FBI Files Charges In Vanessa Guillen Case

Spc. Vanessa Guillen went missing in April. Now federal investigators say she was murdered, and buried near a river outside Austin. Her family says the murder came after sexual harassment.

7/4/2020 4:48:00 AM

'My sister was too afraid to report the harassment because no one would listen to her. They take sexual harassment, sexual assault, as a joke.' Three days after the suspect in Vanessa Guillen's death killed himself, the FBI officially charged him.

Spc. Vanessa Guillen went missing in April. Now federal investigators say she was murdered, and buried near a river outside Austin. Her family says the murder came after sexual harassment.

alleging what her family had feared from the beginning: Guillen had been murdered on the base by a fellow soldier and buried near the river.The murder suspect, 20-year-old Spc. Aaron David Robinson, killed himself Tuesday as law enforcement was closing in. The FBI has since charged Robinson's girlfriend, 22-year-old Cecily Aguilar, with one count of conspiracy to tamper with evidence.

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Guillen's family believes her death was linked to sexual harassment she said she was enduring on base. Now they are pushing for congressional legislation to create an independent agency for soldiers who are victims of sexual harassment and assault.

Guillen never reported any sexual harassment. Speaking to NPR's Mary Louise Kelly, her sister Lupe Guillen said that's because she didn't think such a report would be taken seriously."My sister was too afraid to report the harassment because no one would listen to her," Lupe Guillen said."They take sexual harassment, sexual assault, as a joke. They don't care."

In astatement, Fort Hood officials said the criminal investigation"has not found any connection between sexual harassment and Vanessa's disappearance." Investigators said they plan to further examine the sexual harassment allegations that have come out since Guillen disappeared.

Maj. Gen. Scott Efflandt said he has requested an investigation of Fort Hood's Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention Program, which is designed to prevent sexual assault. Efflandt wants to"assess whether the command climate is supportive of Soldiers reporting incidents of sexual harassment and sexual assault," and to"identify any potentially systemic issues with the SHARP program at Fort Hood, as well as any resource constraints."

"Those SHARP classes haven't worked at all," Lupe Guillen told NPR.The criminal complaint lays out the gruesome details of Guillen's murder: Robinson allegedly struck Guillen multiple times in the head with a hammer, killing her. He then allegedly put her inside a box, and then took the box to a remote location near the Leon River in Belton, Texas.

According to the complaint, Robinson picked up Aguilar from work and drove her to where the box was located. Aguilar told investigators she helped Robinson dismember the body using an ax and a machete, removing her limbs and head. After first attempting to burn the body, the two then allegedly buried her remains in three separate holes.

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If convicted, Aguilar faces up to 20 years in federal prison. Read more: NPR »

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Please sign this for VanessaGullien TheDeepOffice JusticeForVanessaGullien CarlaRK3 They need to remove all the leadership of this base and charge them as accessories. The fact that these people not only discouraged but created a hostile reporting regime encouraged the continuance of sexual violence on the base. There is no redemption for these people.

ReignOfApril Oh, the military has found no connection between her sexual harassment and her murder? Fuck them. I'm sure if we all stand at attention during the national anthem, everything will be okay. No reforms needed. Just look that flag dead straight in the stars while you STAND and sing! Honor the troops!

Way to go FBI.🙄 They charged a dead man? The FBI again wins the Donald Trump Uselessness in Government Award. Military talks a line about sexual harassment but in actuality nothing has changed. Ignore, hide, shame, punish women who dare to report. I was an Army wife and I thank God that granddaughter who came very close to joining changed her mind.

Seems convenient that suspect is now dead, wondering what is the rest of the story... For all other branches of the military, their law enforcement bodies are civilian agencies outside the military population, except for the Army. Why is the body designated for oversight not outside of the Army and held to account for the actions of soldiers.

USArmy you have failed. Aren't there enough people trying to kill our military without you helping them out? Integrity is not something you should be talking about. thank you for reporting. Give them no rest, no quarter until the truth is out. No victim shaming. But there can be no official investigation into workplace sexual harassment if no one is willing to file a complaint. Complaining to your family, friends, and coworkers is not enough. You must be willing to go on the record!

They probably didn't want to be accused of institutional racism. Accusations of ingroup wrong-doing, as in the case of a man’s sexual harassment of a woman, may pose a threat to men’s sense of their gender group as moral. To reduce this threat, men may afford male perpetrators the benefit of the doubt

One of the primary reasons women don’t come forward to report sexual harassment is fear of retaliation. She must have suffered from pain and misery due to the brutality of the attack. May her soul rest in peace It’s comes from the local leadership & toxic work culture whether in the military or outside the civilian sector.

Women think they have rights in the United Snakes of Amerikkka. Sister, you ain't never been to China. That's all I gotta say. Defund police. Good luck. Vanessa didn't know who to turn to and was afraid of retaliation so she tried dealing with a situation, on her own, that she should never have been in and it cost her her life. There needs to be justice for Vanessa!

RIP Vanessa so sad and tragic! yes the military did fail her, as her sister claims! this is absolutely heartbreaking. people are so sick ... speechless Rest In Peace Vanessa This thing stinks to high heaven, especially when you consider the other 8 mysterious deaths surrounding Ft. Hood in the last year. Something weird is going on here.

Because...yes. God bless you mija❤, your family and friends! There's a petition to close this facility, i urge people to sign, to the soldiers that experience any type of sexual harassmenten, men or women, I urge you to speak your truth! I GOT UR 6 Damn. 😞💔 Where is his photo? See the documentary “The Invisible War.”

This is a known issue in the military. It is sad that nothing has changed since I served. When I was active duty we knew we would be harassed and likely raped at least once. The most we could do was either report it get discharged or bargain for no shift work, better assignment Hence the me2movement. Women must stand together against men who demean and hurt us.

😂 She disappeared in APRIL !!! The Army and civilian law enforcement didn't start looking for her until Salma Hyak posted about her being missing. That happened in JUNE. WTF 😡😡 AWKWARD. See how the media lies to you They should have all women military bases. Or, women should just refuse to serve. Heartbreaking 💔

Crying for her and her family - how can the US let deaths like this happen and NOT be accountable - Hold her memories close ❤️🇨🇦 Disheartening 💔. Took them 3 days to charge a dead man. 3 days!!! too little too late

Family of missing Fort Hood soldier Vanessa Guillen speaks out, urges no one enlist until 'we get justice'As unanswered questions loom over missing Fort Hood soldier Vanessa Guillen, her family members spoke out about holding on to hope that the system that 'failed her' can improve to help others. Just like this post and I will follow you up Endeavor to follow back asap The guy who killed himself must have done it? There is a systemic failure

Woman charged with helping get rid of body of Vanessa Guillen, missing Fort Hood soldierUPDATE: A Texas woman accused of helping mutilate and dispose of the body of a Fort Hood soldier who vanished this spring has been charged, authorities say. This is horrible! Oh damn Everything about this is so damn disgusting.

Who Is Vanessa Guillen, the Young Woman Who Disappeared from Fort Hood Military Base?On Tuesday, the Army CID confirmed that human remains had been found in an area near the Leon River. They believe the remains to be Guillen's.

Human remains found in Texas are missing soldier, family saysA lawyer says the family of missing soldier Pfc. Vanessa Guillen believes partial remains found in Central Texas are hers. She wasn't black... unfortunately only BlackLivesMatter I wonder how much bounty realDonaldTrump got for her? Oh no 😭

Rest In Power: Demanding Justice for Vanessa GuillenVanessa Guillén was a 20-year-old soldier for the United States Army who mysteriously disappeared from the Texas Fort Hood Army Base on April 22—after disclosing information of sexual harassment. Vanessa’s story is creating a MeToo moment for the military. There must be a congressional investigation into her disappearance and likely, death.