Cop Who Pinned Black Teen Was Allegedly Positive for COVID During Incident

Deputy Conner Martin had coronavirus the day he mounted Nekia Trigg.

8/4/2021 10:58:00 AM

Cop Who Pinned Black Teen Was Allegedly Positive for COVID During Incident

Deputy Conner Martin had coronavirus the day he mounted Nekia Trigg.

@tharealjadawada/InstagramThe Texas cop who mounted a Black teen didn't just get too close for comfort for the family, but perhaps too close for the CDC as well ... because the guy allegedly had COVID that day.Nekia Trigg's family attorney,Kim T. Cole

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, tells TMZ ... the Kaufman County Sheriff's Office just got ahold of them to let both Nekia and her mother,Antanique RayConner Martinhad tested positive for the virus at the time of the altercation.Cole says Antanique tested negative Monday, but they're still waiting on results for Nekia ... who just went in for a test herself on Tuesday.

Play video contentMOM TOO@tharealjadawada/InstagramStill, despite testing negative ... we're told Antanique lost 5 days of work because she quarantined until she got her test results back ... she's out a week's worth of income.The KCSO declined to comment on Martin's condition.

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Fucking ew. wtf 😂😂😂 That mfer Media is focused on red state hillbillies when African Americans have the lowest vaccination rate in America. Black privilege is real. No issues with the way this officer controlled this woman. No taser, no gun, no strikes, simply BJJ moves to control her. Get educated people.

I wonder what their lawyer would be saying if he let her walk into traffic? That wasn’t great optics, but she is not dead. Saving someone’s life isn’t always pretty. It just doesn’t stop now COVID wtf, when will the excuses end Ohh gosh, let’s see how many people who they arrested had covid. As if they did this on purpose! They weren’t looking to arrest back people & give them Covid🤣

Sue the shit out of them Gonna kill a black man one way are another!!! 🤔 is this a porn video? Why the Hell is he laying on a Minor like that? Cmon.

Black female cop sues Florida police after being demoted: 'A slap in the face'Keandra Simmons, 41, alleges she was discriminated against by the Miami Police Department when she was demoted from a major to a lieutenant. Fuck that. People always want “equality” until it comes time to face their punishment.

She’s Prolly positive for a child too holding her in that amphibian position. Hahahaha will it ever end Lol now this. Now the media is combining their division scare tactics. You can’t make this up, well actually, I guess you can oh oh Allegedly btw. 🐑 No!.. He need to be dealt with.. On a serious Note.🌎

I'm sure it's been a while since y'all seen a good ghost pepper challenge Haaaaaaa The cop should pay her the money she’s loosing because of the cop Your toast now

Black Teen, Family Evacuate Home Due to Death Threats Over Cop Mounting HerThe Black teen who was mounted by a white cop in Texas has evacuated her home following death threats. Selling my twitter page 37k followers That was really disgusting to watch. Cop was horny...

Cops don’t wear masks. Never understood why. 😂😂😂 Just watched the arrest video. The cop is clearly dumb and didn't manage the situation properly He could have called social services after initiating co tact with the distressed girl He could have walked her home while talking to her He could have allowed her call a relative

Damn Damn Damn If he knew that he was positive when he went to work that day, then this is tantamount to public endangerment. Pinning a child like that is already reckless endangerment. He Wasn't Wearing A Mask 😤😤😡😡😡 Geez. These cops are unbelievable He looks like he's too young to get the vaccine. Policing in America. What a disgrace.

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This headline is a disgusting anti police tactic. He probably caught it from her Why was he on duty in the first place if he was? He was trying to prevent this girl from suicide and you keep trying to make the bad guy This is raping Covid is no joke So in order to be a cop in the U.S you Obviously do not have to undergo any sort of formal traning, just be a dick and you get your gun and ready to go? Speachless. Btw how old is this guy? 12?

You know that’s sad but this is really pushing it trying to blame the cop in every way just cus he is on top of a black teen because they resisted arrest is a bit of a joke, like i really don’t think him being positive for covid should be a tmz story tbh it’s a joke

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