, but that was because those toilets used to leak."

Such incidents were now extremely rare, he added, but"it could well be that something came out of the vent at low altitude," because air pressure is reduced when the aircraft is taking off or landing.Newsweekhas contacted the U.K. Civil Aviation Authority for comment.

In November 2018, a block of ice crashed through the roof of a house in Bristol, southwest England. Jamie Shean said he was"lucky to be alive" after he heard the object smashing into his bedroom. He suspected the ice block had been dumped by a plane.

A stock image of a commercial airplane flying above clouds in sunset light. A man who lives near Heathrow airport in the U.K. was"splattered in a very unpleasant way," a council meeting has been told. Read more: Newsweek »


How did you get a picture of the plane that did it? I think this is fakenews

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