The Legal Reckoning Awaiting Donald Trump İf He Loses The Election - Cnnpolitics

The Legal Reckoning Awaiting Donald Trump İf He Loses The Election - Cnnpolitics

The legal reckoning awaiting Donald Trump if he loses the election

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10/17/2020 3:32:00 PM

If President Trump loses the election, he would be vulnerable to multiple investigations and lawsuits that his office has so far protected him from

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Biden: 'Anyone who's responsible for that many deaths should not remain as president'

President Trump and former vice president Joe Biden face off in their second and final 2020 presidential debate. Follow here for the latest updates and fact checks.

Only the Communist News Network’s President & CEO would put something like this out! Be certain that I’d be concerned about law suits for publishing something like this! He needs to go! He can't hide from state charges. Buthowmany federal charges will he gave when they start checking out wheretaxpayer dollars disappeared to. I say over adozen

Is this what Trump and the Republicans call peace in the middle east.Innocent Palestinian children are being beaten and tortured for protesting.This world has come to the point where an innocent child's life means nothing. Just lockhisassup Lock him up!!! Trump knows it!This is why he praises outta country rich crooks friends!this is why he’s trying so hard to win this Nov,election he is desperate,begging suburban woman to vote for him!on the road behind that smiling face is worrying‘what if’ I loose!!No action!, Talk,...

Trump will looses the election and he will be locked up with his enablers and it is will not be fake chanting. I heard two corrections officers joking about “the billionaires club”. Apparently, there’s a rumor circulating among inmates that if Trump gets imprisoned the inmates get some sort of street cred if they rape him...

Can’t way. Watch him run to Russia. Crimes against Humanity should be first tried at The Hague Hence political asylum in Jaywick Sands This trumpy dumpy is the biggest zero I have ever seen. How did he ever get elected what where you thinking. And this is the best the Republican can bring forward to be president what a piece of shit. Any body supports this looser you are a mental case period.

Lock him out! Many people I know that vote Trump are good decent people. They are so much better than him. I hope they look at their good, and see his bad. The lies, the deception, the dominating personality. Adjusted for defaulted loans, his average voter is $1.4 billion richer. If Biden is elected he will be investigated for the prosecutor in Russia Burisma and then China and then just creepiness

Just about time this clown faces the music of his errors! Deserves him right . Over 219,000 American citizens died because of the trump virus. He’s allowing racist police to go unchecked for murdering innocent black men and women. So he deserves whatever lawsuits come his way plus jail time. Really CNN should be investigated as a fake news network and stripped of first amendment protections!!! Worthless...

Dios Primero!!!!!🗣🗣🗣 Look at this poor city. Run by liberals and is being DESTROYED. Trump2020 The only charges that Trump faces are fake. Corrupt democrats have done nothing but try to frame Trump! Yup...deflect for the Biden family...we totally believe what you're printing Trump must goe. America must have the best with Joe biden.. He its very good for America❤️❤️

Trump 2024. If Trump loses , cnn , yahoo , msnbc probably go bankrupt May God please rescue us from this Gloab lunatic. TRUMP HAS BROKEN NO LAWS BECAUSE IF HE DID HE WOULDNT BE THE PRESIDENT. 4 YRS OF INVESTIGATIONS PROVE THAT HE IS INNOCENT. You report this but not report about Hunter Biden. Biased much chinabitchbiden

. Dont worry pos cnn I predict he'll flee to Russia That is what happens when people commit crimes That’s why he said he would leave US if he loses the election? 🤔🧐🤨🤔🧐🤨 StannersL Good I guess Trump better hope for victory this coming election. I'd be extremely worried if I were him. If Biden wins or loses he will be undergoing investigation along with his Son & other family members , Kerry’s daughter etcetcetc ! He’s not getting out of this shit! This is real No justice no peace!😡

Quote of the Year “What you tell me doesn’t necessarily make it fact.” - President Donald J. Trump if he was Black he wouldn't be running for president 4 long years ago, he'd be in jail, n you can't rewrite History, Shameful history... WeakAss Media Biden will lose Like what? Lol This will be the only way he will be able to escape

If Biden wins he will be investigate along with his son Hunter and the DEMOCRATS will move for him to be Impeached and he will be. That will open the door for Harris to become President and well you can figure out the rest Same for Joe Biden, except the things protecting Biden are the establishment and the MSM.

Trump wins 2020 Amen Y’all got the story backwards just like all the others! Trump 2020 Amen That must be why he joked he might leave the country if Joe Biden wins. Except it might not have been a joke. Bull shit Like. This buying votes Which leaves on wondering what he would do to prevent that loss? Force through a Justice to tilt the courts in his direction? Plant emails on a laptop? he's ask for a 2nd term to save his ASS & NOT the AMERICAN PEOPLE! So why is Noe. Obama. Hillary and Hunter not being investigated? LOCK HIM UP Couldn't happen to a nicer guy. Maybe Biden will pardon him...Not! More witch hunts? Are you going after people who voted for Trump too? I don’t understand why these debts weren’t a problem BEFORE he ran for President? But I don’t know why anyone would loan him money either.

And Hunter Biden ? ! Good. I hope one of them is treason, as he is now using Putin at his rallies. Did American taxpayers pay for his trip here or what? You're running joe Biden... no chance in hell Can't wait!! lockhimup Propaganda! Gosh, is this USA? Apparently CNN is owed by a foreign country. Iran, North Korea or China? They all spread propaganda as well.

Love it, put him in jail where this crook belongs!!!!! Qué sera sera... He won’t have the WH lawyers “on call” anymore!! Hope he’s ready. No, not really. I hope he’s taken by surprise like all that believed his lies and then realized his TRUE COLORS. Our justice system is a disgrace they have far better things to do then this politically motivated witchhunt

WeW you would love to see that dont ya? Just stay crying in your corner and let the ride continue! BTW!!! Im from Venezuela so im a expert in bad goverment and media. That's what he get time to go More CNN lies! No matter who, no matter where, vote blue Jail time for the slime ball. No tienen verguenza como cadena internscional tomar posición a favor de un candidato y en contra de otro. Vergüenza!

Hopefully not Lock him up He won't Vote Trump out and he'll be going to prison Must be CNN... yep There is huge problem with our legal system. No one should be protected from being investigated, or charged with a crime they have committed because of the job they hold, nor have the ability as a criminal themselves to pardon another criminal?!?!?!

True. I see it coming if he loses. When he does. There fixed it. PRISON FOR TRUMP 2020! That would also be true if Biden Loses. Americans deserve justice. They will cover up the Obama administrations wrongdoings. You can guarantee that. Yeah, We're making a list & checking Twice!! Joe & Kamala are coming to town!!

It’s the one thing realDonaldTrump knows!!! Nice to see the anti Trump movement is still going strong, I thinking if that happens then Obama should be investigated for setting race relations back 50 years and going against police and the unconstitutional aca crap, just to name a few of many reasons. That's why he is fleeing to Putin's Russia

The real crooked Donald J. Trump. He is the real crooked one. Yes! Jail for Trump and his entire brood. They all deserve to be in prison. Biden will not pardon this liar and tax dogger! One can only hope... Fake news Does journalists has nothing good to report on 🤦‍♀️ DONOTPARDONTRUMP Small Biden Crowd and teleprompter

Lyndajo23904339 Ummm Duh! The man is used to it ... he will put live his enemies .... The office of President is NOT above the law! Jail Remember when the truth won in 1945 , what the facist prick did.. the world 🌎 a favor and sometimes the trash takes itself out . coward TrumpIsNotAmerica worsthumanever

Lock Him Up! OUR SAVING GRACE, SDNY!! Sic-em!! Trump accuse the Biden’s of being criminal!! The kettle couldn’t get any more black!! Is any work getting done by this guy? You see, he doesn’t do a damn thing but campaign on tax payers dime!! In case you needed another reason to vote for Joe and Kamala. He deserves multiple investigations. He is one big pile of fraud, lies and corruption

Formula by all corrupt government nation is NEPOTISM + CRONYISM = CORRUPTION A prospective pardon of himself? CNN is a fake news! LadyLiberty411 Which is why he’s cheating/trying to cheat so much (again). He’s not fighting for the presidency, he’s fighting accountability and imprisonment. Smoking-gun email reveals how Hunter Biden introduced Ukrainian businessman to VP dad via nypost

Fake news!!! Clinton News Network... BY FAR THE WRONG CHOICE What about Biden’s corruption. $10million for some Chinese billionaire to speak with him. His son sniffing cocaine off a hookers booty that's why he'll attempt to hold office every which way possible, incl illegally. We all know he has too much to lose, first & utmost being his freedom, the real fear I suspect is his non-monitored pvt discussions w/ Putin which may give rise to treason. only time will tell...

Not as juicy if he’s not president Lol see you got your tin foil hats on. This is why someone needs to collect his passport on the day he vacates the White House. Lock the maniac up for good YNWA He should still even if he wins.... Why can't the investigation start now that he's still in lower babykillerarmenia StopArmenianTerrorism

Promises, promises! Finally he knows how the rest of us felt when he was elected. Arrivederci Fake, phoney and propaganda. C'mon man! Im making over $13k a month working part time. i kept hearing other people tell me how much money they can make online so i decided to look into it. well, it was all true and has totally changed my life. this is what i do  CopyⓇ 

Im not just voting the president out, I’m voting to have justice served! How did he got away with all the laws he broke? If i didnt pay my taxes, it would be garnished from my paychecks, Meanwhile he’s getting top of the line medical care that the taxpayers funded for COVID19 He will try to flee the country. blue What a 🤡 show of a balanced network Lock him up! Lock him up! When, not if. Dont give us hope Fake news shame on you Yup 🙂 Oh.... nah..nah..what's that's CHANT again⁉️ LockHimUp Who exactly is going to hire these “fine people” who have been covering trumps ass when he’s gone? No that's Biden

And he has already hinted that he may leave the country. That was hinted in one of his campaign rallies. 3 major steps (1) VoteHimOut2020 (2) kickhimout (3) LockHimUp and for a bonus just because to summarize VoteHimOutandLockHimUp MakeAmericaGreatAgain without Trump so keep wearing those hats we know what you really mean 🤫

Lock him up Why can being president protect one from lawsuits and investigations Its not IF.... Yep sure CNN has it's headline above, '' we tell the most difficult stories.' No you don't. Where is the story on Hunter Biden and his connections to China and big money? We all know if this was Trump or one of his children it would be all over your difficult stories..

Good. Lock him the f up. Talk about HUNTER! ...don’t forget Russia. You guys are dopes. Wow. In the mean time lets not forget that HunterBiden 's attourney tried to get Hunterbidenlaptop returned to him so that they could squash HunterBidenEmails about JoeBidenBurisma This is the funniest tweet ever. Does cnn ever stop

PrayForGanjaCity GanjaCity StopArmenianAggression TERRORISTARMENIA ArmeniaKillsCivilians Ha, ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which Is One Of The Reasons He Should Be Fired!!! like russian collusion? leave this man alone already tf. Covid is a bio-warfare opportunity for Trump upon its own citizens. We went after tin pot dictators using machetes to chemical weapons against its citizens. Hope American justice will be served to Trump and his criminal enterprise.

This is why I think we will see much more frightening Trump schemes in this last couple weeks & I think Barr will do something outrageous for Trump that we have never seen before. Revoke his passport. Nothing will happen The Video That Fakebook & Twit-Litter Doesn’t Want Americans To See!!! ( THE TRUTH ) Share Before They Scrub It Clean!!! Americans Free Speech Will NEVER Be Silenced!!!

Joe Biden and his son sold this country to China and Ukraine. You all failed to report about it this week. Hunters laptop never got picked up from repair shop. On it evidence that he and his father have been selling our country for years. MSM dead silent on this story. We know, he knows, everyone knows, except his brainless supporters. He’s using them as a stay-out-of-jail card, and they’re so clueless. You’d think they wonder why he rushed out of the hospital like a hungry lion—back on the campaign trails and risk people’s lives! 🤷🏼‍♂️

US judicial system offers him a better prospect than being a victim of Russian Mafia? I worry about him Destroying our country before he gets out January 20. I think they should invoke the 25th amendment. Unlike Biden, Obama and Clinton who get their protection from the likes of you! Oh lord help Trump 🙏💖

Donald Trump has promoted QAnon-linked Twitter accounts more than 250 timesThe president previously said 'is that supposed to be a bad thing?' when asked about theory that he is taking down satanic pedophiles. Sleepy Joe is trying to figure out how to turn his phone on Whatever q is they haven’t destroyed anything or anyone and are protected by freedom of speech But has no idea who they are or what they are about? Give me a break!

Donald Trump accuses Ilhan Omar of marrying her brother and entering America IllegallyPresident Donald Trump urged the Justice Department to probe Omar on Friday. she needs to be fired DA old news She accused of polygamy & lying on her refugee aplication Which means she's in the US illegally Reported abuse of campaign funds & tax evasion Which means by extension larceny & tax evasion A real piece of work Us rep for Mn IlhanMN

Donald Trump Loved Joaquin Buckley's Insane UFC Knockout, Called Dana White!Joaqin Buckley's incredible spinning back kick KO has made it to the White House -- President Trump was so impressed, he called Dana White to rave about it! Trump like violence! Trump creating violence in this country.... SHAME!!!

Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell divided on stimulus, teeing up potential clashThe president and the Senate majority leader have offered opposing stances on spending for a further relief package, amid ongoing negotiations for a bipartisan agreement. All this back and forth bullshit is about keeping the vote as close to 50/50 as scientifically possible. That leaves us all 100% powerless.

Donald Trump Stares Forlornly At Tiny, Aged Penis In Mirror Before Putting On Clothes, Beginning DayNEW YORK—Real estate mogul and television personality Donald Trump reportedly stood before his bedroom&39;s full-length mirror Wednesday morning and stared forlornly at his aged, shriveled penis before getting dressed and leaving his residence in Manhattan&39;s Trump Tower to start the day. Noticing the pronounced droop of his scrotum, Trump glumly cupped his testicles in his hand and lifted them several inches until they reached the approximate height at which they had hung in his youth and even into early middle age. // realDonaldTrump realDonaldTrump Weird obsession you have there Onion realDonaldTrump I promise you, I did NOT need this visual. 🤮

Biden campaign: ‘Donald Trump has failed the American people’Symone Sanders, Senior Campaign Advisor for the Biden campaign, joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss the dueling Biden and Trump town halls and why this election is “a choice between the vision of Joe Biden” and the lack of leadership Trump has shown over the past four years. Is Joe the “big guy” referred to in Hunter’s emails? True words. Omg the lies the lies