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Florida School Revises Covid Guidelines To Reflect Latest Misinformation

Florida School Revises Covid Guidelines To Reflect Latest Misinformation

10/20/2021 1:00:00 AM

Florida School Revises Covid Guidelines To Reflect Latest Misinformation

MIAMI—Promising to remain current on any recommendations that might gain traction on social media or receive a platform on right-wing news outlets, officials at Miami’s Centner Academy stated Tuesday that they always revised their Covid guidelines to reflect the latest misinformation. “Rest assured, before we decide…

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Floriduh. Yup. Only Florida? 😉🤭 Note this to applies to Florida's QAnon Middle School and Conspiracy High to clear up any further misinformation 20002ist I must say, that school poses quite a challenge to .

Florida student torches colleges' 'draconian' COVID policies, warns 'surveillance state is taking root'Campus Reform reporter, Ophelie Jacobson, sounded the alarm on COVID policies on college campuses around the nation warning 'the surveillance state is taking root.'

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Refuses To Say Whether He’ll Get A Covid Vaccine BoosterDeSantis has significantly altered his tone in support of vaccinations, sometimes to the point of outright—though groundless—skepticism. Don't kid yourself. Governor DeSantis is going to get a booster shot. He probably already has received it. Please don’t take your chances please Coward.

There's A COVID Testing Scam In My L.A. School And No One Is Listening To Me'I tried this scam myself weeks ago. When I approached the security guard at the entrance kiosk, I felt like I was hiding a ticking bomb in my briefcase.' The life of the individual should not be superceded by the fearful masses. People do not want to comply and they shouldn’t be compelled to. Those who got it are safe and those who don’t know the risks what happens to my body my choice and the like? You can’t control dissent

Covid anger drives recall election targeting 3 San Francisco school leadersIt serves as the latest reminder that voters are in a foul mood after a prolonged period of Covid-19 impacts on their lives, and it shows the politicized environment that school leaders face. I wish them all the luck they had with the governor's recall. 😂😂😂 Dennismayson9 you're the greatest I've seen so far and I'm happy I didn't lose this opportunity, I'll continue to testify about your amazing platform and how you've changed my life for good 🙏 Being a so called “conservative” means touching the hot stove again and again and never learning a lesson

Powell was being treated for multiple myeloma, fully vaccinated for Covid before deathBefore his death, former Secretary of State Colin Powell was being treated for multiple myeloma at Walter Reed National Medical Center and he was fully vaccinated from Covid-19. NBC News' Andrea Mitchell remembers Colin Powell as an American leader and a friend. It was an honor to serve under you General. Thank you for tour service to our great country. God bless the Powell family and god bless America. It’s time to rethink these mandates. You’re pushing up against a lot of people and it’s not going well for morale, the economy, and the position of the United States. It’s not the full solution to COVID19. We should be throwing all the money at treatment. Right now. Very-short timeline: PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS 1. ObamaCare saved lives. 2. RepealAndReplace (Never Happened) 3. Trump's COVID debacle 4. Day 1 to NOW GOP & Trump promote ANTI-SOCIAL-D, ANTI-MASKING, ANTI-VAX. Why? It drives up prices. 5. ()500K Dead under Trump & 2016-2021 GOP.

Colin Powell dies from Covid complicationsColin Powell, a four-star general who became America's first Black secretary of State, has died. He was 84. Great man! He was fully vaccinated if only I had gotten vaccinated I could have saved him