Jim Acosta tells Democrats to think 'What would Mitch do?' over filibuster

The CNN anchor said Democrats had been 'outmaneuvered' by the Senate minority leader, as he questioned the balance of the Supreme Court.

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12/5/2021 4:37:00 PM

The CNN anchor said Democrats had been 'outmaneuvered' by the Senate minority leader, as he questioned the balance of the Supreme Court .

The CNN anchor said Democrats had been 'outmaneuvered' by the Senate minority leader, as he questioned the balance of the Supreme Court .

Acosta noted the filibuster is"preventing all kinds of legislation from passing in the Senate, from abortion rights to protecting America's elections to gun laws."The anchor added that it should"come as no surprise" that Trump's appointees on the Supreme Court have"signaled they want to expand gun rights, not limit them."

"Democrats could think about it this way. If Mitch McConnell were in their shoes, what would he do? Given what we know, would we see him letting the filibuster stand?" Acosta continued."Is the filibuster more important than election rights and women's rights? Is it more important than the lives of our teenagers? Safety of our schools? Democrats could just ask themselves, what would Mitch do? Or they can just keep on thinking, life's a Mitch."

Acosta tweeted the segment and wrote:"If Democrats are trying to figure out how to respond to America's very conservative Supreme Court, they could look to the filibuster and ask themselves:"what would Mitch do?"In its present form, headtopics.com

the Senate filibusterrequires at least 60 members of the Senate to vote to end debate on many matters before moving to another vote.Some Democrats have pushed for it to be abolished, though there is a split over this suggestion. It is controversial as it effectively means a party needs to hold a supermajority in the upper chamber to pass measures, if a minority of at least 41 senators opposes them.

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'Brett Kavanaugh, had described Roe as 'an important precedent' during his confirmation hearing,' Attention Jim Acosta, [scarcely, the smartest anchor, decency knows] There are other equally important SCOTUS precedents which are weighed against each Jim is right they need to start thinking like Mitch.

Time to stand up time take our country back people versus the government freedom versus communist defund the corrupt CDCgov Time to VOTE RED I think so too. I've never understood how Mitch kept from Obama from appointing a justice when he still had 10 mos in office, but yet trump rams through one while only a couple mos. left in office?

the dems have been derailed by manchin and conservative oligarch billionaires..mcconnell is just along for the ride That because republican house and senate leaders know that it's a full-time job being an asshole...Democrats haven't figured that out yet...and that is why we fail! It is time for Biden to pack the Supreme Court.

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