Woman charged with helping get rid of body of Vanessa Guillen, missing Fort Hood soldier

Cecily Aguilar, 22, of Killeen, was charged with one count of conspiracy to tamper with evidence.

7/3/2020 5:10:00 AM

UPDATE: A Texas woman accused of helping mutilate and dispose of the body of a Fort Hood soldier who vanished this spring has been charged, authorities say.

Cecily Aguilar, 22, of Killeen, was charged with one count of conspiracy to tamper with evidence.

/July 3, 2020, 1:46 AM UTCByNicole Acevedo and Tim StellohA Texas woman accused of helping mutilate and dispose of the body of a Fort Hood soldier who vanished this spring was charged Thursday, authorities said.Cecily Aguilar, 22, of Killeen, faces one count of conspiracy to tamper with evidence in the April 22 disappearance of Army Specialist Vanessa Guillen, federal prosecutors in Texas' western district said in a statement.

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but have not been formally identified as Guillen, prosecutors said.Cecily Aguilar.Bell CountyA Fort Hood soldier who authorities identified earlier Thursday as another suspect in Guillen's disappearance, E-4 Specialist Aaron David Robinson, allegedly told Aguilar that he killed a female soldier after hitting her in the head with a hammer, according to officials.

Robinson, 20, also allegedly enlisted Aguilar⁠ — who recognized Guillen⁠ — to help him get rid of her body at a remote site in Bell County, near Fort Hood. Damon Phelps of the CID, the Army's primary criminal investigative organization, told reporters that Aguilar is the estranged wife of a former Fort Hood soldier.

Earlier Thursday, Phelps said that Robinson died by suicide early Wednesday after fleeing Fort Hood the night before.The Morning RundownGet a head start on the morning's top stories. Read more: NBC News »

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NBCLatino My heart breaks for the family of PFC Vanessa Guillen. Congress must act now to demand answers. I stand with her family in calling for immediate investigations. Mis mas profundas condolencias a la Familia Guillen. justiceforguillen The army spokesman’s said “there was no credible evidence of sexual harassment”? How about that she told her family she was being sexually harassed?

Sickening. And the fact that she felt threatened before she was killed...no one deserves to die this way. Women in the army need superiors who care about them. What a damn cesspool the Army has become. Sad for the family. They knew she would never leave them without informing family. Vanessa Guillen so very sad

2/8 OFF but they will never be able to solve because these politicians are either too absorbed or definitely WEAK~! We need, as corny as it sounds, some truth, love, understanding, some COMMON SENSE with a strong voice to bring us together to find solutions for the HEALTH of 2/7 people of ALL colors... but this has been hateful, vile, and nothing but BULLSH^T~! GET a GRIP America, we are behaving like a 3rd world country...And my personal opinion is we have been heading for a breakdown forever and this Administration is the MATCH that has set it ALL

2/6 empathy, compassion, caring, or just giving a crap? Where are the Christians? Any Faith? If there has been a response, it was piss poor. The media on most alphabets has given a go, the rest have just stoked the vile, hateful feelings. YES, common sense says there are BAD 2/5 position of power~! Amnesty International saw over 125 instances of abuse from law enforcement. The world is appalled at our behavior and the so-called OFFICIAL response from a weak and uncaring government. WTH, I am totally ashamed of myself and my countrymen. Where is the

2/4 I have NEVER so much vile hate come out of so many supposedly smart, reasonable, people that I assumed had decent values. No wonder decent, law-bidding people of color DO NOT trust the police, prosecutors, lawyers, mayors, governors, representatives, presidents or ANYONE in a 2/3 peacekeepers are bullying, beating, batoning, pushing down, punching, running down w/cars, shooting at an unarmed running away man because he was sleeping in a car(Killing), letting a man because he may have used a fake 20, pepper-spraying peaceful protesters, and etc, etc

2/2, people are bullying, demeaning, telling people to leave if they look or talk differently...running them down in cars, laying to shoot someone jogging, cops being called because you are acting differently, being black while birdwatching, cannot rake your own back yard...WTF This is such DEVESTATING news. How heartbreaking for family.

Yikes The army and fort hood failed this soldier... What in hell is the matter with the supposed human beings in this country~? A 22 yr old woman~? I am a white 63 yr old grt-grd-mom and totally afraid for my family, especially my babies, they are of mixed race and people are pulling guns on people of color for NO reason...1/?

Ummm is it just me or this guy doesn’t seem credible in any shape... literally jumbled almost every word of that statement.... Why are all their races not being brought up? A Latina American woman was killed by blacks and whites. So the country asking for peace, is the most violent country in the world.

Steps to live better and bolder life If you feel like you’re ready to make some changes to live a bigger, bolder life.. That woman who helped mutulate should be done with the same measure she used against the victim. This is fucking disgusting I can’t believe it she didn’t deserve this !!! rolandsmartin 💔💔💔

Disgusting. Condolence to the family 😭 I am so sorry to hear this, that is just awful. I was wondering what had happened to her. How did this happen? I feel like there is way more to this story and I hope it gets uncovered. That poor kid Such a beautiful young woman serving her country proudly it looks like. A young life stolen from her.

rolandsmartin Turn out it was a dumbass from the chicagoland area that killed her and his crazy was wife helped him to hide the body ...his coward was killed himself ....the wife in jail finna do 30 years to life I'm sorry yall... rolandsmartin Evil! Flipping evil! ya see? This is why I don’t get hammered.

I’m revising my statement to say that there is a 30-60% chance you will be convicted of murder and high profile cases are probably going to get the most resources, so these murderers are more likely to be convicted. Plus, it’s immoral. Fvcking horrific Ryan_Deem To Vanessa’s mother: I am so sorry.💔 Don’t worry everyone...the military will also conduct an investigation into the military coverup of a murder on a military base....I’m SURE that’ll be fair and just. . smh

Fuck the army. They should all be charged. They found several body parts there meaning it's been done several times before. This needs to go deeper ShawnRobb3 Barbaric That poor girl, thinking she was safe in the military. How many others like her? We need to protect our military from internal & external (Putin) enemies. RIP 🙏🏼😢💜

Such a horrific murder. This should not be happening to our soldiers anywhere There HAS to be more folks involved with her murder. The fact that the murder happened within an armory, the armorer would have certainly smelled heavy cleaning agents or blood. This is incredibly scandalous. I figured thats what happened the minute they said the suspect killed himself and the other one was his ex wife. Its not the first time a wife of a military member helped hide the body 😕.

forthood a great place to be at right and protecting solider? Um, she knows Texas still has the death penalty and the GOP that run their justice system don't like people of colour. Oh, they going to zap that murder. 😳⁉️‼️‼️ Omg Yuck. Murder is immoral and they pretty much ALWAYS catch you. Science has evolved so much that you can be tracked down quickly. It’s really fascinating.

Why would they think they could get away with this? VanessaGuillén shutdownforthood Someone has to pay for this and not just this co murderer but everyone on that base that only started investigating after pressure from social media, what is happening on this base RIP sister mollynonstop did you see this

PROSECUTE THE U.S. ARMY. Man humanity is insane 😜these days choppin up people like she doesn't have intellect or something Everything about this is so damn disgusting. Oh damn This is horrible!

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