2020 Vision Thursday: Warren and Biden once faced off in the 'bankruptcy wars,' a possible preview of tonight’s debate

Warren and Biden once faced off in the 'bankruptcy wars,' a possible preview of tonight’s debate


Warren and Biden once faced off in the 'bankruptcy wars,' a possible preview of tonight’s debate

For a preview of what might occur in Houston — Will Biden punch down at Warren? Will Warren try to topple Biden? What lines of attack will they use? — it’s worth reviewing how they faced each other back in 2005.

From the mid-1990s to the mid-2000s, Warren, then a law professor at Harvard, shuttled back and forth between Cambridge, Mass., and Washington, D.C., as a combatant in what she later called the “bankruptcy wars.” At stake was legislation that sought to address a dramatic rise in bankruptcy filings by making it harder for individuals to discharge their debts through bankruptcy, a goal that credit card companies had championed for years.

They finally met face-to-face on Feb. 10, 2005. Warren was the expert witness; Biden was the interrogator. In her books and op-eds, Warren had already criticized Biden for the bill’s disproportionate impact on women. But there, in the Hart Senate Office Building, their mutual animosity spilled out into the open.

Biden grinned. “I got it,” he said sarcastically. “OK. You are very good, professor.”

“The more expensive a plan is doesn’t make it more progressive,” a Biden adviser told CNN Tuesday. “Running for president is about making people’s lives better, and that only happens if the change proposed becomes reality.”

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Joe clearly is endorsing gun violence and denouncing woman’s rights in this picture. He’s pointing his “hand” gun right at Warren (who identifies as a woman). He is off the rails!! SleepyJoeBiden ElizabethWarren sad

Latest 2020 polls show Elizabeth Warren gaining ground on Joe BidenA Monmouth University poll released in late August showed a virtual three-way tie nationally among Biden, Warren and Sanders. Lady Liberty go miss E. Bernie Sanders is going to make it. And no one cares .americans are off food stamps and social services and working real jobs as pay per hour has increased along with more people working. We do not need marxism as the progressives have dressed it up . All Power to the People

Biden and Warren had a long history of squabbles before 2020First Read is your briefing from 'Meet the Press' and the NBC Political Unit on the day's most important political stories and why they matter. MTPFirstRead Maybe Chief Warren can invite him over to the teepee for some Pow Wow Chow and a peace pipe.

Joe Biden: Everything you need to know about the 2020 presidential candidateEverything you need to know about Joe Biden ahead of ABC News' DemDebate in Houston: Full coverage begins TOMORROW at 7pm ET on or on all your favorite streaming devices. 'Shoot'em Through The Door' - The Joe Biden Story Neil Kinnock Who owns the 7/11's Swimming Naked for the Secret Service Put Y'all Back in Chains Syracuse Law My diaper's full, a little help please? (link: via YouTube

The Note: Warren puts Biden on warning on eve of next debateSen. Elizabeth Warren has made clear that among her many campaign plans is a plan to draw contrasts with former Vice President Joe Biden. WHO CARES? THEY BOTH SUCK!

CNN Poll: Biden leads as Warren and Sanders battle for second on eve of debateFormer Vice President Joe Biden continues to lead in the Democratic presidential primary, but the race for second place is tightening, according to the latest CNN poll. Sen. Elizabeth Warren leads Sen. Bernie Sanders by one point. davidchalian reports. DavidChalian Joe Biden has already colluded with the DNC for the nomination.. all others are fooling themselves DavidChalian Warren and Sanders are too socialist to secure the democratic nomination DavidChalian Wow two old dudes. Like two dudes who could die in office.

Poll: Sanders leads Biden, Warren in New HampshireThe poll shows that 29 percent of likely Democratic voters New Hampshire said they support Bernie Sanders, while 21 percent are backing Joe Biden. Elizabeth Warren received 17 percent. How sad is that Bernie represents Maine so New Hampshire is supporting a fellow Pilgrim. WOO

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