Killeen Texas Hotel Fire: Raging Fire Engulfs A Hilton Garden Inn - Cnn

Killeen Texas Hotel Fire: Raging Fire Engulfs A Hilton Garden Inn - Cnn

A raging fire engulfs a hotel in Texas

A raging fire engulfs a hotel near Fort Hood in Killeen, Texas

2/20/2021 10:45:00 AM

A raging fire engulfs a hotel near Fort Hood in Killeen, Texas

A Hilton Garden Inn near Fort Hood in Killeen, Texas went up in flames Friday night.

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Thousands of cold-stunned sea turtles being rescued in Texas

People have taken thousands of cold-stunned sea turtles to a convention center in South Texas in hopes of saving them during the unusually chilly weather

My son-in-law, was on call due to that fire in killeen. Honestly the medical, fire/em, and law enforcement should be taken care since they are fighting a war COVID19. The military was taken care, so let’s help them. Its an attack on people while they are down. Conspiracy To bad it was not the Governors Mansion. That would be a fitting end to the do nothing Gov. can there be fire in the cold...LIES TOLD BY THE MEDIA!! FIRE ISNT REAL! rightwingthinking Bitcoin fixes fire. Few understand this. 😔🙏🏼😔 As if in this huge state there has never been a fire before 🤷🏼‍♂️ Is someone trying to destroy evidence? So many murders took place at/near Fort Hood!

Texas Republican controlled for 20 year, and this is what you get. Just think, if Trump had 4 more years in office......US really would end up as a 3rd World Country. 23% of Texas electricity comes from Wind power. Texas failed to upgrade fossil fuel producing systems. Frozen wind turbines and cold weather killed dozens. Creating food shortages and massive disruption.

When in doubt, blame tedcruz Praying for you all. 🙏 Tragic. Fossil fuel production can't stand up to extreme conditions in Texas. They need renewable clean energy. No sprinklers, because the state's infrastructure collapsed after a couple of cold days. Can you say mismanagement? Sure you can. hello SenatorCollins Sen: Susan Collins when you made the 'LAW' to protect Doctors from being sued, for Wrongful death ,ct. you stopped Maine People from getting Justice for Wrongful Death and Mistreatment and Poison from the Pain Clinic!!! my Mother Almost Died cause of you!!!

Vui vẻ, biết lắng nghe và tôn trọng168 gia đình freetexas TX should succeed and go it alone. Good luck with the management which includes Abbott and Cruz. I will pray for you. AmandaPandaKimS That outta warm some of them up The Tokyo Olympics must be cancelled altogether. cold Democracy: only the strong ones can survive and the others should die.

I think every hotel in Texas is occupied right now. Scary. Unlike That’s not Karma, that’s Kray-ma I thought Texas was frozen! super states of america! ithinkforu First power loss food shortages and water loss and gas loss just general shit and now the state is on fire. Somebody find tedcruz Trying any possible way staying warm. I'm all for it.

At least it would have been warm 💔😢🙏🏽 What a way to keep warm! WTF IS HAPPENING WITH TEXA man, so cold they gotta start a campfire in the hotel room.... Omg... Is there even running water to put the thing out? Bidens america Hope no one who was seeking shelter from the cold is hurt