Do you wear contact lenses? You should switch to glasses to stop spreading the virus

Health, Do You Wear Contact Lenses? You Should Switch To Glasses To Stop Spreading The Virus - Cnn

To reduce the spread of coronavirus, experts suggest wearing glasses instead of contact lenses, because they stop you touching your face.

Health, Do You Wear Contact Lenses? You Should Switch To Glasses To Stop Spreading The Virus - Cnn


To reduce the spread of coronavirus, experts suggest wearing glasses instead of contact lenses, because they stop you touching your face.

During the coronavirus pandemic it's best to revert from contact lens to glasses, experts suggest, to keep from spreading the virus -- and possibly getting it.

(CNN)Focus on this, contact lens wearers of the world: To reduce the spread of the pandemic virus that causes Covid-19, experts suggest it's time to put your contact lenses on the shelf and dazzle the world with your frames. Coronavirus symptoms: A list and when to seek helpThat's because wearing glasses can help you stop touching your face, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, a key way any virus is spread, including the novel coronavirus currently spreading across the world.Why contact lens?Contact lens users not only touch their eyes to put in and remove their lens twice or more a day, they also touch their eyes and face much more than people who don't wear contacts, said Dr. Thomas Steinemann, a clinical spokesperson for the American Academy of Ophthalmology. "You touch your eye and then you touch another part of your body," said Steinemann, an ophthalmologist at MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio.Read MoreSelf-isolation, quarantine and stay-at-home: What the terms mean and how they differ "You rub your eyes, then rub your face, scratch your face, put your fingers in your mouth, put your fingers in your nose," he added."Some people are not very hygienic and may have forgotten to first wash their hands."Glasses may also provide a tiny bit more protection from any coronavirus virus particles floating in the air, Steinemann said, although it's more likely that you'd be infected via your mouth and nose than your eye.While critical for any health professional taking care of patients with Covid-19, for the rest of us"it's just another preventative, another way in which you can add a filter to help yourself stay away from a coronavirus," Steinemann said.In case you're wondering, it's not likely you can get the novel coronavirus - or any virus -- from the eye itself. Quarantine: How to isolate you or your family due to possible coronavirus infection"Can you end up with with Covid-19 from the virus entering through the eye? Theoretically, it's possible, but we have no proof of that," he added."It's possible, I guess, but I've always thought that that was a bit of a stretch," said infectious disease expert Dr. William Schaffner, a professor of preventative medicine and infectious disease at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in Nashville.Pink eye connectionWhat's more likely is that this new coronavirus could cause conjunctivitis, a highly contagious condition also known as pink eye. Conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the thin, transparent layer of tissue, called conjunctiva, that covers the white part of the eye and the inside of the eyelid.Get CNN Health's weekly newsletter Sign up here to get The Results Are In with Dr. Sanjay Gupta every Tuesday from the CNN Health team. "Conjunctiva is modified mucus membrane, like the inside of your mouth or the inside of your nose or nasal cavity and pharynx," Steinemann said."It's moist and nice and hospitable for viruses, in fact there's lots of organisms that can stick very readily to your conjunctiva, or for that matter, stick on a contact lens that is also resting on your conjunctiva," he added.Symptoms of conjunctivitis include tearing, itching or burning, blurred vision, red or"pink" in the whites of the eye, pus, mucus and a yellow discharge that can crusts over the eyelashes, often sticking the eyes together after sleep.Reports from China and around the world are showing that about 1% to 3% of people with Covid-19, also had conjunctivitis.How to stay fit when the gym is closed and you are stuck at homeThis is concerning because the coronavirus can spread by touching fluid from an infected person's eyes, or from objects that person has touched which then carry the fluid.The news caused more than a dozen national eye organizations to tell ophthalmologists to stop seeing patients for anything but urgent or emergency care, such as eye injuries. That includes both office and surgical care."Each of us has a societal responsibility to not function as a vector of a potentially fatal disease," the academy said in its announcement."This is an existential crisis. We as physicians must respond to it and support our colleagues and our communities. Be safe."A newly released study by the American Academy of Ophthalmology found no evidence that people with Covid-19 were shedding the virus from their tears, but no one in the study had conjunctivitis. So it's still unknown if the novel coronavirus can be spread by tears.Don't panicThat doesn't mean that any red or pinkish eye will be a sign of Covid-19, experts stress.Social distancing means standing 6 feet apart. Here's what that actually looks like The novel coronavirus, also called SARS-CoV-2, is just one of many viruses that can cause conjunctivitis; in fact, it's so common that it came as no real surprise to scientists that this newly discovered Covid-19 virus would do the same."There's lots of organisms that can stick very readily to your conjunctiva, or for that matter, stick on a contact lens that is also resting on your conjunctiva," Steinemann said.There are numerous viruses and bacteria responsible for the common cold that can cause pink eye, as can fungi, amoebas and parasites picked up from swimming in contaminated waters. Allergic reactions to smoke or dust, shampoos, pool chlorine, even eye drops can be to blame.Plus there are many other, often benign causes of pink eye: seasonal allergies; a sty, which is a clogged eye duct or a sort of"eye pimple;" a chalazion, which is an inflammation of the gland along the eyelid; blepharitis, another inflammation or infection of the skin along the eyelid; or iritis, an inflammation of the colored part of your eye called the iris. None of those conditions are contagious.Why soap, sanitizer and warm water work against Covid-19 and other virusesStill, a pink or red eye could be one more sign that you should call your doctor if you also have other tell-tale symptoms of Covid-19, such as fever, cough or shortness of breath.Or it could just be allergies, especially if you've been sneezing and your eyes and nose are itchy.Regardless, this is a time to be conscientious about social distancing at 6 feet and practicing good self-hygiene -- washing hands (the right way) at every opportunity and not touching your face. Which leads us back to putting up your contact lens for a while. "This is not the time to cut corners," Steinemann said."Always wash your hands, always use hand sanitizer. Don't touch your face. Don't rub your eye. Right? And disinfect your contact lenses." If you keep wearing them at all. Read more: CNN

JuliaDavisNews I always disinfect my hands thoroughly before STICKING A FINGER INTO MY EYEBALL. With glasses I am constantly touching my face as others have said. There’s a trade off which is trending to the ridiculous. If I have virus on my hands when inserting lenses it’s on every surface. sperman_EC

Wash your hands before inserting or removing the contacts—like you should be doing already! :). Clean your case with soap and water and let air dry. Change your contacts as you’re supposed to. Don’t reuse solution. Never use water to rinse or store. Never sleep in them. I touch my face more with glasses a lot more to adjust them on my face?

jaketapper So I can just put on sunglasses, right? And how would that stop me from touching my nose or mouth? If anything, glasses made me touch my face *more*. Good Lord - just wah your damn hands before inserting or removing them. I’d rather just get it jaketapper How do you prevent your glasses from fogging up though when wearing a mask?

EdMorrissey YOU. ARE. FAKE. NEWS jaketapper Guess what, I more often touch my face to adjust my glasses than I ever do while wearing contacts. You know what doesn't happen to me when I wear my contacts to the grocery store? My glasses falling down my nose. Nnn

Can Coronavirus Live On Shoes And Be Brought Into Our Homes?How to prevent the virus from spreading into your house from your shoes. All kinds of funk is on your shoes! leavethematthedoor🤢🤮 So, CLEARLY...the coronavirus is AIRBORNE, America. They want you to believe is about washing hands and not touching face. It's about NOT GOING OUTSIDE because North Korea has sent up virus-laced missiles. Normally love but this possibly the worst, fear-mongering article I’ve read.

jaketapper Does washing hands work or not? Bc if you wash you hands (well) before touching your lenses it shouldn't be an issue. jaketapper THIS IS UTTER BOLLOCKS! FAKE NEWS NOT TRUE!! 😤😤😤😤 Sooo are y'all going to completely ignore TaraReade ? JusticeForTaraReade The main facilitator of COVID 19 are the airlines and the mass transit systems. Any passenger on an airline should be quarantined for 14 day or better yet shutdown the industry! Shutdown all busses and trains. Use the National Guard to get food to people

It’s also highly advised to avoid and ignore our “President” and his TrumpVirus OneAndDone A must read book for people who feel lost or struggling or feeling depressed..... A spiritual journey towards self-discovery... Available free.. Hey someone quick save this shit, CNN actually reporting something useful.

MSMIsTheEnemyOfThePeople FakeNewsCNN

Coronavirus | ReutersA deadly virus spreads around the globe, killing and infecting thousands. Let ’s write outside the U.S. I believe that due to Trump ’s efforts, the number of the United States will be many times that of China. good good .that's every country in the world infected.

Which one is racist? C’mon CNN... do your thing. Colette_Welch I have classes and I touch my face because they fall... I think that it is the same I guess doesn’t wash their hands before putting in contacts. tobyturps “Trump bans contact lenses.” 😳... Is this a parody? It has to be, I cannot believe they actually reported Real News.

Those of us who wear contacts know we wash our hands before placing lens in our eyes and wash our hands before removing them. People all across America right now reacting when they see CNN post an actual, unbiased story. Hey , are you feeling okay?🤔 sammmysnider

Coronavirus | ReutersA global arms race is on for a vaccine or antiviral to battle the coronavirus pandemic, here are the main things to be aware of. Follow live updates:

What does CNN ak FNN eat for breakfast bowls of stupid all day 🤦🏼‍♂️ Hey, do you like being outside? You should stop that can spread the virus. Or you could just wash your hands Something serious is wrong here Probably should show people how to disinfect their glasses properly. Because you don’t take off your glasses and rub your eyes, touch you face to adjust them ok 👍🏽

A young female Joe Biden staffer says Biden grabbed her by the private parts and digitally raped her, yet ZERO outrage coverage from you as you did when Trump joked about what women will allow famous men to do!!! metoo hypocrites Or, you know, YOU COULD JUST WASH YOUR HANDS BEFORE TOUCHING THE LENSES.

Show me the science behind this CNN

Coronavirus | ReutersA deadly virus spreads around the globe, killing and infecting thousands. Too little too late All corporations worldwide have revised their Vison and mission statements as below: “ WE WANT TO LIVE” Humble before Allahu SWA.

I just bought one year supply of contact lenses. Hate glasses. Hey how about correcting your corona virus numbers your way off, shouldn’t be that hard to accurately update n adding a + shows a certain distain for tragic news. Remember your a news network not some faux news! Oh christ Win-win for me! Since I am working from home now my hair is dirty, I wear the same close four days in a row, I don't put on makeup and I am too lazy to put on my contacts--and now I find out NOT putting in contacts at this time may protect my health!!!👏👏👏👏

I’ve read that too. I don’t have contacts and thought about going back to them. RandaBee ahead of the trend No thanks. I touch my face far more often when I'm wearing glasses because they're a huge nuisance. I disinfect my hands and the lenses everytime I put them in or take them out and I rarely touch my face at all when they're in because they don't smudge or fall down my face.

Why the hell did MSNBC and cut away from Governor Cuomo! Don’t you understand he is the one we across the country want to hear from and he is comforting the nation during this time of unparalleled medical crisis!!! 🤬 WantToHearCuomoNow That makes sense. I was regarding my glasses as further protection anyway- my goggles!! Thanks for the heads up.

Coronavirus | ReutersTravis Tygart, chief of the U.S. anti-doping body USADA, thinks postponement of Tokyo Olympics due to coronavirus could make it one of the cleanest Games ever. More live updates here: like clean clean?

AirPods are another possible source & risk to spreading the virus catwomanizer IMHO when I have to use mask wherever I go it’s more comfortable to put the contact lens on rather than specs bcs everytime you breath it become hazy on my specs. so yep I prefer to wash my hands before and after touch the lens

Nope! Please ask Jake to stop picking his nose and flinging in the air. The world saw him on TV. cornoravirusuk Common sense says that if it's not in you or your house, then stop with the panic! It’s for good. ❤️❤️ Or you could just stay in the house!

Coronavirus | ReutersCoronavirus economic stimulus bill gets enough support in U.S. Senate for passage, voting continues. Live updates: Yeah, and SenatorCollins was hobnobbing on the senate floor while coughing & voting. You could see senators around her get visibly uncomfortable and slowly dispersing away from her. Senate passes $2 trillion coronavirus response bill unanimously. Live updates: Rather obvious. Everything is crashing.

We’re Melania Wow couldn't find a way to blame realDonaldTrump for people wearing contacts in the tweet. Maybe they will figure out how to do it over the next 50 times they tweet this same article. America have you noticed Governor Andrew Como is on TV every day and you know what he does he does nothing but attack President Trump that’s the Democrats plan he should get off the campaign trail and he should actually start helping his citizens governor his responsibility

😭😭 Could not be further from the truth And if you do not need prescription glasses, should you wear glasses anyway to protect? Do glasses offer some protection? coronavirus COVID19 The_Rae_Girl One good thing about wearing a mask. Is I really don’t touch my face anymore. Since I wear safety glasses at work, don’t touch my eyes much either.

And, if you're a CNN contributor, it's best revert to intercourse with your wife instead of meth-fueled anal sex with a male prostitute in a Miami Beach hotel room I think most contact wearers already knew this. I've had contacts for years. This is so stupid, wash your hands before and after you take them out of their STERILE solution. Not rocket science.

How long until cnn suggest people stop breathing to prevent spread? GovHowardDean Interesting. Sounds like the same reason we should wear homemade or reusable masks Contact lenses dropped. Yes to looking like a nerd if it is gonna keep me (and us safe). covid COVID19 GovHowardDean realdavidory Too much hate in this world, China has the vaccine let them just give it to the world all this BS must come to an end

raizumay COVID-19’s destruction of Madrid, Spain. Madrid right now. It’s shocking. They must shut down the city. XRays, interviews with doctors, and footage inside hospitals. SHUTDOWNMADRID NoToCensorship That’s crap. I wear glasses and touch my face all the time. This is so dumb. You ALWAYS wash your hands before putting in or removing contacts. More LAME 'reporting' from CNN.

Barcagurl_ it’s common sense now.

wearing glasses does not exempt you from touching your face with hands that are not extremely well washed. It is false security, it is just a plus. Ah, glasses are safer than contact lenses, I see. Let’s take care😊 What kind of idiot doesn't wash their hands before putting their contacts in? It makes sense.

So does wearing a mask.... You are supposed to have clean hands to put them in to start with. Should we stop brushing our teeth as well? asking for a friend. Or cut out your eyes! 😏 everyone seem to be an expert this days Um You touch your face more when you wear glasses throughout the day bc you keep adjusting your glasses (pushing up off your nose, etc). Just wash your hands before you put the contacts in. This is stupid advice.

Do they improve your grammar? You touch your face more when glasses. Note to self. How come viruses enter your body through touching your face? Do you have any idea about this illogical statement? How do soaps kill viruses? How do you prevent viruses entering your home? Are viruses visible to naked eyes?

Hmm I'm really that would work out quick Great, anyone want to buy me glasses? All I own are contacts. Somebody call Caption Obvious the Libtarded version lmfao RcMDaniel ogo aquí Do you not wash your hands thoroughly before dealing to your contacts? Attenzione alle lenti a contatto, sono un possibile veicolo per il coronavirus. in questo periodo di 'utilizzarle il meno possibile', utilizzare gli occhiali'. Il materiale delle lenti, infatti - spiega - 'permette al virus di sopravvivere per 5 giorni e il contatto

Tolong dibacaaa fahmiwulandari_

100 fucking % wrong. I touch my face and eyes 10x more with glasses on than with contacts. And anyone that wears contacts should always wash their hands before putting lenses in or taking them out. Who writes these stupid articles? This word 'experts' needs to be deleted from the dictionary. I think I'll just need to stay in quarantine until it's safe to venture out for quite some time. lol I wear glasses in emergencies and at night/morning but they probably cause me to touch my face MOAR due to me always taking them off and cleaning the lenses.

aacervantes4 amicaaa DrAsthmaAttack Done that because I wear glasses since I was 3years old I’m wearing contact lenses. but I’m careful no to touch my face. Of course, I always wear my hands when wearing contact lenses. I'm constantly adjusting my glasses Shut up. CNN is propeganda. Or you could just chop off your hands, that will definitely stop the face touching 🤗

Damn, first I can't leave the house, now I can't put on my contacts? Might as well not get out of bed either. No. Hard disagree, with glasses I constantly have to push them up my nose or adjust them so I can see. Cringe. No thanks They do not. Well my glasses cover my eyes, not my face... Because it’s safer than putting contacts that might be infected

Good advive

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