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GMA star Ginger Zee shares shocking climate change update with fans

GMA star Ginger Zee shares shocking climate change update with fans

10/22/2021 9:54:00 AM

GMA star Ginger Zee shares shocking climate change update with fans

Good Morning America star Ginger Zee revealed the shocking difference of a year of climate change

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The image from last year showed the leaves on the tree and surrounding area a deep red fall color, while this year's sees the tree leaves still bright green and yet to fall to the ground."Warmest start to meteorological fall for many from North Dakota to Maine," Ginger captioned the post, adding:"But also came off a super wet summer with mild nights. Seems to be having an impact on fall colors."

MORE: Ginger Zee reveals surprising fear through horrifying story that gets fans talkingMORE: Why Kate Middleton really wore a 2011 recycled gown for Prince William's Earthshot Prize"I noticed this here in Poughkeepsie. Usually we have very vibrant fall colors but so far the colors have been non existent or very muted," commented one fan as others called the changes"so sad" and one fan shared:"And so many believe there is no such thing as climate change."

In April the mom-of-two hosted a Hulu special It’s Not Too Late: Earth Day Special which examined the climate crisis and potential solutions from around the globe.           View this post on Instagram                       A post shared by ginger_zee (@ginger_zee)

Ginger shared this shocking comparisonGinger is a firm believer in climate change and hosts a weekly segment on climate change and the environment on ABC News.Her post comes as Britain's Prince William has also called on people to focus on a decade of change for the planet, telling TV viewers:"There’s no time to waste."

Prince William joined Sir David Attenborough and singer Shakira to present a new five-part docuseries on his Earthshot Prize, which explains the planet’s greatest environmental challenges and how we can fix them.The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at the first ever Earthshot Prize awards ceremony

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"This is a moment for hope, not fear. A better sustainable future is within reach, we just have to grasp for it," he shared."We humans can achieve anything we set our minds to. So let's all set our minds to this, a decade of action to repair our planet. There's no time to waste."

Taking inspiration from John F Kennedy’s Moonshot project which advanced mankind’s achievements, the prince named 15 finalists from across the globe earlier this month for the Earthshot Prize, which will award five £1 million prizes each year"to those who we believe can transform our chances of repairing our planet within a decade".

Winners included the government of Costa Rica, which was honored for a project that pays local citizens to restore natural ecosystems, and the city of Milan, which was handed a prize for its Food Waste Hubs program, which recovers food from supermarkets and restaurants and distributes it to those in need.

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