Fact Check: US has done more coronavirus tests than South Korea, but not per person

Fact Check: Us Has Done More Coronavirus Tests Than South Korea, But Not Per Person - Cnnpolitics

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Fact Check: Us Has Done More Coronavirus Tests Than South Korea, But Not Per Person - Cnnpolitics


Fact check: President Trump says the US had done more coronavirus testing than any other nation. While the US has overtaken South Korea in total numbers of coronavirus tests administered, it has conducted far fewer tests per capita.

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Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump and his administration have been criticized over the rate of coronavirus testing in the US, but on Wednesday, he claimed the US had done more testing than any other nation. At a press briefing a day earlier, Dr. Deborah Birx, the White House's coronavirus response coordinator, told reporters,"We now have 370,000 tests that have been done. The majority of those -- over 220,000 in the last eight days, which, those of you who have been tracking the South Korea numbers, put us equivalent to what they did in eight weeks that we did in eight days." Less than a day later, the President tweeted:"Just reported that the United States has done far more 'testing' than any other nation, by far! In fact, over an eight day span, the United States now does more testing than what South Korea (which has been a very successful tester) does over an eight week span." He reiterated this claim multiple times in a press briefing Wednesday evening. Facts First: While the US has overtaken South Korea in total numbers of coronavirus tests administered, it has conducted far fewer tests per capita given the US population is more than six times larger than South Korea's. "Yes, it is true that South Korea has run less tests as an absolute number. However, it is important to point out the huge difference in the population sizes," Aubree Gordon, associate professor of epidemiology at the University of Michigan, told CNN.Read MoreAs of Wednesday, South Korea, which has a population of 51 million, had conducted 357,896 tests, based on reports from the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Comparatively, the United States, with a population of 329 million, had administered at least 418,810 tests, according to the Covid Tracking Project, a group led by Alexis Madrigal, a staff writer for The Atlantic magazine, with more than 100 volunteers that compiles coronavirus testing data from state government websites and government officials.But because, as the Kaiser Family Foundation reported, several states are not reporting the numbers of negative test results or pending tests, it's hard to get a complete count of how many people have been tested for coronavirus in the US.Based on the available data and the population of each country, 1 in 142 South Koreans and 1 in every 786 Americans have been tested for the coronavirus.Jennifer Horney, founding director of the University of Delaware's epidemiology program, told CNN that epidemiologists generally use rates only like tests per capita to make comparisons."I think the important clarification is that we should be considering the number of cases per 1 million population and considering a rate of people tested and not the absolute numbers," Horney said."The absolute number of tests is not very meaningful."Until recently, the US was behind South Korea in terms of total tests, despite the fact that the two countries reported their first confirmed cases on the same day. Experts attribute South Korea's recent decline in new coronavirus cases to its early testing efforts, a successful example of what is now commonly referred to as"flattening the curve." Read more: CNN

He did not lie because he said the number of tests. he did not say 'per capita' You changed your fact in order to try another gotcha moment. You people are sick and in need of help. So his fact was correct. Now if you want to ask him about per capita then do it, but stop lying! Let us know when you get an actual fact you want to talk about CNN. Until then, keep painting your happy little trees like you do.

So when Trump is saying how many tests we've done, you insist it has to be measured per capita. But when you gleefully announce that the US has the most cases of the virus, you know that's not true if measuring per capita. You use whatever number makes Trump look bad. Always. Uhm.....do you not have a clue? He never said 'per capita'. Seriously, do you guys have nothing better to do then make sh!t up to paint Trump in the negative?

What the heck! This is CNN--Certainly Not News! We have done more CoronaVirus testing than any other nation. realDonaldTrump didn't say per capita. FakeNewsAlert FakeNewsCNN FakeNews But yet when it comes to the AR15 you sure don't say that... Narrative often? So he stated a fact. And yet you can’t try to NOT present it as not a fact. You’re just worthless cnn and everybody but you knows it.

You dipshits always come up with something negative to say. ALWAYS. FAKENEWS So yes, its true the US has conducted more testing than any other country. Stay strong America!!! You just lied

FACT CHECK: Trump Compares Coronavirus To The Flu, But It Could Be 10 Times DeadlierPresident Trump has repeatedly compared the coronavirus to the flu. But the coronavirus is new, seems to be about twice as contagious and has a higher hospitalization rate. Here are facts about how the two differ. Resignation or removal, enough. You, in this very tweet, compared it to the flu.

FACT CHECK; TESTING DOESN'T EVEN GUARANTEE YOU WON'T GET THE VIRUS THE NEXT DAY-WHAT THIS NATION NEEDS IS TO GET BACK TO WORK-TO INSURE A FREE & VIBRANT FUTURE AMERICA FOR OUR CHILDREN! Every tweet from CNN I see comments calling them out but yet they persist! When will you learn that people are not buying your shit!

CNN Fake Check: Yes CNN is fake news. .cnn Pls keep spending that money before you cease to exist. The economy needs it. Thank you for your service. CNNisaMeme (FakeNews LowestRatings) What Trump lied CCP talking points is all that's coming out of CNN. Does CNN stand for Communist Nation Network. United States big, South Korea smaller with less people

If his mouth is FLAPPING the POS is LYING. Trump is right, I mean right, its a bitter fact Sooooooo we have done more tests?

Rebuffed: Watch Trump’s own medical expert fact-check him at WH coronavirus briefingAs Pres. Trump is under fire for spreading misinformation about the coronavirus, medical experts are increasingly correcting the President in public – including at his own White House press conferences. In this report, MSNBC anchor Ari Melber reports that Pres. Trump largely canceled the longstanding tradition of press briefings – part of his efforts to 'undercut the free press' – which the White House only restored amid the pandemic. The briefings now include experts, such as Dr. Anthony Fauci, clarifying and correcting assertions Trump makes from the lectern. Pulitzer-Prize Winning Columnist Eugene Robinson says Fauci is a key “trusted voice” for the nation, while Melber applies a Jay-Z lyric to Fauci's and Trump's dynamic – one is 'just the facts' while the other just 'adjusts the facts.' Eugene_Robinson WENEEDVENTILATORS Eugene_Robinson Don’t send this to Trump. We need this man. Eugene_Robinson Look the stupid Pompeo !

So that makes him right! I am embarrassed for you. CNN sucks Hahahahahahahahaha...you hate him sooooooo much, you really just cant help yourselves! 🔥FACT CHECK: ✅CNNisCCP propaganda ✅CNNisFakeNews ✅CNN is the EnemyOfThePeople Cnn is full of it ChrisCuomo Trump said US is testing at faster rate now than South Korea was not that we have done more total testing. If listening is an art ChrisCuomo is still painting by numbers and most likely misinterpreting those numbers.

Fact check: realDonaldTrump is right and FAKENEWSCNN is wrong as usual. Who is fact-checking CNN? CNN false narrative; apparently CNN & Media, 'believe' reagents materialize out of thin air, US & medical labs buy reagents from abroad, major producer suppliers are in Germany & Switzerland - Trump right US tests more; CNN /Media 1 enemy of civil order.

Fact Check: Trump wildly exaggerates 1918 flu mortality rateThough estimates of the mortality rate for the 1918 flu pandemic vary widely since records from that period are incomplete, there are not any credible estimates as high as 50%. Scholars estimate the mortality rate is between about 2% and 20%. Trump has given more news to this fake news outlet than any president in history. Cnn should pay Trump for all the contents they get from him. Fact check: real Dictators shutting their entire country down from COVID-19... Fake wannabe US dictator doesn't know if he's coming or go'in...$$ President Trump is an Absolute GENIUS.

Which is the correct way we are calculating? 🤷🏻‍♂️ Aren’t you embarrassed yet? 🤡show. Always cracks me up when I see a CNN headline with ‘Fact Check’ in front of it. He said more not more per capital. Fake news again Do your fact check based on the statement, not your analysis of what you thought he implied.

Another lie Where these FACT CHECKS when BarackObama was straight up lying to the American public about Obamacare? Or when Porky Pelosi SpeakerPelosi said 'we have to pass it to see what's in it?' Maybe you scrutinized Obama at all, there would be no POTUS Trump. Wuhan Oh, now you talk per capita. Maybe you should report this.

So....Trump was accurate. So basically Trump is right, but you'll find a way to phrase it to make it look like he's wrong based on a criteria you just added to the equation.

FACT CHECK: Testing Should Take Place Wherever There Are Cases Despite Trump's ViewPresident Trump said he doesn't think coronavirus testing needs to happen in entire states in the Midwest. But there are cases in all 50 states — and that means there's a vital need to test aggressively wherever the disease is spreading. Who gives a turd what he thinks AS a lawyer I claim the intelligence is a whole construction of millions of pieces of (?), that's it. My kid has symptoms going on 2 weeks now. I know at some point I’ve been exposed bc I’m a nurse. They won’t test him here in whittier😞 but if I had money like celebrities he would be tested.

Why spin it? Per capital...give me a break! Trump was right. Thanks. Slew19508857 Slew19508857 HE NEVER SAID PER CAPITA HE DID SAY Y'ALL ARE THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE, THAT IS A FACT. Optimal solutions are not always perfect; but in times of crisis, great leaders know to generate optimal solutions. The entire administration is focused on achieving optimal solutions for every part of the coronavirus challenge as they surface.

At least you'll have 4 more years to bash President Donald J. Trump. I can't believe that I used to practically live for your network even though I am a conservative! You have sunk so low I would have to rent a snake to find you! Yet when they are reporting other numbers they don’t take this into account. Of course.

My God CNN is a sad little organisation.

Fact check: Not true that no Democrats voted for coronavirus stimulus packageA viral meme on Facebook claimed March 22 that no Democrats had voted in favor of helping Americans through an economic stimulus bill. This is false. They found 1 TrumpLiedPeopleDied TrumpLiesAmericansDie How many voted down the first bill? Let's start there.

ChrisCuomo Nothing new here. When have you known DJT to tell the truth? Love that CNN is getting the shit ratioed out of them right now. CNN - enemy of the people. Yo is there a reliable news source in America Fact check: CNNisTrash status: verified true. While the numbers clearly state something.... a thing that is positive.... CNN will spin them any way possible to make them look bad.

Correct!! hunnyfiend And yet you continue to promote him everyday BernieForPresident NeverBiden maggieNYT says you're LYING. Who to believe We should ALL know by now if he says anything like ' we've done better than anyone' , we haven't. He just hopes we're not paying attention to the facts. Maybe he just misspoke - like you liberals do when you're lying?

Experts Sort Fact From Fiction on COVID-19 MythsYou may have already heard some of these coronavirus myths, which, if subscribed to, could at best mean wasted effort or -- at worst -- make you even more vulnerable to getting ill.

Thanks to the great Donald Trump, the USA is once again 1 in the world! Most coronavirues cases. WeLl tEcHnIcAlLy This game boring and petty. Quite a reach to try and tell potus 'nuh uhh! Not if you count like meeeeee!' That's a whole lotta words that say nothing. Always negative spin from CNN FakeNews is pure trash

That means we’ve done more testing than any other country Dolts... Why mince words. Trump said a thing. You admitted the thing is 100% true. Then you had to try to undercut the true thing the President of the United States said. Why? What value did it add? Do you feel better being petty ? This stuff is why people say EnemyOfThePeople

So we have done more tests then.... So Trump wasn’t lying but Fake News has to twist it to their narrative to find a lie 🤔 No one, repeat no one even needs to be tested unless symptomatic.

That is because he failed math in school and the lage numbers from other countries and the small numbers in the US are so different he just figures he can pick the larger one and all his GOPers will believe anything he says. Sky is falling. GOP run faster. So what you're saying is you're both correct so long as you slice the pie your preferred way

So basically, yes. Remembernovember Maybe, I dunno, STOP AIRING HIS MID-DAY LIES LIVE! FakeNewsCNN If it wasn't for airports, you wouldn't have any viewers at all. Outside Elmhurst Hospital, Queens, where in 24-hr span, 13 patients w COVIDー19 died yesterday. NYPD says this line filled w/those waiting for COVIDー19 tests. Queens has most cases in city (more than 6,400 *right now*).

'President Trump today said ''the sun is out and the sky is blue.'' Lying booger doesn't know the sun doesn't 'come out' and the color of sky is an illusion, and it's azure anyway. Side I miss the point where trump said per capita? No, be said more tests have been done and that is the truth. Your hack of a network is just trying to twist everything to make it fit your narrative. Btw, how are your ratings since the airports are empty?

You guys are so dishonest that it’s disgusting!!! You lifted this article from NPR and you still got it wrong 😂😂😂 Another lie ,by the Impeached Liar and Orange man! Biased Reporting ExhibitA: JakeTapper just ran a piece touting how low Germany's death rate is, followed by obligatory snark at US response. Fact Check: Currently, US & Germany death per population are the same (2/Mil).

Seriously? How is that news? Ask yourself before “report” on something if it us really news. Note he didn’t note per capita, so his statement was 100% true...way to find a way to make him look like a liar while making him, & every governor, look inept Wow. If this isn't twisting the facts to fit a narrative, I don't what is.

CNN is fake news! Can't give Trump a win even when everyone knows it's a win! Then you have to wait the 8 weeks to compare. we’ve surpassed them in only 8 days. In 7 more weeks we will have had millions more tested than South Korea. More fake news by the CNN, fake news network. You use per capita on things to want to be small, and totals on things you want to be big when comparing things? That is called lying with statistics! S. Korea had all the reagents and testing kits left over from when that got hit with the last coronavirus.

Per capita is the important number. Seriously CNN? That's the best you got? You're disgusting, biased, fake. No wonder your ratings have tanked. Only reason you're still on air is the monopoly you have at airports where people are FORCED to watch! Fact Check: People are sick to death of the games played by Fact Checkers.

When I see CNN Fact check I just crack up laughing.. Your TrumpDerangementSyndrome seems to be acting up again. Here’s one of those: “What he said was true but....” backtracks. Too late. You lied he didn’t. Got it? We get it. FakeNews CNN, you need help. You really do. Hatred destroys the vessel that carries it. Look what has happened to CNN since you have turned to pure hatred programming. Your ratings are pathetic.

Wow! They really think the American people are that stupid!!! Not this VOTING AMERICAN! Eyes Wide Open! You can’t admit we are doing well can you? Truth. Don’t believe fake news cnn.

Are you kidding me why was this posted?!? Its not a false claim omg... I like it how they complete avoid saying it’s true as much as they can lmao About time to just block His best trick is not to think before he lie🤣 What is wrong with you? So realDonaldTrump WAS factual in what he said. There was no spin. Quit being the Communist News Network. Hell, just quit being. How long before you go out of business because no one is watching in the airports? KAG2020 🇺🇸

So what is your point CNN? Technically he is correct with that statement so not sure why you are trying to desperately spin this. Not Trumps big fan, but your desperation is just silly at this point. You are the enemy of the people. Trump didn't say 'Per captia'. He said we have done more tests, we have. The likes of CNN and the rest of the MSM is useless. No one actually needs you anymore. I hope you go belly up from all this.

Fact check: CNN is FakeNews

The gymnastics goes through in order to denigrate POTUS is quite astounding. I mean, if he was as bad as you make out, you shouldn't have to work this hard to come up with points to prove. Seriously? You guys are the worst 'news' network in the world. How is it a fact check when it's right? Must be nice to work at cnn, just be the dumbest people on the planet and you can work at cnn!

So he was right. Did Trump mention per capita, or the spin department added it later? So he was right. Thanks for the update. 👍 We’re already know CNN stands for Communist China News Network. What’s new? Sooooo... fact check: true? your “gotcha”s are getting more pathetic by the hour Everyone knows he’s a liar.

So he's correct. Thanks!

He said we did more in less time you fukking worthless bi it ch es Revoke CNN license now!!!! CNN Fake News always against America Sooooo fact check, true? Utter incompetence by CNN yet again. Lmfao. So it was a fact. FakeNews There's 8weeks and 8 days, You didn't consider the time factor in your calculations. This article is a disgrace in all angles

I guess Dr Brixs is wrong then because she is the one that said it first. Damn CNN you just are outright lying. Moving the goalposts, CNN. Take the L. This is much too late. Failure to recognize the pandemic that was looming for US to allow for proactive measures was an abysmal failure on Trump’s part. Government on federal and state levels failed Americans

shepdf Then y’all should quit using total cases/deaths and switch to per capita. In other words true and liberal media BUUUUUUT!

short answer: FACT So he was correct. Nice fact check you salty losers. Stick a fork in it. I notice most people use “per capita” when it’s makes their case and ignore it when it doesn’t ... 'It’s our job to GoThere & tell the most difficult stories.' Even if we have to change the facts to fit our own narrative.

Caca News Network Fact check, US has perforce tests. Period. That is what the President said. He didn’t say “per capita”. CNN, stop the hate, report news. We do not need your interpretation, that is what talk shows are for. To sum it up. Fact check: Trump is correct More as in aggregate number, assholes. And you call yourself a legitimate news org. Smh

Fact check made easy: he's correct Fact Check: President Trump never once mentioned about per Capita testing. True. FOUR PINOCCHIOs to FakeNewsCNN Fact check: President Trump says is FakeNews. Analysis: TRUE! It is also well known that FakeNews is enemy of the people. So in other words, the US has done more testing than any other nation. Meaning he was right, and you’re just desperate for Orange Man Bad points.

I would say that CNN are a pack of idiots, but no.. they aren’t... they just totally understand their viewers.. they understand that people watching are idiots so they’ll say extreme lies to their viewers even though they also understand that we know this. But they dont aim at us So what he said is true.

He didn’t say per capita. You did. Weird fact check. So you fact checked a statement that was true, and then threw out another statistic for what exactly. Why do so many morons work at CNN. Are all of you related and it's just a nepotism thing? When you have a party, do your coworkers say I would like you to meet my wife and Aunt, but there is only one woman standing there?

I mean really...........If you want to roll with that, known infections per CAPITA are ultra low.

CNN is following the teachings of Eric Holder, ' When they're down, kick them'. Trump got those statistics from his experts. Get it right because Trump is right. CNN, as usual, is WRONG! and if you look at confirmed cases & deaths per capita, the US is below the global curve don't cherry pick your 'facts'

So he was right? Great thanks for confirming that. Thanks for saying Trump was not lying. How many critics told me I was lying, when I stated this not long ago? Too many 😂 but whatever. I’m glad trump is doing his job. Love Trump. 2020. is the enemy of the people. So in other words... what he said was true, we'll just put his comment into a form he never said and argue that... Such activi.... I mean.... Journalism

CNN=Communist news channel

Ugj....STFU The fact remains more testing has been done People do not look at numbers in relations to population, instead they look at just one total number. South Korea has ~51.47m and USA has ~327m population. No shit Sherlock if total US numbers will be higher, but what about per capital?! So, he was correct. Thanks Captain Obvious

CNN is the biggest threat to America Fact check: CNN hates Trump. Tests not testing you fake news LIARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂🖕🏼🖕🏼 Strettttttch

CNN: Sooooo yeah Trump was indeed right but we have a lot of gullible readers who will believe us if we can word this in a way to make them angry at Trump, just watch the sheep hit that like button ChrisCuomo Also do you realize that since Jan 20 about 8000 have died from seasonal flu You guys are so pathetic.

ChrisCuomo Mr. Cuomo. The actual scientist are saying the opposite of your gaslighting fear mongering Fact check: CNN sucks! So the verdict is: True!! And the media has the lowest approval numbers in this pandemic. And this headline serves as a reason why. TrumpWasRight Trump LOLOLOLOLOLOL you literally had to find a different stat to say Trump isn't doing enough GTFO with your CCP bs

Hard to compare when our population is 6x that of South Korea.

So what the President said is true. You just don’t like it so you have to skew it. 🙄 So then what he said was true..........🙄 We can't trust your numbers you've lied for over 11 years.... Whoever approved this tweet should move to S Korea. Or even better N Korea. You all are a joke of a news outlet. Everyone deserves fair coverage.

'Fact check' my ass. He said we've done more tests (in total, not per capita), so what he said is true. You guys are just criminal in your dishonesty. CorruptMedia CNN Bright one this one is!!! 300 million vs how many in south korea?!?!? Unbelievable!! Who rights this shit I believe Trump over this crap!! 💩💩

So Trump's right....and not everyone needs to be tested so.... Ugh. You people are useless. So he is correct... When is CNN providing details on the stimulus package? There is a rumor that the House added a raise for themselves

ChrisCuomo Even your brother thinks you are fake news. Saw the interview and couldn’t stop laughing. Chump news fake news. Y’all hate the man so much you can’t just simply say that he is right! So? Per capita testing number? For S.Korea, pro China pro communist regime’s Moon didn’t close the border from start to now, so testing need has been high, But for US president Trump’s early quick border closing measure of Jan. 31 made US earn the time. Per capita? No meaning.

What? They still have done more test. This is why people detest CNN! Fact Check-Maybe the Imperial College of London estimates were wrong. Damn, my bad, Alan. Sooo, what Trump said was 100% true... You could have just said that 🖕 CNN 'Fact Check''? lol has one goal. Make this president a failure. I just had one of my TVs running you for the last 30 minutes. None of your ticker numbers are showing per capita rates. Why? Must not fit your narrative. Enemies of the truth = enemies of the people

Did he say we’ve done more testing than any other country, or that we’ve done more testing per capita? Desperate to point out ANYTHING negative...Do you think maybe your constant negativity may be driving down your already pitiful viewership People need hope, not your hate 🤔

🚨 BREAKING NEWS 🚨 CNN has tested positive for being fake news. So true then. Got it. “Per capita”. Lmao. Fake news strikes again. Some countries have been testing over 300,000 per day. My local business purchased 50,000 test kits because the hospitals said they had a limited number and could only test most severe cases. Those tests kits are now at the hospital, no thanks to Trump.

If, as you claim, Trump is so bad, why do you feel the need to constantly lie about him? That’s a weird way to say...the president was 100% correct.. Let me get this straight... What he said is true? The corporate press is the enemy of the people So he was correct. Really silly point you're making.

ChrisCuomo Please, Mr. President. Do your motherf***ing job. Always anti Trump!! is helping Trumps re-election! ChrisCuomo Today Nancy used the words “light at the end of the tunnel” so I’m just curious, are you outraged like you were when Trump said it? We’re all aware Trump isn’t the best ‘presidential’ speaker but the hate and hypocrisy is blatant and has to stop. WeAreInThisTogether

OHHHH, YOU GOT HIM NOW...... ChrisCuomo THIS IS GARBAGE OMG YOU LITERALLY MAKE HIM WIN Sick reporting once again .. Fact Check: what Trump said was true; here’s how you can spin it as a lie. Fact check yourself He said more testing. Period. Most people in this country are trying to do the right thing. Most people also want to feel hopeful. Your daily negative spinning helps no one. Either get it right or shut down. Viewers dropping- lies & negative spin -TDS-😡!

The idiot forgets we have 330M people Of course dnCNN puts their spin on it --- they are a democrat run propaganda service --- NOT news.

per capita does not count CNN is manipulating the narrative with this. Per capita would call into the equation the amount of people we have, but not necessarily the amount who need to be tested. CNN and facts cannot exist in the same space. CNNIsHatePropaganda 👎 CNN gives Trump 4 pinocchios So what the president said was true. Great thanks! Now the media & the couple who drank fish tank cleaner.

You guys are Pathetic Political Hacks!! FakeNews CNN still sucks. Seriously, do you only have 1 problem or many? Of those tests done, how many were performed on the 1%, their family and friends? How many senators and reps and their families? Celebrities and athletes? Reason I ask is because in my city, ordinary people are being turned away because there's not enough testing kits....

Soooo..... Trump was right. What exactly are you fact checking? He said more, not more per capita. He's right. You're wrong. Really? There has to be a threshold that all people reach where they say “am I really this big of an asshole?” Sadly CNN is not there yet. ChrisCuomo CNN SUCKS You are terrible people... imagine you covered king obamas administration like you do with the trump administration .. but that’s right. He had “8 scandal free” years. 😂

Well he didn’t say per capita. So why fact check something he didn’t say? ChrisCuomo The there is this. Please help up ChrisCuomo You always find a way. ChrisCuomo Only gloom and doom CNN & puppet Fredo would put this spin on it. Of course the US has more people than South Korea. 🤦🏻‍♂️

So CNN 'fact-checks' something the president didn't say. Par for the course. ChrisCuomo CNN HAS ONLY SPREAD,FUEL NURTURE HATE, RACISM, DIVIDE & FEAR. not one positive thing to help Americans ChrisCuomo So ya, realDonaldTrump has done more testing than any other Nations. Thanks for showing his truths. FAKENEWSCNN EnemyOfThePeople

ChrisCuomo I can’t even get tested here in Oregon He said more per capita. What a group of idiots, there’s no way your parents are proud... But more tests. You do realize that this is a larger country, right? CNN has tested positive for Fake News. The President said has done more coronavirus testing IN THE LAST 8 days...than any other nation

Cnn negativity

The total number of tests are more, period. This matches what the president said. If you want to look at it per capita, that's your cup of tea. It does not make the president's statement incorrect. What a pathetic group of people you are!! Wow. FakeNews And it was the doctor who gave those stats first

Lol wow - it’s cute how you slipped in the “per capita” - wouldn’t it be cool if a news organization just reported the news with no slants to the right or left?!?!? News isn’t about opinion! The size of Korea sq miles = Indiana Population is 6,500,000 but not as much as the 230,000,000 in America, Plus Korea has a wall at its northern border armed with military weapons. If you want to place blame on lack of testing try the FDA.

He knows there’s no winning which FAKE CNN His favorite hobby. GIVING FALSE STATEMENTS So he’s right...thanks for the fact-check losers Fact Check: what Trump said was True and CNN just moved the goal posts to achieve a narrative they wanted. FAKE NEWS Than cnn please move your Corp headquarters to Korea north or south we don’t care just move

Fake inflammatory news So Trump told the truth.... Ole anti American CNN At ten minutes past midnight, the thunder continued unabated. Little Jack asked his father why it was thundering all the time? The father replied, 'Someone is lying.' 'But it's the middle of the night, where are so many people lying?' 'Stupid kid, it's CNN tweeting.'

Another satire tweet Why are you still doing this fact checking thing? We all know that 99.44% of what he says is false. FakeNews Oh well, per capita... seriously u people don’t give up. Trump is a liar VA is not testing in Corpus Christi TX /Health department is excluding people if no direct contact or fever regardless of my VA Dr. requesting I get tested. TX doesnt want to know how many people are sick and who is exposed. Testing is not available for sick peeps

Another news outlet that blames the amount of test kits available on the POTUS. US started later on this and will obviously end up testing far more than South Korea. This isn't even news.

So he didn’t lie. Thanks CHINESE NEWS NETWORK!!!! CNN hates america..... they want it to fail. DO NOT BELIEVE THEM!!!! THEY ARE CHINESE BOTS Fact check, cnn IS garbage !!!!!!! TRUMP 2020 !!!!! So wrong and again lying to the American people... he has denied this virus from the beginning... he needs to go away permanently.

How about reporting news than spending all your time trying to negatively spin everything this man does. Come together and stop dividing our country! He doesn’t read. He cannot count. Stop lying realDonaldTrump Why does pet capita matter in a situation like this? Actually the president is repeating what doctor Adam's said A-day ago

Trump should TOTALLY shut down highly infected states as requested by the Democrats & Media (these are mostly Democratic states anyway) until after the Nov elections. The less infected Republican controlled states should be left to thrive economically! 💕💕 T🇬🇧R🇬🇧U🇬🇧M🇬🇧P 💕💕

Just like CNN to always find the negative Math never was his strong point, I guess that also goes for reading, writing, speaking, thinking.... Wow are you guys pathetic. Every day is a desperate new low for you. CNN douchebags. CNN sucks. Dumbest post ever. Per Capita”. Of course. If there was a country with a population of 2 and they administered 2 tests they would have tested 100%. CNN then says the US hasn’t tested as much per capita.

We don’t need to fact check. Fact is Trump’s a liar. That’s all we need to know. So he told the truth (1)“over 220,000 in the last eight days, which, those of you who have been tracking the South Korea numbers, put us equivalent to what they did in eight weeks that we did in eight days.' “several states are not reporting the numbers of negative test results or pending tests ...

Thank God for CNN and their Ridiclous fact checks on everything trump says. Just once in would like to see a Democrat on this. Or I don't know maybe one of their 100 opinion pieces they do a day 🙄———-Nuff said

Always “the glass is half empty” ... you guys are a shining light of bulshit!!!! Lying fascist CNN! Not everyone in the country needs to be tested if not showing symptoms! Waste of testing lying CNN! Thank God liberals aren’t in charge or there would be millions of cases already! Liberals are the ones spreading the flu because they are heartless & selfish!

Fact check: lose credibility every day as a journalist outlet due to TDS. FACT:What he said was true, but you have to spin story to fit your agenda. So it has done more than any other nation. CNN and the political left are useless. so basically you're saying hes correct. thx CNN Sooo what you’re really trying to say is... hes done more tests than any other nation.

So, another false claim i guess Guess how many China can test every day.... But he wasn’t talking about per capita !

So 😂😂😂 Always digging for an angle to discredit Trump. Typical cnn tweet. Anti-Trump. Anti-American. So biased it is pathetic. The President is 100% correct in saying the U.S. has conducted more tests than any other Nation. We see through you cnn. Your incessant drive to want Trump to fail really shows you want America to fail.

Oh just piss off already. Oh here we go again. Splitting hairs. Narcissistic PD ..they will say anything to make themselves look good !! is in deed the Fox News of the DNC You’re reaching just a little bit don’t ya think lol Are you f’n 🤡’s for real? Seriously, is this the your best journalism? What he said is a FACT, the USofA has tested more citizens than any other nation in the world. brianstelter ChrisCuomo donlemon AC360 are all FAKENEWS and TheEnemyOfThePeople

View from Europe, Trump is lying! No way Your country did most tests of all this is lie! Please stay safe and healthy

CNN - fact check this 🖕🏽 Doesn’t change the underlying fact that we have conducted more tests. Nice twist though. I wonder if it’s true! 🤨🤔 Wheres the proofs? Oh wait that requires research and journolism Testing don't make sense..Sirius xmas dr radio talked about going to emergency room and most likely being sent home..why get tested?its best to wait 5 to7days after a cold symptom..

His statement still stands. But thank you for trying to make Trump out to be a lair. Why not try to unite the country during this crisis? Trying to bludgeon Trump like Why can’t you say “The U.S. did more tests in 8 days than S.Korea did in 8 weeks”. And you numbers are wrong. Our testing rate per capita is higher. We have 6.5 more people and testing 7.5 x faster.

No shit! The US pop is about 7 times the South Korean pop and that's not accounting for 100+ times difference in land area (South Vs just he 48 contiguous states). What a stupid & blatantly obvious effort to criticize. cnn is trash reporting.

CNN Guys - SCUMBAGS. You guys were crying like babies when testing was starting. Now when US tested more people than any nation in the world, you try to manipulate the data. It does not hurt to say TRUMP is right. You pathetic worms are TRUE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE. Dirty folks. The hate is strong in you. We the people hate you as much too. 📉 ratings as low as cartoon network and you have to pay airports to play your content. 🤣 💩📰

This is why people hat and don't trust the media. What he said: 'We've done more tests in 8 days than South Korea has in 8 Weeks' Is true and an incredible achievement, but CNN found a hook to try and make it look like he's misleading people and what was done is no big deal. So the statement is true. cnn's hate for trump

Who believes Fake News? President Trump is correct Hope you didn't hurt yourself on that stretch... It is not a competition DJT !! But if it was you realDonaldTrump are disqualified for being a late starter. South Korea population = 52 million. USA population = 330 million.

? Well...did he say 'per capita'? And are you saying we haven't done more tests than any other nation? From Dawn till dusk we see the lost. From morning till light it,s alright. The warm glow a friend in need. The Sorrow fleeting for some heavens greeting. Just pinning my thoughts on the Corvid19 beating some seem to be weeping. My heart is with you.

So Trump is NOT lying as you suggested. FAKE F-KING NEWS. The ratings continue to crash. Imagine that! So fact check shows what he said is true. Interesting CNN, thanks. Your network is doing more harm than good. Your network would gladly sacrifice half the country to make the president land his team look bad. You understand that by knocking him your knocking the entire team & everyone working to stop this. 😷

So we have tests now? HAHA...Way to lose what little credibility you have left. Why dont you fake middle eastern bombings again. Your news network is a JOKE. I watch because you are close to ESPN and I have no clue where Fox or CBS news is. MSNBC not much better. What type of news agency is this ? Only report negative news. This news agency will cause chaos within the american people .

A news outlet should be APOLITICAL. Stop campaigning for opposition. Its obvious that you has sworn to be a pain in the ass of realDonaldTrump. THAT IS REALLY BAD. PEOPLE LOVE HIM. AND YOU'VE LOST CREDIBILITY HERE IN AFRICA AND AROUND THE WORLD. AND THAT'S TOO BAD for you

realDonaldTrump needs a muzzle on his whole face! Wish he’d stop talking and let the experts do the daily briefing(s). Trump was right and cnn was fake news. 👍🏼 So. We've made this a fucking competition now?! Jesus. You point fingers realDonaldTrump while in the mean time Andrew Cuomo made a similar comment a couple days ago. In addition Cuomo lied about where the virus started.

Here's CNN racing to pick apart every word uttered by POTUS. We don't need to test every person. Maybe next time we can have 350 million delivered to every American from sea to shining sea. POTUS is committed to filling national stock & fixed broken system CDC we can do it! So, did he say we've done more tests 'per capita'? Did he even mention 'per capita'?

CNN checking their facts.

He will kill us all covid-45 is more concerned with semantics than solutions. You people are pathetic. If you didn’t live in a vacuum, you might understand. How relevant is this at this perilous time? 'While this is true we're going to compare it to something different so it's false' Ah cnn tho , they will not recognized the goodness or the thruth or positive progress even it sat in their face , period

Leave it to Trump to compare apples with pears. He just doesn’t get the math! 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ He. Lied Gasp. 是的佛母視巡至小孩小學處 那個開車的黑幫 無視老善人過馬路 行人指示燈也亮 無讓行直插險至撞到老善人 忠孝東路與光復路交叉口 1~3 hrs前(三太子那時在) (調錄影帶!哪個警察拒調 或該局說影帶失蹤 那個警察局的那一系全暗殺掉) 全暗殺掉那一幫! Not single test was done with the help of Trump. He’s still sitting on the sidelines like this isn‘t real..

Fact check: President Trump says the sky is blue While in most outdoor environments the sky does appear to be a blue, it is certainly dark at night

Fact Check CNN straw man arguments get old fast. QuarantineFakeNews FakeJakeTapper keep on with the tongue lavage for Xi Jinping more american than south korean population CNN, Trump is always never good enough.. always finding a fault. How are your ratings per capita CNN? CNN is non essential and should just stay home for the safety of the Nation. CNNnotRealNews

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