Dog hilariously freaks out after being put on towering cat post—'afraid of heights'

The Yorkshire Terrier ended up on the cat post as the feline had stolen his dog bed.

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12/5/2021 4:25:00 PM

The Yorkshire Terrier ended up on the cat post as the feline had stolen his dog bed.

The Yorkshire Terrier ended up on the cat post as the feline had stolen his dog bed.

Fiskiye commented:"Afraid of heights, afraid of heightssss."EuphoricSun noted:"Poor puppy is afraid of heights and the cat is like da heck."Tamara admitted:"Me when I'm three feet up a ladder."Diamond Sade Nichole joked:"My dryer when I put shoes in it."

Others pointed out as it was in front of a window, perhaps the view ofPaco.Andrew Dickey pointed out:"Doesn't help the dog is looking out the window at a 20 storey drop.""And he was looking out the window, he thought it was over," @Scoobysnacks1111 wrote.

Woman Reveals What a Pug and German Shepherd Cross Looks Like: 'Gremlin'Read moreWhile not all dogs are afraid of heights, known as acrophobia, website PetHelpful explains these sorts of aversions usually fit into one of three categories, fear, phobia and anxiety.

It said:"Fear is a rational and emotional response to an actual threat or danger."The term 'phobia' describes an irrational fear that has no specific cause or basis. Dogs can experience phobias just like people can; for example, a fear of shadows, sciophobia, is not uncommon in dogs.

"Anxiety is different to fear and phobia in that there does not need to be an actual solid reason for the fear, just the potential for it."The dislike of heights can manifest in numerous ways, with other dogs unwilling to go down stairs due to their fear of heights.

Newsweekreached out to Colubana for comment.File photo of a Yorkshire Terrier. A dog had a hilarious reaction after being put on a towering cat post.

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