Palm Beach Hotel That Hosted A Mostly Maskless Rally For Florida's Gov Desantis İs Under İnvestigat

Palm Beach Hotel That Hosted A Mostly Maskless Rally For Florida's Gov Desantis İs Under İnvestigat

Hotel that hosted a mostly maskless rally for Florida's governor is under investigation

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2/20/2021 8:46:00 PM

More than 100 people, mostly not wearing face masks, attended an indoor event held by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Friday -- and the hotel where it took place is now under investigation by Palm Beach County officials.

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There’s another Governor who is in trouble. Cuomo- sexual harassment. CNN is the most hypocritical and biased network that ever existed. Why is Biden silent on Florida spreading new variants and Mutation of COVID19 ? When will this ever end? We are packed, no restrictions, no masks, people go back home infected and Florida just collects $$$, DeSantis got $$, not his problem once they go home? WTF

they must have already had it Someone new to attack - yes he is getting g very popular and that is a problem fir the Cuomo loving network.. DUMBASSES Masks are not LAW! Dude. Republicans are thee problem. Wow. RonDeSantisFL U are such a wonderful person. U allowed all those people to an event without masks U should be brought up on charges & those attended should get Shri brain checked

Those face masks 😷 are overrated and don't stop the spread Good arrest them all These men think their powerful positions is above the respect for life,people don't have the wisdom to think and cherish the only one life granted to them by the Higher Power. It’s called freedom and choice ! If your scared wear a mask or stay home simple

Good. That’s why they call him Gov. DeathSentence. You can’t fix stupid. You can vote it out though. You people have all lost your minds!!!! I wish we could move all you whackos to a few states and let the rest of people with common sense live free and happy! As Ron White said: 'you can't fix stupid!' The virus levels are lower than California... lets call it a BLM protest and move on

Florida is doing great the governor is doing a great job better than Newsom and Cuomo Stupid Still covering for Cuomo I see N Omg. Impeach. House Partygate. How scandalous. 😭 We make sure we follow rules put forth by our local government. A great safe day tiki bar at Hilton Airport west palm beach. Perhaps our governor should ensure the safety of all in attendance. pleasewearyourmask

His panties are at half mast like his weiner for his boyfriend Crush Limpoff. Cnn = 💩💩💩 😡 Let them die. They don't care why should we. Biden’s fault!! Was just in an airport terminal in Chicago with well over 500 people crammed together. It doesn’t seem to matter unless it can take a political angle. Don’t listen to biased or what the far left or other mainstream media say... people are voting with the feet, their wallets relocating from the Democrat run states to Florida. Read all the past negative stories about Desantis and FL 100% spin. No fact, predictions fail.

100 people don't wear mask news. Governor of ny state murders thousands and is silent by fredo and team vote for a sane governor next time Con gente irresponsable así, cómo no quieren que no se esparza el virus? Governor is a real nut case! Gets worse every month. Vote him out, Fla. They're doing it again in Orlando HyattOrlando Hyatt for CPAC. So Hyatt is okay with this?

They're doing it again at CPAC in Orlando at the HyattRegency next week. It’s just tiring how stupid the leadership in FloriDUH is. Honestly, just ignore them because their idiocy isn’t newsworthy, it’s literally an everyday event. Vaccine party for the rich? More than 100 not wearing masks attended an indoor event held by Florida’s Governor. No problem, they probably were all republicans.

Floridians are crazy Oh my word, where the pictures! Oh my word they do not have any! These fucking no good hacks love 'mostly' You are so hateful to GovRonDeSantis that's why I'm calling my cable company you hateful racist network Cnn = 🤡🤡🤡 CNN why don't you report on this story? 😂 CNN is full of shit more than 20X per day

Follow me I follow back “There were no outbreaks linked to crowded beaches, there’s never been a Covid-19 outbreak linked to a beach ever anywhere in the world to the best of my knowledge.” Super spread on the way to the Big event in town.. Desantis is the cause Maybe an interesting unknown side of effect of whatever covid variation trumpsters will get is sterility. That would be an improvement at least, to returning the country to sanity.

Who cares he is the governor of Florida? He makes the rules in his state Somebody get me some pearls to clutch! What are they investigating exactly? Who and what? So freaking what? No one on CNN wears face masks. As if this is news who gives a fuck And your point? Hes just a total ahole. poor babies answer why Florida is better off than California who have very tough restrictions

Another lesson for Republicans disregarding the necessary rules and regulations. Now wasn't it DeSantis who approved a roll in vaccine site into an affluent senior center facility to give shots. Now do these people believe there's pandemic or not. I just don't get it. The virus is real and folks acting this way will keep it from leaving.

The hotel is under investigation and not the dickhead Governor? Same category as Cruz DeSantis carrying on the Drumpf tradition of 'superspreader' events. How can these idiots continue to stay in power putting everyone into harm's way?!! Ron Desantis and Ted Cruz. A match made in Hades!! Why do voters enable these clowns?🤡💩💩💩!!!

This is where you guys lose me. Smh Who cares ? Natural selection will weed out the morons Another riveting CNN story It’s funny how people used to blame Trump for this kind of behavior but they’re all silent now... interesting This is why we still are where we are.. POTUS killed 100,000 Americans in his first month on the job and talking about masks.

Biden does the same thing and CNN calls it 'celebratory' LMFAOOOOOO Bust em! After the Indoor Event, without facemask goes, into Jail without Facemask🙅 Made $100k last week with $DOGE so I am giving away $100 to anyone who and retweets I love CNN news OMG, WTF!!?🤔🤬🏛🤷‍♀️😷 Thank God they’re under investigation they shut him down

AssHOLES!!!!!! STATEHOOD FOR THE VIRGIN ISLANDS NOW!! Eradicated the Jim Crow era laws that still govern US territories. Be the change!!