T.I. Says He Was Arrested in Amsterdam After Bike Incident with Cop

T.I. Says He Was Arrested in Amsterdam After Bike Incident with Cop

8/4/2021 5:00:00 AM

T.I. Says He Was Arrested in Amsterdam After Bike Incident with Cop

T.I. says he was arrested in Amsterdam after bike incident with cop.

says cops in Amsterdam busted him over a bike incident involving an officer -- but he says they never put handcuffs on him, and he's already out of jail after posting bail.The rapper recorded a video Tuesday while he says he was in custody in Amsterdam. According to T.I., he was riding his bicycle and didn't stop when crossing the street. He says instead ... he kept going and his handlebar broke off a cop's side mirror.

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What are the chances??? Still, Tip's taking it in stride ... you can tell in the video, it's probably the chillest anyone's ever been while dealing with the police. He says the cops were chill too, and escorted him to the backseat of their car without ever taking out their cuffs.

Play video contentHOW IT WENT DOWNIt seems he was quickly released ... 'cause T.I. later went on Instagram Live and said he wasn't even tripping about the incident. When a friend of his called the incident"bulls**t" ... T.I. quickly responded saying it wasn't and that"everybody has a bad morning." headtopics.com

Some fans sitting outside a nearby joint recognized him and asked for a picture. The rapper pulled up and sat right next to them and ordered drinks. Read more: TMZ »

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live u life cool song Check it out 🔥🎶🎙 Underdog ~ YPMicah Who cares Doing it for the gram take his version of events with teeny weeny grain of salt 'Bike Incident'

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