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10/22/2021 9:30:00 AM

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Jury finds Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty on all counts

A Wisconsin jury found Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty on all counts after the Illinois teenager shot and killed two men and wounded a third at a protest last year.

对待中共绝对不能软弱,只有绝对压力才会让他们醒悟,我们都不能退缩💪 Climate change isn’t genuinely fixable - not just because we’ve done too much damage already but also becuase humans are too lazy, selfish and stupid. good luck All those are living and humans. Everyone currently behaves that they are facing hardship due to others actions.

COVID Vaccination Rates Vary By People's Zodiac SignCOVID-19 vaccination rates vary dramatically by astrological sign, with Leos at the top of the list and Scorpios at the bottom, according to a report from the Salt Lake County Health Department. Wtf? TRUST THE SCIENCE! Uhhh 🙄

TikTok’s North Star Boys Sign With WME (Exclusive)The group of nine creators, formed by Oliver and Sebastian Moy, have 4.2 million followers on TikTok.

Virginia governor's race could give 'flashing red warning sign' for Democrats — and shift market sentimentDemocrat Terry McAuliffe, a former governor of Virginia, had a lead by 1.8 percentage points in polls over Republican Glenn Youngkin, a former Carlyle co-CEO. How come no polls in NJ race?

Delta's surprise U.K. comeback is a warning sign for the U.S.When it comes to COVID-19, what happens in the United Kingdom rarely stays in the United Kingdom — and that, in turn, rarely bodes well for the rest of the world. Scary.

Netflix protesters furious over Chapelle special attack man with 'We like Dave' signTensions flared outside a walkout at Netflix headquarters as employees upset with the streaming platform’s airing of a controversial special by standup comedian Dave Chapelle clashed with counter-protesters supporting the comic’s freedom of speech. Puss Generation Nowadays Those objecting to Chappelle may not have watched that whole show. His last bit was a lengthy story bought a T that he befriended & supported but ended tragically. She committed suicide as a result of the harassment received from….(wait for it)…..the T community. Funny that. Why was he considered a special attack man?

'Stay' Songwriter-Producers FNZ Sign Publishing Deal With Pulse MusicPulse Music Group has signed songwriting and production duo FNZ to a global publishing deal that encompasses their catalog and future works.