Cheney takes on Trump

The move could position Liz Cheney to rise higher in leadership in a post-Trump GOP.

7/1/2020 3:30:00 AM

Rep. Liz Cheney has suddenly become one of the most outspoken GOP critics of Donald Trump. Even more surprising: She hasn’t faced any serious blowback from the president

The move could position Liz Cheney to rise higher in leadership in a post-Trump GOP.

” — the same phrase that Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been using to take digs at Trump, and one that touches on a sensitive subject for the president: his manhood.Cheney’s colleagues say she’s avoided Trump’s wrath because there’s no question about her credentials — the name Cheney is practically synonymous with conservatism — and because she’s strategic about her battles with Trump.

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Plus, Cheney aggressively defends the president in the spots where it matters to the White House, like impeachment, and spends far more time attacking Trump’s favorite foes, such as Pelosi or China. That has enabled Cheney to carve out her own space in the party, without alienating Trump’s base or jeopardizing her bona fides on the right.

“I’ve never known our conference chair to not speak her mind, in a professional and thoughtful way,” said retiring Rep. Greg Walden (R-Ore.). But, he added, Cheney is also “a strong defender of the president where they agreed. So she calls it when she sees it — sort of the Wyoming spirit, I guess.”

Cheney’s office declined to make her available for an interview, and she refused to answer questions from POLITICO in the Capitol this week.Cheney’s allies insist her public critiques of the president are not motivated by her future political ambitions, but rather by her personal convictions.

"I’ve never known our conference chair to not speak her mind, in a professional and thoughtful way."Rep. Greg Walden (R-Ore.).Still, some GOP lawmakers and strategists believe that putting some distance between her and Trump — in contrast to her fellow Republican leaders in the House, like Kevin McCarthy of California and Steve Scalise of Louisiana — could come in handy if Trump goes down in November.

“If the elections are as dismal for Republicans as they appear today, the finger-pointing will begin immediately,” said GOP strategist Doug Heye. “That presents an opportunity for someone like Cheney to say that, while they supported much of the agenda, they were a truth-teller when the party needed it.”

Added one Republican lawmaker, who requested anonymity to speak frankly: “I believe she is trying to establish her own lane for the future, distinct from Trump and his acolytes.”Cheney, the elder daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney and one of the party’s most hawkish national security voices, has already quickly climbed the leadership ranks in a GOP conference long dominated by older men.

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In only her second term in the House, Cheney, 53, was tapped by her colleagues to serve as the party’s conference chair — a key messaging post within the House GOP, especially with Republicans in the minority. Cheney also signaled where she saw her political future when she declined to run for an open Senate seat, instead opting to remain in a House leadership role that could catapult her to the speakership one day.

“Remember, she had a chance to run for Senate and decided to stay in the House, which I think shows a lot of where her passion lies,” said Rep. Drew Ferguson of Georgia, the GOP’s chief deputy whip.Since arriving in Congress in 2017, Cheney has earned a reputation for clashing with members of her own party: She confronted then-Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin over defense spending, duked it out with Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky over military action toward Iran, called for Rep. Steve King of Iowa to step down for making racist remarks and briefly launched a primary bid against Sen. Mike Enzi of Wyoming.

So it has come as no surprise to Cheney’s colleagues that she has tangled with Trump, too. But in recent months, her public criticism has seemed to grow louder.In one notable incident last month, McCarthy — a close Trump ally the president calls “My Kevin” — repeatedly dodged questions during a news conference about Trump’s baseless tweets suggesting MSNBC host Joe Scarborough murdered a former aide. Cheney, however, went out of her way to make clear how she felt: she vehemently disagreed with the attacks.

“I do think the president should stop tweeting about Joe Scarborough. We’re in the middle of a pandemic,” Cheney told a group of reporters after the news conference ended. “He’s the commander in chief of this nation. And it’s causing great pain to the family of the young woman who died.”

For some, it was reminiscent of when Cheney stood up for Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and former Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, two impeachment witnesses who were both publicly attacked by Trump on Twitter.Cheney has also positioned herself as a voice of reason in the GOP when it comes to the coronavirus crisis. When Trump was calling to reopen the economy as early as Easter, she warned against it. And when many on the right were attacking Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation's top infectious disease expert, Cheney rushed to his defense.

“Dr. Fauci is one of the finest public servants we have ever had. He is not a partisan. His only interest is saving lives,” she tweeted. “We need his expertise and his judgment to defeat this virus. All Americans should be thanking him. Every day.”Cheney is even more outspoken when it comes to foreign policy and national security issues. She called Trump’s recently announced plans to remove U.S. troops from Germany “dangerously misguided,” blasted the president’s idea to host peace talks with Taliban leaders at Camp David, and said it would be a “very serious mistake” if Trump failed to retaliate against Iran for downing an American surveillance drone.

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But unlike some of the other Republicans who have lambasted Trump, Cheney has managed to remain unscathed. Trump’s base is notably not driven by issues of foreign policy.And in fact, the president has repeatedly praised the two-term congresswoman and singled her out at White House events, declaring that Cheney has an “unlimited future” and that Wyoming is “lucky” to have her as its representative.

“She’s never personal about it,” Ferguson said of Cheney’s criticism of the president. “It’s an honest discussion about how she feels about the policy. And so many people attack the president on personality.” Read more: POLITICO »

She's all talk. Don't believe her. Did you see the way her daddy looked at trump at the Bush funeral? Like a velociraptor stalking prey. I’m sure trump’s seen the photo and knows he better not cross him. Cheney might want to take him hunting. 🤷🏽‍♀️ LOL, what exactly has she done? Her dad is a genocidal maniac and she's a warmonger.

He doesn’t know how to take on a strong Republican woman, especially since her father is a stealth strong arm 💪! Regardless of anything she says or does. HER FATHER SHOULD BE TRIED FOR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY ! HE IS THE MAN THAT FABRICATED ALL THE LIES THAT MADE HIM EXTREMELY RICH FROM CREATING WAR AND GOVERNMENT COLLAPSE IN THE MIDDLE EAST!

Too fucking late. The RINOS always looking a dog to kick. But Republicans are reporting back to their old balls and scared to stand up Democrats. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 I’m not a fan, but we need to save the GOP from bigots, traitors, criminals. I wish Trump would go hunting with her father. Never forget her past and her roots. Just because she is trying to jump ship now. Never forget.

Covering her ass. Maybe the blow back is a game they both agreed on! Good Cop Bad Cop 1. He’s scared of women. 2. She hasn’t really said anything. Her dad knows how to shoot although his aim is off he can hit you smack in the face! He doesn’t dare. AudreyGarden We have noticed North Carolina’s Thom Tillis making horrible comments about Donald Trump, while asking for support from Independent Donors, but afraid to voice his displeasure with Trump’s behavior to Trump or the Media! At least Cheney is stating openly how she feels!

AudreyGarden If he goes after her, he could lose all the others support. He's afraid of her, like he is of most women. Maybe because Trump knows that the Cheney family has no problem shooting people in the face? Deep state strikes again Hmmmm. Next GOP presidential candidate? Come on, she’s no fucking hero

I'm surprised Trump hasn't verbally abused her ? Yet Cause it’s just a show. Does she really feel what she says. Who knows Too little too late. All of the SenateGOP and HouseGOP have the stench of trump on them they betrayed America and now 130,000 are dead Let’s not forget who her father is😈 evilman

Stop it right now. You are allowing the Dems and MSM split the party in 1/2. That is a good way to put that not all there pervert into the White House. Just STOP!!! The women get it. That's because her dad has a Death Star and isn't afraid to use it. She is planning to be the 2020GOP candidate for President.

Don't forget, he's terrified of strong women. Pretty low bar to clear I’m not a big Liz Cheney Fan but she has NO PROBLEM calling out Donnie’s bullshit. That is a fact. The rest of the GOP are a bunch of COWARDS ! Never trust a Cheney. Dude.... women OWN him She get credit for waiting this long yo speak up? Screw that. VoteThemOut VoteOutTheGOP VoteBlueNoMatterWho

Who's gonna talk shit to the daughter of a man who ran Bush 2 like a prostitute, shot a man in the face and got away with it, and who's on his third heart with no signs of stopping? Playing her cards like a Cheney does... No one f***s with the Cheneys. I like how Joe Rogan put it. 'Dick Cheney is so gangster he shot is lawyer friend in the face and his friend apologized'

Could we be nearing the bottom of this disastrous administration? Every time this president does something that can only be described as incomplete or repugnant, we think it can’t worse and that the GOP will finally say “enough, no more”. That’s yet to happen. Wow what a surprise I may not agree with you on many things but THANK YOU for standing up to this President !

She knows a traitor when she sees one. .....Yet. Just wait. Everyone gets thrown under the Trump bus at some point. She’s done the math, no reason to tie herself to the titanic. I’m sure her dad is guiding her, and her dad might be a lot of things but stupid isn’t one of them. The Lizard sees an opening to strike after almost 4 years of saying nothing. Now that the GOP is crashing the Republicans all of a sudden like masks and maybe Drumpf is not do good. It will get worse.

Takes a family of killers to know a family of killers. Another thanks He's afraid her dad will accidentally shoot him. The first rat to jump off the sinking Trump ship...Who will be next? About time Cheney is speaking up. Who knows what she's up to but POTUS reading or knowing of bounties on our American soldiers is very, very wrong.

There are a few special people that have more dirt on trump than trump has on them. There is no one in congress except maybe Jim_Jordan and DevinNunes that supports Trump at a genuine level and not total opportunism. That is because WhiteHouse has no policy agenda. Any GOP elected officials who have higher office aspirations must create degrees of separation from Trump’s carnage. Rubio would, if he had the sense to.

She will vote for trump, period. She is a blonde woman. trump’s aids are hiding this news so his brain doesn’t explode? She can fuck all the way off. She gets no points for stating the obvious. She may speak up but what has she actually done? Nothing. She’s a Republican and they enable this lunacy. Do leftists ever find it slightly suspicious when they're constantly agreeing with the GOP establishment while Trump supporters are against it?

is it too little too late or better late than never? she is still complicit to Trumps policies for the last 3 1/2 years. That's saying a lot!!! She will, she’s just not fully on his radar yet. CrankyAssCajun Her Daddy will shoot him! CarolYMorrisse1 He’s a little busy being burnt by everyone under the sun right now, but I’m sure he’ll get around to Lizzy.

He probably hasn't noticed her because she's such an inconsistent flake. It was 1 tweet, politico. Don’t spit up all over yourselves. I mean her dad “accidentally” almost shot someone’s face off..... so there’s that Daily reminder that RepLizCheney will nothing substantive in the end because she’s a coward and realDonaldTrump knows it. Also her father is a sleazy war criminal who caused hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths and he should have be on trial in The Hague.

He knows that her dad, Darth Cheney, can still choke him with his Dark Side powers. Is Trump afraid of her father? Probably because he can’t blackmail her 🤷🏻‍♀️ She still sucks. Just trying to leave the sinking ship before it goes completely under. They think they can just switch ”moral” to on now when the election is getting closer. I really hope this isn’t working out for them.

Too little too late He doesn’t want to get locked in her dad’s safe or shot in the face. Trump’s afraid he will get shot by her father. Trump is probably actually afraid of Liz Cheney. He knows who her father is & how underhanded & powerful he was in Bush administration. Somebody had to do it Because her father has a history of shooting people in the face

Being Republican “royalty” does provide some immunity from the Trump pathogen! No reason for blowback when you know you have the winning card. There was a difference of opinion in the intelligence agency that prevented the intro from Potus. Let the false story spread what can it hurt. More bs. Maybe he has no dirt on her

Basically,m this is all for her own agenda. Where has she been for the past 3 1/2 years? She voted against impeachment. This is lip service. Don’t trust her Where have you been for three years? ManMet80 You know trump is afraid of Dick Cheney!😂 It’s amazing... he hasn’t commented on this at all. It is almost like it hit a nerve.

👍👍👍👍👍 Hi Liz you should get your party’s politicians to call on Donald Trump to resign he has failed to execute his oath of office and has betrayed the men and women he commands Trump's afraid Dick will invite him hunting 😂 Yet. That’s because trump knows her father will crush his fat ass. But still the daughter of a War definition

The Cheneys have always been shrewd. They have probably made the calculation that he is losing, so they are jumping ship. jordanla23 Because he’s afraid of Dick Cheney. Well her dad did have that shooting incident..... A good sign. As they say in Africa, even a jackal will attack a dead lion. If there’s a convention revolt, we now know who’s going to be the nominee.

Wondering why. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. To think I imagined that, after Trump, the Republicans might find integrity again. Dizzy Lizzy She is a WTBB/ A Want To Be Blond so don’t worry about her! DebraMessing Interesting Hi , Liz Cheney found out, like most other people, that realDonaldTrump has no moral compass or scrape of humanity. Say 12 things bad about him bit make the 13th one good. He will love you like he doesn't love his youngest son. I'm sure you guys know this.

Why no blowback? We'll use a baseball metaphor. You don't swing, at a pitch in the dirt. JeffAndersonDC1 How did she vote on impeachment? Good for her, I hope others follow her cue. Yes, odd. Wait for it should be coming anytime now. No blow back, because Dumpty is afraid of outspoken women. Are we GreatAgain yet...?

Trump is a bully and bully’s are cowards when confronted. Good for her. Nice to know there are a few decent ones. I think Trump will lose in November and will form his own party, seriously undermining the GOP. He'll attract the racists, anti-vax, 5G, gun nuts. It could be big enough to cause problems.

Don’t trust her. Or any other never trumpsters. Once he is gone. They will be go back to being the same corporations are everything and people are not. Money money money that’s all the Republican party cares about. Is post-Trump GOP a thing? Someone wants to run for President. Think it's all part of play acting -- they get directives to act like they are criticising him to calm the blue wave and appear moderate or controlling the president as a conscientious objector to Trump.

Hmmm isn't that interesting? Predictable. Making way for retro ChristianRight! Quite sad. ReplacePence with woman and kag DebraMessing that's cuz her daddy shoots republicans in the face and then makes them apologize to him. criticism of trump: great and necessary. but liz cheney is an evil person all the same. do not trust her. she just wants to save herself.

DebraMessing I generally can't stomach the woman, but he knows she would f'ing destroy him if he went after her. No blowback is VERY interesting. I think her Daddy can swallow Putin. In one bite. This article talks up her “personal convictions.” But this person betrayed her own sister for a (failed) run at a Senate seat, under a homophobic banner at that. Glad she is calling out Trump but the accolades about her so-called convictions are BS.

DebraMessing In the Republican Party and Trump’s world, Liz_Cheney RepLizCheney is a nothing. She also brings in no money. And her father is a war criminal and Trump was against Iraq (aka Cheney) war. Who knew we look toward a Cheney to lead again huh? Haaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrrrrrrdddddddddddd..pass to all this.

He's afraid of dick Cheney made so much off gwb admin it makes trumf look like change behind the couch .. both foul admin, both GOP , funny right Get him! She did not utter the word Trump or tagged him on her tweets. What a rebuked. Utter nonsense. Per NateSilver538 She votes In line With the admistration 97% of the time. That speaks volumes too

POTUS is probably afraid Darth Cheney will invite him bird hunting... Trumps afraid of dick,as one could assume. Politics of death and destruction. Where’s daddy Yeah give her a day or 2 So she’s buffing her resume for the 2024 Presidential election, correct? What part of Cheney is difficult to understand? They are a family of political opportunists.

This seems to me a very smart political move. No blowback? Yet, maybe? Aaaand it’s way too little waaay too late. Bullies back down when challenged. Maybe others in the GOP will wise up, too. DebraMessing Because I think we all know that she could kick his ass. He knows it too. I don’t like her, but I would pay to see her kick his ass. Fist to cuffs.

DebraMessing Eh, she’s just another Republican who waited until Trump’s numbers were low enough to come out against him. She’s trying to salvage the GOP and when Biden is POTUS, she’ll go back to being awful against Dems and blocking any progress. She should be voted out. She is part of the useless American establishment.

She hasn't gone on FoxNews and seanhannity to express her outspoken views on the President. That name Cheney though...makes my skin crawl 🤮🤮 DebraMessing She has some balls... Lindsey, Mitch. Thyme, Cornyn... not so much. Trump will never mess with her, he knows who will turn on him if he does. Her dad isn’t the nicest person either. I wish trump would tho.

DebraMessing she wants to be the next GOP speaker DebraMessing Ok this is all the doing of KarlRove . HE is the one counseling her to start these attacks and position herself like this from Donny so she can start to brand herself as being a critic of the President within the GOP. That guy got BUSH 43 elected...he's an evil genius.

Trump is prolly scared of Dick Cheney. DebraMessing You can't trust any of them. DebraMessing Trump’s afraid if he says anything bad about her, then Dick Cheney will take him duck hunting. DebraMessing What's she been criticizing? Fuck her. The bar is so low. I’m visiting her state right now out of necessity. No one is wearing masks, cities aren’t cancelling 4th of July celebrations, restaurants aren’t social distancing, stores aren’t requiring masks. She’s still part of the problem.

Good on her that she has the guts to do so. I think it is a lost cause. Repubs have done zero while 128000 citizens have died except support him in his no masks, no si3cial distancing. Nothing about weakening NATO, nothing about bringing Putin into G7/8. She’s still as disgusting as her father. Maybe even more.

He’s scared of her dad. Now that the ship is sinking the rats a starting to jump off. Go get him Liz! MyP_Chicago She's probably the only strong woman in the GOP. The rest of the women in the GOP behave like a 1950's housewife. Oh she will, wait for it.... The rats are leaving the ship. Because she doesn’t matter. Cheney... name says it all

Yeah What's Liz Cheney's agenda? Remember this is the woman who dissed her gay sister. Liz does nothing out of altruism He's afraid of her. Dick Cheney is her dad, and 45 is more afraid of him. Come on Liss. We KNOW! Your act is no better than Dementia Joe’s act. THE GAME IS UP! To Quote Ellen(Allen) Degenerate “RUN FORREST, RUN!” GodWins

MRIrene He doesn’t dare.... Go Liz. Be a hero. Trump’s afraid Dick will shoot him in the face if he attacks Liz. And she should be wuerker Trump says he could get away with shooting someone on 5th Avenue and not lose any votes. Dick Cheney did shoot a man in the face and the man apologized to Cheney. These are the ppl Liz is inspired by. No thank you. Btw, has anyone looked into unsolved shootings on 5th Ave?


It's all about 2024 now for these GOP self serving cowards In the final days, you change your tune. The Republican Party has lost its way and you enabled Trump to usher in corruption and insanity. That’s real failure. The bar is so low that tweeting a picture of your dad wearing mask positions you to be a rising star within GOP calling the president out to make sure our troops aren't being killed by his negligent is heroic? That's supposed to be a mantra from all Americans. But it says a lot.

Daddy must have something on Trump Unlike Democrats who ALWAYS follow the line from Queen Nancy Hardly surprising. Who of us dares challenge Dracula's daughter? secupp She’s a hack. Just goes whatever way the wind is blowing. secupp And who cares? Makes you wonder ... Her dad has the pictures. Even Darth Vader's daughter can see the writing on the light sabers.

Trump will only respond if cable news briefs him about what she is saying Too Late!!! Too Late!!! Americans Getting COVID 19, 40 Thousand!!! Per Day! 130 THOUSAND DEAD🚩 2.7 Million Infected🦠🦠🦠Russia Bounty Hunting US Soldiers!!! Liz Cheney Didn’t See The Need To Remove Trump! She Defended Him During The Impeachment! She Knew Trump Was Guilty!

Because her daddy is still around. secupp Wants to be a VP. probably worried Dick would invite him hunting if he did There are a lot of fires in the White House and not enough extinguishers...they’ll get to her eventually. Let’s start trying out nicknames trump will give her...Psycho Liz...Lazy Liz...Late to the Party Liz

Not shocking in the least. She is protecting her father and his gang He will just do his usual 'she's s nasty woman'. Because that is Trump's attitude towards all women. Liz this is your time. He is scared shitless of you. Liz_Cheney She is a snowflake Yet! Some of the chickens coming home to roost? She hasn’t said Trump’s name once and she knew what she was getting when she voted to acquit him, please stfu.

Who cares VP candidate ,when he dumps Pence ? Trump fears her dad - for he is even more evil and a lot smarter than trump - plus he tends to shoot people (2006 hunting accident) She has my attention. cc: AssemblyRoomUSA No blowback from Trump? Hell no, her dad would shoot him in the face. She been knew all this

I’m f’n scared of her. People die when they mess with the Cheney’s. Just a matter of time. Donald Trump is a rabid dog infected with rabies. He barks and bites everyone except his master Putin Her Daddy literally has no heart and will shoot Trump's arse! It’s because Cheney has relatively easy access to Karl Rove, who could end Trump if he goes too far.

I think trump knows his goose is cooked GulliAz She is eyeing on 2024 like Paul Ryan. Darth Vader is telling her how to play the game! She’s full of ship! Don’t fall for it. Word is, her old man’s a hard ass. Maybe because her dad makes Emperor Palpatine look liberal. It would be fun to watch Trump try to tangle with Liz Cheney. She'd blow him away.

PleaseThink1776 Seems like positioning for a higher office. The rats are jumping ship. She will face blowback from the voters Hey, realDonaldTrump: How about protecting American soldiers from your buddy Putin. TrumpKnew RussianAsset TrumpIsANationalDisgrace TrumpIsACompleteFailure NotAHoax NotUnderControl NotDownToZero

What took her so f***ing long? I suppose all these Johnny come lately GOPCowards will all of a sudden come out of the closet and want to be praised for finally speaking up. WHERE WERE YOU ALL at the NO WITNESSES impeachment hearing Reading the writing on the wall... Afraid of her father most likely. He knows better.😏

You just ruined that without this article. She seems to have her Dad’s backing too For onces, a good article by Politico. Rep Cheney, takes after her father, smart & professional , keeps away from personal. The Democrats should learn something from her. Too little, way to late. When her time is up, she goes into the trash bin.

The rats are starting to jump ship. McConnel? Rubio? Graham? Who wants to be next? Give the Commander in Tweet time. The late night rage tweeting is what he is good at. Sounds like someone is planning on running for President. He won’t mess with her. She would kick his ass. Not outspoken enough. If she REALLY brought the heat she may find herself with the kind of support most politicians only dream of. At this point people are craving a voice of reason so bad even a Cheney could be a hero. Might help her dads rep too.

This is the kind of social distancing that comes from getting caught with your hand in the cookie jar... You know, Biden would probably give Liz Cheney a spot in the White House he wants it to be someone bi-partisan. So tell me, what position would you give her? Probably afraid her dad would shoot him in the face.

IMO she is running for prez in 2024 and is beginning to distance herself from Trump. I hate the Cheney’s, but they have good political instincts and know Trump is going to lose. She wants to think he did not touch her there ,ok You don’t mess with Darth Vader’s daughter! Oh Hell no. She is not going to be the second compromised asset installed by Putin. This chick is cracked.

That’s right good for her, someone needs to start speaking up against The Critic In Chief! Go for it Liz!! Because she is worthless. She isn't changing any member of the GOP. She doesn't really mean it. Face masks disrupt my breathing! Wearing a mask may can affect how you breathe. You might find yourself taking shallow breaths, or even holding your breath. This can cause you to breathe in more carbon dioxide, which can cause headaches and nausea.

He’s scared of her Donnie doesn't want to get shot in the face. Buckshots a bitch. It always takes a woman Daddy Dick probably ordering this. So? Every republican that is against Trump is no longer in office, and has no power. Dick Cheney was for gay marriage only after he exiting the White House. All politicians seek power which is why acting Senators are supporting Trump now but will oppose him after they leave DC

He’s intimidated by women. Must be that small appendage in his lower half. He’s scared of her!! You Go Girl. Perhaps she will become the nominee. That would be fun to watch Trump vs. Papa Cheney. My money is Dick. Trump won't say anything about Liz the school yard bully is too much of a coward. This is about as new as Russia supplying the Taliban with funds to counter our troops in Afghanistan.

He Scared of Strong women.... With his Weak Self. 🙅🏾‍♀️🙅🏾‍♀️ He’s afraid of her father. If Dick Cheney still owns that shotgun. I wouldn't say anything about his wife either. No surprise. He’s afraid of strong women. Trump's scared of her dad with his shotgun.

Poll: Biden, Trump locked in dead heat in Ohio, where Trump won by 8 in 2016Trump&39;s job approval has remained about the same in Ohio for the past year, with 44% of those polled approving of the job he&39;s done. Whatever you say, Karen. Biden has full blown DEMENTIA. Don't waste your votes. He's being controlled by the fascist lintel libs. Biden has this Ohioans Vote

Twitch Temporarily Suspends Trump For 'Hateful Conduct,' While Reddit Bans Pro-Trump Forum'The_Donald' subreddit, notorious for its controversial yet popular posts, had over 790,000 subscribers as of Monday morning. Maybe American social media should ban you, for spewing Chinese propaganda? Saying it was just a 'pro-trump forum' is putting it lightly. Well we trying to get rid of racist assholes, need to start at the top.

As Trump campaign takes stock of disastrous June, is the president’s heart in re-election?Former Democratic Strategist James Carville questioned the president’s resolve to win a second term as the coronavirus pandemic deepens and a potential new scandal emerges over the Russian military in Afghanistan. Irresponsible He's going to be desperate to now! Soon as he's out of the Oval, he's gonna be looking over his shoulder the rest of his life. If Iran can grab him... they will !!!

Here is Yet Another Very Bad Story About Trump and RussiaOver the weekend, news reports came out that the Russian government had offered bounties to Taliban forces to kill U.S. troops in Afghanistan, which reportedly led to Taliban forces doing exactly that.\n

Reddit and Twitch ban content linked to President Trump for violating hate rulesReddit, one of the most visited websites in the world, has a history of not censoring questionable content. Come on Facebook - y'all being out ethic-ed by Reddit, by Twitch. Maybe time to ditch Zuck? why he look like dat

Trump Wasn’t Briefed on Russian Bounty Intelligence Because It Wasn’t Verified, White House SaysPresident Trump and Vice President Pence weren’t told about intelligence showing Russia paid bounties to Afghan militants to attack U.S. forces because the intelligence community and security officials hadn’t reached a consensus about its veracity, the White House press secretary said. Raw intel that was clearly leaked in order to further a political goal. Likely endangering lives in the process. Quit carrying his water... British, German and French IC confirmed... Liars😜