Cynicism is out. Earnestness is in. How did fashion get here? Kids of Immigrants

“L.A., more than ever, in 2021, is a driving force in the fashion world. It feels super community-based.” Facts.

9/16/2021 9:45:00 PM

“L.A., more than ever, in 2021, is a driving force in the fashion world. It feels super community-based.” Facts.

There’s something special that happens when Daniel Buezo and Weleh Dennis get in a room together. They have a bond, forged through the creation of their brand Kids of Immigrants.

DB:L.A., more than ever, in 2021, is a driving force in the fashion world. It feels super community-based. We came out the gate understanding how fashion can separate all of us. So we wanted to make something that didn’t do that but instead brought us all together. That not only looked good but felt good. When you’re wearing a shirt with a big-ass “LOVE” logo, we want you to actually feel that. L.A. gave us the opportunity to bring love through clothes to the world.

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AdvertisementWD:The thing that I’m proud of is seeing a cool young hip-hop artist wearing a Kids of Immigrants T-shirt and then seeing a teacher that is really into fashion, style and taste wear one. They’re both wearing that proudly for their own reason.

Daniel Buezo(Nailah Howze/For The Times)DB:We’re just real. What we articulate through our designs or through our social channels is the people you’re going to meet. We’re in this journey of self-awareness and self-evolution.WD:When we’re doing things and I hear, “Oh, you guys are about community.” That word is weird to me at times because I’ve never used it. I’ve never had to use it. It’s just part of upbringing.

DB:Us being community-driven, it’s not a marketing plan. It’s just who we are.WD:I know people don’t consider us a luxury company. But I think we’re the most luxurious company when it comes to the way we think: Love is a huge luxury. We’re trying to put a face to love; color palettes, shapes, events, conversation to love.

DB:What we’re representing is so much more than just clothing. To see the shift in consciousness that’s happening right now — we’re happy that we took those steps years back, because now it feels more like home.WD:It’s not a performative thing. It’s just presenting joy, coolness and positivity in a very well-thought-out way.

DB:What is next for us is beyond our imagination. It’s so much more than just, “I’m looking forward to our next collection” — which I am, of course — but when you have these sort of values, things can go into places that you will never imagine.Kids of Immigrants Immigrants Tote Bag in Natural Multi, $50, Sold Out.

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