States Are Sounding The Alarm On Covid-19 Outbreaks Among School-Age Children - Cnn

States Are Sounding The Alarm On Covid-19 Outbreaks Among School-Age Children - Cnn

States sound alarm over Covid-19 outbreaks among school kids

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9/15/2021 11:36:00 PM

Covid-19 cases are surging among children as the school year begins — many in districts without mask mandates

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Man builds rotating house so his wife has better views - CNN Video

Vojin Kusic from Srbac in Bosnia-Herzegovina says his wife was undecided about the view she wanted to see from their window, so he came up with a solution - a rotating house.

Why did CNN stop blaming every single Covid death on the president. I mean the current admin ran on a promise to “crush the virus” and I guess we can say they failed. So aren’t all death now blood on Biden’s hands? I don't understand how parents are willingly throwing their kids head on into this virus without any protections.

SimcoeNews SMDhealthunit RandCoSchools Holy Poop! You cannot choose DICTATORSHIP for 110 million people in Ethiopia! They are getting rid of tyranny and you just watch the show and report properly! AFP Reuters AJEnglish France24_en dwnews FoxNews AP_Africa nytimes CNNHELPSTERRORISM UnityForEthiopia

Shocker Overseas Pakistani in the most of the European countries are terrorist Amazingly, they're not dying in droves... Pakistani government is making fake covid 19 certificate in2000 Pakistani rupees only

Another radio host who urged listeners to boycott COVID-19 vaccines dies from COVID-19Bob Enyart is at least the fifth anti-vaccine talk show host to die from complications due to COVID-19 in recent weeks. F around and find out He died doing what he loved. I would not make him get this one, but it mighta helped. Not my choice. May he Rest In Peace. Now, let’s stop reporting on these cases with the tone and suggestion that they deserved to die.

Let's close the globe and jump off

Covid-19: NI records 10 Covid-linked deaths,1,304 casesThe total number of deaths linked to coronavirus in NI since the start of the pandemic is 2,478.

Few people medically exempt from getting COVID-19 vaccine: ExpertsMedical experts who have been keeping track of COVID-19 vaccines and their effectiveness, say there are very few situations and conditions which would force a patient to put off getting vaccinated. Religious Exemptions should not apply. Zealots are part of the Trump base movement, earning their living in science and technology based companies. Their personalities align with addictive substance abusers when following Trump and their wacky religious ways It's almost like you're trying to sell exemptions as an option. WTF is MSM doing lately? Pushing narratives clouds the idea that objectivity is a thing.

COVID-19 cases climbing, wiping out months of progressCOVID-19 deaths and cases in the U.S. have climbed back to where they were over the winter, wiping out months of progress. The deteriorating picture has angered and frustrated medical professionals who see the heartbreak as preventable. I live in Florida. Things are finally starting to get better down here. And which of those are deaths due to something outside of Covid but yet the hospital is claiming they had Covid? 70% of the population vaccinated but cases up 200% year over year.

ANALYSIS: California Gov. Gavin Newsom romps based on twin fears of COVID-19 and Trumpmost voters are upset with pandemic, but you can't blame the pandemic. You can blame the governor, especially when he's forced to be the adult in the room. Californians mostly approve of Newsom's handling of the pandemic these days. His trip to French laundry was stupid. The GOP would be upset with Newsom no matter what he did. Nonsense

Jeff Bridges' cancer is in remission, but COVID-19 put him in the hospital for weeks“My dance with Covid makes my cancer look like a piece of cake,” Jeff Bridges wrote in March but didn’t publish until now. Now, he said, the respiratory illness is in the rearview mirror.