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Exclusive: Falwell blasted Liberty student as 'retarded,' police chief as 'half-wit' in emails

In emails to his colleagues over the years, Liberty University President Jerry F...


Exclusive : Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. blasted student as ‘retarded,’ police chief as ‘half-wit’ in emails

In emails to his colleagues over the years, Liberty University President Jerry F...

An undated screengrab shows an email from Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. In emails he sent to colleagues, Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. writes disparagingly of students and staff. In this message, from 2010, he refers to a student as"physically retarded." Names of recipients have been redacted by Reuters. Screenshot via REUTERS

Falwell told the Associated Press on Tuesday that he had contacted the Federal Bureau of Investigation and that the email disclosures constituted an “attempted coup” aimed at securing his ouster from Liberty, where he has served as president since 2008. The FBI declined to comment.

-Ronald Sones, then the dean of the engineering school, was “a bag of hot air” who “couldn’t spell the word ‘profit,’” Falwell wrote in 2011. Sones is no longer the dean and could not be reached for comment.

Falwell was asked to comment on excerpts and summaries of the emails cited in this article. David Corry, Liberty’s general counsel, said Liberty wouldn’t respond “without knowing the details or seeing email chains in their entirety.”

On August 27, Reuters reported how Falwell had helped his young personal trainer, Benjamin Crosswhite. In one email, Falwell wrote, “let’s cut him a sweet deal,” and said — referring to his wife Rebecca — “Becki and I wouldn’t mind working out over there with Ben as a trainer because it is more private.”

For this story, Reuters has reviewed dozens of additional Falwell email exchanges with other Liberty executives or business partners he considered close confidants. All were sent from his personal account, an Earthlink email domain.

In response to one mother’s letter expressing concern for how the move could affect her daughter, emails show, a top Liberty administrator sent a reassuring letter. Falwell struck a less sympathetic tone. “Tell them, if they keep complaining, we’ll tear them down over Thanksgiving break!” Falwell wrote to Liberty officials.

Of students who chose to work out in a Liberty-owned off-campus gym: “They seem to be social misfits,” he wrote in 2013. The email shows Falwell wanted to bar students from working out at that gym, where he and other top Liberty executives wanted to train in private.

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The apple certainly doesn't fall far from the tree. Man of god? Whose god? Trump went to Liberty University? Falwell is really nothing more then a con man, stealing from those who trusted him. All in all his a POS Are all Christians like this? FakeChristian Jerry Falwell Jr., truly a Righteous Gemstone. I’m sure there are good people at Liberty U

Hmm. Seems he’s like the daddy This charlatan is going down! Anything about the cabana boy and the wife?

Jerry Falwell Jr. wants FBI to probe 'criminal conspiracy' against himLiberty Univ. President Jerry Falwell Jr. says he wants the FBI to investigate what he thinks is a “criminal conspiracy” against him by former board members of the conservative Christian school. Yes let’s investigate the Ponzi scheme and while we’re at it lets see how money received from the federal student loan program was used. FBI investigate Falwell and Liberty University. Pervs have rights too. Fartwell-People vs Larry Flint lmaoooo

Good leaders always sound like the worst people! Though the same 🔥 rages with their emotional drive? Oh, this is going to be fantastic. And its only starting. He is not the beloved man in Lynchburg that his dad was (and his dad was a piece of work himself). Once the floodgates open, and people feel emboldened to tell stories, it's going to be ugly.

Que ejemplo 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Go forward, please you sarcastic-a-quotes with the word 'christian' as Liberty University is anything but. And he’s even using pronouns..... bad!! Wolf in ship's clothing. What a bunch of dumb ships.... 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 Gosh, I’d love to see what he’s said about Trump. is anyone surprised ?

No one actually believes this grifter is a man of God...do they?

Trump backer Jerry Falwell Jr. says ex-Liberty U. board members engaged in 'criminal conspiracy' in effort to oust him as school presidentLiberty University president Jerry Falwell Jr. said he is sharing information about that alleged plot with the FBI. Blood sucking Christian Sure, buddy.

evangelical_christianity.txt That dude is just like his dad. Baptist movement getting everything it deserves with him and is why whole flocks of people are leaving for other sects or just outright Atheism. What in heaven’s na-...oh wait, never mind. Every description fits Falwell to a T. He's SO Christian.

Christian? Was it evangelical? Because they aren’t real Christians, they’re a cult. Catholics are the only true Christians. What a great “Christian” role model and moral leader. FakeChristian Jeezus would love this Jerry fellow Our mission at is to build the social media platform that ends fake news BeBest

Ah, fundigelical “Christian” kindness in action.

Jerry Falwell Jr. asks FBI to investigate 'criminal conspiracy' at Liberty UniversityJerry Falwell Jr., the president of Liberty University, says he has asked the FBI to investigate a 'criminal conspiracy' at the evangelical school, saying that former employees and board members have leaked documents and emails in an attempt to oust him. Let’s see what they find out about the boy in the Speedo. This is a code. Jerry wants the FBI to investigate how the pool boy hit his wife’s G Spot. He wants the world to know he was outgunned by the pool boy. Sorry Jerry, separation of church & state. Deal with it.

More of that Christian love I hear so much about from my Trump supporting uncle. JerryFalwellJr I don't recall Jesus using words like that. Can you tell me where they are in the bible Are we surprised? He is a scumbag supreme. Probably a Trump’s dear buddy. Are degrees from this outfit recognized anywhere ?

But Jerry is the chosen one - his imaginary friend told him so This fake hypocrite forgets the eye of a needle. theSinOfGreed Only conservatives say bad things... So called man of God ....Ha! Why would a non-profit organization be fixated on PROFIT, I guess the organization is non-profit, but greedy Jerry is not.

New Photos Emerge of Falwell at Miami NightclubThe owner of Miami nightlife website finds additional images rebutting Jerry Falwell Jr.’s claims of photoshopping I saw him on Dancing With the Stars. Breaking - Evangelical leader who paid Trump's fixer to disappear his dirty pictures in exchange for endorsing Trump lies about not having gone to hot Miami nightclub. 'Commandments Shchomandments,' he replied in response to the photos. 😎

Prophets, profits, seems like it's all the same for Falwell & his brand of faith. No wonder the great & powerful T-RUmp become attracted to it. What would Jesus do? Oh yeah excommunicate himself Judge People? Falwell's are good at that !! The result of inbreeding! I....I would never have imagined. He comes from such a lovely, kind, and compassionate Christian family.

'Christian' Most people that supports Trump are not very bright! What a piece of crap. But apparently didn’t deny any of it? That’s weird. Scumbags screan “foul” the loudest.

Police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana used the N-word in email, records show'BRPD is not the only Louisiana law enforcement agency we have sent public records requests to, nor the only one where we have found officers using slurs,' attorney William Most revealed to Newsweek. A horrifying crime. This is my shocked face... How stupid does o e have to be to write that word in an email?

Cue the “we are all sinners and fall short of the glory of God” rationale....like clockwork with these charlatan con artists Such a viper Recommended reading 📖 Another 'fake' Christian...these people are the worst. There is NO context where using the word retarded can be defended, JerryFalwellJr As a special education teacher, I am disgusted with your words and can only pray that the rest of the country doesn’t see Lynchburg as a reflection of your abhorrent rhetoric.

No wonder the religious right is still supporting trump after he lied, had adulterous sex with a porn star, paid her off, lied some more. This is what passes for a 'Christian' these days. America has lost all sense of morality. realdonaldtrump potus gop FakePresident The new Christian Right. This student is CarlosBolsonaro . Isn't him?

He must have been looking in a mirror... 😏 'If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal.' - Cor I, 13:1... He might have trouble reciting that in front of a mirror...perhaps :)

'Hypocrite' Jerry Falwell Jr. Slammed As New Miami Party Pics SurfaceThe evangelical leader came under fire as photos undercut his denials.

'And Lo As I Walk Through The Valley Of Death I will not fear the retarded half-wits Because I have Pool Boy by my wife's sife. Amen.' How Christian of him 🤮🤮🤮🤬🤬🤬 Send me his combine sheet They should be working for Trump. Spoken like a true man of God, with the humility of Christ. Sounds like dear leader. No wonder they like each other. What a great man of 'faith'.

This man of God. Casa de Falwell. 😂 Get rid of this DIM WIT DEPLORABLE! What does he expect, it is a university.

Can you imagine trying to get a job with a CV sporting a degree from Liberty University? I believe he is quoting First Letter To The Corinthians. “Blessed are the Half-Wits.”

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