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A deadly virus spreads around the globe, killing and infecting thousands.

Delivery drivers face pandemic without sick pay, insurance, sanitizer In a global coronavirus pandemic that has infected about 420,000 people and killed nearly 19,000, delivery drivers like Joseph Alvarado have become as essential as first responders, providing food and other basics for millions of people who are isolating themselves under government stay-home directives. But unlike traditional emergency workers, today’s delivery drivers typically have little or no health insurance, sick pay or job security - and many say they lack even the basics needed to stay safe on the job. Britain's Prince Charles tests positive for coronavirus Prince Charles, the heir to the British throne, has tested positive for coronavirus. Charles, eldest son of Queen Elizabeth, is 71 years old. “The Duchess of Cornwall has also been tested but does not have the virus,” Clarence House said. The Prince and his wife, Camilla, are self-isolating at home in Scotland. Read more: Reuters Top News

722,196 cases out 7.8 billion people= .0001% of the world's population Why The China allowed people from Wuhan to go to across the world almost 5 million people whereas didn't allow them to visit other parts withing the country of China ? 1918 Spanish Flu vs. 2020 Corona Showdown Corona death rate twice as high. Corona infection rate twice as high. Corona can hop a 777 & go around the world in 1 day. Spanish Flu didn't even know what an airplane was. Corona now has 5x the population density and people to kill

The US numbers are conflicting... Is over 700 accurate or what people in the US are saying it's over 1000? Honestly this in the first time there's been a discrepancy and I'm getting a little bit leery as to whether or not the United States people are being told correctly... This is out of date! Sorry for the losses 😭😭 may God be with each one over the WORLD.... South Africa are going in LockdownSA tonight at 12

ChineseVirus .....china will pay for this😠😠😠 Meanwhile 400,000 humans are murdered by other humans each year. 4 billion humans die of heart disease. But lets shut down the world over 1 out of over 200 viruses that might have contributed to the deaths of 1000 people. When did people start trusting the 3rd leading cause of death? Or the same folks lying about flu deaths?

ChineseVirus Humanity needs to make a choice. Will we travel down the route of disunity, or will we adopt the path of global solidarity? If we choose disunity, this will not only prolong the crisis, but will probably result in even worse catastrophes in the future.

Coronavirus | ReutersA deadly virus spreads around the globe, killing and infecting thousands. Please whenever reporting COVIDー19 numbers also include recovery numbers as well. We need some positivity hope as we lockdown aparttogether WeCanDoThis StayAtHome StayHomeSaveLives India under narendramodi has done considerable Superb job...World should learn from it... Thank you for posting this every day. It makes it very easy to follow without getting logged down in senseless news. JuliePleinis

I am immune and immortal Why is Twitter removing peoples comments on covid19 as false info but leaves up chinese comments stating the virus is the US fault? They really need to stop censorship. 2005 Bio-Astra Corona Virus Research was conducted at the Wuhan Science Research Center in China . TheChineseGovt realDonaldTrump PMOIndia China was planning to use it as a biological weapon .Please permanent Baned Importing all of China's produce etc 1/4 of all those afflicted have not 'recovered.' For the professionals in the ICU, one out of every four patients will die. These are lousy odds, and a lousier reality. funder VentilatorShortage realDonaldTrump USA Population is about 335,000,000 People - Chinese Virus has killed 730 Americans. DO THE MATH. Schools and Businesses Closed. Jobs Gone. People in Panic. Daily Hoarding. Gun Stores Closed. Forced Sheltered In. Social Distance. Great Work Demoncrats and MSM!

When did America get 1,000 deaths? 请叫他中国病毒,please call it CCP virus, it's making from ccp, it's spread from ccp,why you call Corona-19?you wanna continue to mask the source of the virus, please give the deaths for ccp virus respect, call it CCP virus, please! yea this is why dumb people needa stop going outside when you literally get to do nothing & stay home 🙄💀

Where does that 25% of 110,000 patients have recovered come from when 84% of 136,000 closed cases were recoveries. Not to mention 96% of current cases are only mild conditions Seems like more fearmongering. This is community spread. See the data.

Coronavirus | ReutersIn the face of the coronavirus outbreak, Hong Kong's subway operator MTR has deployed a fleet of autonomous robots to disinfect its trains and stations. Follow for live updates on coronavirus: Man, wish we had that in U.S. We need this right now. DeBlasio Cuomo NYC Share the formula of solution.

Getting more information 😊 What about the last Seasonal Flu numbers in US according to CDC: 2017-2018 61,000 deaths 2018-2019 34,200 deaths 2019-2020 12,000+ deaths since 10/2019 COVID-19 1000+ deaths as of today One thousand death from the Chinese virus. This is about the same time Obama finally decide to act on H1N1.

MUST WATH😷 ChinaLiedAndPeopleDied Remember when DonaldChump said that there were only 15 cases in America and it was totally under control. And when those 15 get better it will be zero. Yeah wuhan was eased up because they killed the whole city Whoa!! It finally surpassed people slipping in the bath tub

china garbage

Coronavirus | ReutersLeading Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden criticized President Trump's handling of the coronavirus crisis. Follow live updates: He can’t speak. NAW, I TOLD

That’s it? What’s the abortion pandemic figures for 2019? No one cares about infants just themselves. Do these numbers include people who died at hone and were never tested? LinaRozbih کمیسیون عمومی صحت عامه 435,000 x $100 × 1 month = $43,500 000 That's just 1 month...My solutions look at 12 months and global numbers - I am the answer for 2020. JoeBiden BernieSanders POTUS VP : ALL 4 men should leave the race due to unprecedented limited management- they do not care like I do.

When is someone considered to be recovered? ChinaLiedPeopleDied COVID19 COVID COVID rip American is on course to PASS CHINA! We are now only 6k behind ITALY!!!!! WAKE TF UP PEOPLE!!!!

Coronavirus | ReutersNew York Governor Andrew Cuomo urged the federal government to release a stockpile of desperately needed medical equipment and supplies to fight the coronavirus in the state. Follow for live updates on coronavirus: I guess Trump is retaliating against the NY AG. Tell me the federal government is NOT withholding aid to states.... This is what the republicans chose to support. Do not forget this in November We are in a war with an enemy that we cannot see. Every available tool and equipment needs to be made available

If $100/infected person was paid for treatment by person, family or government for 1 month-1year w/PowersSolutions, the pooled numbers would be a massive (higher than HUGE), for prevention tests masks pay vaccine preventionofnextSuperBug ElectChristin christinknowsillness retweet Hope for the best 👍 Share positivity PMOIndia narendramodi narendramodi_in drharshvardhan myogiadityanath realDonaldTrump POTUS

Tobacco kills 8 million a year. Alcohol kills 88k a year. 47k suicides last year. 1,600 people die of cancer every day. Heart disease kills 650k a year. 15k were fatally shot last year. Bird flu killed 30k in 4 months ending feb 1st. Zero outrage or coverage. But go on please. I got 25.492% by your numbers.

🟥LET'S TWEET IN YOUR LANGUAGE🟥 👇🏻 Yearly USA flu numbers below Vs. Approximately 920 or deaths so far in USA due to WuFlu as of 3/25/2020 24,981 Italians died from the flu 2016/2017... FYI Very pathetic god should help us What modified breathable gases are known to kill viruses, but not humans? Carbon Monoxide? - Diesel Or Gasoline Fumes? Can a solution of soap & water or alcohol be gasified to clean the human lungs of Covid-19? Chemist or Chemical Engineers, answer these question?

Guests at Trump National Golf Club disco party get coronavirusCoronavirus: Guests at Trump National Golf Club disco party get coronavirus, including politicians AMontgomery_998 What could possibly go wrong 'There was also, it turns out, the virus itself. Brooks learned a week later a party-goer had tested positive for COVID-19, the infection caused by the coronavirus. She soon tested positive herself, along with three other guests.'

Idiots lol cmon y’all know this fake news Having a feeling numbers are grossly inaccurate. Ton of people had a respiratory virus in January/February that was untested and had identical symptoms including shortness of breath. SHUT THE WORLD DOWN PKhakpour Noticed how small a number of cases we have in the united states.

Meanwhile as of March 14th the flu has killed 23,000 in the U.S. alone... To prevent coronavirus spread.CoronavirusLockdown & hand out money didn't work.We need to create more mask every single person wear mask that way we prevent virus more mask more mask every country in the world.Every single people need to wear mask that way only chance we have

May God save us all Mortality rate not being paid attention to. Closed or 'decided' cases. Either recovered or dead. Dead is now 16% 15% yesterday and 14% and lower the days before. Why does this new network dictate narrative?

Coronavirus Partygoer Tests Positive for CoronavirusWhile many of us have locked ourselves in our houses with our 3000 rolls of toilet paper and endless Zoom hangouts, others of us still think this whole “global pandemic” thing is a huge hilarious joke. Now, at least one of those jokesters has tested positive for covid-19. Life comes at you fast, etc.\n offbeatorbit Welp, guess they are just showing their grandparents how to have a good time becoming a sacrifice to the markets.

In other news, Americans look forward to going back to work by Easter, to help boost the economy. SMH Italy numbers are fudged to the max. Any photos or video of all these deaths. Theyve got to be piling up Jjjjusssstttttaaaaflllluuubrroooo The US will have 100,000 confirmed cases Friday. That’s exponential growth. 100kCasesUSA

4.5% mortality rate. 😳 thankyouChina for covering up the news and let your fking CCPVirus spread all over the world Please tag ChinaLiedPeopleDied when you talk about the ChineseVirus ChinaCoronaVirus

During a Feb. 28, 2020, campaign rally in South Carolina, President Donald Trump likened the Democrats' criticism of his administration's response to the new coronavirus outbreak to their efforts to impeach him, saying 'this is their new hoax.' When citizens are given $350.00 per month for housing, even though they are busy taking care of their own grandchildren, the whole population suffers due to inequity, as people become homeless and sick. Why not take care of people you don't want to hire or pay properly?

W Ohh 😲 😮 jaelynnvalez alezvay aargentinarosee hiphopziggy Regardless whether these figures are correct that is still currently a small % of recoveries.... Praying all day. All this things we are expressing stops Obviously the Chinese government must be lying about the total of people infected with Covid-19 and total of deaths, I'm certain that it's higher than what it has been reported. Chinese government has total control over the media and information that is released to the world.

I don't know what we're all worried about. President Trump says they are developing a beautiful vaccine and it will all be over by Easter. Rip to the victims and there families/ may the lord be with them all

Even I gotta tell people about “SOCIAL DISTANCING”.🤦‍♂️ The death rate is on a high side and it just the end time and we just have to hope on just one man God🙏🙏🙏 At about 300,000 tests in each country, that means South Korea has tested 1-in-170 people; the United States: 1-in-1,090. We are suppose to be the greatest country in the world, we are still behind.

Confirmed cases means tested cases, right? So the actual numbers are much larger. For past weeks, my family ashamed of me. Stop fake the news and leave a me lone. Ashamed on you. Thanks. These are old numbers. Try 900 It would help to know that you kept as accurate account of previous epidemics as you are as this but the fact is that you don't really know because you didn't keep tabs on 2012 or 2009 or even the 1992 disasters which were equally damaging but didn't get as much press

I’m doing just what Rachel Maddow is doing. Not watching him spew lies. Listening to real scientists & doctors not this con.. stimulusbill COVID2019 coronavirus CoronavirusLockdown StayHome Look at VEROSFP Trump, 2021 is not an even year dude. I am a taxi driver I am Turkish I want to help NHS or elderly people who need me please contact me I love British people and love Britain to live please contact me

Fuck a check how bout rent relief for ALL Americans, both business n housing until this thing is over!! COVID2019 StimulusPackage2020 stimulusbill CoronavirusLockdown StimulusPlan sendavidperdue SenatorLoeffler MakeAmericaGreatAgain People are suffering CNN NBCNews K 2019 deaths from influenza

198 countries? Every donation to the Corona Virus Relief Fund helps contribute to first responders, provides medical supplies, food for kids who depend upon school meals, and more. You can click my link for more info if you're interested in donating. Stay safe❤💫🙏🏽

dc 22 If you are looking for a life insurance policy, so you don’t leave your loved ones behind with all the worry and no money to support them just let me know. Also if you are looking to get a job right now because you’ve been laid off I can also help with that Has the meeting happened or are they late?

25% recovery..... This article indicates a coronavirus mortality rate of 0.01% is possible. It’s not based on tests for active infections but antibodies which detects both active and recovered. Consider that China needs to be held to account for this. They shouldn’t have allowed their citizens (or other business travelers) to travel and spread this around the world.

Oi Bolsonaro... Talvez seus filhos te explique o gráfico. jairbolsonaro minsaude jornalnacional JanainaDoBrasil Can somebody please just delete 🇨🇳 China’s BS cooked numbers from the stats! They are such liars; if they didn’t hide this from the public ; it like SARS and the others ( would have been contained a lot sooner ) let’s 5G with China Murderous Govt. they can be trusted... NOT

China has been having this condition for the past 5 decades we in the whole wideworld have been doing business with this pollution for the past 50 years are you going to tell me that all government and most of the people in government and health authorities knew nothing about Can we chat about how China is either lying about their numbers or how they didn't get hit as hard cause it was a strategic attack

Bulkshit. I've just seen evidence that hundreds of thousands could be dead in China alone. Praying 🛐 As we test more; the numbers will always grow but it’s important to watch the recoveries & how the mortality rate is getting lower & lower in relation Stay inside , stay safe.. keep your area clean..dont invite any type of harmful disease..just listen to our government 🙏 RailMinIndia MamataOfficial narendramodi PMOIndia 21DaysChallenge 21daylockdown

It is important that once the clouds of corona virus settles accountability should be fixed by international community and if any country found reckless or responsible, it should be severely punished. International enquiry is required. hatechina INDIA Pune based Mylab Discovery Solutions Pvt Ltd has developed India's first indigenous COVID19 testing kit that has been approved by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). A single kit costs Rs 80,000 & can test 100 patients. This is India. Of 2020

Hey can you help us fight? That’s not even accurate with China numbers. Anyone believing the numbers from China is fooling themselves. Very scary..🙏🙏🙏 By the time this is over the recovery to death ratio will be in favor of recovery people still making it seem like y poo u could die if you walk outside give me a break

Is this still true? Is this true.?🙄 Like this and I will follow u What about uk toll?

Please, follow, like, and retweet! WASH YOUR HANDS ALSOOOO! COVIDー19 COVIDIOTS CoronaPork ChineseVirus Covid19Out CoronavirusPandemic coronavirus Do you want a real story know thisAny virus can be killed by temperature alone therefore you can put your face masks your gowns bandannas almost anything in the microwave 30 seconds and it will kill any virus on it

Eh whatever. Ya live or ya die. Do one. Swine flu killed 14,000 people in USA and we herd nothing from the media. Make that 841 deaths is USA as of 3:24pm EST on 3/25. Oh my God, this is our meteorite!!!😢😢 So... Stock market only just mulling together Strange how it started in China but there’s more deaths in Italy 🤔

The coronavirus is effecting everything! God help us out

At least 10,000 lives could have been saved!!! How many more are we going to lose before you stop letting them die? 4.5% China has lied.... As journalists, are you not even curious as to why Italy has 10x the number of reported deaths as compared to China’s reported deaths? Because Italy has about 1/20th the population of China right? Pretty sure the Italians aren’t lying about THEIR morbidity. China however?

Nicola sturgeon is the enemy of the self employed in scotland thank fully boris is making it possible for many in England to safety work if the have to CoronavirusLockdown damn wtf Everyone sitting here wondering how china had less deaths when they reported much higher infected numbers than everyone Guys I'm starting to think... maybe the commies lied about how many people died

Corona is a chinese virus 🦠 Corona is a chinese virus 🦠 Corona is a chinese virus 🦠 CoronaChinavirus ChinaDaily PDChina Fatality rate seems to me constant from few days = 4.4% On the other hand active patients are = 70-73% Fully recovered = 24.50% COVID2019 I dare those who’re questioning China’s effort in this pandemic to watch this video.

The ratio of recovery is not big but we make it bigger and better if we stay home Covid19 C- - - - China O- - - - Originated V- - - - -Virus I- - - - - -In D- - - - - December 19- - - - 2019 ChineseVirus ChineseVirusCorona MadeInChinaVirus Up u Absolutely NO information coming out of China is reliable so ignore it.

limabrenda36 I think China lied about the real number of deaths 🧐 We cannot control the Carona virus by just 21 days of lockdown.Main solution is that, Required Testing machine as Area wise and test to all public on road,in their homes, wherever public seen.And Arranged All required things for nusrse and doctor who's are testing center.

WhoYouFullen We all know your numbers ar a lie also because 99.1 recover. Stop lying Trudeau said it is a requirement for travellers returning to Canada to self isolate when they get home. Question 1) Why is it only a requirement and not MANDATORY QUESTION 2) Why ONLY when they get HOME

😭😭😭 And millions of Chinese cellphones not being used in their every day life, according to Twitterverse. Each and every one should maintain social distancing, stay at home to stop spreading of Chinese virus sarscovd19 COVID19 ChineseVirus Nobody is doing the math correctly. I give up explaining how low the percentage compared to population is. Apparently you all enjoy the hysteria!

Reuters believes China's numbers? Wow Will the virus kill as many as the flu has this year? Doesn’t look like it. Please report those affected and those who have died by AGE. Existing conditions. Gender. We can start with Italy. Also I believe the mortality rate is somewhere in the .01% right now.. fallsondeafears

If 6 out of 10 Californians get it at this rate per GavinNewsom, we would have a total of approximately 2,500,000 deaths in California. NotTheFlu COVID19 californialockdown StayAtHome

The US numbers are showing from recent count! Remember the US wasn’t told about it until recently. Many people who have recovered and died from this deadly disease weren’t been tracked before now! Our number are much higher than reported! There is no way to factually substantiate the mortality rate when total of cases is unknown. This is irresponsible journalism

Before you react, pay attention to the way they are 'reporting' this, starting with the dude behind the words wearing a suit and goggles and looking rather spooky. TruthBeTold javstershow PrinceCharles FUCoronaVirus FakeNews 😳😳 burberryant Using these numbers- 130576 cases resolved (recovered +deaths) Mortality rate=19585/130576 = .15 or 15% I.e., 15 percent of people who have gotten the virus have died. (Cannot included active cases because outcome TBD)

Stay at home else we will rest in piece À Germany is clearly either reporting lies or they are best friends with china but look at how prepared the USA has been compared to everyone else.... yet realDonaldTrump is to blame for 791 deaths out of 60,000 affected. We aren't even close to the numbers of other countries

Some more numbers that the media, for whatever reason, do not make such a song and dance about... Worldwide deaths so far in 2020 by: Communicable diseases - 3,001,895 Seasonal Flu - 112,404 AIDS/HIV - 388,736 perspective 19,000 deaths?! just a few days ago, it was only 8,000. god damn! यह जानकर बहुत दुख हुआ कि कुछ विमानन पेशेवर, जो कोरोनोवायरस के प्रसार को रोकने और शामिल करने के भारत के प्रयासों में सबसे आगे रहे हैं और यहां तक ​​कि दुनिया भर के COVID19 से अपने साथी नागरिकों को बचाते हैं, उनके पड़ोसियों, RWA और अन्य लोगों द्वारा परेशान किया जा रहा है।

There is probably a lot more people who have it and have recovered and we don't know about it so the stats are not true facts. Why is one particular leader saying it's inevitable that you'll catch this virus.. and a Senior Director of Pathogens is saying the same thing... It's inevitable.. Could this actually be Terrorism? Their way of killing more of us than a War?

China lied people died. You released this virus and now you people are getting back to your daily life and people in Europe are dying. You will answer for this!!!! 0.4 % of tested cases lucetteluces 😱😔 ScottMorrisonMP open your eyes!

Why do they keep stating figures for outside mainland China? Wow, Influenza has killed 25,000 just in America. Well, the flu has a vaccine; Yeah, it works as good as water in a gas tank. We will never know how many COVID19 cases there are/were in in communist countries. China needs to be punished Is it just me, or have cases doubled in less than a week? This is crazy! Please, everyone, stay home. Think of your nonna and pop-pop, your mom and dad. Now think of everyone else's.

Thank you COVID2019 CoronavirusPandemic 16/3/2020 ■ And if you believe these numbers, I have some swampland in Florida to sell you....

.that's every country in the world infected. good good Let ’s write outside the U.S. I believe that due to Trump ’s efforts, the number of the United States will be many times that of China.

US coronavirus death toll crosses 5,000

China's Shenzhen bans the eating of cats and dogs after coronavirus

Women are using code words at pharmacies to escape domestic violence

Lou Dobbs: Health Experts Not Recognizing Trump's Coronavirus 'Leadership'

Dolly Parton donates $1 million to Vanderbilt for research on coronavirus cure

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