Adele Finally Learned How To Apply Her Own Cat Eye

Congratulations to Adele who can now create her own signature look.

12/4/2021 4:00:00 PM

Congratulations to Adele who can now create her own signature look.

The beauty got to show off her eyeliner skills on the cat eye queen herself.

by12.02.21YouTube/NikkieTutorialsAdele has the power to take something as simple and universal as winged eyeliner and make it a signature. A good cat eye and Adele truly go hand in hand and it’s rare to see her in public without one. That’s why it’s surprising to hear that Adele doesn’t even know how to apply the feature on her own. Luckily, that’s where NikkieTutorials stepped in because somehow, between hit making and

planning a Las Vegas residency, Adele has found the time to watch the Dutch beauty blogger’s video’s on YouTube and yes, she’s also a huge fan.“When we were going through a list of all the sort of things for promo I wanted to do, you were actually the first thing I said,” Adele admitted to Nikkie as the pair sat down to film a YouTube video. So, Nikkie put on her best Adele drag (a black long-sleeved dress and a bouffant-style half-up ‘do), and got to work transforming half of Adele’s face so we could truly see the power of makeup.

As Nikkie applied the primer, the pair chatted about everything from their favorite wine (Sancerre for Adele) to brow maintenance (Adele promises she looks “like Voldemort” if she doesn’t dye her brows). The singer also revealed she recently became a mother to two golden doodle puppies, Bob and Freddy. “We call Freddy Afterparty Freddy because he always wants to do something when it’s finished,” Adele said. “And Bob loves a job. They are such characters.”

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The makeup continued as the two women fan-girled over there love for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Adele revealed she used to be a big wrestling fan and she almost fell off her chair when the actor sent her flowers recently. “I’ve not even got a crush on him or anything,” Adele clarified. “It’s just that he’s amazing...I want him to be my mate.”

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