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New legislation would protect drivers who hit protestors

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — When massive demonstrations against racial injustice erupted across the nation last summer, protesters used an increasingly common tactic to draw attention to their cause:...

2/20/2021 8:42:00 PM

After demonstrations against racial injustice across the US, Republican politicians are proposing measures that would crack down on protests, including penalties for demonstrators who converge onto highways and protections for drivers who hit them.

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — When massive demonstrations against racial injustice erupted across the nation last summer, protesters used an increasingly common tactic to draw attention to their cause:...

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — When massive demonstrations against racial injustice erupted across the nation last summer, protesters used an increasingly common tactic to draw attention to their cause: swarming out onto major roads to temporarily paralyze traffic.

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This method sometimes resulted in searing images of drivers plowing through crowds, causing serious injuries and in some cases, deaths.Now, Republican politicians across the country are moving to stop the road-blocking maneuver, proposing increased penalties for demonstrators who run onto highways and legal immunity for drivers who hit them. The bills are among dozens introduced in Legislatures aimed at cracking down on demonstrations.

ADVERTISEMENT“It’s not going to be a peaceful protest if you’re impeding the freedom of others,” said Rep. Kevin McDugle, the author of an Oklahoma bill granting criminal and civil immunity to people who drive into crowds on roads. “The driver of that truck had his family in there, and they were scared to death.” headtopics.com

He referred to an incident in July in which a pickup truck pulling a horse trailer drove through Black Lives Matter protesters on Interstate 244 in Tulsa. Three people were seriously injured, including a 33-year-old man who fell from an overpass and was left paralyzed from the waist down.

Tumultuous demonstrations by left-leaning and right-leaning groups have stirred new debate about what tactics are acceptable free speech and which go too far. In addition to blocking roads, Black Lives Matter demonstrators have taken over parks and painted slogans on streets and structures, while right-wing groups have brandished firearms and stormed capitol buildings. Local authorities’ responses have wavered as they try to avoid escalating conflicts.

Now legislators in Iowa, Missouri, Oklahoma, Utah and about a dozen other states have introduced new counterprotest measures.The traffic-blocking tactic has attracted the most concern because of the obvious hazard.In oneparticularly chilling incidentin Minneapolis, a large tanker truck drove at high speed through thousands of protesters gathered on a closed highway. Remarkably, no one was seriously hurt, though a criminal complaint says at least one protester suffered abrasions.

Mark Faulk, a longtime Oklahoma activist who was arrested last year for blocking a roadway, said dramatic tactics are necessary to get people’s attention.ADVERTISEMENT“The idea of escalating it to the point where you disrupt the convenience of the citizens and of the status quo, you have to do that sometimes to make a point,” Faulk said. headtopics.com

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But Carmyn Taylor, 20, recalled the sight of a pickup truck bearing down on protesters spread across the six-lane I-244 in Tulsa.“The most vivid thing I remember is when I got pulled to the ground. I remember seeing both sets of wheels run over my legs, which was a little traumatizing,” said Taylor, who suffered a broken leg and a sprained ankle. “For the first two weeks after the accident, I couldn’t walk.”

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WTF are these guys insane ? Riots are not protests. Hmmmm.... Yep standing in the middle of the road has always been smart 😂 Well... Protesting a highway does nothing to advance the cause. Gee, let's make it legal for white supremacist Trump supports to run people over.... Peaceful protests should be able to happen. Blocking the freeway and endangering people should not. Once the violence starts, the gloves come off.

HELL NO. INTENTIONALLY HITTING A PERSON IS CRIME. PERIOD. Hell yes it needs to happen. I’m tired of people destroying our cities. Okay, then they need to address the protesters that show up armed with more serious weaponry than the military, and with violent intentions! So Republicans want to protect drivers...that hit protesters...kinda eerily sounds like they wanna open the doors for terrorists running over people with cars...you know the thing going on not long ago?

So now we have republicans wanting it's very own Death Race 2000. Damn!!!! lies are about keeping control.. exposeHATE4PROFIT time to DefundFASCISTS BANKRUPTtheTRUMPS and ALL who supported them. Accountability is key in 2021!! Rules for protests should be made & enforced. One would think protesters' common sense would stop them from protesting in the street. Evidently not so much. people need to be protected from themselves. But then how would they cry that the government is taking away rights...

Republicans don’t understand that the law changes will apply to them as well. Some left wing nut may be incentivized to run through a crowd. Now you’ve given him less penalty. Well thought out strategy. What? It seems that some Republican are into suppression of free speech as well as voter suppression.

Sooo....let’s place more restrictions on democracy instead of fixing the reasons why we protest. WTH So when someone decides to use “dramatic tactics” while protesting...the response won’t dramatic? So they are giving the ok to kill people. Got it😡 Gotta protect those white people in their 1 ton car ramming into people in a rage

Pedestrian points! I've also heard republicans are trying to ram through legislation that will force black victims to reimburse police officers for the bullets used to shoot them. Just racists being (blatantly) racists Republicans: Blocking traffic (to protest racial justice) is against the law! Also Republicans: Storming the US Capitol (to overthrow democracy) is free speech!

I'm sure that doesn't apply to the white supremacist groups. Unconstitutional. The Republican way. If that happens, I will be attending many MAGA rallies... Anything on storming federal buildings? Demonstrations? They were riots, with arson, looting, and assault. Read between the lines, it only protects Republican drivers running over Democratic protestors

What law have they come up with to protect 'US' against insurrectionists? The 1st Amendment does not limit protests that interfere with vehicular traffic any more than the 2nd amendment limits the use of a Glock as a firearm. They didn't exist. Need to flip OKPolicy blue. You don't need legislation to penalize those walking on highways, there are already laws on place making those actions ILLEGAL!!! ....just like biden and pos pelosi are guilty of in place legislation for treason, for offering aide and/or comfort to enemies of the constitution! 🙄

'... protections for drivers who hit them.' Republiklan dog whistles are whistling? So if there’s a right wing protest on a street and someone plows a car through and kills a bunch of them, republicans will be okay with that? Hit the gas. Mow them down. Vehicular assault is criminal and grounds for arrest & civil suits.

Those still don't get the punch from Capital Hill, so it's continuetion of autocratic measures being nesessary... No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge or deprive any person of life... the 14th amendment There's not even a bit of moral in this republican party. Because GOP Believes In Life Until Birth, Then Kill At Leisure

Did US population manage to rot so much that it willingly elects so many evil people to represent them in the government? Oh, but they don't care about a riot at the Capitol? Let's just start the civil war already. FFS. Pretty twisted is it not? Republicans should be voted out of existence... The sale of Target shirts sold out,I wonder why

Protection. For drivers. Who HIT them. Deathparty stand by... Cynical ploy by the Republicans given it was one of their right wing supporters who moved people down at a demonstration some years ago. I'm sure it's more than Republicans who think this is a good idea. Be careful of the law you pass today, it can be used against you tomorrow

Need to vote them out if you want changes or you end up with separation and laws that keep you from having any freedom like the rich have I agree with that, but hitting with demonstrators with cars could be problematic. The Castle doctrine should apply when anyone is in their OWN vehicle.. What? WtH? Good.

Now you’re talking. Protesters have freedom of speech but no right to compel others to listen. If they block our movement or act in a manner that would cause a reasonable person to fear for his life/safety/family, drivers will defend themselves. Prudent protesters will remember that a car = 1500 kg. Well, knowing that’s a white supremacist tactic it’s not surprising Republicans are behind this. I’m sure self defense tactics against the drivers are also protected

THAT'S CUTE WHEN THE GOP WAS NEARLY MURDERED BY THEIR OWN THEY DON'T GIVE A SHIT, BUT THOSE PROTESTERS WHO DON'T WANT COPS 2 KILL US WITHOUT CONSEQUENCES SHOULD B STOPPED! I'm good with making it illegal to block a public road, but to let your average citizen dole out the punishment by running them over is overboard.

Funny how they allowed it under trump but not Biden ? Lord, Republicans don't like when you place any restriction at all on the 2nd Amendment, but that First Amendment, gotta make sure people can't protest the 'wrong' way. GOPQ says”Unless your white and own AR-15” you have no right to petition/protest against govt.policies.R’s stand for authoritarianism.BEWARE the slippery slope.Taking away voting rights,attacking truth altogether,taking away right to protest....

Good! Harassment of innocent people by violent extremists is getting out of hand.👍 They are a death cult. Funny how ppl say it will give ppl the right to drive thru a protest and hurt or kill ppl no what they are saying is protest just dont block roads and take shit hostage but if its the dems or the left its ok to be kills but if someone on right does same its the end of the world

Fascists have never been big fans of the right of the people to protest the illegal acts of government... in 50 years America will be a pseudo Christian Fascist Dictatorship if nothing is done to stop the Republican Party today And all those drivers are pro-life Christians, you just know it! Think of all the insurance policies that will add language that essentially says you can't run over people (even if it's 'legal')

LIKELIKELIKE RETWIT Demonstrations? Communities were BURNING TO THE GROUND. People lost their small businesses by the THOUSANDS. People were attacked and harassed while eating dinner with their families. BILLIONS OF DOLLARS of property damage to PRIVATE PROPERTY. People’s livelihoods were DESTROYED Seems reasonable. Don't play in traffic. Isn't that something you were taught as a toddler?

Awful Republicans sure love fascist suppression of free speech. Even wanting to protect violent acts against nonviolent protesters. I had to read this headline a couple times cuz I wasn’t sure I saw what I was seeing GOPCowards GOPDomesticTerrorists GOPBetrayedAmerica So on brand for republicans. I thought Rs wanted to protect the amendments? Hypocrites. I will never ever in my life vote for a republican.

So much for allegedly being ‘pro-life.’ Now it’s OK to assault protesters with vehicles? Yet, many of the same people supported the insurrection at the Capitol. Next they’ll want to introduce legislation that protects politicians who try to overturn elections by calling secretaries of states and begging for more votes like a little BITCH

How about measures to fight against racial injustice Coordinated oppression of dissent You have the right to peaceably assemble, unless it's inconvenient to us and then we can hit you with our cars. Protections for people who hit people with cars? Are you kidding me? Republicans are nasty. So basically attempting to make it legal to kill someone because they're protesting?

Instead of working to change what the protests are about. How about making laws to stop the GOP from inciting insurrections 'protections for drivers who hit them' Republicans when they see a BLM protest: 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 How about cracking down on violent insurrectionists who invade the capital? Anything there? Crickets.