George Floyd protest live updates: Demonstrations continue in Minneapolis, NYC, LA, elsewhere

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As protests erupt over the death of George Floyd, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says many in his country are watching 'the news out of the United States with shock and with horror.'

7:31 p.m.: Protesters gather en masse in Minneapolis, NYC, LA, elsewhere

Thousands were also gathered near the White House in Washington, D.C., with other protests ongoing in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Santa Monica, California. The FBI alerted law enforcement agencies about the discovery, which it said was a possible incendiary transfer device.The owner and employees of the business, which was vandalized on Friday, did not know about the bomb, according to the bureau.Police in Richmond, Virginia, are investigating a shooting that took place around 1 a.m. during the overnight protests.

Protesters take to the streets of Richmond, for a second consecutive night to protest the death of George Floyd and police abuse, May 30, 2020. A protester raises his arms during a march against the death in Minneapolis police custody of George Floyd, in Brooklyn, New York, May 30, 2020.An LAPD vehicle begins to burn after being set alight by protestors during demonstrations following the death of George Floyd, May 30, 2020, in Los Angeles.

An LAPD officer aims a nonlethal weapon during a confrontation with protestors following the death of George Floyd, May 30, 2020, in Los Angeles. Spray paint that reads "Do Black Vets Count?" is seen World War II Memorial on the National Mall in Washington, May 31, 2020, the morning after protests over the death of George Floyd. Floyd died after being restrained by Minneapolis police officers on Memorial Day.Police are reflected as they stand guard, May 30, 2020, in Philadelphia, during a protest over the death of George Floyd.

Smoke rises from a fire on a police cruiser in Center City during the Justice for George Floyd Philadelphia Protest, May 30, 2020, in Philadelphia.The Ben Franklin Bridge and all streets in Center City Philadelphia have been shut down for cleaning, officials said,A citywide curfew is in effect from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m., during which time residents can only leave their homes to go to work at an essential business, get medical attention or get police help.

One officer was shot at but was not hit, officials said. The two people in the car from which the shot was fired were arrested and an AR-15 was recovered in that case, officials said.


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lit_vix They don't have to slow down!! Fuck the BLM.

If the man wasn’t doing this on purpose he sure doesn’t seem to give a shit about what he did. Why isn’t he coming out after all this and apologizing (not in the crowd I mean online).?

It’s official : u the S off the A had descended into chaos

TRANDPORT TRUCKS CANT STOP THAT FAST and NOONE WAS IN THE ROAD WHEN HE DROVE IN!!!! He stopped the best he could and everyone swarmed him!!!! Fuck off people!

You should’ve heard PowerTripKFAN show. Defending the trucker and his action while speaking to the facts. “He layer on the horn...”

Nightline & take his CDL license away (if he legally has one.) dangerous person.

What was the score? Looked like he was bowling to me.

blackrepublican He was not shot and nobody placed a knee on his neck = the driver is white.

Derek Chauvin is an actor!

chxrlier17 mum2cah

Well they’re in the middle of a highway soooo... I don’t see why he was arrested and they weren’t 🤷‍♂️

Slim the highway was closed he new what he was doing hatred

This started was started by a NYC POLICE OFFICER. billdiblassio protests2020 VoteBlueToSaveAmerica2020

Did the ppl get arrested who r in middle of a fucking highway that is specifically for traffic to drive down honestly there is places to do these protest then there is ppl who are stupid driver of truck has done nothing wrong here tbh hes driving in a road where trucks drive

Despite this, the protest continued on. Peacefully.

ToussaintAlain not killed by the police… i guess he is not black

sooo i guess corona has dissapeared amongst the protestors then?

They got optimus prime now joining the protests

it'd be funny if it exploded

Looked like he was beaten to death from what I seen

Y xq no están bajo arresto toda esta panda de crimínales


People blocking highways and throwing objects at people and vehicles aren’t peaceful protesters. They’re fucking animals. Don’t mistake the two.

Абсолютные идиоты!!!

There are a lot of vigilantes trying to run down protesters

His defense is going to be that his foot suddenly remembered that it was meant to be in lockdown...


That boy had a load to deliver, you ever dealt with trucking dispatch? they are worse than police and protesters

Why was he arrested, the man had poor vision and nobody got hit because of his own quick reaction time. He is a hero, he saved these rioters lives! ItsARiotNotAProtest

He could of easily kept going if he wanted. At least he stopped.

Oh no, how absolutely terrible.

Look at all the morons with masks on. It boggles my mind.

Oh my god.What is the doing?

Oh my God this is insane. What is this? There is a big issue in our society. this escalated to atrocious crimes not respecting human lives.

Pity the truck stopped.

Free him

This is disgusting bro

beat the trucker up

That red sand stained my ball sack! LosAngelesProtest

Get off the highway.

I wonder how many dumbass’s completely ignore the “closed highway” part and side with the driver who was clearly in the wrong and got what be deserved

What is wrong with this dude?

Must be an empty container!

That’s a big ass truck


'no one was hit' my ass

NachoRgz Stop. We cannot be tolerant of bad representatives in government. Fight for respect for your human rights and freedoms. They have stolen their human dignity.

El conductor no tiene la culpa, es un freeway, él va de paso haciendo su trabajo, la gente es muy burra y no entiende los peligros a los que se arriesgan hacerlo ahí

I blame the protesters for the curfew and it's also bad for the economy..

semi trucks cannot go from highway speed to stopped unless theyre braking nearly a minute down the road. otherwise the truck has danger of tipping while stopping or injuring people who think that 'if i stand in the road with everyone the big drivey things will stop'

id call that an epicfail. howd he fuk that up

Didn't keep his foot on the gas. Big mistake.

Not sure what the charge is. Driving?


I hate to say it but he probably got his a$$ handed to him 😔

Get him out on bail sir he can continue the good work.

KenanAdvantage repercussions following for your driver

😱am happy that the man who was on the ground survived. But it's weird

The driver didn’t get a knee in his neck?


Traffic cam video shows semitrailer roll into crowd of protesters on a closed Minneapolis freeway. No serious injuries reported. The driver was taken to a hospital after demonstrators swarmed the cab, but was quickly released and placed in police custody.


Nightline Good, get these crazy people off the highway! He should have kept driving

OMG!! it seems things have just run amok! in this country for at least the last three years!! no real sense of cohesiveness or reason to try to mesh as one country, just a we against them, starting from the 'Top'

Why the hell don’t they get out today th street!


That's sick and depraved. Right now, there's so much hate in this country. I thought I had seen it all.

Crazy driver, crazy policeman,crazy President ! the Great Nation in the world was messed up !

Not the drivers fault FFS, he tried stop a heavy tanker but of course the media try to make out its something different other than a bunch of morons rioting.

That dude is lucky he didn’t kill someone and/or they didn’t linch him!


Why weren't the terrorists arrested? Why arent the city people holding local and state officials responsible for doing nothing and refusing federal help?

If these guys are so bold they need to show their face

america's end is near, thanks to trump

OllyOllyInFree Arrested for defending himself? Unbelievable!!

Hit them all

Ya think

I’m shook by this truck driver!! I’m believable!


While waiting for paycheck to paycheck you, you can earn more than $8500 in a week, you don’t send money to anyone, ask me how.

All the Rioting and Looting is PROVING that THE FALSE CORONA VIRUS / COVID 19 PANDEMIC does NOT exist! NOBODY IS GETTING SICK AND DYING! THE FAKE ZIONIST JEW NEWS PANDEMIC IS OVER! Alan Dershowitz is wrong, they can't make us get vaccinated when there is NO REAL PANDEMIC!

My question is why the fuck was the highway closed for in the first place? Millions of dollars in fright needs those highways open for commerce highways should only be officially shut down for construction, accidents, or weather not this shit I’m sorry but truckers have lives too


May God grant his soul peace


Out u go, Trump!👉🏻 🇺🇸 need u no more, anymore! U made 🇺🇸 shame not fame! Every lives matter, Fm covid-19 to George Floyd, You drift 🇺🇸 apart not unity, You make 🇺🇸 fight not pride. Start packing now! will vote ya out this Nov, 🇺🇸 need u no more, not anymore! Out you go, Trump!👉🏻


They swarm like a pack of wild animals...which they are


The whole world needs a lobotomy.

Stop acting like y'all care, you guys are the worst of all instigaters. Keep focusing on the so called riot and not the cause! This is a rebellion fools, not just for one death but all from 1619-2020. Black, whites, brown, they are tired!!

Bless Mr. Floyd.

Stop calling it GeorgeFloyd protests. His memory and family should not have that shame thrown on them. Once the first brick was thrown it became something else. This is radical thugs and opportunists taking a chance to wreak havoc and get a new flatscreen is pathetic

I'm confused on how it's the drivers faults the idiots are standing the middle of the highway. He stopped and hit nobody. However, the mob did attack him


Shoulda built the wall, he would of never got in

If you don't like what you see, vote If you like what you see, vote Just don't let a foreign power decide for you votePLEASE rads_space

Donald Trump allows ARMED MILITIA with AUTOMATIC WEAPONS to commandeer government buildings to open up the country. WITHOUT RESPONSE. He calls in the National guard to respond against PEOPLE USING THEIR VOICE. Then send your TRUMP EXTREMISTS to inflame TERRORIST TRUMP.

Leave the driver alone.


Radical Trumpers will do anything to stay in power, that's white supremacy for ya

Sure hope the cops get Presidential orders to shoot looters


You going to see lot more of this happening...Civilans are getting sick & tired of their cities being looted & burned to ashes. I have no empathy for these low life rioters


Rest in strength

That's twice Reginald Denny stopped in a riot.

He shouldn’t stop. Now he’s on the hospital. Fuck this kids

You can literally hear his engine break the entire video. These trucks take some time to come to a complete stop, but everybody is too ignorant to figure that out.

Don't protest on a highway?

So are we! We are in shock and horror bc the police murdered a handcuffed man on the ground.

Feed him to the crowd

He actually stopped really fast for a truck

Are people walking on a highway?

So you get placed under arrest these days for trying to save ur own life these days. Nice.

Drivers are scared to death. We've seen drivers get dragged from their vehicle and get beaten up. Stop saying 'protestors', these are thugs, looters, arsonists, criminals who couldn't care less about civil rights. ReginaldDenny

We also watch with shock and horror.

If this was a visible minority he would be dead!!!!! This would be terrorism!!!!! This was attempted mass murder!!!!! Injusticesystem Terrorism

MichelleFranzen The bigger story should be that with the turn of a wrong valve and a cigarette that could have been a bomb if he was hauling fuel. How did he get that far on a so called closed highway?

He should have ran a few of them over. That would make them rethink blocking a fucking freeway.

This is a non story. The real headline 'truck drivers on road, people get out of the way'

Oh My goodness very Bad the events

That's too bad

A Leader


Oh my god

Was the driver attacked before he ran their asses over? Once you attack you become a criminal and a target period

LinosVersion This is a man who learned from his past mistakes and is trying to move forward with a mature outlook and open a dialogue. That is strength in a leader. Admitted, amending and pushing for being better

”Unconscious Bias, ” doesn't exist. It's nothing more than a tool which gives license to continue racist behavior.

Really? He’s surprised America is going down in flames.

Well said

Same 🤦🏻‍♀️

I wonder if there’s a reason the us leader couldn’t have addressed the Americans like that. 😯


I forgot what it’s like to have a real leader. Can we borrow him?

I miss having a president...

I’m seeing blackface comments it seems to me he changed that past behind him and his country isn’t the one falling apart right now. People can change their ways that’s what we are fighting for. CHANGE.

Get a haircut!

I wonder how many black people live in his neighborhood? I wonder if his kids go to a private school with 99.9% other white well to do kids?

He is why one of my children live in Canada rather than US. Canada is the greatest

All this d-ck is doing is instigating more violence, instead of supporting the USA. What a weak so-called leader.

Why don’t you report all the GOOD THATS GOING ON!?!? Try Miami try Manassas VA try anything look at the good and REPORT THAT people are coming together!!!! Stop pushing hate!

having a feeling that he will be having a good handful of people moving there in the future..........

He should put on his black face and go protest

Investigating the police records that led to the death of George Floyd, why there was time for riots after the recording began.


Of course, Murdered on video

The whole world is watching us in shock and horror. Who knew a country could kill itself. The world didn’t want this

This guy? Yeah, a real loser. Good luck, Canada.

I want to go there.

Trump is no leader..just a failure!

That’s what a leader would say. Not hide behind Twitter blaming democratic leaders, but supporting all leaders as you’d expect a president to act. realDonaldTrump needs to go!

What a real leader says

Yeah but Canada takes of its people. The American people specially those with a low socioeconomic status get treated like cattle. Disposable stocks is what they call us not citizens.


Yeah. It is in canada. Throwing indigenous women off of balconies.

Trump isn't a Leader! He's a CROOKED business man only! makeAmericagreatagainwithoutTrump


Oh yeah well roght back at ur face Justin Trudeau

Keep the US border close Mr. Trudeau

Isn’t this the guy who embarrassed Canada when he was in India ? Nobody cares about this guy

FAKE BOY.😅🤣😂🤣🧐

There not protesting nothing there just thieves and terrorists

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