The Very Best Slept-On Scary Movies To Stream This Halloween

You might not be able to sleep after these cult favorites.

10/22/2021 4:15:00 AM

You might not be able to sleep after these cult favorites.

A haunting guide to the most underrated horror movies streaming this spooky season.

It Followsbravely asks, what if an STI takes an embodied form that only you can see, and follows you forever until it violently murders you, or until you pass it on to someone else? The monsters inIt Followschange with every appearance, taking on the form of both strangers and loved ones in order to get close to their victims, completely obliterating any sense of safety. The film eschews traditional jump scares for a slow build to terror, and its eerie Rich Vreeland score only makes your skin crawl even more.

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(Peacock)(2015)ShutterstockIt’s a tale as old as time: A father disagrees with his settlement’s interpretation of the Bible, prompting him and his family to be cast off into the unforgiving New England woods. Thomasin, the eldest daughter, is blamed when the family’s infant son goes missing under her supervision. The family becomes convinced they’re being terrorized by a witch, which unfolds into striking faith-based hysteria.

The VVitchalso has the crucial horror film elements of creepy twin children and a sinister black goat who may or may not be inhabited by the Devil. Read more: NYLON »

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