Scenes from Biden's first encounter with the media in months

The Trump campaign took credit for smoking Biden out of his basement — only to see him give a gaffe-free performance.

7/1/2020 3:00:00 AM

The Trump campaign took credit for smoking Joe Biden out of his basement — only to see him give a gaffe-free performance

The Trump campaign took credit for smoking Biden out of his basement — only to see him give a gaffe-free performance.

WILMINGTON, Del. — Joe Biden made the short drive from his now-famous basement, jogged into the high school gym where he usually votes and excoriated President Donald Trump as failing miserably to protect the health and safety of Americans.Then, after laying out his own plan to slow the coronavirus, the presumptive Democratic nominee made what now amounts to news in this bizarre election: He opened the floor to questions from reporters, waving off aides when they tried to cut him off and marveling at how strange this has all become.

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Advertisement“This is the most unusual campaign, I think, in modern history,” Biden told a small group of reporters seated inside large white circles traced on the gym floor. Biden reiterated his doctor’s orders that he stay close to home and not host too many events.

It had been nearly three months since he held his last news conference, and that one took place in a choppy virtual setting. In his absence, Biden has faced relentless badgering from the president and his allies, who accused him of hiding out at home and challenged his mental acuity. On Tuesday, Trump’s campaign took credit for smoking out the former vice president. But whatever fire they were hoping would consume him didn’t seem to catch.

“You’re a lyin’ dog,” Biden smirked when a Fox producer promised it would be his last inquiry. The producer allowed that, at 65 years old, he himself sometimes loses his train of thought. “You've got 12 years on me, sir,” he said. “Have you been tested for some degree of cognitive decline?”

Biden, who can grow defensive when challenged, took another approach.“I've been tested, and I'm constantly tested,” he said. “I can hardly wait to compare my cognitive capability to the cognitive capability of the man I'm running against.”

Joe Biden speaks from his basement. | MSNBCBiden couldn’t have picked a more fortuitous time to reemerge. His 20-minute speech tearing into Trump for mishandling the coronavirus was carried live by all three cable networks. So too was his 30-minute question-and-answer session, which came moments after Anthony Fauci warned that daily new cases of the virus could surpass 100,000. If that wasn't fodder enough for the Democrat, reports that Russia offered bounties for killing U.S. troops — and questions about what Trump did or didn't know about it — have consumed the White House for days.

Against that backdrop, Biden parried 16 questions from seven reporters, including three from Fox News.Biden said he hadyet to receiveintelligence briefings as the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee but that he may request a classified briefing on the Afghanistan matter.

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He also appeared to commit to releasing a shortlist of potential Black, female Supreme Court nominees ahead of November’s general election.Asked at another point whether he’s preparing to debate Trump, Biden said, “I can hardly wait.”Biden has been a public figure for nearly five decades. The focus on his latest outing reflects the strange reality of a campaign in which he’s grown his support in polls by stepping aside.

“They’ve allowed Trump to just implode,” said Pete Giangreco, a Democratic strategist. And by releasing a renewed coronavirus plan on Tuesday, Biden was able to keep the heat on Trump as the president struggles to contain a resurgence of the virus across the country, including in states

key to his reelection hopes.“There’s the old adage, ‘when your opponent’s drowning, throw him an anvil,'" Giangreco added. "They did it today with the coronavirus plan to underscore he’s blown this.”Trump has attempted to pin the “Sleepy Joe” label on Biden and Republican negative ads have sought to portray Biden as mentally compromised, but so far, it hasn’t stuck. Two national polls last week show Biden with a double-digit lead over Trump as Americans demonstrated uneasiness about the president’s ability to handle coronavirus.

Biden only recently began attending events outside of his Delaware home. His fundraisers and town hall-style events are held virtually. While Biden hadn’t held a press briefing in months, he has sat for national TV interviews. He’s also routinely taken part in one-on-one interviews with local news outlets in battleground states. Biden boasted on Tuesday that his efforts had reached 200 million people.

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Gaffe free? You can gaffe when all you say is ummmm, uhhhh Haha haha gaffe-free. As long as he’s on script or asked extreme softball questions by the biased media. Wait till he has to debate President Trump then we’ll see how well he does. Politico is just another arm of the Democrat Party. Can’t we just get some real news!

Apparently i was watching a different press conference. Debates will be awesome. Gaffe Free? Easy Qs. LONG pauses. Confusion. It was sad. Qs not asked: why did Biden lie about Flynn investigation? Does Biden support defunding police? What would Biden have done w CHOP? Why was Biden silent on Iran bounties in 2010? Why did Biden condemn Soleimani killing?

If you call a blank stare and a pause long enough to put you to sleep gaffe free, then he was gaffe free. I like the part where he says, they gave me a list, who’s next? Did he have the questions lined up for him?..... There is video--why lie? He was told who to call on, and had his answers prepared. 😂

Amazing that far-left Politico's best praise for Biden is that his performance was 'gaffe free.' But it wasn't. Biden came across as nearly comatose, and he repeatedly flubbed his lines even though he was given a series of softball questions from sycophantic reporters. gaffe free? 'Gaffe' More like mental decline but it's just semantics

Nice try that ass hole is never gaffe free. All Biden has to do to exceed expectations is to not screw up. The political manoeuvres of team Trump have been an abject disaster for months now. So many negative & nasty people here. Grow up already 🤬 He's been out of his basement for awhile now, has given a number of public speeches. This whole 'hiding in his basement' line needs to go away now 🙄🙄🙄

....mmmmmm, pills. Gaffe free? Lol. WTF did you watch? Lol...he goofed again. You are fake news. lol..i would hope not, given that the questions were HAND PICKED...what a joke. Im sure he will get the questions before the debates, ala Hilary Clinton style.. dont think ive ever seen a presidential candidate so coddled and protected before

Yes, but the president can READ!!!!! 😎 He was scripted and had a list of the reporters he could call on who’d do his bidding. You are fakenews! Idiot too—anyone could see he was a awful. No questions about his quid pro quo w/Ukraine or his lie he didn’t know about the framing of Michael Flynn 🇺🇸! He conspired...

Gaffe free performance? Fake News🙄 Yay Joey, tore Trump a new one wuerker If only this tweet was gaffe-free. Usually we call this... performance. duh Yay Joey is doing fine Did you fall asleep during this snooze fest? He had to check his notes to remember the name of his home town newspaper. It was not gaffe-free despite the leftist media's best efforts to coddle him.

He had months to practice. I'm not impressed. JoNotJoe JoJorgensen2020 It’s breaking news and they are crowing that Biden Spoke for 5 minutes without forgetting who he was Gaffe-free?! Did you This smells like a blakehounshell special. Did you just seriously say he had a gaffe-free performance? No...really? That's what you're going with 😂😂

Bah-hahahaha! Yeah, THAT’S how it happened. 😂🤣😂 You really think we’re all stupid. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Gaffe free? Reading a teleprompter of some handlers thoughts and asking pre assigned reporters handlers questions. Is that gaffe free? Did you see how fast old Biden ran out of there? What was he afraid of? You mean the one where he was given the list of reporters for him to call on?

Gaffe free? He literally admitted on TV that there were reporters (shills) in the audience that his campaign advised him to call on for questions. Did you, uh, uh..... umm...did you uh... what’s the-umm, watch it? Remember this. He can still read a teleprompter (barely). He won’t have one, or notes at debate(s).

Hahaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Wow, Politico is officially on the Biden campaign. Biden was a bumbling fumbling fool with obviously pre-arranged questions which he had an ear piece, teleprompter, and notes to help him answer...and he still looked like an alzheimer patient wandering the sideroads. Well joe is now 1 for 50,000 way to go JOE D ., as in dementia

😂😂😂 really Liars. No gaffes, but he still an idiot gAfFe-FrEe PeRfOrMaNcE Gaffe free? Really? Dude was asleep and just threw mud the entire time. Such a weak ass performance. Hardly gaff free. He informed everyone he had hand picked reporters to get questions from ( so the teleprompter could give him the answers). LiberalismIsTheRealPandemic

Nice try Did anybody ask Biden what he would do about all the vandalism and looting that has taken place over the last month? Politico just owned itself You have very unconventional definition of gaffe. It was a joke When the bar is that low.,, Gaffe free? man, what are you smoking? How low is the bar for presidential candidates that we think it’s a ‘gotcha’ when they deliver 1 speech right?

You spelled 'Mentally Declining Performance' wrong. Biden is a true leader and will make a great President, something Trump only wishes he could be. Its news when Biden doesn't have one mistake, but Trump can barely put together coherent sentences and no mention of his mental decline. Gaffe free? Really lol

Bye Don 😁 Put them in a debate. You weren't watching then 🤣😂🤣😂 What a hot mess. Biden must be so proud of himself for delivering a gaffe free performance. We need better than that for a presidential candidate Can we not play this game Trump is by zeroing in on if Biden makes even the slightest gaffe, to justify Trump?

Wow such low expectations of joe. That’s how low the bar is, he gave a gaffe-free “performance”. JoeBiden derp I love that it’s news when Biden has a gaffe free performance lol Joe Biden is no Hillary.... I think Joe had a talk with Obama, who is the king of 'easy speech' as my son's speech therapist calls it. (we actually watch videos of Obama speeches to study his techniques). 'Joe, SLOW DOWN'

We love you Biden, thank you also for following the doctor’s orders Spot on! Down with TRUMP the shit-birds are calling him home. Almost like the Trump campaign is full of shit. Imagine being excited when your candidate doesn’t screw up 😂 Trump should focus on his 'friend' Putin slaughtering our soldiers.

Nixon had Watergate. Trump had Waterglass. 🇺🇸 How stupid is this? “Smoke him out”? He’s been out and about and going to states like PA having round tables and such. What the heck? Omg reading off a teleprompter a second grader can do this. We know the real unedited Joe Biden Gaffe-free? Politico, are you drunk?

Poll: Biden, Trump locked in dead heat in Ohio, where Trump won by 8 in 2016Trump&39;s job approval has remained about the same in Ohio for the past year, with 44% of those polled approving of the job he&39;s done. Whatever you say, Karen. Biden has full blown DEMENTIA. Don't waste your votes. He's being controlled by the fascist lintel libs. Biden has this Ohioans Vote

Trump ramps up Facebook ad spend as Biden pulls ahead in pollsPresident Donald Trump has ramped up his re-election campaign's Facebook ad spending after falling behind presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden in numerous nationwide polls. As long as Trump keeps tweeting or retweeting White Power videos like an idiot....he is going to lose. No amount of ads are going to turn the tide and furthermore all Republican down ballot candidates will also get crushed Not sure any amount of ads can undo the idiocy and lack of leadership from his admin, especially in the last 4 months.

Trump Reportedly Has a Solution to Poor Polling: Be Meaner to BidenAmong other questionable campaign decisions reported this weekend, Trump may be considering a more abrasive nickname for his “sleepy” opponent. Just be mean Trump we love your Trumpland! Welcome to Trumpland, let us all get sick, just close your eyes and shout: 'Trump is the best, he makes America great again, sick and violent, but man so great, truly great! Or he could lead?

‘TikTok Grandma’ Who Helped Tank Trump Rally Now Works for BidenMary Jo Laupp, the 'TikTok Grandma' whose viral video helped tank President Trump's rally in Tulsa, has been recruited by the grassroots Biden Digital Coalition, where she said her first task was to help build a 'political hype house' A fraud and asshole goes to work for Biden. Sounds about right. cringe..?

Biden to ramp up attacks on Trump, accuse him of 'surrendering' to coronavirus pandemicIn a speech on Tuesday, former Vice President Joe Biden will ramp up his attacks on President Trump over his handling of the COVID-19 crisis, the Biden campaign says. Go for it Joe. Trump is the agent of chaos. Takes no responsibility for everything & deflects on every issue. His rallies are nothing but a bully at the pulpit, not sighting any real change or hope for the future. Everybody remembers what the Democrats said at the very beginning of the COVID-19 virus Does Biden even know what he’s talking about? China created this problem, first off address that, even if son getting paid by China. Then Biden has to know half the United State’s didn’t die from China Corona, as he physically said. Get the hell out of the basement . Lost World

Biden slams Trump on coronavirus: 'Our wartime president has surrendered''What happened? Now it's almost July, and it seems like our wartime president has surrendered — waved the white flag and left the battlefield,' Joe Biden said about President Trump declaring himself a wartime president in March amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Biden is not mentally fit to be president. Joe you don’t even know what month we’re in 🤣🤣🤣🍿