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House Judiciary Committee, Jerrold Nadler

House Panel Approves Procedures for Trump Impeachment Probe

House panel formalizes procedures for investigation into whether to recommend articles of impeachment against President Trump

9/12/2019 5:12:00 PM

House panel formalizes procedures for investigation into whether to recommend articles of impeachment against President Trump

The House Judiciary Committee formalized procedures for its investigation into whether to recommend articles of impeachment against President Trump , ratcheting up a probe that has lasted all year.

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Just handed trump victory in 2020 so out of touch they can’t read the sentiment 'If you can't DEFEAT him or BEAT him then impeach him' ~Diamond and Silk DoWeWantThisForAmerica But are they going to get real evidence or just hearsay/opinions? The Democrats are their own worst enemies. Tax dollars hard at work.

What a joke! Holy shit thank you finally They were just saying on the news that what the committee did was not new, that it was something that was being done anyway. There are no new laws or procedures. They also said this committee's work would stay in it and it's not going to the floor for a vote anywhere anywhere.

This headline needs more baroque dependent clauses and cascading turns of phrase. Exhausting. Sure, go ahead.. impeach the president for uncovering all the dirty politics that's been going on and how you've all been caught.. all the more reason he'll win again in 2020 and another Republican in 2024... Democrats are the destruction of this country...

They are shooting themselves in the foot. Instead of focusing to beat him fair and square in 2020, they resort to this kind of bullshit.. and wether you are on one or the other side... they won’t succeed. It obvious that Nadler and other democrats have lots of free time on their hands. Passing substantive legislation is not one of their priorities.

Oh My God get on with it already Fools. Self inflicted wounds. WitchHunt RussiaGate CrookedHillary cc: realDonaldTrump Trump2020 USA Trumps victory happened to drain the swamp of corruption in Washington. The swamp is fighting back & that’s the real reason to get rid of Trump! Did they vote to begin impeachment proceedings? Nope. Yawn.

Oooh!!!! Lol Bring it on! It will bolster Republicans and bring them out to the polls. Everyone is sick if 5 investigations and no law has been broken except by Democrats and FISA abuse! WSJ... a joke of a news organization giving these jokers a platform. HUMPTY DUMPTY Impeachment on the way. Those who will go down for the president must rethink the situation. The will of the people WILL BE FOLLOWED. IMPEACHMENT OR NOT PASSED BY FINAL SENATE MUST FOLLOW THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE OR FACE A NATION THAT WILL ENFORCE ITS WILL BY FORCE.

No matter what your personal NYC Vendetta is, is about to come out RepJerryNadler. You are a Broken Man. What fools! The urgency of the House to get rid of the moron is breathtaking. Take a good aim Jerry Make America Covfefe Again

Trump White House hasn't held a traditional press briefing in 6 monthsWednesday marks six months since a White House press secretary last came to the podium in the briefing room to field questions from reporters in a traditional format and the Trump administration has no plans to resume the daily scrutiny and sometimes combative encounters with the White House press corps oh you miss him so much 😁 Yet we pay a press secretary to do...what? This administration is a joke. We are briefed right here

Trump White House hasn't held a traditional press briefing in 6 monthsIt's now been six months since a traditional briefing by a White House press secretary?\nWill they ever resume? Is there a downside for the public? Nidhi Learned a lot from Indian PM. Is she sober? And it will be another 6.

Alarm bells should be ringing at Trump HQ after N.C. House scareAnalysis: It's always better to win than lose — but Republicans holding onto a GOP seat by a hair is reason for the president to worry heading into 2020. Alarm bells have been ringing there for awhile AntiTrumpReport Go back to his 2016 videos. How many times did he say it and in how many ways. It’s rigged. He knew it then, and he knows it now. How much longer will the complicity of the GOP be allowed to continue before it’s called out for what it is. Russia attacked our elections with help Sorry guys but only one vote more than other wins. No matter what.

House GOP leader tries, fails to defend Trump profiting from presidencyThe more Donald Trump tries to profit from his presidency, the less House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) seems to care. MaddowBlog Defending Trump IS a heavy lift MaddowBlog POP QUIZ ASSHOLES ARE ANY OF THE SENATORS THAT DEFEND TRUMP WILLING TO GO TO JAIL FOR HIS CRAP? McCarthy! Or how far are you willing to jeopardize yourself and job for the man that will throw his own kids under the bus? MaddowBlog History is watching these yahoos

Jerry Springer says Trump 'took my show and brought it to the White House'The former 'Jerry Springer Show' host added that he'd 'vote for a ham sandwich' over Trump . Not quite! Democrats have your show. And they are parading it all over America sad but true Oh, it wasn’t President Trump that did that. Jerry had every misfit he could find on his show— that’s the left. Drags reading to children. Adult naked art for children. It’s NOT your President or the Republican Party at all. Don’t get this twisted