Ron Desantis

Ron Desantis

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Refuses To Say Whether He’ll Get A Covid Vaccine Booster

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis refuses to say whether he’ll get a Covid vaccine booster

10/19/2021 10:36:00 PM

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis refuses to say whether he’ll get a Covid vaccine booster

DeSantis has significantly altered his tone in support of vaccinations, sometimes to the point of outright—though groundless—skepticism.

Key BackgroundAfter initially touting Covid vaccines back in the spring by speaking at numerous vaccination events, DeSantis’ approach has changed. In August, DeSantis notablysaid Read more: Forbes »


of course he will - he's not an idiot. “I’m fukky vaccinated but the booster shot is where i draw the line…. Plus, I’m so edgy bro.” Of course he took the Booster, just like he took the Vaccine. He's just using his Supporters IGNORANCE to manipulate them, but he's going to take care of himself and his family, while their families suffer lost after lost.

Coward. Please don’t take your chances please Don't kid yourself. Governor DeSantis is going to get a booster shot. He probably already has received it.

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Pfizer CEO says he's gotten a COVID vaccine booster shot and most of us will, tooPfizer CEO tells those wary of the COVID vaccine: “Try to conquer your fear by using the love from the people around you and listen, trust the millions of people who have done it.” Snake oil for sale. As time goes on more and more evidence surfaces that these “vaccines” are failures Listen closely, you’ll hear Pfizer shareholders screaming to take it 👂🏽

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FDA may soon approve mixing and matching COVID booster shotsThe Food and Drug Administration is moving to soon allow people to receive booster shots that are different from their first COVID-19 vaccine doses, people... Safe and Delicious nice Why, bc none of them work all that well ? catturd2

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