Family autopsy: Floyd asphyxiated by sustained pressure

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Attorney: Family commissioned autopsy shows George Floyd died of 'asphyxia due to neck and back compression.' That's different from the preliminary official autopsy findings.

This May 31, 2020 photo provided by the Hennepin County Sheriff shows Derek Chauvin, who was arrested Friday, May 29, in the Memorial Day death of George Floyd. Chauvin was charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter after a shocking video of him kneeling for several minutes on the neck of Floyd, a black man, set off a wave of protests across the country.

MINNEAPOLIS — An autopsy commissioned for George Floyd’s family found that he died of asphyxiation due to neck and back compression when a Minneapolis police officer held his knee on Floyd’s neck for several minutes and ignored his cries of distress, the family’s attorneys said Monday. The autopsy by a doctor who also examined Eric Garner’s body found the compression cut off blood to Floyd’s brain, and weight on his back made it hard to breathe, attorney Ben Crump said at a news conference.

The family’s autopsy differs from the official autopsy as described in a criminal complaint against the officer. That autopsy included the effects of being restrained, along with underlying health issues and potential intoxicants in Floyd’s system, but also said it found nothing “to support a diagnosis of traumatic asphyxia or strangulation.

Crump said last week that he was commissioning the family’s own autopsy. Floyd’s family, like the families of other black men killed by police, wanted an independent look because they didn’t trust local authorities to produce an unbiased autopsy.


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It would appear that he was a Rapist Thug so black or white he is no loss to the community and it is only antifa goading the less intelligent to riot & violence

Imagine that! The one the family paid for us different. This was an injustice, and one man should be punished. Not the whole US. notaboutfloyd

'Under 'other significant conditions' [the official autopsy] said Floyd suffered from heart disease and hypertension, and listed fentanyl intoxication and recent methamphetamine use.' Yeah, who dies of fentanyl?

The charge sheet must be amended

I will bet, in jail, convicts are waiting for his arrival.

Maybe a new one is needed chosen by the Police Union.

Wait you sure it wasn’t thise “possible drugs”

Y'all need to stop showing his mugshot and focus on George Floyd.

He looks nice with his fresh shave, haircut and jail clothes...doesn't seem quite so confident....hmm

That's felony obstruction of justice against the prosecutor.

The city and the State lied!

How do two trained scientists come to such drastically different conclusions? How will these be reconciled?

JeanetteKBAK So now Fentynal was found in his system and no heart condition...sounds like bullshit to me.


No community should allow this to happen to any one. Recall elected officials that condone this type of behavior from law enforcement.

Shocker. The system covered for the system. WhyIProtest

chauvin didnt act alone other officers were complicit, blocking airflow, kneeing his spine -- while his extremities were shackled another acting as 'lookout' to distract pedestrians justice for george floyd! justice for all victims of police brutality

Now prosecute the fuckers!!! All 4 of them.

“MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!” Because TRUMP screwed it all up! He will be voted out! Dump the TURD on the THIRD!

Hope they get justice.

& 𝒉𝒆 𝒔𝒉𝒐𝒖𝒍𝒅 𝒃𝒆 𝒇𝒊𝒓𝒆𝒅.

Wow! He even looks like a psychopath

WOW he look like he has a dark mind.

Of course it's different. Minneapolis medical examiner is used to siding with deranged cops. This whole trial is going to come down to examiner to examiner. It's and ruin shame

Death sentence to this guy

Ask any pro fighter and they could tell you exactly what that knee is doing

This man has weird eyes. Possibly he is possessed.

Collateral damage.

Wish Dr. G could do an autopsy as well.

What's up with this picture? Am I missing something? FBA 🇺🇸

Woo hoo! We have a cat fight! I don't care who wins as long as it's the truth.

How many people are surprised.....

The medical experts who did they second autopsy are well known as being the best in their profession with decades of experience.

symonelyfy Will MN medical examiner correct death certificate!!!

This does not surprise me at all. Baden is a hired gun that will prepare a report the family wants. He comes in and craps all over hard working honest Medical Examiners. He there for the cash and glorifying himself on TV. Mark my words he with be on every media outlet this week.

So obviously the first coroner needs to be fired for trying to cover up the murder or for simply being incompetent.


The license of the physician that first gave the diagnosis that George Floyd didn't die of asphyxia should be withdrawn permanently because he is obviously suffering from COVID19 PANDEMIC in his vision after collecting bribe which is what prevented him frm knowing cause of death

AND BACK COMPRESSION!! It was a team effort to suffocate that man. All four should be charged with murder.

Frightening that the State Medical Examiner failed in finding this in the first place.

donnabrazile There we go!! No I hope the other three will be arrested.

Sky_Lee_1 Whatever it takes.


Either way the cops are guilty! Either way Mr. Floyd died over a supposed $20 conterfeit bill where the cops were making a felony arrest for which they disregarded his safety and health because they assumed him to be a dangerous felon! Either way they didn’t allow him to live!

Everybody already knew the coverup was on... a blind man could see that George was killed by asphyxiation.

Wonders if this first ME. ever heard of hypoxia. Don't need traumatic strangulation too asphyxiate someone. If the ME. watched any of the video. It would be ezy to tell that Mr. Floyd breathing was restricted.

Jacob_Frey, keithellison, GovTimWalz and Police Chief Arradondo: The Minneapolis law enforcement apparatus is filled with racists who lynch black people then try their best to cover it up. From your police departments, to your coroners & DA. What are you going to do about it?

Ya think?

WHAT ABOUT cops, not EMT workers coming out the ambulance to handle his body and did not check his pulse?

The original pathologist should lose his medical license for lying about the first autopsy trying to save the Minneapolis department from looking bad. Ridiculous! floydgeorge

ri_care Somebody get that slob some razors

ri_care That color looks better on him PoliceViolence BlackLivesMatter

Every pro-bono lawyer in their pitch to the family likely guaranteed this. Let’s don’t pretend this was an “independent” examiner.

So the charge should change from 3rd degree to 1st degree

How can 2 expert reach different conclusions? This is ridiculous. Politics is our of control in this country..

It’s good that independent autopsy was performed -otherwise we would never known the truth ! The conduct and wrongness of previous autopsy need to be investigated !

How many times have these 'policemen' gotten away with many phony autopsies etc.....if that girl hadn't taped we would never know

Shocker, give me a break. “Bought and paid for Baden “who also got Epstein autopsy wrong.

who will be the next victim ?you or your love one ?the country has to change. if she wants to great again

Die in hell white supremacist

Death penalty.

Not much of a surprise there. We all smelled cover up from the start. georgesfloyd

Derek Chauvin looks like a psychopath in this mugshot.

RAISETHEDEGREE to 1st Degree murder. Derek Chauvin murdered Mr. Floyd. We saw it live on📺as he was executed. A 3rd degree murder charge would not fit the punishment this killer cop deserves. We need a new bill ICantBreathe to make choke holds illegal. JusticeForGeorgeFloyd

Murder 1 for all four! JUSTICE

If he wasn’t resist to the authorities nothing like these would have happened.

So science is subjective after all when applied to anything but physics.

Smart move on the family’s part. How interesting that the Minneapolis ME didn’t find anything similar.

JonLemire Time to investigate coroner in Minn!

Bias by Independent paid autopsy. Of course.

Tou Thao J Alexander Kueng Thomas K Lane

OutOfTimeOut Leave him with me for one hour and bring me two long nails and a hammer!!!

Good God, please don't do that man like that. I watched the video for the first time fully the other night. Toughest video I can remember viewing in my life. I need zero autopsy to tell me what I saw with my own two eyes.

Not surprised about the difference in results. Pretty sure many saw that one coming.

caa1000 Pig cover up

We knew the fix would be in to protect his racist ass. Will the coroner also be charged for lying in the preliminary autopsy report?

Very different and most likely very accurate.

His Pre- existing condition was he had higher levels of melatonin than every white man. RIPGeorgeFloyd

Hang him.

Sad ,brutal, cruel and the bad cop should pay for that, but is not an excuse for more violence destruction ,anarchic and irresponsible acts.

The DA needs to resign. DefundThePolice GeneralStrike BlackLivesMatter EndCapitalism protests2020

Preliminary was not looking with from eagle's vantage point

So, murdered then. It seems the only underlying condition of note was a knee on his neck for nine minutes. GeorgeFlyod

This means additional charges with more severe sentences! Expect charges against the other officers, and their subsequent cutting a deal with them testifying against Chauvin!

Nothing isn't strange that the autopsies differ

TimOBrien Thank you DrBaden !!! Arrest the other three immediately GeorgeFloydWasMurdered JusticeforGeorgesFloyd

Arrest who ever lied about the original autopsy. Get all of these thugs off the streets

I hope this motherfucker cop become someone else’s wife in prison and feel like he hit by train every single day

They just flat out lying to our faces.

In other words, he couldn't breathe. Derek Chauvin should be facing first degree murder charges. BlackLivesMatter RaiseTheDegree


The face of a murdering animal.

No shit. The first autopsy was bullshit. Who did it? They need to look into that.

donnabrazile Of course it is different, if you have a 'county' coroner it is political and will side with that government.

Imagine my shock. Now do Jeffrey Epstein.

Damn it was a racist cover up even down to the police medical examiner... Smfh!! All should be charged now!!!! GeorgeFlyod

So they lied about the original cause of death, and included the other three as culpable.

DewDropInn222 You mean the Gob club coroner.

donnabrazile It’s an independent and bias report. Dr Baden does that regularly. He did it Garner as well and same shot when it actually wasn’t

Sadly, in a court of law you just have to raise some doubt. The other autopsy said no asphyxia. The conflicted family one says yes. That limits what crime you can get a guilty verdict on. We are also to believe Epstein committed suicide. Try to get consensus on that.

Up it to 1st degree

How many other murders did Minnesota’s medical examiner get Wrong?

Everything has always been biased against black people. Lying on an autopsy result is the pinnacle of evil.

Makes me think they do this alot in other crims to pin it on the wrong people ... -.-

DerekJamesTV John Oliver did a great segment on coroners.

I am so grateful they Chose to have an independent autopsy. The sad thing is that the family learned this through the suffering of others.

Hows abt raising the standard in every community for the vetting and hiring of Police. Racist thugs should not be hired as for Police to start with.


realDonaldTrump AG Bill Barr and you are incompetent at your jobs

Cop Killer! Derek Chauvin MURDERER.

1st Degree Murder, not this 3rd degree BS!

not to diminish the murder but have the toxicology reports come back? asking only because it was mentioned in a prior press release

Oh they covered up and this what USA good at and look at your ugliness Trump before you meddle other countries Overbearingly! You are presaged to be toppled soon by your American people that's karma and payback!

To the surprise of no one.

We knew the county M.E. was trying to cover for this savage... Death penalty for this devil... Arrest those three other bastards.. You hide your race soldiers while American cities burn... This is Amerikkka... Justice for Floyd!!! UprisingAgainstRacism

We all witnessed the same thing. Murder

Well, sounds like we need a third unbiased autopsy to be the tie breaker.

Life sentence is not enough for this “thing” (he’s not a human being), justice would be to time travel and avoid at all costs it/him to be born


Of course it is. The paid for by the family Dr will claim anything. To get that big civil lawsuit pay out.

Only people dead from the neck up would believe the preliminary official autopsy findings!

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