Joe Biden Will No Longer Travel To Milwaukee To Accept Democratic Nomination - Cnnpolitics

Joe Biden Will No Longer Travel To Milwaukee To Accept Democratic Nomination - Cnnpolitics

Joe Biden will no longer travel to Milwaukee to accept Democratic nomination

Joe Biden will no longer travel to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to accept the Democratic presidential nomination due to concerns over coronavirus

8/5/2020 6:48:00 PM

Joe Biden will no longer travel to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to accept the Democratic presidential nomination due to concerns over coronavirus

Joe Biden will no longer accept the Democratic presidential nomination in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, officials said Wednesday, in the latest and strongest sign that the Democratic National Convention will be almost entirely virtual due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

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He won’t go because he forgot where it was. Hahahahaha yeah ok 👌 How could he run our country if he can’t make an in-person appearance? Vette broke down again? Y’all think it has nothing to do with the dementia? 😂 General: Mr. President Biden, the chinese army is at the south lawn, what do we do. Biden: Stay in the basement they might have covid and call Trump

Wow, Biden's handlers really don't want him to be seen in public. Maybe Hillary could fill in? And by 'Corona Virus' you mean, 'His rapidly worsening dementia.' The only ‘risk’ is when that man opens his mouth. He’s an utter embarrassment 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 Next he’ll try to cancel the debates with the same excuse.

* due to concerns about his dementia FTFY Do the National Democrats even know where Wisconsin is? You spelled dementia wrong. Right, but not because no police force will secure the area. Got it All politicians should be forced to do all of their duties. Being a leader of people is risky and dangerous and if you aren’t willing to take the same risks at nurses, doctors, restaurant staff, cleaners etc. then you aren’t willing to do what’s necessary to lead a nation.

Rice, I like Rice. We might have to have Harassment stay back to help put that Orange and the rest of the rotten fruit in the garbage( prison). Due to concerns of dementia. He is mentally ill people. He can’t form one clear sentence by himself. He can’t take a walk without someone holding his hand. The democrats trying to keep him away from stage because they know that he will fail badly in front of the people.

Why ? Then no one should go . We are going for him. Doubt he could find the way there even with a security detail and chauffeur! Would likely end up in Florida! Creepy J needs to worry about getting a cold let alone China virus It would have been awkward running into his victim Tara at the airport. 🤡 Do to concerns of his deteriating health!

Due to the fact he may have to speak This Veteran was planning on voting for joe but he might lose. Instead I'm voting for Trump 2020 to MAGA 🇺🇸 I’m good with that. And no debates either. Waste of time and gives POS POTUS a stage. Cowards dont make very good presidents. But masks work right? Or is he more subject to catching the Corona because of he's got a underlying condition?

Smart! Be safe JUST SAW AN INTERVIEW WHERE YOU SAID YOU HAVEN'T BEEN TESTED FOR YOUR COGNITIVE CAPABILITIES, BUT ON JUNE 30TH, YOU CLAIMED YOU HAVE BEEN TESTED...WHICH ONE IS IT. YOU SEEMED CONFUSED AND BILLIGERENT Which Joe will ride all the way to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave💪💪💪💪💪 BUT, BUT, WERE all supposed to get off our lazy butts and go find nonexistent jobs during a pandemic because The house and Senate havent approved $600 or more per week unemployment aid to americans

We need President Biden to win America back from TraitorTrump and the Russian real estate investor cartel. Keep Biden safe, for our nation’s future! JoeBiden, You have made a wise decision. We need you healthy! COVID-19 is rampant and we must be safe and vigilant about mask wearing and social distancing. We will be happy to watch your acceptance on TV. 💙💙VoteJoeBiden VoteJoe

Thank You Joe Biden ! ! Oh ok Pussy This ass hat can’t travel to Wisconsin he can’t be President. Drop the hell out. Remember dat movie “Dave”, look it up HE IS A BED RIDDEN today...Why you accept a men that never will be president?or never can defeat the big and better man?PRESIDENT TRUMP EVER WILL BE DEFEAT BY A disable corrupt politician name ROACH all need to get on track!!!

Wow what a strong leader he would make. NOT SMART!!!! Smart move, the Midwest has become a hot spot. Ohio May have flattened the curve early on but the little town I live in here has kids testing + right and left. Can we just vote already ! Good. No need to. Just do it virtually. Yeah . That’s the reason. Really. Question, how can a person run the country if they are to scared to get out of the basement over a cold?

Sleepy Joe should stay out of harms way by staying in bed Is this the way he is going to try to run the country if he is elected? He is getting the best preventative treatment in the world and he’s still afraid of getting sick? Is he that frail? HidinBiden He’s not going because he doesn’t know how too. police protection? /Yes, Mental Joe started walking to Milwaukee, thought that it would make Milwaukee ‘Famous’. Then after much thought about that, he went into the nearest bar for a beer & got lost but was later found in the back sniffing a bar mop who he thought was a thin blonde haired lady.

Mental concerns not really surprised after this fiasco 😂😂😂😂 omg False. It’s because he does not have the cognitive capability to make the speech. Gotta keep Joe healthy. AmericaOrTrump Yeah, that's the reason. Use Covid as the excuse, again. He’s done!!!!!!! If he can man up, then he shouldn’t be the President of Unite States of America.

Jorgensen4POTUS Just wear a mask silly. This is what being a responsible adult looks like. Joe Biden asked a black reporter today if he had taken a cocaine test before the interview WILL CNN COVER THIS OR WILL CNN LIE BY OMITTING THIS STORY IF TRUMP DID THE SAME THING THIS WOULD BE CNN BREAKING NEWS EVERY 5 MINUTES

Due to not being able to remember his lines. Hey CNN could you please investigate Optima Management Group and Privat Group. Wow! Someone with a brain instead of someone who is looking for admiration from his lemmings! A ploy to stop him from making a balls up before the election !! What’s he going to do all his presidency if he wins(and he won’t) sit in his basement trying to count his fingers? Not someone you want to lead the country

Hell, Biden wouldn’t even know if WAS in Milwaukee. Come on man! yeah right This is the exactly what is going to happen when the debates come. Hey acosta. Sean Hannity was no 1 on Amazon list before the book went on sale. Your book sold how many? Just shows that people buy intellectual.discourse. They reject self promotion and bullshit. The irony is priceless.

Basement bitch. Same excuse he will use not to debate, you can run but you will never hide Joe can’t go any where. Mentaly and physically enabled. So sad. Is Joe capable of the job he’s running for? It doesn’t appear like it. Hope voters aren’t sheeple and vote without seeing him campaign. He can safely get out Trump does it.

Good job with him having underlying health issues FakeNewsCNN stands with DementiaJoe not traveling for fear America will find out DementiaJoe cannot carry on a normal conversation because of his advance dementia Trump2020NowMoreThanEver No one should travel now He’s hiding. Wow! If he can’t even accept his nomination how can he debate Trump?

Lmao basement biden back at it agian in the bunker Of course he's not. Of course he won't debate. If you are a democrat and can't see what's really going on here... Man you really need help. Ask a kindergartner to draw you a picture because I'm sure they see it. Do it on the White House lawn. Joe Biden, I hope your party is not just working hard to make you Presedent but also working on plans that work some immediately when you become president because the people will need you to get the US back on its feet as quickly as you can.

this wasn't Biden's decision anymore that the VP decision 😂 I’d be more impressed if he declined the nomination so someone with a progressive agenda and real vision for the future of this country could accept it. Over concerns of corona. Wtf ever. Dems know his cognitive thinking is bye bye Good Because he has dementia and can’t speak

Leading from Behind........ Hiden Biden🤦 The Trump administration create a new momster that heat economy and all the people A guy who is not willing to take risk for his people cannot lead his nation. Dems will replace dementia Joe with another candidate. Actually he will probably be in his basement but think he is really there in Milwaukee. Staff will put some balloons in the room, he won’t know the difference.

That a boy.. keep hiding in that basement.. Right....... lol Yes, stay safe Pres Biden, we need you. sorry but i think its because all the police forces in the state said they would not do security but i guess he can use covid as an excuse It’s almost impressive how he’s been able to do so little and so well at the same time.

Biggest scam in US history...trying to imply Biden is mentally healthy Democrats ignoring Wisconsin again? Hillary did that...once. That’s a good thing. We already have millions infected with COVID-19. We don’t need anymore ppl sick. The virus leaves lasting health problems even if individuals survive. Heart, lungs & blood vessel damage may last forever. The ignorant repuks do not care if ppl get sick or die.

He did well. His frail immune system can't handle any infection If he wins the presidency, will he travel to other parts of the world or country? Why not if masks work? wise choice. Imagine having a President who cares about others’ well being. Couldn’t be me. Sensible Omg! How can Biden be president if he won’t leave his basement 🤦🏽‍♀️

Good he knows the danger ❤️ Exemplary 👏🏽 TRUMP WINS!

Joe Biden Won't Travel To Milwaukee For The Democratic National ConventionBiden will accept the Democratic nomination for president in Delaware because of the coronavirus. Does he know this? He’d get lost poor fella. He needs full time care.

Joe Biden Won’t Travel to Milwaukee for Democratic National ConventionBreaking: Joe Biden won't go to Milwaukee for the Democratic National Convention due to coronavirus concerns. He will deliver remarks from Delaware. comeoutofthebasementjoebiden I wonder if Biden will get backlash like realDonaldTrump did when he did backed out for the same reason... So now it starts.. Next he will cancel his appearance at the debates.....

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Joe Biden bundlers plot fundraising blitz to follow running mate announcementJoe Biden's bundlers are preparing a fundraising blitz that will follow the announcement of his running mate. We’re ready to give (more)! YouTube supports FAKE studies that have been retracted, but censors REAL studies about hydroxychloroquine Plot? This is how it usually works. I’m not sure why you’re trying to make it sound suspicious.

Joe Biden holds final interviews with VP candidates as he looks to announce pick next weekCalifornia Sen. Kamala Harris, former national security advisor Susan Rice and California Rep. Karen Bass are reported to be on Biden's short list. He will need help...since he likely won't remember who they are... Will the DNC let JoeBiden know who his VP is before they tell the press ? 🤣 Tell Joe to debate Trump