145 CEOs across America send letter to senators urging gun legislation

A group of 145 CEOs from some of the largest companies in America have sent a letter to senators demanding they pass stronger gun control laws.


A group of 145 CEOs from some of the largest companies in America have sent a letter to senators demanding they pass stronger gun control laws.

The letter, signed by the chief executives of Uber, Levi Strauss & Co., Twitter and Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., among other companies, calls firearm violence 'a public health crisis that demands urgent action.'

Sept. 12, 2019, 1:11 PM UTC / Sept. 12, 2019, 1:32 PM UTC By Frank Thorp V and Elizabeth Chuck WASHINGTON — A group of 145 CEOs from some of the largest companies in America have sent a letter to senators demanding they pass stronger gun control laws, calling firearm violence"a public health crisis that demands urgent action." The letter, signed by the chief executives of Uber, Levi Strauss & Co., Twitter and Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., among other companies, urges Congress to expand background checks and"red flag" laws, legislation that would enable law enforcement to temporarily take guns away from people deemed a danger to themselves or others. "We are writing to you because we have a responsibility and obligation to stand up for the safety of our employees, customers and all Americans in the communities we serve across the country. Doing nothing about America’s gun violence crisis is simply unacceptable and it is time to stand with the American public on gun safety," the letter, dated Thursday and first reported by The New York Times , said. "Gun violence in America is not inevitable; it’s preventable. There are steps Congress can, and must, take to prevent and reduce gun violence. We need our lawmakers to support commonsense gun laws that could prevent tragedies like these," it continued. Sept. 11, 2019 01:23 The letter comes a day after Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., and Sen. Pat Toomey, R-Pa., advocated for stricter background checks during a phone call with President Donald Trump and his staffers. Trump is slated to be briefed Thursday on potential gun control measures and may make a decision shortly after about what bills he would support, an administration official said. Senators on Wednesday’s call with Trump said they were encouraged by the conversation. "I want to be clear, the president did not make a commitment to support any particular bill or any particular thing, but he did strongly convey an interest in doing something meaningful, and something that we would be able to embrace and that could pass," Toomey told reporters on Wednesday. The letter follows a spate of recent mass shootings across the country, including massacres in Read more: NBC News

And lost my business all at the same time “Yes, worker 3448929, give away your guns. It’s all for your own safety! We really care!” There has to be gun control. It is ridiculous and sad that weapons can be bought so easily. And even more so that you can buy automatic weapons, etc. THERE ARE WEAPONS THAT SHOULD NOT BE LEGAL And they have to ban hunting

This could be big We know that CEO of the largest companies in America always have the best interest of the people in their hearts. Money is never the motive of their actions. rhonda_harbison Letters won’t work. Withdrawing campaign financing will. Put your money where your mouth is. It is time to listen to the people not the NRA!!

A 100 years ago they didn’t imaged guns turning into war weapons and thats the priblem times changes , people change , generations changes and things have to change to ban AR-15 and similar weapons they only destroy people lifes “Demanding” lol Well done Which GOP will ignore because they like $$$ way more than letters

145 CEOs sign a letter pleading with Congress to address gun violence'Doing nothing about America's gun violence crisis is simply unacceptable.' In a letter addressed to the Senate, 145 business leaders are demanding that US lawmakers 'support common-sense gun laws' already passed by the House. Let's CNNize this... 145 Business Leaders Attack Second Amendment How are background checks without loopholes an infringement of anyone’s 2nd Amendment rights? Doing nothing is unacceptable! IFB

gol_mia ‘Well, I guess if it’s 145 people who matter, then sure.’ So? Who cares what these multimillionaires say. I think we should rent a Giant ⛺Tent or the Roman Coliseum then invite each of the family members of purduepharma & the nra We feed them all alcohol and oxycontin, give them all guns, maybe add a few lions & sit back to watch what happens. What harm could come, right?

Lol the very people the left hates is backing them up and now they like them... What hypocrites USCongress Okay, but are they still paying for advertising on Fox? colleen_benn Nice gesture but meaningless unless it translates to consequences such as withholding financial donations to GOP. Did they send money? If not, the NRA wins.

This- is Fake This- is a Lie I don't believe this for one second The image below- This i believe

145 Business Leaders Call on Congress to Act on Gun Violence“Gun violence in America is not inevitable; it’s preventable,” the leaders of 145 companies wrote in a letter to senators. “We need our lawmakers to support common-sense gun laws that could prevent tragedies like these.” Can we get the same “Common Sense” gun control laws Chicago has? realDonaldTrump LindseyGrahamSC SenBlumenthal LouDobbs tedlieu Big Buisness doesn't want the American Working Class with Guns.... Hey Trump 💩 newspapers , they are calling Senate, Moscow Mitch, to do something, Congress has passed a bill !!!

Maybe they should put their money where their mouth is and do something to cleanup the major cities in America. More jobs and revitalization projects is a good place to start. This is where most of the gun violence occurs, but no one wants to talk about it🌞 No one cares what 145 guys says, millions of gun owners override them

I'm guessing those 145 CEO's live in gated communities or estates that are protected, maybe have body guards. The everyday citizen has a right of self protection. KAG2020 Must be starting to affect their bottom lines. So what proposed laws would have prevented most of the gun violence? Don’t forget, criminals don’t follow laws.

I think I should buy a Bazooka. I have the right to bear arms. If I were the Senators I would reply by sending each one of them a copy of the 2A Why aren't you, as journalists, NOT pointing out the statement MeghanMcCain said - There will be violence if they come for our guns - as a threat against law enforcement, proof that hun owners are generally mentally unstable & that what right wing hin owners say us dangerous?

Fix the hippa laws. This way mental health info will be available when they apply for a fire arm.

145 Business Leaders Urge Congress For Gun Control In Joint LetterExecutives call for expanded background checks and red flag laws. Make it illegal to glorify murder in movies, TV shows and video games. realDonaldTrump should focus on this. I have guns. They sit in storage. What motivates the mind of the killer? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔👎👎👎👎 Owo na fin do something... I'm a broke guy please 😌

another instance of the rich thinking their opinion carries more weight than everyone else's. Alternate Headline: Thousands of CEOs do not sign gun control letter. Very bad news for supporters If I were the Senators I would reply by sending each one them a copy of the 2A Like anybody gives crp what Levi & Strauss or Uber think, GFYS corp America 🤣

I thought big business was bad. Make it so The CEOs have spoken! All FAKE!!!! Does anyone even know what our gun laws are? Gimme a break That's the way you do it.

CEOs from Amazon, IBM, Salesforce and more ask Congress to pass a consumer data privacy law51 CEOs from the Business Roundtable signed a letter urging Congress to pass a “comprehensive federal consumer data privacy law.” Read the full letter here: Indeed we need a privacy law. Where’s the signatory list? Interested in seeing the others, like Apple, that are conspicuously absent.

유혹적인데, 이 권총들~ 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🥂👽 America is land of the free where Men are Trusted with the RIGHT to carry GUNS but Women are not Trusted with the RIGHT to even choose what to do with their bodies. Women Kil unborn children but men kill born children. EQUAL RIGHTS. People you can make all the laws you , Criminalsare not going to follow them

Hey 145 CEOs, go to Hell! I need to see this letter so I know which companies do not believe in the constitution. they the only ones that can get it done..their the ones that run the government and influence policies I do like guns Don't they pay millions of dollars in lobbyist to do that kind of stuff.

Opinion: While the government does nothing about gun violence, CEOs are filling the voidWalmart's recent decision to pull handguns and certain types of ammunition from its shelves was a brave and socially conscious act. Today, mass shootings and gun violence are among society's most critical issues. Every one of us is a potential victim, simply by being present — in a public space, a classroom, a nightclub or even at work. We need a serious fix and we need it urgently. Business In our country this is how it should work. Govt our private in. What’s scary: I know a 90 year old greeter, receipt checker at Walmart. Last week a shoplifter ran from store. Security called. They were out to lunch. Not good. Glad not armed.

A letter won't do it. They have to find out how much money each lawmaker receives from the NRA, and then triple it.

Virtue signaling sucks ... but it is amazing how much liberals like big business when it helps them Hello idiot Because America's 90% voice for gun legislation isn't enough. These official's need to remember who voted them in, who pays them and who they damn work for. It's, We The People. RepubliKKKans Relish Killing Innocent People, Children In Cage's, Children In Hospital Beds, People Of Color For Any Reason, Citizens In Countries Where They Want The Natural Resources, Media Who Dare Tell Truth, People In Different Religions, Gays, In Fact Anyone Who Disagrees!

So now the ceos control the senators and not the tax paying citizens who voted them in? Is that how this works? Gotcha Wait. I thought we were against corporate America trying to influence our government. WE MUST END THEIR INFLUENCE! Can they send letters to their companies urging a substantial price decrease

The only way that will work is if they included a big check. It’s funny that people with money and political influence think their opinions are more important than any other tax payer. I guess money and politics allow it to be this way. Stand up and be heard America!

Wall Street CEOs Want Elizabeth Warren 'Stopped' Says Mad Money's Jim CramerWall Street CEOs want Elizabeth Warren 'stopped,' says Mad Money's Jim Cramer whyfund Uh huh, that must be why she contacted Hillary. So she could get their blessing by saying that her 'progressiveness' is for show. whyfund Too bad. Allen11Cynthia Which is why she must be elected. She is for the mother f'ing PEOPLE, not the companies raping us.

WHY would American citizens care what CEO's of large corporations want? No one cares about their opinions on our personal lives. Corporations determine American's rights? All restaurants are Taco Bell.... The universal attention grabber...hit them on profits and their bottom line. Now do PPact So what? I'm not turning in my guns. It's that simple. White supremacists on the right and anti-Semites on the left. I think not.

Dude in the pic is definitely a Trump supporter. Old white dude ☑️ Cargo shorts ☑️ Crew Socks ☑️ Last but not least, shirt tucked into said cargo shorts ☑️ Please post the names of the companies so I can avoid them. I’d like to know which companies are against the 2A. Great so post a list of what companies want it.that way i know not to spend money at any of them

If you think this is because of gun control measures you got another thing coming... CEOs are thinking about the bottom line and sales and that's it... nevertheless it is an outstanding public relations move...

Thank god the Liberal Bourgeoisie is here to disarm its victims. 😒 There is already gun legislation in the Constitution The wrong approach, as usual. Keep your hands off OUR RIGHTS! And, they all have personal security guards with guns. Why wouldn’t they want everyone else to be unarmed? That sounds like all the more reason to definitely NOT have gun ‘legislation’ 53 people died in August from mass shootings. 3,000 died from car wrecks!

So these are the same CEOs that have a full security detail with guns? Sorry, pions, but personal protection is only for the corporate elite who's weath is created by a pumped insider stocks shares due to out of control debt. They are so 'brilliant' off your 401k backs! 'NRA' DIABOLIC INSTRUMENT or whatells, considering the past

Stockholders for 145 of Americas biggest companies just got a little tense. Leftist companies

I didn't vote for any of these CEOs. They should shut up and mind their companies. Red flag laws are unconstitutional. Period. You cannot revoke someone's inalienable right to self-defense without due process. Finally some people stand up!! Now if only the rest can wake up!!! Americans want more GUN FREEDOM....not GUN CONTROL.

Yes well gunnuts are killing consumers & customers. LEVIS & walmart might be getting that now? $$ GunControlNow Wokeness followed by Brokeness It's nice to see who the traitors are. Giant corporations, you say? Imagine my shock! well we see some news on guns will we see more CEOs send letter to senators urging gun legislation we might if moscow mitch gets his man call a usa president to ban assault guns we dont need them to hunt, and cut down how many rounds a hand gun can hold in it. in my own opinion.

Now they should withdrawn any monetary support for the elected officials that do nothing, i.e. all of them. Works well in Mexico🤔 oh wait. JoeGKushner Yeah, about that. How about we hold the judges and county attorneys culpable when they don't correctly prosecute and convict the already existing laws about using guns illegally?

Because Alyssa_Milano has 2 Guns at home! Ok That’s irrelevant; America is safe because of 2A. Those CEOs for 145 companies can take a hike. 2AShallNotBeInfringed When CEOs are more concerned about Americans than the politicians in DC who are supposed to represent us, you know our system is broken. It only takes one wrench to break the machine. I'm looking at you senatemajldr. GunReformNow MoscowMitch

How many of them have armed private security with access to NFA items? OK. First remove all armed personnel from your personal security and from your business establishments. Put your safety where your mouth is. Be first not last on this issue. Trump is dangerously incompetent. He rolls back clear air and clean water regulations. He does noting about gun control. It’s one ineptness after another. Why is he still president? SpeakerPelosi GOPLeader GOP GOPChairwoman JudiciaryGOP SenateGOP HouseGOP RepJerryNadler

And here I thought CEOs were just dumb white male oppressors making too much money off the sweat of their proletariat workers. But I guess we listen to them now 🤷🏾‍♂️ Big surprise, Democrats are in bed with corporate America. Yes.. the Millionaires with private security want us common folk disarmed... we get it

145 CEO’s of America’s biggest companies send letter to senators urging gun legislation on the rest of the population but don’t want their high priced private security details to adhere. Fixed it for you

YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID!!!! No thank you. Don’t care. I thought they were evil people trying to take over our country? If so, this is the best 2A argument since Wounded Knee. Pretty much the same thing millions of citizens been asking for years? 🤔 Oh thank god the owners of America have chimed in. Nevermind those little kids getting wiped out, only the tears of the owner class can move the needle.

As if “145 CEOs” is significant, FAKE NEWS They didn't do that when police kill un armed black men Translation: 145 leftist tools have sent a letter to senators demanding they take away U.S. citizen's Second Amendment rights. ShallNotBeInfringed We need GunReformNow

One world system 🌎 deepstate don’t be deceived Money talks. Gun control now!!! The whims of greedy corporatists should not get preference over the rights of patriotic Americans. SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED It's still not the guns fault, nor is it responsible gun owners fault. Why do the ignorant continue to hide behind the true of the real problem here? Mental illness!!!!

fake news! fake CEOs! these CEOs need to file 3-4 bankruptcies before they can compete with King Dotard the Dealmaker. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 The contemporary left has no real beef with corporate power as long as corporations mouth the right platitudes about multiculturalism. These are companies and liberals railed against them having any say in the govt but I bet now they'll say oh yes listen to these companies that pay politicians to do what is best for the companies.

145 CEOs sending letters is called 'coordination'. And when the media props this up to the top of the news, it makes this propaganda.

Why would I or my Senator give 2 shits about what a bunch of elitists with paid armed bodyguards say? Better yet why do these elitists think they have a right to tell the government 2 disarm American citizens that can't afford armed bodyguards to protect themselves? So are these CEO ‘s going to guarantee our safety? Everyone take a gun safety course and exercise your Constitutional right to defend yourself.

Define 'common-sense gun laws' and who defines common sense. I believe that’s code for = Give is another tax break and we will shut up about guns.. Besides taking them away for law abiding citizens, any suggestions on new laws NBC? Have you asked yourself why CEO’s are allying with Democrats who supposedly want to take their money and give it to workers and the poor? It is to bring the swamp out of back rooms and legitimize corporate control of the government. Dems are allies in corporate globalism Dystopia

Please expand on what law would keep criminals from hurting people but protect thought about in citizens? Wait....I thought CEOs are the bad, evil boogeymen!! Now their trying to tell our government representatives what to do. No thanks! We don't do extortion! KGWNews Not up to 145 people! Being a CEO doesn’t make your opinion more important than the rest of the country!!

HAS sent a letter, you dolts

These aren’t large companies. I barely see any Fortune 100 companies on the list. I applaud the effort but I’m pessimistic about the impact until the real “big dogs” take a stand as well. Please don’t take my guns away my 2nd amendment right is to have guns to protect me from Government overreach I don't care. They can afford personal security details.

That's nice. But the GOP won't care unless Koch announces that neither he nor any of his darkmoney fronts will donate or support them until they do. Only 145? I hope the rest of the CEOs in this country feel the same way. RhondaBarket RhondaBarket Let’s solve gun problem before vape problem Better than a letter is control the money that comes out of their wallet to those with connections with the NRA

How many of those CEOs are protected by guns? Well they better pay as much as the NRA does

Good Why do the CEOs advocate to disarm Americans while at the same flooding the US with illegal aliens? Why do the CEOs want American citizens defenseless against criminals? What makes them think they have that right? They don't! What do 145 CEOs have in common with congress? 0 right to strip away the constitutionally protected rights of citizens, that's what.

Propaganda BS When 50-state peremptory CCW permit reciprocity is the law of the land, then, AND ONLY THEN, will we entertain proposals for altering other gun laws in this country. In other news, 145 pampered elite know your situation and the solution better than you. Only after freedom of the press is abolished, how about that?

All leftists.

The first thing the left does is go after freedom. Every time. FreedomFirst DontTreadOnMe Guns should only be with law enforcement agencies. List them all so we know what companies no longer need our business. When the CEOs get involved it’ll will happen very quickly. The people... not so much. When did Democrats and CEOs become friends?

Thank you! What does 145 represent as a whole Now why would some of the richest people in America want to disarm the general population 🤔 liberalbias has infected even one of her last great American institutions left. If I were a virus, I would go for the head too. Letters? How about these CEO’s take the pay cut and run for elected office.

Letters are nice, but they need to start speaking with their wallets and give financial support to candidates who have actual plans and aren't owned by the NRA. “Do this or we won’t donate $ anymore.” I shorten it up for everybody. 😏 So what 145 business do we start boycotting today? GetWokeGoBroke Was there any money in the envelope? No..? Then the CEOs can go pound sand.

They ard also greedy power hungry Narcissist SpeakerPelosi SF has led the way on opioid addiction - can those tactics apply to gun violence? Why do we even NEED the Senate, which, with Mitch on top, wants Trump's okey-dokey before moving on this issue. Clearly, they represent Trump, not the Americans who vote them into office. We could save ourselves a lot of money by just getting rid of them entirely.

Ah yes... the millionaires with their own pro ate security are asking for the disarmament of us common folk. NOW America is actually winning until they can explain to me what changed in the society between 1955 and 2005 - a mere 50 years - they have no gun control argument.

Why would we want companies to make laws? We need to follow the cotus and allow people to defend themselves as he state has no duty to! Ah yes, the great moral arbiters of Americ, the Corporation. they only reason corporations care is for PR

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