Biden to accept Democratic nomination virtually as DNC further scales back 2020 convention

Biden will accept his nomination virtually from his home state of Delaware, the DNC said.

8/5/2020 7:11:00 PM

BREAKING: Joe Biden to accept the Democratic nomination virtually, as DNC further scales back 2020 Milwaukee convention.

Biden will accept his nomination virtually from his home state of Delaware, the DNC said.

The change in plans marks an even more significantly scaled-down convention amid the raging outbreak. The announcement comes justweeks after the DNC said Biden had plannedto accept the nomination, but that the rest of the event would be nearly all virtual.

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In late June, the DNC had said publicly that delegates were being told to stay home because of COVID-19 concerns but that Biden would accept the nomination in person in Milwaukee,, while there have been nearly 4.8 million confirmed cases of the virus in the U.S.

Wisconsinof confirmed cases since July. Read more: NBC News »

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Keep him locked in the basement so the public doesn't figure out he can't even form a sentance I’m sure this has nothing to do with the police stating they wouldn’t assist with the DNC security.... Because he’s too incompetent to do it in person. He’s too spaced out on coke What a joke. Who votes for this nonsense 😂

Washington, DC is too dangerous for his health. Well it shows that Joe Biden has concern for his flower’s catching the Virus. While Trump does not care for his flowers catch the Virus or NOT In his basement with an earpiece in his ear to feed him the speech. JoyAnnReid Meanwhile... 💡 He has been a virtual candidate, and would be a virtual President, if he wins.

Thank VP Biden for being a leader in this pandemic. africaupdates ...Joe Biden to accept the Democratic nomination....Does He Know For Which Seat?..Senate Or Presidential?....YES...Your Answer is as good as Mine..🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 If he’s too fragile to fly on a private plane and make a speech or if he’s so Covid high risk, he should not run for ANY political office Step down .

Joe wake up and see 🇺🇸 on🔥 because democrats are supporting radical anarchists. 100s of delegates have decided not to vote for him if he doesn’t accept Medicare for All platform. Where’s your article? Biden isn't the real candidate. It's whoever has the puppet strings and keys to the basement he dwells in. ElderAbuse

He’s to afraid to do a long speech or a presidential debate ! Pathetic. He wants to leader of the free world, but he’s too afraid of a .26% fatal flu bug to risk leaving his house? So Biden can be virtually elected president, but real President will be Mr Trump. Is this correct? START THE DEBATES SEPTEMBER 6

Good, stay safe Biden. Don't let anyone goad you into being careless. Stay safe Mr. President! ProtectBidenAtAllCosts ASafeBidenForASafeDemocracy I Truly Believe It Would Better For The Biden Campaign To Have The Convention Virtually, Than To Travel. Very Safe and Smart. That is the way it should happen 👏

Good on you Joe! A candidate who listens to scientists and medical professionals and sets an example for for all. Poor Demented Joe 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 His geese will fly in live with masks , only removing them if landing in a peaceful burning city. I hope this spells the end of those ridiculous back-slapping clown fests with their good ol' boy insider trading, freak shows. Good riddance to the rallies. Their time is past.

Simply another part of the trick for cognitively challenged JoeBiden to avoid debating realDonaldTrump. Need to ensure (no pun) he won’t go off teleprompter. BillKristol ByronYork charliekirk11 CharlesHurt Smart! Well I hope Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and the Bernie Bros show up to express their feelings.

JoyAnnReid There are 12 days left before the Democratic Convention. I support Biden but I’m getting annoyed by this nonsense about his running mate. Just name the person, let us get familiar with the ticket! This is starting to feel like a preview of The Apprentice 🛑 JoyAnnReid There shouldn’t be any conventions. We don’t want to see a bunch of politicians high fiving themselves while 155,000 families are in mourning. If you don’t know who you’re voting for, you’ve been in a coma for the last 4 years.

shomaristone Um, if Biden will be a no-show for his own party's nomination there's little reason for other dems to attend. Let them ALL attend 'virtually'... the savings alone would finance another protest of some kind. Why save their $ for things that help voters. Dems are on the run. Their only hope is a virtual Biden and the China virus. He will instruct black Americans how to vote via the big screen.

Biden's puppeteers to accept nomination. Does anyone really think it is because of the virus JoyAnnReid Pick Harris JoyAnnReid smart move Lead by example. Are you a junkie? Where's that report, oh that's right . You don't want the public to see it, just like the documents released that tie Clinton to epstien Island. No one report

JoyAnnReid Heck, he doesn't even need to get out of sweats and his slippers!! It's a done deal. Yet again, our true President JoeBiden is doing the right thing!! Yay!! The thin blue line won’t be there to keep his handsy supporters away from him...Oops. Cowards JoyAnnReid Just make the whole thing virtual then no one is not coming. Everyone can join virtually and it is the new norm. Trying to find ways to put people unnecessarily in the same room is exactly that. Unnecessary

If voted into office, unlikely as it may be, will he be sworn into the position in his basement or the White House's? Won't debate(or can't), won't do live interviews, won't answer unscripted questions, and won't even go to his own DNC nomination. This is the leader you want? Has America had enough of shaking up the System.

Biden AFRAID OF TRUMP!!!! MAGA2020 WheresJoe Good as Wisconsin is ramping up and no one needs to spread this disease more.. No debate C’mon man ItsCocaineTestTime build back better is a beautiful tag line. but the incongruity between it and the constant dissing of mc4a has me wondering? do you think progressives are as dumb as trump supporters, or are you as dumb? thanks!

They're going to replace Biden with a hologram Responsible. I like that in a president JoeBiden2020 Somebody please Help Me..... Help Me...!!!💔💔💔😭 Good Isn't he fit for travel? BREAKING: AP source says Joe Biden will not travel to Milwaukee to accept the Democratic presidential nomination because of concerns over the coronavirus.

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Biden will not travel to Milwaukee for Democratic convention due to coronavirus concernsThe Democratic National Convention Committee announced that all speakers for the upcoming event will be joining virtually, including former Vice President Joe Biden, due to coronavirus concerns. Good Smart..... 'It is What it is'!!!!! After this morning's debacle no chance Joe's handlers let him out of the basement

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Trump’s Planning to Throw Everything He Can At BidenStill looking for something that sticks as his polls slide, the president and his team appear determined to go lower, striking an even darker note for the final months of the race. You mean the dude under criminal investigation? Bring it on. I believe it will get worse based on what I’ve read about malignant narcissism. Uglier than the Democratic cities being ripped apart by Democrats?