3 Things You Should Not Say To Your Black Colleagues Right Now

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While silence isn’t the answer, here are 3 other things you should not do as your black colleagues, clients and employees grapple with the recent string of traumatic events.

I have been the only black person in many offices and on many teams. The reality of that became even more clear the day I walked into the office afterpartaking in bible study at a historical black church were shot and killed by a white man. I walked into the office the next day distraught, disappointed, and grieving. My colleagues walked into the office like it was a typical workday.

A week later, when the memorial service was streamed online, I tuned in with headphones, anxiously waiting, watching, and multitasking at work. The venue overflowed with mourning hearts. The news was buzzing. But, when I looked around my office, I was the only one watching. Everyone else, all of my non-black colleagues, were buzzing around the office, laughing, smiling, and taking care of their day-to-day responsibilities.

I wish I could properly explain what it feels like as a black person to watch other black people be killed for the color of their skin. Although it needs no explanation, it’s like driving down the freeway right after a deadly car accident and thinking, “That could’ve been me.” Except add the fact that the car accident happened because the person happened to be a certain skin color and “That could’ve been me” quickly turns into “That could be me, next.

Now, five years later, with George Floyd’s murder, along with the fatal shooting of Ahmaud Arbery, the killing of Breonna Taylor inside her home, and the blatant use of white privilege Amy Cooper demonstrated in Central Park, your black colleagues are still not ok. And, it’s even more clear that silence is not the answer.


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is this not Forbes Women ? why couldn’t a image of a black women be used?

So, a black woman at work picture couldn’t be googled and used?

The disrespect.

Why wasn't a woman's picture used? Take this down.

AdunolaAdeshola Please demand that Forbes women remove this article and replace the image with that of a WOMAN. Why is it okay for black women to be erased on a platform that centers around women? We exist in corporate America and we are exhausted too.

All this upheaval over an ex-porn star degenerate black male meth addict who violently attacked a pregnant woman. smh

Exactly why I hope more black women leave feminism

Can I ask if you are doing anything actively to support? What are your rates of staff employment for minorities? Are you planning on donating to any of the relevant charities?

Do Black women not exist?!?! Forbes women but couldn’t use a picture of a Black woman?

I actually like 1. It could potentially open the door for honest and courageous conversation.

Start over cuz this ain’t it.

“Forbes Women - - Features a stock photo of a Black male. Do Black women not exist?” -PisceanSpirit

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