Dem strategist: Biden's 2020 motto should change to 'What the hell, man?'

Joe Biden pushes back when asked about taking a cognitive ability test requested by President Trump. 'Why the hell would I take a test?”

8/5/2020 7:31:00 PM

Joe Biden pushes back when asked about taking a cognitive ability test requested by President Trump. 'Why the hell would I take a test?”

Joe Biden pushes back when asked about taking a cognitive ability test requested by President Trump, saying, “Why the hell would I take a test?” The former vice president says he is willing to let the American public judge his physical and mental fitness to make judgement on who he is.

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I’ll tell you WHY . You are showing the EARLY signs of Alzheimer’s your Base knows it that’s why they keep you in your Basement . Ask any Doctor that listens to your TV interviews . For your own Sake and the Country’s take the TEST . Your Not READY for the W H . Hi Biden doesn’t need it...the idiot at the White House failed it .

Why the hell wouldn't Biden take a cognitive test. He's giving 80 a fit, & enquiring minds want to know if he's mentally fit. It's not an IQ test. But a baseline inventory to determine if 1 has cognitive decline. With reason, specially for someone who would be 🇺🇸's oldest Potus poor old man, dementia is a sad disease

Oh my God, my stomach hurts. Too funny along with Joe’s expression. Rotflmao. Lol. Right! Too freaking funny! Go, Joe! I love reading panicked liberals trying to justify Joe! So scared! Trump2020 Cause you are 77 and sending a big fuck you to haters would only help you. Trump needs a test cuz he is nuts.

Because he is an idiot Tell em Joe .. you wear aviators .. that’s good enough for me You omit one thing (unintentionally?), he also asked the black journalist, “...if you take a test where you're taking cocaine or not, what do you think huh? Are you a junkie?” I thought he said he took a lot of tests. Did he forget about them or lie about them.

He doesn’t have to Who the fuck is asking him about a cognitive test? The country is being led by an 'incompetent businessman' who's failing miserably in the middle of the worst Pandemic ever. Trump's handling of this coronavirus is proof enough than his cognitive score that Biden would be better! He & Obama had a plan!!!

He goes and accuses the Black reporter of being a junkie. Really media, this is what you put out as news? Perhaps 45 is right about media in this country. Tests need to be ordered by doctors. Bidens doctors not observing symptoms to justify test. Trump apparently being tested every 3 months. Wonder why?

I don't know about you, but I love Biden's 'You want a piece of me?' attitude. Every time. 😁 Because you’re incompetent! Period! Every person who runs for office has to take a physical and you’re no exception! Amen! The ONLY people who are given a Cognitive test are suspected for being impaired, i.e. Dementia, Alzheimer's, etc. So, if Trump was given the test, his physicians suspect that he has underlying mental health issues!

Cause your happy ass would flunk the test Exactly. The one that took the test, what’s its effect I n handling COVID-19 Didn't Mr. Trump take his test in 2018...? This is why? Come on man Rules to live by : Don't play with morons who make fun of the handicapped. Don't play with morons who excuse racist behavior. Don't play with morons who associate with sexual preditors.

Joe Biden never had to prove he could drink a glass of water single handed! LOL Why should he respond to bully Trump HidingBiden HidingBiden HidingBiden JoeBiden NBCNews CNN FoxNews DrBiden DNC Biden is staying home to be safe as he is so old. Not fit to be President. Will he run the Country from the basement in his big vacation home?

Watch the whole interview. The man is on a steep decline. Don’t forget he called a black man a junkie and laughed about it *Also asks the black reporter if he does cocaine. I fixed it for you MSDNC. JoeBiden because we the votes are asking you to do it because YOU are asking us for the keys to the Ferrari

You go first trumpy Debate2020 where is it? My physical or mental fill....mental fiii.....mental fitnergh...mental fitness. Apparently the fitness he needs to worry about is fitness trumps dick in his mouf. IT MAY NOT BE OBVIOUS TO THE FEBAL MINDED JOE BIDEN WHO ALRADY SAID HE TAKES THEM DAILY, I GUESS HE FORGOT

'That test is given by doctors to determine cognitive decline in patients believed to be developing dementia, and my doctor has never broached that subject with me,' would have been a more applicable answer. Americans want tRump to take a drug test, release his tax returns and his medical records. We've already seen tRump's cognitive test: Person Woman Man Camera TV

Hunter Biden is the smartest Biden. JoeBiden tell trump if he show his taxes you will be glad to go take the test.. This is why I’m voting for JoeBiden , he’s not afraid to tell 45 to go somewhere else w/ the dumb 💩... Just stop, how about you concentrate on real news and real problems that impact Americans.

Good answer Joe💕 Biden should only take a test if Donnie shows his tax returns. Quid pro quo. By 'pushes back' do you mean 'forgets the lie he told last month'? That answer alone is reason to skip the test!

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