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Waymo Self-Driving Cars Mysteriously Flocking To Dead-End Street In San Francisco

Waymo Self-Driving Cars Mysteriously Flocking To Dead-End Street In San Francisco

10/20/2021 12:15:00 AM

Waymo Self-Driving Cars Mysteriously Flocking To Dead-End Street In San Francisco

Dozens of self-driving Waymo vehicles have been inexplicably driving into one San Francisco cul-de-sac, only to make multi-point turns and leave the way they came, with company representatives explaining they’re following road rules to limit traffic elsewhere. What do you think?

youthink?“I always knew the first step in AI’s world takeover would be minor traffic inconveniences.”Mona Crebs, Coal Pressurizer“It’s amazing how accurately AI can replicate really creepy human behavior.”Kye Gomez, Debt Creatorthe science isn’t there yet to have them stay parked.”

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Self-driving cars are driving them nuts. These fucking google maps cars are invading everyone’s privacy If I-Robot taught us anything it was this. And also not to watch Will Smith films There must be some off the grid event that's happening or happened recently I hope the shrubbery was searched for miniature AI cars.


1 dead, 2 injured in separate falls at Phish concert in San FranciscoOne person died and two people were injured in separate falls during an arena concert Sunday in San Francisco for the band Phish, authorities say. Whoaaaa Most Phish fans smoke weed before the concerts🤷‍♂️

San Francisco School Board Members Targeted In California's Latest Recall AttemptParents upset by delays in reopening schools amid the COVID-19 pandemic collected enough signatures to force the special recall election. More overgrown infants acting out. How many recalls does it take in cali to realize you shouldn’t vote these people into office in the first place

Covid anger drives recall election targeting 3 San Francisco school leadersIt serves as the latest reminder that voters are in a foul mood after a prolonged period of Covid-19 impacts on their lives, and it shows the politicized environment that school leaders face. I wish them all the luck they had with the governor's recall. 😂😂😂 Dennismayson9 you're the greatest I've seen so far and I'm happy I didn't lose this opportunity, I'll continue to testify about your amazing platform and how you've changed my life for good 🙏 Being a so called “conservative” means touching the hot stove again and again and never learning a lesson

Here’s where the cost of rent is increasing the most. Hint: it’s NOT New York or San FranciscoFor the first time since the start of the pandemic, rents are increasing in every major metropolitan area nationwide, according to one report. Funny how supply/demand works. Few want to live in San Francisco or under the tyrants running New York. And why is it that marketwatch always has these nuanced, coded headlines?

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The company who cried retail theft? Walgreens store closures cause uproar in San FranciscoWalgreens says it is closing 5 more San Francisco stores over retail theft. However, city leaders are not too convinced that's the reason. Good to see the Times not falling for the fake news and calling out Walgreens for lying about their profit motivation “‘Media reports have accepted without analysis Walgreens’ assertion that it’s closing due to retail theft,’ Preston wrote, in part. ‘Is Walgreens closing stores because of theft or because of a pre-existing business plan to cut costs & increase profits by consolidating stores’” + When I was last in SF in 2018, it felt like every 2 blocks I walked, there was a Walgreens. Yeah, oversaturated probably describes it.