Fact check: Trump utters series of false and misleading claims at coronavirus briefing

Fact Check: Trump Utters Series Of False And Misleading Claims At Coronavirus Briefing - Cnnpolitic

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Fact Check: Trump Utters Series Of False And Misleading Claims At Coronavirus Briefing - Cnnpolitic


President Trump delivered another series of false and misleading claims at the White House coronavirus briefing on Thursday. Here is a preliminary roundup.

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Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump, who has been regularly dishonest and inaccurate in his remarks about the coronavirus crisis, delivered another series of false and misleading claims at the White House coronavirus briefing on Thursday. Here is a preliminary roundup:Gov. Jay Inslee's comments and the media Trump denounced"the fake news" for a report that Washington Gov. Jay Inslee had clashed with him on a Thursday phone call and had told him that"we need Tom Brady" in securing critical medical equipment rather than the"backup" Trump had pledged to be -- using the football metaphor to urge the federal government to take a leading role in the effort. (The Washington Post broke the story.) Trump then said that Inslee did make the comment, but"meant it very positively -- but they took it differently." Trump proceeded to repeat that the reporting was"only fake news." Read MoreFacts First: The reporting on this exchange was not"fake news." Trump himself confirmed that Inslee did utter the"Tom Brady" quote, as did Inslee implicitly (with a joke about it on Twitter). There is no indication that Inslee's remark was meant to be interpreted in a manner substantially different than how the Post and other outlets interpreted it.Inslee declined to discuss the specifics of the call at a Thursday press conference, but added,"I think it would be very, very helpful if the federal government could be more assertive and aggressive and more organized in helping all of us to obtain these systems."How unforeseen the coronavirus crisis wasTrump repeated his previous claim that"this was something that nobody has ever thought could happen to this country." He added,"Nobody would have ever thought a thing like this could have happened."Facts First: This is false. The US intelligence community and public health experts had warned for years that the country was at risk from a pandemic. Experts had also warned that the country would face shortages of critical medical equipment, such as ventilators, if a pandemic occurred.You can read a full fact check here about some of the pandemic warnings. You can read a full fact check here about warnings about the need for additional ventilators in a pandemic.Americans' views on coronavirus-related closuresTrump said,"We have to open up. We can't say, 'Let's close.' People don't want to close." He also said,"People want to go back to work. I'm hearing it loud and clear from everybody." He added,"This is the United States of America. They don't want to sit around and wait."Facts First: While there is no polling data on how long Americans want the country's institutions to remain closed, it is clear that not"everybody" wants workplaces to reopen quickly amid an ongoing pandemic. A poll released on Thursday found that large majorities of Americans say the closure of businesses, schools and entertainment activities was necessary to address the pandemic.A Pew Research poll conducted March 19-24 found that 89% of the 11,537 US adults surveyed thought the closure of K-12 schools was necessary, 91% thought canceling major sports and entertainment events was necessary, 85% thought limiting restaurants to carry-out only was necessary, and 71% thought requiring most businesses other than grocery stores and pharmacies to close was necessary.A Fox News poll conducted March 21-24 found that 75% of the 1,011 registered voters surveyed supported a national"stay-in-place" order for everyone other than essential workers.Public health experts have warned that it would be unwise to immediately abandon measures that keep Americans out of physical contact with each other. The trade deficit with China Trump repeated his regular claim that the trade deficit with China used to be $500 billion, saying,"$500 billion a year they were taking out. We had trade deficits that were so large nobody has ever seen anything like it."Facts First: There has never been a $500 billion trade deficit with China. The 2018 deficit was about $381 billion when counting goods and services; the goods and services deficit fell to about $308 billion in 2019. (The deficit with China has not been $500 billion even if you only count trade in goods.)The history of tariffs on China Trump repeated another regular claim about trade and China:"They're paying us a lot of money in tariffs and other things. They never paid us 10 cents." Facts First: Study after study has shown that Americans are bearing the cost of the tariffs; Americans make the actual tariff payments. That aside, it's not true that the Treasury has never received"10 cents" from tariffs on China. The US has had tariffs on China for more than two centuries; FactCheck.org reported that the US generated an"average of $12.3 billion in custom duties a year from 2007 to 2016, according to the U.S. International Trade Commission DataWeb."Mexican troops on the borderTrump repeated his claim that"we have 27,000 Mexican soldiers on our southern border." Facts First: Mexico has deployed around 27,000 troops, but Trump exaggerated how many are being stationed near the US border in particular; Mexico's defense minister said in October that it was about 15,000 on the US border, about 12,000 on Mexico's own southern border. Read more: CNN

If i lie to myself why not lie to you so to speak Why isnt his doctors medicating him. This man has some major issues Please not a third time we this being. He killed more then enough and doesn’t stop. Wake up, American people, PLEASE!!!! Just like u guys do!! Morons. Lol 😂 Despite all his lies, irresponsible, callous and uncaring attitude towards the Coronavirus Trump’s approval ratings remain high? What’s wrong with Americans?

This is why the networks cut away from his interviews! Despite Trump’s irresponsible, uncaring, heartless and callous attitude towards the Coronavirus his approval rating remains high? What does this say about most Americans? And your network is 100 percent honest gtfo The last place I would go to check facts is CNN. No more main street media they are killing us, they are the enemy of the country!!!!

So you didn't know that Trump is a propagandist! Fake news 🙄

Fact Check: Trump wildly exaggerates 1918 flu mortality rateThough estimates of the mortality rate for the 1918 flu pandemic vary widely since records from that period are incomplete, there are not any credible estimates as high as 50%. Scholars estimate the mortality rate is between about 2% and 20%. Trump has given more news to this fake news outlet than any president in history. Cnn should pay Trump for all the contents they get from him. Fact check: real Dictators shutting their entire country down from COVID-19... Fake wannabe US dictator doesn't know if he's coming or go'in...$$ President Trump is an Absolute GENIUS.

Thank you for reporting this in truth!!! Impeach Another inaccurate fact check You hate the president don’t you? Is hugely shocking. Isn’t he is your president dudes? What the hell is wrong with you going only after crop no matter what , do you live in the same country? What is your wish? You guys just can’t get over yourselves can you?

So a normal day for him 🤷🏽‍♀️ Don’t try not to get the coronavirus try to get it !!! Once you get over it your blood is immediately medicine for the masses. Carry-on with your life love your life don’t let these idiots discourage you. Tell us how many people have recovered ! Always spreading fears. So sad

Funny you calling out someone who made false or misleading claims. You're the leader in that category!! He’s grasping at straws. Didn’t he say the virus would just disappear?

Kellyanne Conway Gets Hit With Unexpected Fact-Check Live On Fox NewsThat didn't go as planned. Two blondes fighting it out. I feel safe ,do you? This counts as “getting hit?” Kellyanne Con-job needs to be put on the spot!

Fake news, no news. Why did you broadcast it. But you aired it again. How many have to die at the hands of a Moron parading as the leader of what once was the most powerful nation in the World What is the number of deaths that equals Article 25 Just shut up already evil demonic people cnn Haha!! Coming from then fakest source ever.

I hope everyone can reflect on the 2016 election and remember how a vast number of people who voted for Trump were rebelling against corruption in Washington. Now we have a twisted repeat with Joe Biden courtesy of Dem leadership. Anyone else worried? Sometimes i read these articles, and they just fall flat. Its all about the headline

realDonaldTrump Please, please stop going to the coronavirus briefing. We don't want to listen to your rambling & often ignorant statements that fall out of your mouth.

Fact Check: US has done more coronavirus tests than South Korea, but not per personFact check: President Trump says the US had done more coronavirus testing than any other nation. While the US has overtaken South Korea in total numbers of coronavirus tests administered, it has conducted far fewer tests per capita. CNN, Trump is always never good enough.. always finding a fault. How are your ratings per capita CNN? CNN is non essential and should just stay home for the safety of the Nation. CNNnotRealNews more american than south korean population

STOP AIRING THIS BS PROPAGANDA. at this time the most important is save the people of US........... Communist news network *lies. Stop using weasel words. Typical Trump. Come rain, shine, health, disease, and whatever else happens, he can never seem to keep things straight. I wonder if his early childhood and some bad advise when he was an adult coupled to get him the way he is. Very bad for a leader of the free world.

I hope no one at CNN dies from coronavirus. trump is a sociopathic narcissistic person. That is a fact and FACTS ARE TRUE. MEOWS ! CNN= “false and misleading claims” 🙏🏾We must Pray, Prayer is the Only turn I can take. Bowing down, as humble as I know how & Pray. 🙏🏾 Why oh why, he’s still on tv

FACT CHECK: Testing Should Take Place Wherever There Are Cases Despite Trump's ViewPresident Trump said he doesn't think coronavirus testing needs to happen in entire states in the Midwest. But there are cases in all 50 states — and that means there's a vital need to test aggressively wherever the disease is spreading. Who gives a turd what he thinks AS a lawyer I claim the intelligence is a whole construction of millions of pieces of (?), that's it. My kid has symptoms going on 2 weeks now. I know at some point I’ve been exposed bc I’m a nurse. They won’t test him here in whittier😞 but if I had money like celebrities he would be tested.

realDonaldTrump we can see through the lies! lies misleadinginformation ImpeachedForever You say that about 100% of what Trump says. You have lost all credibility. I was a long-time CNN viewer who will never watch your network again. You should think about the long term consequences of your actions. fakenews

Lol wow open war with realDonaldTrump. This is just silly, who even cares Can’t anyone stop him SMH You people are so terrible and dumb and have no clue what truth is you are so anti Trump you will do and say anything to try to hurt him with false news reporting Wow- CNN AND FACT IN THE SAME SENTENCE! Talk about an oxymoron!

Stop covering the liar in chief. Fact check. CNN ushers in a series of their false and misleading claims and this time falsely accuses Trump of killing someone. CNN nothing better to do... Laughing stock CNN.

Fact check: Not true that no Democrats voted for coronavirus stimulus packageA viral meme on Facebook claimed March 22 that no Democrats had voted in favor of helping Americans through an economic stimulus bill. This is false. They found 1 TrumpLiedPeopleDied TrumpLiesAmericansDie How many voted down the first bill? Let's start there.

He lied. You can say it. cnn everything you report is false and misleading Christ,CNN, can't u pop corn news media print or talk up the truth for once in stead of taking downers all day.? Why are you airing I don’t understand? I quit watching cable news. SERIOUSLY HOW DO REPUBLICANS THINK ITS OK FOR THE LEADER OF THEIR COUNTRY TO LIE SO MUCH ?To lie about such SERIOUS CRITICAL THINGS. It absolutely disgusting and morally wrong . Trump doesn’t give a sht about anyone but himself and his rich campaign donors . Not even REPUBLICANS

Get off his back!!! Do something pisitive!!! is it still a dem hoax? asking for a friend Brought to you by the Chinese News Network you are destroying our country. You are to blame for the panic and economic problems we are facing. Stop FEAR MONGERING and dividing us! Stop talking about this man. HE CAUSED THIS! HE IS KILLING PEOPLE.

Fact check: Costco did not recall Kirkland Signature toilet paperTime for a fact check: A Facebook post shared widely claims Costco is recalling toilet paper due to coronavirus concerns. That is false. ❌ did it mean those already flushed or ....? FAKEBOOK.

Why don’t you stop personal attack to Trump and start doing serious work. Investigate how Chinese lied, hor the virus started, how they keep manipulating stats. I guess you can just copy and paste the lead and change the date. Biggest liar ever. But you guys broadcast it. Giving him rally time. You’re so off on your reporting. I don’t have time or resources to fact check. But I don’t think writing crap like this, isn’t the time. People are freaked out enough.

Criminal news network! All Noise! Ha! cnn is pure evil - screw off You said it best, when u say nothing at all...🎤🎼🎵 You talk about 'false and misleading claims' cnn is the leader in fake news. I don't believe any of YOUR false claim gibberish. I do believe OUR President. No body trusts you guys anymore

Who is to believe the lies, lies and more lies of this fake news media.

Stop putting him on TV. DT needs to leave this alone and let the scientists do their work. Stop airing his nonsense!!!!! Why are you airing them life then? Why not at least have live fact checks in a split screen ? he ought to be sued for making such false and misleading statements that his ignorant supporters take as gospel. It's irresponsible and dangerous to everyones health!. All he cares about is the economy and getting reelected!. He cares nothing about John Q. Public.

The reason he calle some media Institutions fake news is because he does not like to be called out on a lie which he does on a daily basis Ignore the senile old troll & listen to the doctor CNN lies 24/7. Poor is no longer a credible source of news. They can’t even fact check without sounding like a whiny child.

Your editors need to go back to printing the news and quit obsessing with Trump cnn fake news CNN enemy of USA Communist News Network.... The idiocy of Trump is nothing new but the continued support, enabling and protection he is getting from The GOP is mind boggling. Did CNN air it live? First ever detection of the virus in a lab on December 27. WHO informed December 30. First death occurred January 11. Epicenter Wuhan quarantined January 23. Be fair, was it any delay considering it was a new virus? And also considering Trump covered it up as flu for two months?

I watched on another station and listened to his BS. When are the Trumpies going to wake thef$&k up about this guy. Terrible leader doesn’t believe in taking any accountability or blame. so pathetic. trashnewsnetwork

It’s not working his approval ratings are going up. What can we do to stop it ? I know let’s write this article is a constant series of false and misleading claims. You set the standard for that every single day all day long. It seems as if everyone is on their own misinformation tour then. With that in mind though, it might be in everyone's best interest if they did not follow the advice of those that turned a virus into an argument about race. Just saying.

And yet you all covered it U MEAN including but not limitted to putting troops at border of Canada-US because suddenly Canadian are gonna rush the border of US because they like to go jump in the fire of a mismanaged COVID hell-hole? true dat delusionalMORANsDelusionsHaveNOBounds He LIED Somebody make him go away

Thanks CNN for making this worse. This man has trouble grasping what’s real. He has serious emotional and psychological problems. There are people dying. Tons of Americans are sick and/or dying & Trump is being critical of everyone. All of America is working together, except Trump. He only knows hate and trouble.

CNN sucks as usual. I have never seen that the MSM is the fourth branch of Government in the Constitution.

or should I say cnnfakenews - When are you guys going to stop being really stupid The more your hate that forces to create the more the people seek the truth and see's your own lies... Still far less than . How is CNN still on with no airport audience who is forced to watch it? 😂 claims the leader of FakeNews FAKENEWSCNN 🤔 well MSNBC may be worse but anyway both and others all have TrumpDerangementSyndrome Trump2020 Trump2020LandslideVictory 🇺🇸 MAGAACV

When will this guy quit lying to his republican sheep. When will they fact check all the bull he shoots. He will lie for his reelection/for money. He caused the TRUMP VIRUS due to his hoax theory and now he’s trying to turn it around .THE TRUMP CON.WAKE UP SHEEP .CONNED AGAIN Woah CNN let’s run a lie detector test on all you anchors and see how many lies they tell everyday. What do you think. What are your ratings today? Also most of you anchors were either kicked out of the gov for lying or now sitting in Prison. You must be proud.

I can not fathom why it is surprising when the worst liar in existence, lies. And dress his words any way you want and they are still LIES. A rose by any other name, would smell as sweet. Maybe the world..... ALL of us ..... should just quit listening to the windbag! Don't We As Americans need to question our president's Mental Health?

Constipated News Network.....

It’s amazing you didn’t fact check with Obama ... interesting Fake News Stop giving him free airtime! You’re putting people’s lives in danger by airing his modified hate rallies Why do you cover these pressers? Why do you assist in spreading falsehoods? The media has to take some responsibility for preventing the spread of lies and misleading information.

Please stop airing them. This is negligent homicide. He is holding states hostage on live TV. CNN you gotta stop! We all know you exaggerate most of the statements, it’s time to all come together What is wrong with you idiots at CNN, you people want this country to fail just to hurt Trump we Americans hope you all get this virus you deserve it.

But are all Americans insane ?. How can they follow a guy who leads them right to death? CNN misinformation and lies!!! 24/7

Fact check: is the biggest purveyor of Bullshit in American History. does anything and everything they can to spin Anything into a Negative when it comes to Trump Trump could cure cancer, and would post stories about how Big Pharma is losing money. FakeNews Cnn negativity No he is always right CNN we understand you have a sore ass because the president has called you guys out so many times because you’re the king of fake news. Go cry on somebody else’s shoulder!

cnn passes itself off as a media outlet, that is a lie! You propagandist are an arm of the democrat party hacked! He is telling the truth. Y’all are just not listening LOLOLOL Don’t take that vaccine!!! ... 'preliminary roundup' ... of Trump's lies. Preliminary. Of his lies. JFC. CNN is the false news spreading lies. We, the people, no longer believe anything you say. LIARS! Whose agenda are you working for? Certainly, not for the wellbeing of the USA.

Do you continue to show his press conferences? If so, you are to blame for spreading the false information. Stop airing them live. If anything he says is true, then are those pieces in a delay.

Not even worth reading This is why the news stations have stopped showing these stupid daily pressers. I mean why would the stations send reporters when Yrump is going to abuse them or LIE. NOPE. I stopped watching last Friday. Cant take anymore of Trump. I hope when this is over they fire Zucker and hire actual journalist

🚨CNN FAKE NEWS🚨 But you said you’d cut him off. The World Health leader just made a statement saying that President Trump is doing extraordinary job on battling the virus. All countries are taking our lead. Stop fear mongering.. moron This station should be closed down until they have positive news to share, please!

Anyone who believes Trump is a fool. Go back to work, catch this virus and br8ng it home to your family. He won't help you now, what makes you think he will help you then? Fools. Don't play with the lives of your families because Trump and his corporate buddies say too.

The White House should not allow CNN attend the daily briefings If he is false then the experts must be too. So stupid A liar is always a liar, he is worst than vomit Can we stop airing his lies? You can’t claim to be fact checking if you offer no evidence. cnnyour organization and journalists are irresponsible at this critical time. Reports such as this irritate as well as scare people.

cnnfakenews EnemyOfThePeople Everything he says is either an out right lie. Or a fabrication that has been debunked. 25/45 That’s why I don’t watch him. He lies all the time—it’s just sad that so many people believe him. I trust Gov Cuomo and Dr Fauci and that’s about it. I like knowing when Trump will be on so I can turn the tv off.

First fact : is not a News outlet they are a propaganda tool : the people who work for represent and minority of costal people and corporations who’s agenda is to turn the United States in to a Communist or socialist society , similar to that of China for $$$ Why do all the networks including this give him air time. If every stopped airing his BS he would not be able to spread it

Idiot I’m shocked FakeNewsMedia Has CNN “Fact Check” the Biden/Bernie debate a couple weeks ago? FakeNewsCNN 7500 people in america die every day. China virus is at best annoying but, staying home all day and listening to liberals bitch, cry & hate on the propaganda news networks & social media will certainly devastate the hopeful population.

How are you help Americans 🤷🏼‍♀️ This is fake news . CNN is an entertainment company

Cnn is hoping for dead Americans Of course he did why are we surprised anymore Good Grief, CNN so hates our Country. What a pathetic organization. Your supposed fact check debunks your fake claims in this tweet. When will you people stop your negative comments that have done nothing but divide our country. President Trump did not create this disease, and if anyone is to blame for not being prepared it is Obama.

And his followers are more brainwashed right? You people are truly sick! Stop airing his “press rallies”. That’s all they are now. Did he say “ you can keep your doctor “

It's all about the rate of infection. Slow it down and the system can cope better. Failing to isolate will increase the rate of infection and the extra victims will exceed the healthcare capacity. Tens of thousands will die unnecessarily. The economy will have a body count. Why air him when he tells all these lies. The man is crazy and a liar.

People do not fall for this Communist News(actually tabloid) Network=CNN. This is not fact checking this is cherry picking words and distorting. CNN what are you doing to help in the coronavirus situation? Nothing but instigating. Shame on CNN Keep posting your Fake news GUTTER reports. Many can see through 8t, and it is INCREASING Trump's support base and RATINGS

Fake inflammatory news Actually when Dr Birx comes on we're learning more about misleading claims from the media so instead of reading this self-serving article that is just a Trump attack article, I'll watch the press conference. The one CNN won't show Why is still working, they are nonessential? You don’t have to drink or do drugs to be an active alcoholic!! His lies and narcissistic behavior is that of an alcoholic period!! He needs to stop talking and let Pence handle the media!!

I hope that when this is all over, real Americans will all join together in the absolute destruction of CNN How Unforeseen Factually - China Lied/Hit outbreak - Allowed continued Travel - Spread via Chinese New Year *Travel, earlier than known, may have heavily infected NYC earlier than Wash. Warnings. Evidence? ILI Double yr over yr

Thank God I don’t waste my time watching that 3 ring circus As the media for DNC sees it Stop covering his daily ramblings, it makes matters worse not better. His nonstop lies are getting people sick. Putting troops on the Canadian border will destroy all relations between the two countries. We will never trust the US again with the idiot in the White House. The Republican's refusal to remove this braindead mobster from office has proven once again how corrupt the US really is

Biden and Bernie are sitting on their couches with popcorn watching the idiot shoot himself, they’re just chilling and laughing Fake fake fake fake fake news Everything about realDonaldTrump is false: his hair, his teeth, his skin color, his reality... CNN, the 24hr full of shit network

Nobody knows more about false and misleading claims than you guys Stop showing Trump’s fake press conferences! I look at your headline, and I think we must have watched 2 different briefings. Fact check YOUR guests and hosts sometimes, I think it would be eye opening. CNN calling anyone a liar is hilarious.

Remember: The national media is just a business out to make money. They all script a narrative they hope appeals to their target audiences and will keep them watching. Presenting balanced and factual information is not their primary goal. They are in the entertainment business. Hey fake news just shut up no one believes you

Love Trump - we will have 4 more years and the economy will explode and then the liberals will be screaming at the sky again ! These seem petty. No wonder your rated lower than congress. CNN = FAKENEWS These ppl so fake....I hate CNN, it's fake news, I'll nvr watch again... Soon as agent orange has a press briefing they turn it right to CNN to get the facts...lie to yourself not Twitter

Trump is not with ‘program ‘! Mental program). I'm not watching Trump talk everyday on tv I'm tired of him I'm taking a social distance from him all day today maybe tomorrow to. Roundup from False & Misleading CNN. 🧐 I pray he gets it also! cnn = FAKE NEWS ... today as in every day cnn was able to continue their fake news streak. In an unprecedented display of bias and hatred and total disregard for truth cnn shows consistency if nothing else in its abandonment of journalism

Trump lies. Not even new. The irony is that you have to report it Plus later on Fox News Trump was saying who neds 30,000-40,000 ventilators... Trump is so disgusting CNN has not life without trump 🤦🏽‍♀️

CNN & their paid Democrat benefactors know that Trump & the GOP are going to win in a landslide. The closer we get to November the more their symptoms of Trump Derangement Syndrome will manifest. OANN FoxNews seanhannity TuckerCarlson Liz_Wheeler LouDobbs greggutfeld MAGA You aired it! And the cut off the coverage when Dr Fauci is about to speak. You are apart of the problem. All MSM need to boycott this when its all over people won't forget who delievered the misinformation MSM whitehousePressconference

CNN is fake news!! CNN is one of the worst news groups in America Where are your fact checks on Pelosi and other Dems? Coverage on all the pork they tried to push through in this bill? Asking for a friend... CNN is the worst. False and misleading statements are the cornerstone of CNN. Funny, I don’t remember this kind of reporting when President Obama lied about the ACA, Benghazi, selling arms to terrorists, etc. At least you’re not hiding your hate for this President.

the more he lies the worse he looks -- look at his ill-oranged skin Enemy of the People This is the United States of America and our Nurses and Doctors are using Trash bags for gowns ! WOW! Do something Mr. Trump.

Why! Why are you letting this happen . People are dying! I am so tired of hearing you talk and the Democrats and the Republicans argue while our people are dying. The Federal government needs to do something Now!! Shame on our Government !!!! You mean he LIED, and you televise his lies, gaslighting, bullying, & hate with no factchecking. WTG cnn!

Does CNN do anything else except lie? Give it a rest moron Nah! I'm good! Get him off the air. You're going to get him elected--again. Don’t bother Transmitting his Bullshit anymore. I wasted my time reading your “facts first”, and none of them confirmed that Trump said anything that wasn’t true. What a waste of time. It’s no wonder people don’t take CNN seriously.

CNN is in defensive mode now. he is really honest‼️ I don't watch or listen to the Pack of Lairs in the White House or the Fox News! Trump's ratings growing from FAKE NEWS GUTTER press release like this If this guy bullshits all the time why would people vote for him? This is indicative of the USA. Not something to be proud of.

You forgot rambling incoherent sentences were also delivered Trump supporters are really that dumb Can someone duct tape him or something ...?%%% Fake GUTTER media More CNN left wing propaganda.

CNN is fake news! STOP SHOWING HIS LIES!! JUST BROADCAST THE DOCTORS!! CNN is more frustrated than ever Bottomline is trump is just an idiot as the entire world knows. Is trump the only news on CNN? He is Herbert Hoover II Facts are the only relevant things to talk about,not lots of bullshit that he probably believes us correct, people are dying around the world all he can talk about is getting USA up and running again. Oh dear!!😢

Wow, your distortion of the facts just never ceases to amaze me. That’s some serious spins on the truth and only the dumb and stupid will fall for it.🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪 Does anyone fact check cnn? We get it. He talks loud and does nothing.

Don’t be so harsh on your leader. To err is human. You can let him know without criticizing him to lead him to a right direction. What is he really doing there?, he says nothing about what matters just complete crao. People in the US want information on the virus how to stay safe he needs to shut up. So tired of this.

Why don't you directly broadcast the President's press conferences? Is it not arrogant to believe you know what we, the lowly people, should know? Politics jaketapper ChrisCuomo theMRC WSJ FoxNews OANN AC360 How can people still support this buffoon has been uttering series of false and misleading claims since obama became president

Lies, just call them lies. He's a liar. He never stops lying. Why dont you ever fact check SpeakerPelosi CNN still busy with their fake shit propaganda. Stop cherry picking snippets and spinning them to your agenda. People are fact seeking now and seeing you for what you really are. FAKE NEWS!

Almost as false and misleading as CNN? He delivered another series of... say it with me class... LIIIIIIES. 🙄 Orange skin Liar .. Hello mister President.. How can you say ..everything is Fine? SIR....ITS NOT FINE!!! There are people dying,please...DO SOMETHING... PLEASE Sir! Help your country mister President.. Help, Help, Help!!

Lol CNN Is fact checking🤥sense when? He's trying to catch up to CNN. Fakenews shit. I saw the whole thing myself and the CNN chief medical correspondent and other commentators are full of it It just doesn’t end. Fool me once..🗳 So CNN says that Trump should’ve immediately rectified all the damage left behind by the prior administration? And do this while CNN and others were throwing roadblocks at everything the new POTUS tried to do? BTW, where the hell is CNN blasting Obama for not taking the action?

What Trump need to his US people Please realDonaldTrump come to the rescue of US citizens in Nigeria and other African countries. Even if they will die let them have an option of where to die. I'm sure they won't want to die in Africa. Evacuate US citizens before it gets out of hand in Africa In November is the end of the 4 years, right? Hold on. Hold on. Hold on!

To be fair, realDonaldTrump doesn't know he's lying. He just says words. You guys are pretty heavily invested in making this as political as possible. What's wrong with just reporting the news? People are trying to give you guys a chance to do the right thing instead of being the Hate Trump 24/7 outlet. You can hate once we get pass this crisis.

Hey you should just quit reporting on him completely. That'll teach him. FakeNews at its best. FY . FakeNews Why does CNN continue to show him We can never believe anything CNN, the Communist News Network, reports. They are nothing but full of crap and are working hard every day to destroy America from within.

the leaders of lies and deceit. Stop! Hey, Corrupt News Network.... Propoganda much? I would be so confused and scared living in the States. So many contradictions, a leader who suppose to guide you through this horrible time is only busy with himself. Hospitals crying for help! Who to believe who’s advice to follow without putting yourself in danger. Sad!

How does CNN survive this Trump-era behavior? They have abused the 1st Amendment. Zero credibilty left. Please. Stop. Airing. These. Briefings. I understand the media has to air his briefings but since he’s giving out misinformation maybe he should be informed of that by an aide

Thank you for this fact checking, it is fuc%ing crazy this is what it has come to. TrumpLiesPeopleDie he is always false, people don't remember what he was speaking on climate change, and same were his views on cronavirus. Any little thing lol, laughed I used to enjoy cnn... now you continually push left wing agendas. I don’t watch anymore.

Covidiot in chief! Trump will still win , go ahead with the fake news FakeNews If we had the Pandemic office that Trump shut down, we would have been way more prepared but the CDC got caught with their pant's pulled down. Just like the President that called it fake. wonder if the 1000 dead think it was fake. Time for a real President. Joe will fix it.

Way to lead the country to being 1 in Coronavirus cases Mr. MAGA. Who doesn’t know that

Yeah but what he said dosent mean what he said. Because he said it so it's different. It's not likkke a black man said it while running a pedo ring from the deep state. Then why in the hell do you keep airing his daily shitshow?!?!? Just stop! fake news chumunue Futur of Trump will not survive to coronavirus even if it takes chloroquine.

This is why I never listen to him anymore. He’s such a liar. Funny thing is, I wouldn't believe CNN id they said Pres Trump told the truth... CNN doesnt know what truth is... Zucker is their puppet master and CNN journalists are his minions. I'd hate to have CNN on my resume. So? This is something that always happens everyday through his entire Presidency so I am surprised? Trump is an embarrassment to America I can't wait until his time is up! Trump has got to go! Enough is Enough!

POS corrupt fake news media mob is pathetic FAKENEWSCNN China News playing to an audience of few. Report news and leave governing to the person who wins every time and makes you look like the vengeful children you are.

CNNSucks Liars Cheaters enemies of the people. lmao, like CNN has any room to talk. Over 83,000 covid-19 cases 1,200 deaths in USA most cases in the world thanks to Trump’s denial, delays, and continued lying, bad plans to protect Americans The pathological liar cannot help himself. I’m not even going to bother reading this. Stop covering these press conferences. They are useless albeit amusing, at best, and cause unnecessry confusion.

Not clicking on your lies CuNNt he spoke for an hour. thats all u got I refuse to watch them. I just read the posts later! Too much!! Blah, Blah, Blah! That’s what this COVIDIOT sounds like. The COVID-19 pandemic in the USA right now is 1000% Trumps fault because he doesn’t know how to run his country. He thinks this is a joke and he doesn’t give a fuck about his people. FUCKTRUMP2020. CUOMOFORPOTUS2020. 💯🇺🇸

i am a kind of love CNN, as it at least it reported some truth

You guys are cutting away from things, and being transparently political. TrumpLiesPeopleDie Oh shut up already. Well hey... he’s extraordinary incompetent, he mocks everyone from woman to the disabled, from gold star family’s to those less fortunate from other countries fleeing for their lives. He’s obviously not too bright and he lies daily... why would we expect anything different

Stop airing the madness!! And you allow it to happen on your network. I don’t watch it Please stop carrying these briefings live. You’re providing a format to spread lies that in this current climate may be deadly to people. Please stop. It seems counter intuitive to broadcast a lie from Trump then fact check it. If you know the statement is a lie, then don't show it, skip it and move on to the next truthful statement.

I see nothing false and misleading in Trump calling CNN fake news, its been proven over and over again....sad.

Maybe reporters need to be more aggressive and fact check him then and there. Not after its over. LOL!! That’s why I didn’t watch! Power has made him crazy! I believe America has decided that Trumps heart is in the right place. And that CNN's is in the wrong place. He is a victim of Chinese propaganda and misinformation at the highest level. He seems to be easily fooled by pomp and praise. Modi, Trump - types fool each other. When unduly praised they nvr understand that they are being caricatured.

Never seen a news on CNN where it says, Trump did great!! CNN are bunch of liars and hypocrites!! All your reports are all about Trump lying!! Again!! News media should just boycott TrumpPressConf until the lies stop. As a matter of fact, should track down Obama and start interviewing him. Just saying.

Trump 2020 by a freakin landslide. Please stop airing his lies. Only show Dr. Fauci Governor Andrew Cuomo is now my President. I don’t know who this Trump character is, looks and sounds like a moron. Please stop airing his ridiculous re-election rallies. Thank you, signed Cuomo for President! & yet ya keep airing it? Why?

Stop undermining him.. Stop twisting his words.. YOU ARE A DISGRACE CNN It was so pathetic that CNN are also listening to this man press conference.i think it is high-time CNN abandon his stupidity bcs this man cannot add positive value to this COVID-19 fair to say with a compulsive liar as president the only secure job in the US right now is people employed in fact-checking

Dr Fauci noted 'Things are made & implemented at the local level. The Federal Gov. is a facilitator, it is a SUPPLIER & supporter. It is really a MARRIAGE between the Federal Gov. as a facilitator & where the real action is at the State level.' Trump Failed In All His Marriages! Why is that only one reporter of yours has actually called these clowns out on their bullshit? U all sit there and roll your eyes or smirk or post crap like this. How bout getting a pair and calling bullshit on live TV. Thank you Brianna Keilar for saying it!!

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