Joe Biden, Election 2020

Joe Biden, Election 2020

Donald Trump will run again in 2024 if he loses to Joe Biden, says Steve Bannon

Donald Trump will run again in 2024 if he loses to Joe Biden, says Steve Bannon

10/18/2020 8:31:00 PM

Donald Trump will run again in 2024 if he loses to Joe Biden , says Steve Bannon

'You're not going to see the end of Donald Trump,' the former White House strategist told The Australian in a piece published Sunday.

The Australianin a report published Sunday, Bannon suggested Trump will pursue another term in office if he does not win this November."I'll make this prediction right now: If for any reason the election is stolen from, or in some sort of way Joe Biden is declared the winner, Trump will announce he's going to run for re-election in 2024," he told the newspaper."You're not going to see the end of Donald Trump."

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With the general election just over two weeks away, most national polls show Biden maintaining a substantial lead over his Republican rival. Bannon, who helped lead Trump's 2016 campaign prior to serving a seven-month stint as White House strategist, said he believes the current race is"closer than is being reported" in his comments to

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He is running nowhere. Nobody wants him. He will be in jail for the rest of his natural life for all the crimes committed before & during his Presidency. First and foremost for intentionally spreading a deadly virus which act culminated in the death of 300,000-1million people. If still alive, consider he is too old.

James Michael Curley held the office of Mayor of Boston while in jail so why not? I'm sure the future Trump Hotel has internet access. I am sure that will happen. He is up for many, many federal and state charges if he loses. frenchette4232 Trump will be tied up in criminal court for years. Can he run for President from jail?

Trump 2024 campaign headquarters Does this mean 4 years of fake hard drive nonsense? If he loses now, Republicans won’t let him run again in 2024. That I can guarantee you. No he won't unless he run from in prison hopefully ...but he said he’d leave the country. At least he could keep that promise. That would be great.

You IDIOT you can only be president once if you were pences Bitch it be different He won’t be able to as a convicted felon, and still incarcerated. From jail? Good luck running a campaign from prison! Steven Bannon got kicked out of the WH and is currently facing charges for fraud. Who cares what he thinks?

of course it's easy money to steal (Trump thinks) Trump is in the campaign business suckers Maybe he thinks this is Big Brother and he gets a chance to come back after he's booted from the house.🤷🏿‍♂️ Yeah, no, 4 years of this crap is to much as it is. Hahahahaha. Banning’s redundancy flourishing. Pay him no never mind.

Will he even be alive at that point? JFC Clickbait Why is Steve Bannon saying or doing anything right now? Shouldn’t he be concentrating on his legal defense? BWAHAHAHAHA When he loses he will have to obey the laws of the land. That’s a critical disadvantage for a criminal. No chance. That's if he escapes conviction for multiple felonies and durvives numerous penalties from civil judgments.

From Russia? Or Club Fed? Donald Trump will be pushing 80 in 2024. Not going to happen. Can a candidate run from prison? Not if on the eve of the election he boards Airforce One and flees to a non-extradition country. Pls spare us 🤣😂🤣😂🤣 Putin is so persistent! Are we sure he’ll still be alive? I mean he doesn’t seem well

Really? Why would anyone quote Steve Bannon? He'll be doing life. I really doubt it that he'll run in 2024 thats a scary thought 🤣🤣🤣 Hard to run if you're incarcerated. Lots of peeps out here think he’ll never spend time in prison b/c he was elected president, (even though it wasn’t legit). But NO, I believe he’s done with running for anything. If he does go to prison, he could run for president of his cell block maybe?

Just a reminder about Bannon how it all began & why Trump won't denounce white supremacists 👏👏 Oh, JFC what a stupid narrative. Bullshit posas13 From jail ? He’ll be drooling by then Can prisoners run for office? Can you run for president from prison I’m pretty sure the GOP won’t let him. He’s been their useful idiot, time for the scrap heap/jail.

Can felons run for President while still in jail? Asking for a nation. From prison? Or the hereafter? Huh. He’s already too old. Also if he loses, which party would support him? The Republicans should learn not to back a loser. Wont he be in jail by then. He won’t he will be in jail. From federal prison? Keep running!!,at least he will be fitter not fatter, maybe a basketball champ too!,😂😂😷 🏀🏀

RepAdamSchiff SpeakerPelosi As soon as Biden is inaugurated, maybe sooner, you must ImpeachTrumpAgain and get the senate to remove him and ensure he never runs again. By then he will be too old. LOL Uh I don't think you can run from prison. He’ll be in legal hot water before then. Can he run for us potus from another country? Or does he have to remain in the us? That could really change things for him

Steve Bannon suggests Trump org is criminal, Trump commits crimes, Bannon commits crimes; America really really deserves better. If all have turned their back on you, everything has been wrong for you. Your mistake is fighting against media. You are purely a businessman having no characteristics of cheating, cunning, artful, hypocrisy like the professional politicians. You have lost. Great pity for you.

Let’s hope that what’s left of the Republican Party isn’t stupid enough to let him represent them in that election. If he lives, hahahha No, he won't. Trump and his three eldest kids will all be in jail, which will make a presidential run just a tad tricky. Bahahahahahahaha I hope so, it will block other serious candidates and he will never win coz the decent people of USA will never want him back after the good job Biden has been doing

🤔 STOOOOOP THE BS Can inmates run for president? Asking for lots of people! He'll be in jail by then. He won’t be able to string a full sentence together by 2024 bissygumdrops Steve is going to be sharing the cell next to him. Not if he’s living in Russia or prison! If he's alive! Wait...This Steve Bannon?! Here’s an idea — Stop printing this garbage!

Do you have to report every piece of nonsense you come across? President of his cell block maybe! Bannon is really hustling for that pardon he wants / needs. He will win this election. No doubt about it! He is broke and headed for prison, so this seems unlikely. Felons can’t be president Can not run from prison.

It's sadly comforting to hear he's got a plan for losing that's not squarely in the 'bedlam and thievery' dept. 😂😂😂 Can a convict run for office? itll never happen! Like a cockroach this guy He will just keep floating the possibility so he can keep stealing money from his cult members. Nuts Steve Bannon said it so it must be true.

Can you be president after being convicted of several felonies? What a drag. This moron will keep running? Once an idiot wins an office he is not qualified for he cannot stop running for the office. From prison Is that even possible? I'm not sure if Trump will make it through the next 15 days. 2-3 rallies/day is a tough schedule for anyone to keep.

From prison? Trump and Bannion will be in prison in 2024 He's going to either be hiding in exile in non-extradition country or locked up or dead so not sure how that will work. Oh honey..... Oh, I have been saying that. Unless he’s in prison. You can run from prison? I know club fed is easy, didn’t realize they had that many privileges.

He’d be 80. If he lives that long. From Russia or from prison? Nah with his health he’ll be in the ground by then. He’ll never live that long. He’s about as unhealthy as any person could be! Hopefully by then he will be in prison! Nope! I don’t think he can run from prison! If he's still alive by then. Chances are, he won't be. He'll either die of obesity or COVID. If he does somehow survive, I will never vote for him. Also, whatever happened to 'you may never see me again'? Was that also a stunt?

You're quoting a former Trump advisor who has been arrested for fraud involving fake fundraising for Trumps wall scheme. That's just an initial charge. I don't think he'll be out of prison by 2024.. He wanted to jail Joe and Kamala. But was told he can't do that to his opponents. His logic is if he loses, he announces he is running again. They won't come after him and he will have an income source. SeizeTrumpAssets

😅😂🤣👋 Bannon must realize Trump will be in prison by then. NYDA will have prosecuted him by then, Mueller indictment will have been unsealed,FBI probably has lots on him. Can he run from prison? Will he come down the golden escalator from Trump Moscow to announce? Can you run for President of the US if you’ve been convicted of crimes such as tax fraud and money laundering? Something tells me his chances aren’t looking too good.. 🤷‍♀️

not if he flees to a 'no extradition' country. Re-election campaign sneak peak God forbid and honest people will not let happen so let's votehimout of office for ever That’s absolutely true. The democrats know this. They won’t let up on him. He won’t end up in jail but much of his bluster will be gone. He’s going to have to deal with a lot of scrutiny. Very likely he’ll push Ivanka into politics as an option.

Does anyone care what Steve Bannon has to say. He’s completely irrelevant. Have you ever heard of a person named Hitler running for Chancellor of Germany since WW2? Or dog catcher. Who would elect a one term potus! No, he will not. Trump is going to do some serious jail time. Fantasy again lol Who cares what Steve ('Wear your racism like a badge of honor.') Bannon says about anything. Americans may be center/right/right overall but they do not favor the fringes of the extreme right wing which Bannon and Trump represent. See Trump run again after a humiliation on Nov 3.

That will kill the republicans for good Good luck campaigning from Rikers. Everyone who isn't a Trumper knows he's a delusional nutcase. But so is Bannon. Moreso than Trump. No he won't. He will either be dead or in prison by then. Dementia might be too far along by then He’ll be in prison but ok. And that's based on ....................... his past history of being honest and truthful?

😅😅🤮 He IS just like cancer. Waits til you’re comfy n remission then rears his ugly head again. Hopefully by then we as a country will have found a cure for his type. He will be in jail!!! Trump said he would have to leave the country if Biden wins. I have my hopes up Hard to run for reelection from prison. LockHimUp

Be kind of hard from prison or Russia. The Republicans would have learned by then! He is never going to get a nomination again. Ever. Too painful a lesson for Republicans Can you run for president from prison? Sick people You can’t run from prison. I didn't know you could do that from prison. Carrot and the stick to the Magats. The story won't end on 11/03. Pathetic.

He be in jail making jail great! When will this national nightmare end. Sweet, Satan, please reclaim your lost son. 🤣🤣🤣😜😜😜 From Leavenworth? He will not be able to. realDonaldTrump will die of cheeseburger overload by then, so no. I don’t think he can handle running directly against Kamala PamelaButler3 A lot will be revealed by then.

From his prison cell? Well, IF we uphold our laws, he will be in jail until, well, you know.... Nope. He will be in prison. That will be hard to do if he is either living in exile (under the extradition free protection of Putin) or behind bars. Russia is willing to sponsor him again?... How so? You’ll both be in jail.

No he won’t I think he will need to evaluate if he can become a candidate from jail. Can't run when you're in jail Not if he loses badly enough and goes to prison bissygumdrops You mean the convicted criminal? Why does what he says matter? we will be happy to see the idiot show of realDonaldTrump in 2024

Devilish deeds From jail? Ba ha ha ha 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣He’s going to be in prison. Might be hard to run a virtual campaign from Russia considering his dislike for the virtual forum.... From prison? How would that go? 🤔 On the Nazi ticket. Will he be out of jail in time? Hopefully he will be in jail, or left the country because of charges, & there are lots of them. & his family with him.

Can a felon run for president of the US carlyinNJ That’s fine. Bring it on. CovidKarma Mental! Once he leaves office the FBI is prepared for him then he has the sexual assault lawsuits, let’s not forget the IRS. He will have his hands full. Just with the obstruction charges alone Will never happen. All he'll do is golf and tweet.

He will be in jail Hard to run for president from jail lol I'm sure the rally in Red Square will draw BIGLY Would be the first prisoner running for president being in jail. It will be difficult for him to run from Prison carlyinNJ Why are you on my feed? You cater to trump only. This man is sick - for real. 🤨

He can’t run if he’s in jail. He will be in jail for all the things he has done to the worries Bwahahahahahahaha... from behind bars?!! How cute that he thinks he won’t be in prison. And we care what Bannon has to say? No he won't. Can he run for president while in jail?🤔 Well we got that Poop Show to look forward to.

He can't run from prison. The Steve Bannon That Is Charged With Fraud and is out on 1.75 million dollars bail awaiting trial ? I think Ill pass on taking him seriously LOSERS ALREADY PLOTTING BUT ONCE IS ENOUGH FROM THESE TRAITORS In that case he'd be the 1st presidential candidate to run a campaign from prison.

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 corabrooks1204 He'll be a convicted felon by then. Trump will run from prison cell and Bannon will manage the campaign from his cell He can run but he can't hide. He will be incarcerated or in court! He’ll be dead. The man is a walking zombie right now... but don’t discount Republican “ingenuity”, with a little robotics, they can make this orange blubber more alive than it currently is...

Get real. The man's cognitive decline is in free fall. If he's not in prison by 2024, he'll be in a memory care facility or dead. Goody. Another win for us! Trump will be in a prison. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 He’ll be dead by then! Donald Trump will not be in the US in 2024. Shame on republicans How do run a campaign from a prison cell? Asking for TrumpCrimeFamily . Maybe Rudy can help.

😂😂😂 Bannon scare tactics BS. VoteThemAllOut BidenHarrisToEndThisNightmare LRick1960 Not if they’re all in jail He can run around in his cell. Bull crap. If there is anything right in the world, he will be on trial for so very, very many things. Hopefully soon imprisoned for his crimes of being a Traitor and crimes against humanity,.. This Bannon story is just one more attempt to scare people. Bully BS.

HunterJCullen Why give these idiots any air Not after he’s convicted of a felony From his jail cell? Will he be out if jail by then Not if he’s in prison!!! Trump said people that old are too old and senile to be President. Trump would be 78! He’ll be dead before 2024. From jail? It's he running from jail 🤨

Really why.. All that healthy living. He’l be in prison in 2024! TrumpCrimeFamilyForPrison HunterJCullen Donnie Disaster is gonna be running for a long time. From prison? Hes freakin' senile now. Hahaha When Trump is out of office and his crimes are exposed, no way will be hold office again! From Prison? VoteBidenHarris2020 VoteEarly

frank754 Steve Bannon is a political strategist.. he’s just trying to get it out there that Trump is going to be around and not in prison. They’re are full of shit!!! I predict he won’t be alive in 2024. His health is terrible and losing will destroy him. How is he going to run when he is in prison? Who will pay for that? he’s broke.

Trump will be in Federal Prison in 2024. His political career is over He won’t live that long. Riiiiiiight. Thought the illustrious Mr. Bannon is currently under indictment for ripping off contributions unsuspecting naive fools gave to Steve-O and cohorts for building a Border Wall? Credibility anyone He will be in prison or dead, he’s old as dirt.

Just saying... Not if he's in prison. hollyark Can you run for President in prison? He will be in prison by then with Bannon! Not from PRISON From prison? He can’t cuz he’ll be in jail. If he’s not in jail, he will either be dead or not able to walk because of his age & health. He’s done in the game. His he going to do that from prison?

He thinks that he's gonna be on ANY ticket in 2024. Rosie_wearamask Who's gonna break it to that Bannon criminal that Trump will be dead or a drooling puddle of dementia by then? If the clown hasn’t gone to jail 🤡🇷🇺 Rosie_wearamask No he won’t.... they both will be incarcerated!!! Trump's every spokesperson is family, a crook or both

Why is Newsweek sharing shite from SteveBannon, arrested/indicted on fraud out of jail on bail? He's a villain colluding w/Giuliani & Repubs on a phony Russian disinformation hoax against HunterBiden now under FBI invest.👿TrumpsCriminals LockThemAllUp GOPTraitors GoJoe lol that would be awesome!

Bannon is a FELON please STOP quoting him LOL not if he is in jail or fighting to stay out of jail I don’t think so. You mean after he gets out of jail? GayleOldSmith I'm not sure you can run for President when you're dead. They should probably check the Constitution. Can we just ignore anything Steve Bannon says! He's been indicted let it go, let him pay!

Can't run from prison Then he'll be running from jail, where Steve and the older three Trump kids will be residing too! Convict makes statement. I hope you're wrong because I think he will be in prison if our justice system investigates and finds out the end to all the stories that we have heard. bissygumdrops No he won’t, jr will

I have doubts. 😂😂😂😂 If he’s still alive, maybe. Or not in jail. From Prison? That’d be a trick! LOL LOL LOL LOL!! Haha. realDonaldTrump is running to Russia before JoeBiden's inauguration. When not if but when he loses to Biden. As for 2024 he might be in a orange jumpsuit. Trump doesn’t run, he kinda waddles funny and pumps his arms to make you think he’s moving faster

🤣🤣 from Russia From prison? Republicans need to clean up their act. Fantastic. Go fo it tiny hands. Congress needs to change things, anyone running for a high office should have to show years of taxes! No taxes, you cant run. can you run for President if you're in jail? how does one run a campaign from prison 🤔? or from a country one flees to to avoid prison 🤔? FFS media: STOP giving any semblance of credibility to these asinine ideas 🙄- honest to god, just stop- i promise, it is NOT helping your ratings-

I hope there will be a law, that you cannot run for president if IMPEACHED. Bye Trump. BidenHarris2020 Pretty sure he will be in jail or dead by then. Another 500,000 white Boomers will be dead by then. No surprise, he will spend 4 years attacking everything Biden does. However it will be tough to get approval for rallies while he owes everyone for costs of previous rallies

People in memory care facilities can’t run. Ignore this STabbytosavit Didn’t think felons could do that? Will he still be alive and out of jail Is that how he plans on paying his bills. Who does he owe? Living off donations and stiffing cities that hold rallys is a poor business plan. America doesn't need traitors like this.

thebraddock Ugh! Just say no! How embarrassing for him. He will be a has been by that time. bissygumdrops 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 He'll be in prison!!! From prison? HunterJCullen Adorable. But Steve & Donnie will both be in prison. Trump will be in prison or a victim of his hamberder habit by 2024. TheRealUSGrant

🤣😂🤣 He'll be in prison . Not with felony convictions he won't. bissygumdrops That will be hard to do from a prison cell. His rallies will be peopled by fellow inmates. This guy will be almost 80yo and his mind will be mush though not sure if it will be the drugs or the dementia. From prison? STabbytosavit Yeah right Bannon is such a credible source! Drunken fraudster extraordinaire !

...he will campaign and do it all remotely from Russia. That's a joke!!! Chances are good that he won't even be 'of this earth' by 2024. 🤞🤞🖕 Not if he’s dead or in jail. realDonaldTrump doesn't know what state he is campaigning in. Unlikely that he will have the cognitive ability that would keep him out of a nursing home in 4 years!

Can you run for President while you're in jail? Hopefully republicans will grow some balls and not give home the nomination next time. He'll be almost 80 by then. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Also, how can someone in prison run for president? He’ll be in prison by then. I have a feeling he will in prison

Tough to run a campaign from prison. But I'd love to see the attempt. Are convicted felons allowed to run for President? Asking for a friend I can’t imagine the incoherent ranting we’d get out of that campaign. bissygumdrops trying to imagine a debate between kamala and trump. I'm okay with that. That would mean the Democrats are in charge for at least the next 8 years.

I don’t think you can run a successful campaign from prison. TrumpCrimeFamily DebraBa45242156 Convicted felons can't run, besides he'll either be in prison still or have fleed the country to avoid prosecution, which invalidates this citizenship! As if. He will be drooling in 2024. Errrrrr! He will be part of the ' dead president society' by then.....

From prison? For head of the prison trustee's union? That's not how prison gangs work. How's he going to do that from a prison cell? Why is Steve Bannon being quoted while he is out on bail for fraud I don’t think a felon can run for president 🤷🏼‍♀️ how does he figure to run for office from a NY State prison

Steve will be nice and comfy in his jail cell by then, we’ll have forgotten all about him Yea.. he’ll be running for president of the proud boys in Rikers island 😂😂😂 trump will either be in jail or living in exile HunterJCullen President of prisoner row. From jail? bissygumdrops He'll be a convicted felon and still doing time!

He’ll be dead or in prison. From the grave? That's funny, considering both trump and bannon will be in prison in 2024 Please do. Wrecking the GOP even further than you already have is a boon to those of us who want responsible, mature government. lol Steve Bannon? Is he still a thing? .....from prison The man's brain is wasting away. He can't even say three syllable words. In four years, he brain and body will be jello.

He'll probably be in prison or in exile by then, soooooo. HunterJCullen Says some drunken, slovenly criminal. Why is this news? Steve's doing some good drugs again 😂😂😂 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 HunterJCullen Lolololol. Pfft. Can you actually run for President from federal prison? We haven’t even had the 2020 election yet. Why are you giving lift for this pathetic BS? It serves no positive purpose!

What a narcissist would say Alex Well maybe by then JFK, Jr will be available as his running mate. He'll be in jail. He's flying back from Russia to file? He will be either in prison or his poor health will finally give out (Or both) No means no, Donald. HunterJCullen no he won’t. President of what? It's difficult to campaign from prison. No plane, no internet, no hairdresser, no tanning bed, no staff. I guess he can hire someone to run his campaign and hold meetings on visiting day. Perhaps Trump and Steve Bannon could get adjoining cells?

that is a threat. after having an actual president Biden who actually works for people, not himself, why would anyone want trump again? pure idiocy! COVID19 VoteEarly BidenHarris2020 Some should tell Bannon that realDonaldTrump might find it a tad challenging to try and mount a campaign from behind bars. The whole TrumpCrimeFamily will be long gone by then

HunterJCullen Not if he’s in jail! But he is leaving when he loses. We will never hear from him again, he said. More lies Is like a red wine stain ..never disappears Um, if he can’t win re-election as an incumbent, how would he win in 2024? The party would never go for that and would do everything in its power to keep him locked out of the primary

Hahahahaha that’s hilarious. He’ll either be in prison or a nursing home HunterJCullen Hard to do from prison or exile. bissygumdrops We will be ready. 🤪 If you think his brain is Swiss-cheese now, just wait. In four years he'll be drooling and unable to recognize any of his evil spawn. But sure. I don't think convicted felons are eligible to run.

He will be a convicted felon, so no more Prez for him! HunterJCullen The Trump Stink can you smell it.... Desperation Hubris Mendacity Criminal Family Syndicate top notes Tax Cheat Loser Traitor Cheater and a hint Russian bribery. Brought to you By Crimes are Us Trump inc. TrumpStink TrumpCrimeSyndicate TrumpTaxReturns

He is finished. HunterJCullen I did not think felons in prison could run for President. HunterJCullen Want to bet? From federal prison? HunterJCullen Steve who? 🧐 HunterJCullen Is this a parody account? He’s not the sharpest pencil in the box. Actually, Trump will not even last until 2024! He'll either be in a wheelchair, or in prison, or both.

He’s going to be in prison No he won’t- he’s going to be too busy making license plates in prison. VoteHimOutandLockHimUp REALLY? I was COMPLETELY unaware that you could run for President if you're incarcerated in a state prison..... I learn something new every day. Question: How do you govern from a cell? Hold your Cabinet meetings out in the yard?

bissygumdrops Donald who? Never heard of her. I hope he passes. From old age and Karma. Running on his Coronavirus record? Can't run from prison I don’t think prison will allow that. Seriously? Let me guess he will run to save the country once again right? From where? A prison cell? From jail? I’m pretty sure you can’t run for office from a jail cell.

Not sure he will last that long. X, and our great future with Millennials, and the Z’s will be running things by then. No chance. I guess they will still need “political contribution$” after the defeat. Pay for their trials. Banon desperate and hoping to deliver some news making sound bites. Hope media doesn’t amplify. In four years, Trump will have many serious things to worry about than running for the President.

You only get 2 chances bud. Sorry, out with the old in with the new. Can convicted felons run for office? Bozo_Texino Is he going to run from his jail cell? VoteBidenHarrisToSaveAmerica VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare He will be in prison, so no he will not. I thought trump said if Joe wins he's leaving the country and we will never see him again....?🤔

He’ll be a drooling, incontinent mess in four years. Also yesterday he was leaving the country if he loses probably because of jail time. So he’s going to come back in four years? All his dinosaur relic Senators will be long gone by them. If he loses in 2020 he’ll be a convicted felon in 2024 and ineligible to vote much less run.

Awesome! Sign me up for this! Put a nail in the coffin of the GOP forever. From prison? From prison? 😂😂😂 Hahahahaha hahahahaha No he won’t! COLD FUCHING DAY IN HELL I didn’t know they held any elected positions at prison. 1 soap holder? redwingschic No he won't, he will be in jail or in exile, because he owe a ton of money that he doesn't have.

LOL. So now convicts and the imprisoned and the exiled can run on the gop ticket for office.repubs, you have sunk lower than the swamp pits. A True shame... In what a wheelchair portable oxygen and a leg bag for his catheter!!! Sheeeeiiiit!!!! Lol; he cant find the bathroom now. Let's hope he is in prison where be belongs, he's a traitor.

He’ll be either in prison, in exile, or dead. Nobody cares. 🤨🙄 He. Will be in prison which disqualifies him ore a citizen. Of Russiaia which disqualifies him He'll be broke. He’ll be dead by then acoyne Thought if he lost he was leaving the country. Anyway in 4 years he will be hiding out in another country or in jail for all his illegal activities.

realDonaldTrump’s cognitive decline will be so severe by then that he won’t be able to run. He’s already pretty close to being a blithering idiot . I cannot wait! How will he do that from a prison cell? It’s hard to run for President from jail. Really? Mmmm I think not. Convicted criminals don’t usually make the cut. TrumpCrimeFamily

Umm..he will be in prison Not if he’s in self-exile! That’s only if the unhealthy SOB doesn’t drop dead first and he’s not doing time for tax evasion or Russian oligarchs haven’t bumped him off for reneging on money he owes them. 😂 How? He gave himself two options: 1. Prison 2. Moving out of the country Maybe he can try running against Putin 🤷‍♀️

Bannon is SO 2016. Although...I did catch a whiff of musty, gin soaked wool blazer paired with questionable hygiene...🤔 I suppose if realDonaldTrump can 'recover' from COVID-19 in just a few days, then he can manage to serve an entire 10-year prison sentence in time to run in 2024. Idiots I don't think you can run for office from jail Skippy.

Difficult to pull off from prison. The only thing that he’ll be running from in four years is the big muscly boys in the showers. acoyne No way Trump can run in 2024 since he will be a convicted felon by then Dont think so. Felons cant run for President. Omg!! He’ll be in prison Nah. He’ll be dead by then or so demented he’ll have to have round the clock care.

Trump is more like the Covid just as we survived the first wave you keep coming back for the second wave when are we going to get a vaccine against him Oh no! How will Trump do rallies from jail? Felons aren’t eligible. Who says he’s out of prison by 2024? Uh huh. NEXT! From extradition maybe Convicted Felons are not eligible.

From jail! 😂😂😂 He will have dug his grave with a fork by then. His brain will have completed the transition to mush by then. Hahahaha...Steve Bannon is a no one. I don’t think so. He’s going to be quite busy. Not if he’s in prison! So tired of Bannon. Dude is legit evil. the never-ending grift acoyne Will be impossible to do that while serving a long prison sentence.

He would not win the nomination. It’s tough to run a campaign from a prison cell or Moscow, isn’t it? Will be tricky to do when he’s in the “pokey” 2024, the first time a candidate runs a presidential election FROM Russia. He can run from prison? Do they let people run from prison? It’ll be interesting to see his rally’s in the prison yard, attended by three white supremacists, a paedo and an accountant called Frank who ripped off old ladies.

Ya.... running for prison monitor. Can felons do that ? Someone drunk with power would be that desperate to recoup it From jail or Saudi Arabia? Can't run again. He will be in prison. I didn’t know you could run for president from jail With his health and mind, he’ll either dead or a vegetable! On who Constitution? And where will American be at that time?

With JFK Jr as his running mate? From Rikers? I think not. 😂😂😂😂 From jail? From Russia? From the dementia ward? This is bullshit.... like the Republican Party would allow him to represent them again 🤣🤣🤣 acoyne He needs to be alive first he will be 78, 79 years old? Ugh he will give up his citizenship when he leaves the country next month.

Nah, but he'll keep taking your donations MAGA's. He’ll be dead by then..........we all hope. He’ll be drooling in his oatmeal by then. Yes this headline is lame, but let’s note something. This is the 4th/5th time trump/his campaign has mentioned “if I lose”. Campaigns that think they r gonna win don’t talk about what they will do if they lose. Just sayin’.... JoeWillLeadUs VoteBidenHarris2020 VoteBlue2020

Two old guys with senil dementia, great future. Don't forget the wheel chairs donald trump wil still be serving his many sentences in prison in 2024! That’s hilarious. You can’t run for president if your in prison. acoyne The world has seen enough of him as a politician. He’ll be in jail by then. From jail?

He will join you in jail Steve didn’t you just get arrested for stealing from the wall money yikes Can't run from prison or Moscow... How is he going to do that while in prison? 16Days Can he run from prison? Tough to do when your in prison. I don’t think you can run for President from jail. Oh can he just go away. Prison is my first choice, but I’m also good with hell

There may not be an America by 2024! It almost isn't now. From prison? Is that allowed? Trumphasgivenup Kinda hard to do being in jail Like a bad hemorrhoids Irritating 😂😂😂 Run what? If he’s alive. Trump will have a pre-existing condition from Covid. He will also need GOP support and how can they say they support an incumbent who couldn’t win? 2020Election

He’ll be a broken old man. Maybe he can run for prison warden From prison?🤣🤣🤣 That might be hard if he has left the country like he promised The tweets and sound bites of Trump saying Joe was too old to run will be priceless. Mark 'em and keep 'em! Damn... meth is a helluva drug Both these mofos will be rotting in prison so ok.

If he’s still able to walk and talk, and gets bail, I believe it. He needs the ego gratification, and he can use it to sell stupid shit to stupid people. Uh huh. Kinda hard to do from prison restoremorality He won’t. Yep. And Mexico will pay for the campaign. Harris/Mayor Pete 2024 ....... Con Don won’t have a hope in hell from jail

Don't think so: he'll be in prison. I didn't know people could run for president from prison... 🤣🤣🤣 meanwhile. waiting in the wings... Run where? Dude won't even be alive in 2024 Gonna be hard to do that from prison. He won’t remember his own name by 2024. 😆😂🤣 He'll be in jail in NY State way past 2024.

Nobody gives a rats ass what Scumbag Steve Bannon has to say. He'll be a convicted felon and deep into his first prison sentence so that will be a big fat NEIN. That's presuming he won't be in prison or a psych ward (preferably both) in 2024. He's going to jail if he loses. No, he won't run Trump's reputation will be so low that it will be immeasurable.

His dementia will not permit it. Trump will be in the late stages of dementia in 4 years. RIIGGGHHHTTT. He's 74 now, and not in the best physical condition, but sure, delusions are by definition not grounded in reality. From prison? Good. Because Kamala will also be running and she WILL beat him. And that, my friend, will destroy his soul.

How can he run EVER AGAIN if he's in PRISON or hiding in RUSSIA Obviously Bannon is a BS lying con artist. Will be hard to do from prison That’s assuming a lot. Can he do that from being in prison? And then, VIce President Kamala Harris will beat him....BUT you can't even vote when you're a convicted felon, so...🤷

Yes Trump will be running alright as police will be chasing him. Also wonder if a convict can run for the political office because he will most certainly be convicted well before 2924. From jail If anything. I think Trump will start his new career as Ron Jeremey's successor. SecondChances onahunttoday From prison?

Can he run a campaign from prison or abroad? Now they are just talking out their butts. He will be in prison then Hahaha! Kinda hard to do from jail That'll be a great trick from prison! I don't think so. Convicted felons can not run for President Nope. His obesity? His diet? His advanced mental decline? His pending indictments? If anything he will be running unsuccessfuly from the grim reaper.

He would never make it past the primaries If he lives that long. Doubtful. With his health - I do not think he will live until then! Besides - does he really think he will get away without punishment for what he did to America? BaylessMarilyn I believe they will both be in jail in 2024. Or dead. So there's that.

Can't run from jail. Bullshit. He’s barely on the ballot this time. Will he be out of jail by then? from prison ? Trump can run for the next 3 decades & will not be re-elected. 🤣🤣😭😂😂 Can he run from Russia? It certainly will be difficult running a campaign from prison. Dead or in jail. More than likely he will leave the country. He will die broke and destitute.

Someone's gotta get him out of prison. I thought he was leaving the country when he loses Uh, he'll be in his 80s. He might find that hard to achieve if he’s locked up 😂 LOL no. In 2024 he’ll be flinging feces at the guards That fat old fart won't live that long. Hard to run from prison. He WON'T be able to run in 2024, and why?

Bozo_Texino Hard to run from prison. He’ll have been prosecuted and convicted by then. Thinking the prison term will probs be longer than 4 yrs It's cute that he thinks his frontal lobe and arteries got 4 more years. Yeah, I doubt that. Both he and Bannon will more than likely be imprisoned. 'I think Steve will be just fine.' Is this code for 'I will pardon him'?

He won’t lose 🍾🥂❤️ He’ll be in prison Lol he will be drooling in a nursing home by then. Even if he's out of prison and on probation, he can't afford his court fees so, no. He can't even vote. He’ll be in prison. Is that allowed? I thought that he was leaving the country to escape prosecution? Unless Trump ends up in jail right next to Bannon 🤔🤔🤔 ( probably not because there is two kinds of law, one for commoners, the other for elites and sub-elites) P.S- the sub part is Bannon 😂

He won’t be able too.. Felons can’t run for the office, right ? I didn’t think you were allowed to run for President while incarcerated? Yet another constitutional norm Trump will try & destroy. I don't think the Republicans will gamble again on Donald if he loses 2020. Also we don't know how many charges will follow our Donald if he becomes 'White House homeless'😎

ReddogOHIO Does AirForce1 have a jail cell 😂😂😂 Gonna be hard to run for president from prison. Will be campaign from his prison cell? Or from Russia? Newsweek, you get more ridiculous by the day. He will be in jail If I lose its ok I want my life back. If I lose you will never see me again. If I lose I will have to move to another country. If I lose I'll run again in 2024. Ok I got it.

Not after Congress formalizes what should have been law by now: no impeached President should be allowed to run again. Or appoint judges. Yeah he’s got a case of the runs don’t he? He may be tied up. He’ll be convicted by then. Good luck to him running from his prison cell. LoL, why does anyone have to listen to this crackpot?

Who gives a rats ass what this guy does? He’s already lost any power. BaylessMarilyn Lololol Trump will be in PRISON in 2024... Stop listening to that crap. Stop watching Fox. You give idiots credence. Stop doing that. Really. I didn’t know you could run while in prison. Wow And he will still be a terrible candidate with a horrible record

You can do this from the state pen? Or exile in Russia? PAY YOUR TAXES DONALD Can you run for President while in prison? He’ll be dead the Russian want their money Not from prison he wont Can he run while living in another country? LOLOLOLOLOLOL! What an ass. And he’ll lose again too. That is if he’s still cowardly hiding in Russia

Steve Bannon is full of hot air. Can he run from prison? Big Macs might finally kick in before then Will he also hover three feet above the ground, and turn base metals into gold? By then, Trump will be in prison. that will be a really neat trick considering he'll be in jail.. Can one run from prison? He might be dead by then. He is a senior citizen. He’ll probably have COVID-19 again.

AWESOME!!! From prison? Lol hard to run for office from a jail cell. But yeah ok Steve Beverly21811568 I doubt at his age and and weight if he will be viable then. That’s if he isn’t in jail, right? His chances of being either in prison, a fugitive or dead is much more likely. Everyone’s reply shows he’s expected to be an inmate by then I love you guys, jail time baby.

From prison? Rikers Student Body President Why is indicted fraudster Steve Bannon suddenly speaking for the Trump campaign again? Like he will live that long gtfoh From prison?!? Is that possible? Will be difficult to run for POTUS from prison - no? You can do that from prison or exile? I cant wait. Presidential campaign from prison cell. Plus with his BMI, he might be half decayed by then.

Trump will either have died by then, or be in prison--or both. What a joke! Have we not learned yet!? They. Say. Anything. To. Get. Press. Nope. He'll be in jail. No. He. Won't. Yeah right. If you thought the White House was full of leaks now, just wait for the stories that’ll come out once he’s gone. Even the crazy cultists will move on quickly when he loses bigly.

He won't. Can he do that from prison? Or Russia? Can you run for President while in jail? 🧐 From prison?!? He will be hiding out in Moscow, so doubtful. Don't think convicted felons can be president lol no, he'll be in jail Does anyone think Bunkerbaby will be alive in 2024? He won’t get past the primary. They will bury him November 4th.

trump will be in an assisted living center before then. Let him try. No one will support him. Be hard if he was in Prison, though...... He's got the spirit. He won’t. He hasn’t made enough money from it. Great. Destroy Republican hopes forever. what's the over / under on that i definitely want to bet Hell be in jail.

Who knows where he’ll be in 4 years? Hopefully, in hell. But I thought he will leave the country😜 No he won’t! How? He’ll be locked up! From prison? Quite unlikely as he will be in jail I thought he was leaving the country if he loses. Let me tell u the good news: he won’t need that. God forbid 45 again in 2024 Hopefully he ll be under indictment

Dementia will have taken over his tiny brain care home required 美國川普總統:在美國,我們不崇敬政府,我們崇敬神。神啟預言:美前兩總統將被捕,美國川普總統必終結中國共產黨。 How can he run for president from a jail cell? 🤔 Can't run from federal prison. Can't run if you live in Russia. You're losing and moving away remember? If they don't throw you in prison first.

He’ll be in prison by then.. At 77 his dementia will be much worse. You can’t run for president from jail From prison? He won’t be able to because he will be in jail! Yeah, unless he's indited for crimes while in office, he can run again in 2024. So this battle for the soul of America might not be over. Donald Trump will NEVER get the Republican nomination again. Maybe he can be an independent but I see neither major political party aligning themselves with him ever again

Lol he'll be gone long before then. Can you run from prison? From your prison cell realDonaldTrump ? FELONS CANNOT VOTE! IvankaTrump DonaldJTrumpJr EricTrump VP SecondLady ThomTillis RudyGiuliani DevinNunes SenRonJohnson LindseyGrahamSC DUI RepMattGaetz GYM Jim_Jordan stevenmnuchin1 SecPompeo SecAzar JoeBiden GOP

Why? If he loses Trump needs to pass the baton to Nikki Haley, Tim Scott and Kristi Noem. They’re the future of the Republican Party. David? Nobody is that stupid to let that happen. Not even Republicans. Reason number 2937382938474920 why this ex-Republican isn’t going back. 'When' he loses to Joe Biden.. 🤣🤣

From Jail ? GodandtheBear Gonna be hard running for president from a prison cell 🤣🤣🤣 He lies about everything he says so this isn't going to happen. No he won’t. The press will need to stop reporting every little antic by Trump. That's what got him the nomination in 2015. Trump was entertainment. He's had enough attention now.

No he won’t as he will be in prison. I recently thought that - my feeling he’s already “peaked” and possibly in further decline when that cycle starts - either way we all need to stay en garde How is Trump going to run in ‘24 if he’s in jail? Wow America is a great country. From prison? Or from Moscow?

Watch 'SNL' Flip Between Joe Biden, Donald Trump 'Dueling Town Halls'“We now present a rebroadcast of those town halls the way most Americans watched them… Flipping back and forth, trying to decide between a Hallmark movie and an alien autopsy” Jim Carrey is a talented guy but his “Clint Eastwood on Prozac” version of Biden isn’t working, mainly due to the scripts. Joe is a kindly, earnest guy, who believes most people are innately good. THAT is where to find an impression of him. nbcsnl’s writers have to learn this. I'm not sure if I like Jim Carrey playing Biden. Something rubs me the wrong way with it. I love him as a comedian, I love his art work, I love the look he has as Biden, but something just seems off to me. I feel he is playing Biden as somewhat of a fool.

Which sports stars back Joe Biden and Donald Trump?With the presidential election just over two weeks away, several players and coaches have thrown their weight behind the president and the Democratic candidate. Who cares what any of them think?

Donald Trump Says He May Leave U.S. if He Loses Presidential ElectionPresident Trump and Tommy Lee now have something in common ... they've both said goodbye to America if their candidate loses the presidential election. shit, me too, damn near Don’t tease me 😂 he is avoiding being arrested , so he is going to go to Russia with his buddy.

The legal reckoning awaiting Donald Trump if he loses the electionIf President Trump loses the election, he would be vulnerable to multiple investigations and lawsuits that his office has so far protected him from Oh lord help Trump 🙏💖 Unlike Biden, Obama and Clinton who get their protection from the likes of you! I worry about him Destroying our country before he gets out January 20. I think they should invoke the 25th amendment.

Trump jokes he might leave country if he loses to Joe Biden in Nov. 3 electionPresident Donald Trump suggested Friday he might take drastic action if he loses to Democrat Joe Biden . Promise? That dude has definitely had a face peel! A bad one, but he had one. Definitely! goody!

At Least 23 Billionaires Made Six-Figure Donations To Committees Supporting Donald Trump Since JulyBig money donors from Bass Pro Shops, Ashley Furniture, Apollo Global Management and more donated to Trump in recent months.