Biden will no longer travel to Milwaukee for DNC amid coronavirus concerns

Former Vice President Joe Biden and all convention speakers will not travel to Wisconsin for quadrennial event, according to A Democratic National Convention release.

8/5/2020 7:17:00 PM

BREAKING: Former Vice President Joe Biden and the rest of the planned convention speakers will not travel to Wisconsin for the DNC Convention amid coronavirus concerns.

Former Vice President Joe Biden and all convention speakers will not travel to Wisconsin for quadrennial event, according to A Democratic National Convention release.

Trump and Biden spar over economy, coronavirusPresident Donald Trump attempted to discredit political rival Joe Biden, while the former vice president stayed laser-focused on the president's handling of the coronavirus pandemic.President Donald Trump attempted to discredit political rival Joe Biden, while the former vice president stayed laser-focused on the president's handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

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Leah Millis/ReutersFormer Vice President Joe Biden and the rest of the planned convention speakers will not travel to Wisconsin for the quadrennial Democratic National Convention, according to a release from its committee Wednesday, citing health concerns with the ongoing

coronaviruspandemic."After ongoing consultation with public health officials and experts -- who underscored the worsening coronavirus pandemic -- the Democratic National Convention Committee announced today speakers for the 2020 Democratic National Convention will no longer travel to Milwaukee, Wisconsin in order to prevent risking the health of our host community as well as the convention’s production teams, security officials, community partners, media and others necessary to orchestrate the event," the release said.

Biden will now give a speech accepting the nomination from Delaware.Joe Biden arrives to speak about modernizing infrastructure and his plans for tackling climate change during a campaign event in Wilmington, Delaware, July 14, 2020.Joe Biden arrives to speak about modernizing infrastructure and his plans for tackling climate change during a campaign event in Wilmington, Delaware, July 14, 2020.

Leah Millis/Reuters"In accordance with this guidance, Vice President Joe Biden will no longer travel to Milwaukee and will instead address the nation and accept the Democratic nomination from his home state of Delaware. Details about the location of the speech will be released at a later time. Other speakers who had been planning to come to Milwaukee will not travel to the city," the annoucenment continued.

The convention is scheduled to begin in fewer than two weeks, on Aug. 17. Read more: ABC News »

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Smart dropoutjoebiden is not fit to be President When will he debate Trump? who cares? They’re afraid he will get lost. They should give it to Bernie. HidingBiden or BunkerBitchBiden? Breaking Biden has again belittled African Americans . DO YOU CARE ? And we are supposed to send our kids to school though.....get fkd

Joe doesn’t want to end up like Herman Still in the basement Yes, Joe trust Hillary that plan always works Joe knows there's a good chance he will be dead by then.. So what Stay in the basement Joe, this is how you will lead our country? Hiding in the basement!!!!! He can receive the nomination from his basement, and I will be voting 🗳 for him. He also cares enough about the people surrounding him to not infect them, unlike the current occupant of the White House. 🗳 Vote for JoeBiden

Biden should accept his nomination outside on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. whats to stop them from doing remote feeds? I honestly think that would be the safest way to handle it and any other event between now and a vaccine safe for use being developed Prelude to not attending the debates. This is like when a friend who had agreed to drive to a party with you, starts telling you, 'I think I'm getting sick, let me see how I feel tomorrow.' Come on man.

This is more just proof that the Dems will never let Biden on the debate stage. They can't expose his condition to the Country. When he can't do an acceptance speech in an environment that couldn't be more friendly and supportive, you better know they're petrified. lol truth is he can't remember he's running for President or Senator, and he's not sure what 'Milwaukee' is but thinks it's beer! :P Maga2020 IStandWithTrump Trump2020

Why?he's going to miss out on all the fat chicks. What a joke! Dementia Joe can't find his way out of his basement, that's the problem. Hey Joe, what planet is this? Do you know Joe? That’s their best move, not letting him talk. Even for Joe, his gaffs are getting so bad, I envision an announcement any day that he is not going anywhere, speaking to anyone, or leaving his basement until Nov 4th!

well COVID and the rapidly encroaching senility ..... jesus the Dems need a plan B if they want to win this thing. Not sure how they would switch him out at this point though. Why would Nancy and the DNC Establishment pick joe?🤔🤔🤔 Health Formalities Gee, I wonder why? Duh!! They can’t take the chance of having him out in a public forum! He’d be a laughing stock!

He can't afford to get covid so he won't take chances. Trump is almost the same age but he is an iron horse, that's for sure. lol bunker boy 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Lol 'corona virus concerns' Sure, that's rich. What JoeBiden won't leave his basement, surprise, surprise, surpise, lol? The real democratic convention is held in a dungeon somewhere where they sacrifice children to a unnamed devil.

BWAHAHAAH! WHAT A KOOK! TrumpLandslideVictory2020 I don't think any other countries will allow Trump to visit any more either. The world has had all these right wing extremists bull s__t they will tolerate and so have we. 🇺🇸 This is a joke how can he run for president but be too scared to go to wisconsin?

Next, of course to protect everyone from COVID, there will be no audience for his speech in Delaware. Here comes a prerecorded, heavily edited broadcast to cover up his inability to be coherent for more than 2 sentences. IngrahamAngle seanhannity Watch the DNC vote him out and he won't even be there to defend himself.

🐔 💩 Do masks work I think we need a actual answer Will he ever travel anywhere if masks work why not He’s hiding! Due to alzheimers concerns? What y'all think about him saying all black people are the same? Wow, a candidate who's trying to avoid spreading COVID instead of encouraging it. I'll vote for that candidate.

Is JoeBiden dead? Has anyone seen him? I mean him, not the hologram on TV. What an asshat. Obviously, his health is declining quickly... his handlers are picking 'his' VP choice, who is going to be your next president. Not mine, though. RESIST! Because he's not healthy enough to make the trip , the Nazi Democratic Senile Candidate Maga2020

The President of France travelled to Beirut. Yet the leading candidate for President cannot travel to Milwaukee? The real question is when and how will the DNC replace Joe Biden? They should be canceling convention They still think Clinton is president in Wisconsin. Having your entire leadership in a high risk demographic wasn't so smart ehh?

Hooray! Should have had it in Seattle. Let the delegates see the New Democratic Party “...amid rioting concerns.” There, fixed it for you. He wants to be president but can't bother to show up anywhere or fckn debate anyone... this dude is unfit to be president as much as trump. Of course he’s not Coward! Why bother? It worked so well not to go there in 2016.

He’s not coming out of his basement for debates or campaigning either. They’re trying to hide him from the public as much as possible. They don’t want the public to see he’s not mentally right cause of dementia Riiight. Coronavirus and not the fact he get out a sentence without having a stroke Twitter should remove this as a lie as it is because he is incompetent to speak in the eyes of his campaign

We all knew this was coming. He will reschedule for the spring Can they fit 6 circles in Joe’s basement Because you have no security. 😂😂😂😂😂 dumbasses. Joe Biden....what a joke I want to see hopim debate trump. He is afraid though. He knows trump will kick his ass That Crook Joe Biden scared to dead by China Virus 🦠, Shame on him , He better hiding under ground Forever!!!! We Americans not Accept the USA 🇺🇸 President like that !!!!

Biden's not going because they don't want him speaking in public. He can't even string two sentances together Biden also won't debate or do anything without scripts and many teleprompters Keep hiding JoeBiden is a Coward Joe barely travels out of the basement to change his underwear. Why would he actually go anywhere to run for President? You guys in the media give him a pass for sitting in his basement and “campaigning” from there.

Let me guess. He’ll do his speech remotely. Translation: prerecorded and edited to the hilt to remove all the gaffes. Its so obvious that he's not mentally fit to attend this or any other debates as well as speaking to the American public. He has some serious issues that the Democrats are not wanting to admit to the public. And he really wants to run our country 😂

And? C'mon man! If a plane has a sun can a stapler have a smile. ScienceMatters You spelled dementia concerns wrong! Just saying.... Why be somewhere you arent wanted anyways. Hed get bood. Dnc is as fucked as the rnc, two party system rigged against the people make my day -- if he Throws a hissy fit packs his bags and leave before the ink on Pence's pardon actually has legs

I’m sure his campaign will have a prerecorded speech ready to play in order to make sure he doesn’t say something inappropriate will a independent member of the media confirm that his speech is not prerecorded? IndependentMediaNotAnymore This is becoming weirder by the moment. If he is unable to perform the duties the Dems should pick someone else. It is sad for Biden but the Dems can’t keep playing this coverup. It is deceptive to the American people.

Come on man you expect him to walk to Montana? Might break a hip It’s normal to hide in ur basement while the rest of America is out & about? Nothing to do w keeping Biden from further exposing himself as unable to run even a hotdog stand. Will he leave his basement when it’s flu season? Who will run the country if he’s elected? MAGA2020

Hiden Joe Biden They are afraid this would be his exceptance speech JoeBiden Democratic presidential candidates not going to Wisconsin... where have I heard that before? So could John Lewis' funeral. Why was Biden not there to give a eulogy - Clinton. Obama & even Bush showed up - why would Biden not be there as well?

Where's Joe? Even if Joe was there would he be there? WeVotingPresTrump2020❌ Yeah - they should be a GPS locator on him in case he wanders off in his bathrobe and slippers They have basements in Milwaukee! And, they have cops.... “Corn Pop” could be in the area! Gee, what a surprise. Looking forward to the anarchists showing up instead and chanting things like 'Gore is a whore' and pelting delegates with feces like I saw them do in LA in 2000. Their 2020 chant should be 'Biden Is A Hidin''.

What a wimp!!! In stead, Biden will be addressing the people from the palace in Versailles like ‘le Roi Soleil’ Louis XIV. If he won, their plan would be to run the entire presidency from his basement. In an unrelated twist, Biden has switched to orthopedic Velcro Shoes.... Scared SleepyJoeBiden? Is it COVID19 or is that your campaigns crutch. We all know full well you're unfit for office. Well except millions of Democrats that lie to themselves daily. Convention or no convention. Debate, no debate. Doesn't matter. You'll lose. Trump2020

Bahahaha... no, his handlers know he can't say 3 words that fit together. When is the leftards gonna realize they lost as soon as they picked Joe. I actually feel sorry for him. Let the guy live in dignity. these are 'Biden' concerns simply as he is too old to be an effective president.. And the trumptards continue to grasp...

I thought trump was the one hiding in a bunker lol DNC preparing for A Biden presidency can he travel at all? does he need oxygen? More like because of the dementia concerns. 🙄 Former Vice President Joe Biden and the rest of the planned convention speakers will not travel to Wisconsin for the quadrennial Democratic National Convention, according to a release from its committee Wednesday, citing health concerns with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

More like Trump will kick his ass concerns! Chick ahit! Cluck-cluck-cluck-cluck!!!! good call !! yesssss! Covid concern my butt. He’s has more excuses than carters has pills JoeBiden MAYBE CONSIDER A SKYPE , or ZOOM CAPAIGN RALLY Please We Can't Afford This RIGHT NOW. Come on Figure This Out QUICK WE CAN'T LET TRUMP STEAL THIS FROM U I'm Back Track n Seems Ea Place Trump RALLIED THERE WAS A OUTBREAK Perfect Time n So You'd Get Thrown Under The Bus

His diapers need frequent changes, & he can’t remember where he is half the time, sooooo no big surprise. BidensBloodyEye DementiaJoe He's gotta come out of his basement sometime QuidProJoe is mentally unfit to serve and is being hidden. TheJusticeDept DrBiden NO SHIT! He doesn't even know his name anymore, Isn't this abuse Illegal? Leave the poor guy alone!

He’s gonna cave on debates because he’s nothing Hey, ABC, Is this a slight problem? When is Basement Joe’s next press conference or Wallace interview? Joe has been virtual the past few months. Possibility for virtual debates? No debates? What will that look like? 2020 LessThanOneHundredDays Oh look, hidin biden committing political suicide right before our very eyes! What a joke.🙄 Pathetic DementiaJoe Trump2020NowMoreThanEver!

Cowards. Ty for taking the pandemic seriously. I know when u r elected we will be on the way to a viable and scientific driven plan to eradicate of this virus. They learned nothing from 2016. Wisconsin will go red again! Gee. Guess he better not travel to D.C. either... .JoeBiden won't debate realDonaldTrump either.

Lmaoooooo, hahahahaha haha haha, y’all woke yet!! Lamoooooo!!!! You know who else didn't bother coming to Wisconsin? Ya, how'd that turn out for her again? Ignore the great lakes at your own parrel. Joe will be the first candidate to accept the nomination in his basement with a nice cup of hot cocoa. Aww did his Nursing Home refuse his travel plans? DementiaJoe2020

If elected Biden will not travel to the WH amids COVID concerns. campaigning for public office is hard work. JoeBiden C'mon biden. Put your mask on and everyone can stand 6ft apart and you'll be ok lol Has anyone else noticed that he keeps saying, 'okay look come on man' every time he begins to stumble?

Whose shocked, his Handlers want him in the Basement where they have full control. Imagine if he was the President what would happen if he stayed in the Basement of the White House until there was a cure for Covid-19. Now the MSM is hiding his dementia. He showed it again today. The left will lie cheat and steal to get power. They have no morals no shame no conscience and no brains

No, it’s amid potential idiotic comment concerns. Because he cannot make it to the end of a sentence A candidate who has a high potential of dying from COVID cannot be considered for the position of President. Biden is obviously in the age range and in frail health. There’s no way the DNC can allow him to be the nominee.

Joe Biden has one is fooled... they're HIDING HIM.... Of course he won’t lol He does better when he’s NOT seen or heard. The less he talks, the better for them and they know this. Biden will be their puppet. Wiscondin has one less Silver Alert to worry about Smart. We need to protect Biden from anything and anyone.

Democrats aren't even trying anymore. Puuuuuusssssssssssssssyyyyy Right. BlackLivesMatter protests & a week of funerals for GeorgeFloyd is totally ok though. Keep SleepyJoe away from the camera as long as possible. ComeOnMan It is real sad that grifting DNC insiders where so desperate to keep control we got this Hindenburg figure for the last act of the republic.

We had bubble boy, now we have basement boy. BidensCognitiveDecline The Old bastard is scared Shocking. 🙄🤦‍♀️ Maybe because of his deteriating health! Keep hiding joe! Brain replacement surgery ? Amid corona virus concerns!! 😂😂😂😂😂 Sure!! 🤣🤣🤣 Good ! shows safety sense guntoting idiots are hurting travel TravelWisconsin

Good. States voting red anyway Joe Biden and the DEMOCRATS have not done anything to help with the Wuhan Chinese Coronavirus Covid-19 Kung Flu pandemic. CNN will give you all the information that China wants you to know. Andrew and Chris Cuomo know everything and will guide you through this crisis! We need Biden ALIVE not dead so whatever that takes to keep him safe I am for it! He is literally our last HOPE! JoeBiden Biden2020ToSaveAmerica BidenCares TrumpLiesAmericansDie TrumpLiesAboutCoronavirus TrumpLiesAboutBiden

What a joke! Who would vote for a man that isn’t even willing to earn his vote!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 Thanks Chuck Well it's Chris Oh yeah Chris BREAKING: Presumptive Presidential incumbent will not travel to white house, VP will take his place. Why bother! Don of the Dead is basically running against himself - and losing!!

no that’s leadership But they want kids to go back to school, right now. 🤷🏼‍♂️ Also, Joe can’t make it because he is senile. It’s not a big deal. I wouldn’t want to visit Milwaukee either Makes sense. There’s a surprise. Yet he wants to debate Trump until it’s actually comes down to a date for debates then he will come up with BS excuses like this one.

🤣🤣🤣🤣won’t travel for a dnc convention but he can be president?!🤣🤣🤣🤣 Meaning- his handlers know he can’t stand that long without pissing himself and going into yet another corn pop story about cockroaches The leader of the Democratic Party not showing up for the DNC convention because of the hoax.....TRUMP IN A LANDSLIDE BABY!!!!

quithidenbiden Has nothing to do with the virus, joe just couldn’t speak long enough to accept his nomination if he tried You mean dementia concerns? There are real fools here. Do you know he is a lifelong racist and is responsible with Clinton for imprisoning thousands of black men for 3 strikes and he was a staunch segregationist? He was put there with O to appease the good old boys. He is a puppet and has lost his edge.

Pretty sure this has been the plan since like...April Do you see how weak this looks? This guy wants to be the leader of the free world and he’s too scared to go above ground, too scared to debate Trump, and too scared to face tough questions that he does not know in advance! Why is anyone voting for him?!!!

Biden could give less than two s**ts about what ppl think and is leading by example....and I’m here for it. Biden2020 becauzhesabitch epsteinsquad adrenalchromejunkie EpsteinFlightLogs childtrafficingguilty SpeakerPelosi SenSchumer BillClinton HillaryClinton Just tell him that he’s in Milwaukee. He won’t know any different.

Where is Joe Biden? Can someone tell the truth please? Cause he’s stuck in his basement (and doesn’t know he’s been there). Biden: 'We hold these truths to be self-evident. All men and women created by the you know, you know the thing. Good. Absolutely no reason for him to do this. And you know the GOP leadership has been working overtime trying to figure out how they can infect Joe Biden. If you think that sounds crazy, you haven't been paying attention. GOPBetrayedAmerica

Back to his basement 😂 Joe Biden Said 'We cannot win this re-election. We can only re-elect Donald Trump.' It’s all starting. A slow gradual plan to hide until November. No debates no showing up. Despicable sack of liars. The media will never call them out. Lol, this sounds familiar. Democrat Presidential nominee JoeBiden is formally being listed as a criminal suspect by high level Ukraine government officials, in a major case involving his son - Hunter

That's right, blame the coronavirus. Nothing to do with the dementia or the fact that his own party has pledged to burn down Milwaukee if Sanders doesn't get the nomination. What a joke! Hiding Biden! DementaJoe Do they even know where Wisconsin is? Apparently in 2016 HillaryClinton did not DC is definitely too dangerous for his health.

Losers. Well played. 👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻 Wow his handlers really want him out of the public eye He probably kept getting lost and just said fuck it 😂 A coward may cover the ground with his words but when the time comes to fight he runs away --Chinua Achebe I am sooooooooo (NOT) surprised that BasementBiden is still not allowed out He's nigh-on addicted to that earpiece-feed &teleprompter He's still planning to dodge the debates, right? (Or is the polling incomplete on thst one?)

Thats the plan. Keep him out of the spot light because he's a mess. He'll pull this for the debates Of course not He should give his speech from the Oval Office. After all, it's going to be his soon, and apparently the Hatch Act no longer applies. BunkerBiden BasementBiden JoeBiden won't attend his own DNCConvention. DNC won't pay for inventory of depends or the dry cleaning for stained pants. ~ cnnbrk CNN CNNPolitics abcnews ~ NorthCarolinians w/ Communist RoyCooperNC // WednesdayThoughts KAG2020 news

Trump might actually still win this. Biden’s campaign is pathetic. Leadership for the American ppl. JoeBiden is showing HOW we can defeat Covid-19. Now ALL Americans have to have is the WILL to do it — and this includes the trumpicans if they still want to call themselves Americans. Most of us will watch it on TV anyways so makes no difference to me.

This is a poor use of the word 'amid'. Try using 'due to' or 'Citing coronavirus concerns, former Vice President Joe Biden...' LoL!😂😂😂 I can see it now.. BREAKING: Former Vice President Joe Biden will not debate President Trump amid coronavirua concerns. HidenBiden 😢😢😢😢 He can’t he’s 79 years old....

They are going to hide Biden until the election. They know he is inept and want to keep it concealed. Guess they are afraid he will forget to wear pants or ask everyone if they are doing cocaine (and if they can spare some for him and Hunter). Shocker! No not really! He won't debate either. Guaranteed!

What a chicken 🐔 bwak bwak DNC AndrewYang realDonaldTrump I call bullshit. They just don't want the gaffe machine to go at it again. Every single time he speaks... Every time. It's hilariously sad.. How can anyone put a man with serious mental decline through all of this? It's elder abuse. Absolutely insane and you have people that will vote for this sad man that committed treason acts..I hope trump does invoke articles 9 on all of them traitors..justice for America

I'm sure he forgot where Milwaukee even is, lol Joe Biden has dementia I wouldn't come out of the basement either if I was Joe Biden. He doesn't stand a chance. He knows he's nowhere near being able to debate President Trump! Dems are making this election about just getting rid of Trump. Biden is both literally and figuratively an empty suit.

He’s only skipping out cuz he HATES Wisconsinites! Remember that n vote his ass into hospice. This is absolutely unaqivacly 100% true. Acosta cnn MSNBC maddow tamronhall CBSNews CBSEveningNews NorahODonnell WorldNews NBCNews foxnews OANN sirsid2m BLM LOL Joe Biden couldn’t find Wisconsin with a map!

Hiden Biden. The Democrats will force him out and vote someone else in, and he'd never know. Well duh. That would mean he would have to leave the basement. Good. Please be safe. Someone needs to tell all those rioters and looters the same thing! Is the virus intelligent enough to differentiate between rioters, looters and somebody running for president?

👏👏👏 They must think he can’t deliver an acceptance speech. What a con Dems and MSM are pulling on voters Quick get him back in the basement!!! They let him talk today and... it happened again.. wow, how can't everyone see what I'm seeing? More like 'amid competency concerns' ..., Ohhhh! Stay home, Joe!

No surprise here. You wouldn’t want to confuse JoeBiden with a frivolous trip out of Delaware. Though I’m not sure that he knows where he is half the time. We see how not going to Wisconsin worked. Thank God. No one wants you to see just how FRAIL AND SICKLY BIDEN really is .. he can’t meet the rigors of the office ..

Not in MY backyard. Woohoo! Winning! COVID 19 lurking behind every corner, just waiting for Joe to leave the basement, lol. TO ALL MEDIA: Because ignoring Wisconsin worked out famously well in 2016. Meaning hes to old to stand that long and probably under the weather with his dementia Biden doesn't wanna speak in public?! Well I am shocked. SHOCKED, I SAY!

creepy joe is being held captive to avoid letting him speak freely Fast food workers are essential but politicians are not, that’s what this tells me. Stay healthy, Joe! Coronavirus or lack of law enforcement security? StevenBritt13 Is it because Bernie Bros promised to burn Milwaukee down? Even if Demented Joe were to be elected (he cannot LEGALLY assume presidential duties due to lack of mental capacity), would he be brave enough to travel to the White House? Why are Dems turning our election into circus? Is Obama trying hard to get a third unconstitutional term?

😀Biden needs to stay well !!!! JoeBiden 160,000 + DEAD AMericans TrumpPandemicFailure Biden is our last chance. JoeBiden2020 We can't do conventions right now. If Biden wants to be taken seriously he definitely should attend the DNC in person. Wear a mask and gloves, but show up or don't run. How can Joe function as President if he can’t even go to the convention?

Next, he will back out of debates..yep Dems “hiding” Joe 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Of course he’s not. He won’t even come out of his basement. moonie5353gmail Shocker Well 'cause he's busy licking CCP's ass. WhereIsHunter BeijingBiden Unacceptable. Put him in a nursing home. Be a candidate or not. How convenient. 😂

Let me guess, the campaign is gonna play a prerecorded and doctored video of joe giving a perfect speech? 😂 Amid does not exactly mean because of now does it? If Joe can't make it to Milwaukee for an appearance at the convention then maybe the Dems should announce who they actually have planned to be POTUS aka VP since obviously Joe isn't in it for the long haul. TrumpPence2020

He's smart to listen to his nurses. Biden is going to lose the democrats never learn it's 2016 all over again lol Excuses And the fact that JoeBiden gets lost in a round room these days. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Of course he's not 😉😉 Just like Hillary, you can only shield him from the public for so long. America deserves a better opponent than this guy.

Good for him. He’s setting an example. This you JoeBiden He Isn t traveling cause they don t want him to tlk What an embarrassment. He needs to retire and stay in his basement. Trump2020Landslide I think this is a very wise decision, at least Mr. Biden cares about the people that support him. Biden should give his acceptance speech at the barrier surrounding the White House. THAT would be a statement.

Dems need to nominate a competent candidate instead of senile Joe Biden. 'Are you a Junkie'? He reminds me of grandpa who used to go to the store with no pants on and talk to the squirrels at midnight in the backyard.. Will his wife Jill be representing him in person instead? Works for me. He can stay in the deepest, darkest bowels of a basement and he STILL gets my vote... I'm ready right now... VotingBidenByAbsenteeNov2020 ... I live in Florida... 😉

But yet Joe Biden attended john Lewis funeral..........😂😂 This shows that JoeBiden takes public health seriously and he understands the gavity of this pandemic. The democratic convention should take place remotely via a Zoom type technology because that is the only safe and responsible way during this highly contagious pandemic.

Maybe Joe Biden should not become POTUS because of coronavirus concerns. He should just drop out of the race because he is also unfit for the job. Does he even exist anymore? Is he the virtual leader of the future? Just asking the question. Thank you sir for caring about the health of the American people more than the hype around the conventions. I respect you so much for the Great President you are going to be

who cares? we all already knw realDonaldTrump will win in a massive landslide Nov 3. MAGA 🇺🇸 The convention is supposed to be this month yet we don’t even know his running mate.🤷🏿‍♀️ Biden can't even get thru a teleprompter speech. Surprised? No, DNC handlers aren't going to let JoeBiden out of the basement until November 4th. WhiteHouse GOP

This worked out so well last time. Dementia Joe Biden won't go to the convention but wants to be president? Oh hell no. Lol NeverBiden Milwaukee He couldn't remember where Milwaukee is, he went to the liquor store to get some Old Milwaukee beer. This is just in preparation for the debates!! He’ll NEVER show!!

No surprise there. Anyone with a brain cells know Joe cannot be in public because of his mental state. Thats not the reason ABC. Its because police organizations across the state refused to help protect the DNC. Of course he won't go to Milwaukee, because his only function has been as a place-holder for Hillary. ExpectHer!

Covid is a convenient excuse for Alzheimer's. I don’t blame him. Since 2020 has encouraged racist white people to be proud of their racism. Wisconsin has become a hot spot for racism and is pro’s awful! Puppet Has he left his state at all? Smart move. JoeBiden hey admin, send these comments to your campaign manager. Time to ratchet up the rigging. Only way you win

Joe you served your time, time for Trump to fix your mess. Weak sauce, Joe. Weak sauce. You mean having zero police presence to protect them I will travel to Milwaukee to accept the nomination. HIDIN BIDEN‼️ Does this also mean that Joe will be president from his basement starting Jan. 20th? (lol) ChrisCuomo TheFive

You don’t say?! This nut job criminal can’t even speak! Can’t wait until he supposedly debates president TRUMP!!!!🤙🏻😆 What a joke he is!! If he is this scared of getting sick then he isn’t the fearless leader we need!!! What happens if he gets elected? Just going to rule the free world from his basement? Leaders all over the world are still leading their countries not hiding out!

Because he's a complete PROP for the real decision-makers. Just a modern day Wizard of Oz drama. Dems are pathetic and desparate!! Just building up to that 'Online Debate', TheDemocrats are gonna say they need🤷‍♂️, so they can furnish Biden not only with the questions, but with a hidden teleprompter that has all the answers, and appropriate replies on!

He's scared 😂😂😂😂 😂😂 Pussyyyyy ChickenJoe 'Why were we goin to Minnesopolis again?' - Biden...probably How can he be the President of our country is he is afraid to go anywhere? Jeez, the availability of our leaders to travel and interact on behalf of our interests if fundamental! This should be a HUGE RED FLAG in this maneuver!

Lol but they can all travel to funerals no problem. Joe Biden isn’t going to the DNC convention because he thinks Wisconsin’s in Europe. Duh, when was the last time JoeBiden left his basement? It'll be a prerecorded, edited production in an attempt to prevent him from making a complete fool of himself on TV. We all knew this was coming.

Damn it’s easy to bet $$$ on Biden. Not showing up to the DNC and he won’t show up to the presidential debates. MakingMoneyGreatAgain realDonaldTrump Prob bc he already knows he will forget where and when it is what convention? What a Wussy, I suppose if he happened to win the election (No Way) He would run the country to the ground from his basement.

Don’t blame him, he doesn’t look or sound well! does he know where milwaukee is? or what the DNC actually is? Anyway, nice talking with you conservatives/Russians/Republicans/idiots. I gotta split. But if you need a twitter spanking, just leave a reply and I'll get back to you eventually. Hahahaha his done mentally that's why....TRUMP 2020

Can't he do a speech live via tv? is he going to cancel the debates to because biden's strings don't travel that far The man can barely walk... This is a joke. They don't want him to have to talk and come up with something on his own. He wouldn't be able to complete sentences. Sad to see BunkerBitchBiden

Cant wait for the debates. is he also ducking his own convention?!?...well, i guess we need a healthy biden for the debate... He can barely speak Because he is dying, or being sent to GITMO for child trafficking and ritual satanic child sex abuse. They're all going down. DemocratsTheEnemyWithin Everyone trashed Trump for going to a bunker for 4 hours and Biden's been hiding in his basement for 4 months. The left has ZERO CREDIBILITY.

That’s BS and it’s not about COVID 19 WhereIsBiden whyisbidenhiding Is it the Emperor has no clothes syndrome? Robin Williams – Rambling Joe Biden via YouTube 'Cause he's an adrenalchromewithdrawl. pedofile EpsteinFlightLogs epsteinisland SpeakerPelosi BernieSanders epsteingang Wuhan virus or dementia

They'll be 'Hidin' Biden' until November. HidenBiden Wait joe, there’s basements in Milwaukee! COVID MY ASS Imagine that, staying in the basement, he won’t debate the president either guarantee it This coward is not a leader. Change my mind. Wow!! Fearful people will not make good leaders. Lmfao he’s gonna lose

Step 1 towards refusing to debate. Weak. Good. Seriously, why is this a problem? More like security concerns. Biden needs to do the right thing and DROP OUT. He can't travel to Wisconsin, because he is suffer of dementia. Don't forget everybody knows this!!!! JoeBiden you're just a puppet from the others, go home...

Imagine my shock. After that Yahoo interview it's not surprising at all. He needs another treatment and constant supervision Well than let POTUS meet u in the basement and have the debate Dementia Joe Trump confirms he’s considering delivering convention speech from White House via politico Yeah, could you imagine Joe's speech? 'In the middle of November, I- we, you the people, are going to excercise the.... the Thing's given right to... i mean C'mon, man! We really gotta talk- er do this?'

Wait, I thought he would be safe as long as he wore a mask and maintained social distance... They are afraid to put Joe in front of the American people, that's what it is..... Joe says 'I had a yo-yo once, but the darn milk truck came and dropped off a hamburger, sometimes once I verified to agree with Pinocchio'...

The Dems have been cornered on so many levels and they don’t know what to do. Biden won’t win its as simple as that, and I imagine deep down most of us know it already. Why not a virtual convention then It’s obvious his campaign doesn’t want the world to know how severe his mental disease currently is

That’s smart, I heard Corn Pop is hiding out there. Anyone who has a problem with that ain’t black. Bravo! Acting Presidential already. thauserkstp Fear defeats logic again Wrong head line.. Let me fix it for you. 'Joe Biden Due to Mental health issues will not be able to Travel to Milwaukee for the DNC Nomination.' Face it.. Everyone Knows the Man is Sick. This just proves it beyond all doubt

LibertyBell1000 Because saying 'Thank you for the nomination' might prove to be too difficult! What a sham! Great story Total Joke the people of the Democratic Party are we had a severe storm watch in my state yesterday and people literally tweeting if it was safe for them to go get their groceries in the morning after like can anyone think for themselves now a days and maybe leave your shell

Basement campaign! He doesn’t have to duh 🤦🏾‍♂️ So like Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden won't go to Wisconsin. I’m sure that’s it. Can we just drop the debates too? JoeBiden has nothing to gain & everything to lose. Plus, they are STUPID. Imagine my shock ImmobileJoe Probably best he not speak publicly anyway

Amid coronavirus concerns? Or JoeBiden doesn't want to face all the BernieSanders delegates so he is taking the sleazy way out. I think it is the latter. Just saying.................. VoteGreen HowieHawkins Because God forbid, he would have to speak in front of a REAL, live audience of at least 50?!!

dementia C’mon out Joe He’s scared some red neck gunna run him over whit their diesel truck. For the best. Milwaukee still has it bad with COVID. Why they would keep the convention there, idk, but there is no reason to accept the nomination in person. If he can do it virtually, why not? Joe Biden 2020: Why Try Harder?

coley_spagoli 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Glad someone is taking this pandemic seriously WISDOM USED. FEELS GOOD. wait til he declines to debate it only hurts democrats - we already KNOW what a demented douchebag sniffer racist puppet he is He accomplished nothing in 30 years in congress except passed laws allowing credit companies to charge you 30%+ interest Then grifted 8yrs as VP 👍

does joe even know where Wisconsin even is. Already exponentially smarter decisions that Trump. It's all right, he can SKYPE online to the world from his Basement!!!! & Sneeze & Cough while he speaks!!!! but they could travel to Barack Obama's Convention oops I mean John Lewis's Funeral rip sir JoeBiden PUSSY! 😆😆😅😅😂😂🤣🤣🤓🤓

Not debating is a natural next step. He has a cognitive test and a urine test the next day. So he needs to stay home and study. Good! StaySafe Biden2020 Hiding behind a virus while working class Americans continue to go to work and perform their jobs. Two sets of rules. Order Now: Corona or protesters? Fn coward JoeBiden

Go down here 🕳️ and don't come out till after election day. *You spelled 'Dementia concerns' wrong. FIFY He wont do any debates either watch. This is not by accident but by design. They want to appoint a president by choosing his VP thats why they are staling on that. They know Biden will not last one term due to health. Has absolutely nothing to do with Covid!

Chicken shit My, isn't that convenient? I can only believe that this is the safe, prudent way to do the speeches. Biden is the worst, most corrupt presidential candidate. He'll stay hidden in his basement trying to remember where he is. He is part of the Communist Insurrection by the radical, Anti-American Democrats. No rational person would vote for Biden.

lmao basement bitch 👍 It's safer that way. Why risk bringing more virus to Wisconsin? StayAtHome Omg 😂😂😂 I’m confused I thought masks and social distancing worked⁉️ Democrats are a shit show😂😂 ETrumpgirl PandaGetsHangry AJLovesUSA That's on message for a campaign that has shown with certainty they are afraid to go up against realDonaldTrump

Travel to Wisconsin? Are you a junkie? Ha! His handlers won't allow him to speak. Tens of millions of Democrats in the country and Biden is the best they have? Thats terrifying We are disappointed, though not surprised, to hear the news on the Democratic National Convention. An excellent virtual convention certainly is challenging, but may mark the wave of the future for this US Presidential Election. Julie Ann Racino, National Democratic Party, 2020

Baby 😂😂😂 of course not. Very responsible, at least some people are taking a pandemic seriously Joe Biden told Wisconsinites and Floridians that it was safe to vote in person while COVID cases were soaring. CORRECTION***** Former Vice President Joe Biden and the rest of the planned convention speakers will not travel to Wisconsin for the DNC Convention amid **SPEAKING ALOUD & BEING SEEN IN PUBLIC concerns.

Of course he’s not!!!!! You really think he’s gonna debate at all?! We aren’t fools!!!! This really is playing out like Weekend at Bernies. Even if he dies, they're going to keep him on the ballot and hide the corpse somewhere. He is not going because he doesnt even know what position he is running for or what day it is.

Good! We need him alive and healthy! Likely at the recommendation from his Neurologist. The debates would have to be early before his Sundowners sets in 🤦‍♀️ I’m very much okay with this They can live stream it to his basement, that’s his hideout This shouldn’t surprise anyone as his basement must be nice and cozy hahah what a joke that this clown is running for president !! Go Trump !!

Biden in Wisconsin: 'Damn it's good be to in Iowa!' Very good decision. Saving lives should be top priority. never piss off cheese people. Fear They can go to funerals but not speeches or debates? JoeBiden is more comfortable in his basement than an Antifa millennial. Because he can't make a coherent speech and the dems are afraid to put him in front of the American people

Basement boy JoeBiden and DNC done want him out to speak publicly Unfortunate, but certainly understandable. Hasn't chosen a vp running mate yet ! Can't answer any questions of any substance. thauserkstp Let me guess. He will have a prerecorded message shot from his basement. Man I feel for those editors, they have their work cut out to splice together enough footage to make him sound sane.

Finally a soon to be President that isn't a science denier. The delegates need to be hologram attendees. Will the Superdelegates be obligated to attend, or are they too special, as well? Can't wait to see how the next inauguration goes no matter which of these fascists is elected. Will Biden survive so he can make it to the election?

did you really think he was going to? Is April Fools still appropriate? 👏👏👏👏 very sensible stroke victims shouldnt travel. ever. ZOOM strikes again. The ease of video conferencing has thrown a monkey wrench into the the big business of convention planning and operation. Another disruptive technology enabled by the Internet that eliminates jobs by the thousands.

He acts like he has zero interest in being the president. Zero enthusiasm. Biden has to protect his health (as Trump should do). Trump is going to be the most powerful person in the world next January, so why would he risk that by catching a stupid COVID-19 virus? big surprise .. we wont see a debate in 2020 and 'Orange man bad' wins again .. either way both candidates are awful and neither are stellar talkers , one likes to tweet BS and one cant form a sentence or remember where he is

How can he , he doesn’t leave his basement What a coward. Trump will win in a landslide More like dementia concerns Democrats keep pushing this covid nonsense.. now they're using it to keep him from opening his mouth they're using it for mail-in voting this was all planned. Russia failed racism failed impeachment failed How anyone can stand behind the Dems is beyond me. It's over

Everyone seems to be failing to read the 'and the rest of the planned convention speakers' part. Creepy Joe ! Bull I think it’s because JoeBiden is either too sick or too mentally incompetent to travel . Lock it down Joe Of course he isn't. His campaign is setting the precedent to justify skipping out on the debates as well.

The rest of the speakers too..? Poor people, they are stuck with not showing up only to protect and pretend Biden's age-related vulnerability and dementia are not causing all of them to stay away! But ABC would never say that! smart Is he sending corn pop in his place? Thank you Joe for being safe and keeping others safe!

SMAAART NO GATHERINGS NO NEED FOR COVID HORRORS NO MORE NEW CASES He’s a leader. Of course not. Please keep this man in a plastic bubble until the election why are they even still having one? Thank you JoeBidenForPresident2020 ☂️❤️🌷✊🤗 Hes a puppet Then let's just not have the election until Biden can come out of the basement. He needs to accept the nomination in person and debate Trump before ballots go out. If Dems don't want to do that then they can't be talking about storming the White House to remove Trump.

Nothing breaking about this. Of course he wasn't going. Nor will he go to a debate with Trump. So it's the flu a bigger threat still? This did not age well. SettleForBiden Yeah, he's getting pretty bad isn't he. Sad that Old, old Joe after 50 years of doing nothing in Washington, being the court jester of the Obama pres. and several failed runs for president (once halted for lying and the other because he polled at 1%) ends his career senile.

WE ARE ONE MOVEMENT,ONE PEOPLE, ONE FAMILY and ONE GLORIOUS NATION UNDER GOD 🖐🏻🖐🏼🖐🏽🖐🏾🖐🏿🗽 UnitedStatesOfAmerica InGodWeTrust EPluribusUnum Liberty LawAndOrder KAG2020 ArmyForTrump LeadRight Trump2020Landslide Text TRUMP to 88022 🚂T🇺🇸R🇺🇸U🇺🇸M🇺🇸P Biden remains firmly ensconced in his basement.

Smart move. Stay home and stay safe President Biden. That’s fair. Things might be turning around in Wisconsin and we don’t wanna risk anything. I think any normal candidate would do this. Can Jill Biden go instead? OK, he cannot be President. For the best. Wisconsin doesn’t bother to wear masks or social distance. Their numbers are climbing. Not worth the risk to gather large groups together there.

Guys...if you see this...this is Joe. I’m stuck at 10 Cloverfield Lane. Please send help. At this point, we are just talking to a corpse They are trying so hard to hide this guy! Come on man! How you do expect to beat Trump hidden in your cellar! Face him like you did corn pop! Lol everyone knows the election will be over after first debate!

He can’t remember where Milwaukee is on the Map this is actually sad 😞 Democrats this is your best option lmao 😂 Wow Wow didn’t see that coming... 🤣 Let me fix your tweet: “BREAKING: Former Vice President Joe Biden and the rest of the planned convention speakers will not travel to Wisconsin for the DNC Convention amid mental capacity concerns.”

It is the 21st century. We have technology to work around the move. Leading by example, not ego. I don't blame . I wouldn't want to be in the same vicinity of Trump when it is time to debate him . I think Trump is asymptomatic and is a spreader of the virus. So why waste money to even have the event? Can’t imagine it’s very safe to have people grouping up for it anyway.

MWSmithLover wiley207 I’m asking our fellow Sesame Street fans to gather in Milwaukee & in Delaware for the DNC Convention this year to galvanize support for Biden, we need a president who’d help Big Bird help kids worldwide grow smarter, stronger & kinder! Biden2020 I wouldn't wanna go there either. thebedyoumade

Good It will be a wonder if he travels to DC if he gets elected. What a fragile, unqualified guy. Sounds like a great plan! This dude is going to try and win and never debate? Bold move. Stay healthy. Shouldn't the headline just read; Joe Biden won't travel This is just to help setup the optics so he can bow out of the debates since he can't handle realDonaldTrump and the Dems are nominating someone with dementia and they don't want the embarrassment.

The elderly and frail like Biden should remain in the basement at all times. So, he will not come out form his basement....until Noviembre? Stay safe Joe! We are the party of safety and science! This f*cking guy Imagine how embarrassed Trump will be if he loses to Joe Biden from his basement. All he’ll be able to do is cry mail-in voter fraud and unfair election as he packs his bags and has to “find something new” with Ivanka and his family.

Disembodied apparitions will take their place in Wisconsin. GoJoe He never intended to. Stay in your basement. He forgot where his plane was 😂 They really are working overtime to hide the dementia huh? HunterJCullen Great! Glad to see there is one responsible candidate who takes the pandemic seriously instead of holding rallies where people like Cain get infected and die TeamJoe RidenWithBiden VoteBlue

No they are not going cause the police officers who was going to work security basically told the DNC to fuck off. There I fixed your story for ya. Is he even running for president? He does need to minimize his goings and comings. He is 77. But, they want public schools to open... Biden can’t stand for 1 hour & deliver a speech w/ Q/A. Biden challenge-Biden stand for a Presser, behind a podium for 1 hour, Biden can’t do it. Biden2020 Biden BidenWarren BidenDementia Bidencognitivedecline cognitiveDecline realDonaldTrump POTUS WhiteHouse VFL2013

Disqualified !!!!!!!! If he doesn't show he should not receive the nomination. JoeBiden CornpopChicken Good. Too many COVIDiots out there. The Dem convention will be special and great this cycle. MeetTheChallenge Biden2020 This could suggest Joe Biden is so fragile that if he merely gets a whiff of 'Rona then he's down for the count.

let me guess, republicans are going to say he’s not fit to be president because he won’t physically be there because he’s sleepy or something. No, he’s just smart and doesn’t want to get sick. It's nice to see at least one of the 2 presidential candidates take coronavirus seriously. It's a low bar but 50% is still very sad 😕

Imagine that! No public speaking! He's a joke how convenient for him Basement Joe He's decided not to campaign, either. Ok now it’s getting out of hand .. this guy clearly hiding from the truth that he has dementia You can't hide this man forever!!! The Democrats determined to lose the election... why bother even running?

Next he will forgo debates due to the virus . This is just comical . It's does not make sense when people can protest Godcomment... I plan to pick my vice president before the end of Trump's 2nd term Don't they trust the social service employees they want to replace the police with to protect them. “Jack in the Box” Biden avoiding open media questions for obvious reasons

Goog Would it be legal or illegal So as I listed to Yates hearing ’ it is mentioned that Russia is still interfering’ so if Trump spied on Bidens would it be legal or illegal according to democrat it would b leg Now that’s being responsible and a leader! The responsible thing to do!! Come on over to our dnc webinar. It'll be fun, cornpop!

Translation: I am not a serious candidate. I need to have my leash on when I speak and I can do this if I stay at home. WTH? Is this guy even running? Less than 100 days out and no convention, no debates, no VP pick. No one is enthusiastic. If there’s ever a year a third party can win the election it’s going to be 2020.

From the basement 😼? For Chinavirus or some incapacitated ? DNC is now 📂 folder party in th new normallity ?🤔😏 I wonder if Joe Biden would be available to fly to DC if he was elected President? 🤔 It’s the responsible thing to do. good and responsible. Democrats could not pick a better idiot then Joe Biden. He is the gift that keeps on gaffing. What a buffoon? His latest press conference about the Covid-19 virus was a page out of what President Trump already accomplished and what he is going to implement.

If masks work why not? they know that nobody will turn up lol.. Thanks gosh. Please, keep him out of his own way. Let Trump defeat himself, have Biden take the keys, then hand the keys on over. Good responsible choice JoeBiden does this mean he isnt running? someone tell me xd Back to the basement, Joe. Can't risk wheeling you out in public until after the election.

Be safe all of you. We need leaders to clean up this mess! 😇 HidinBiden Does this indicate that should he become President, he will continue to hide in his basement because of the virus? 🤔

Biden to accept Democratic nomination virtually as DNC further scales back 2020 conventionBREAKING: Joe Biden to accept the Democratic nomination virtually, as DNC further scales back 2020 Milwaukee convention. BREAKING: AP source says Joe Biden will not travel to Milwaukee to accept the Democratic presidential nomination because of concerns over the coronavirus. Isn't he fit for travel? Good

AP source: Biden won't go to Milwaukee for acceptance speechDemocratic presidential candidate Joe Biden will not travel to Milwaukee to accept his party’s White House nomination because of concerns over the coronavirus. That's according to a Democrat... We don’t need him sick Epic Failure. And for no other reason whatsoever?

Biden will not travel to Milwaukee for Democratic convention due to coronavirus concernsThe Democratic National Convention Committee announced that all speakers for the upcoming event will be joining virtually, including former Vice President Joe Biden, due to coronavirus concerns. Good Smart..... 'It is What it is'!!!!! After this morning's debacle no chance Joe's handlers let him out of the basement

Joe Biden Won't Travel To Milwaukee For The Democratic National ConventionBiden will accept the Democratic nomination for president in Delaware because of the coronavirus. Does he know this? He’d get lost poor fella. He needs full time care.

Joe Biden Won’t Travel to Milwaukee for Democratic National ConventionBreaking: Joe Biden won't go to Milwaukee for the Democratic National Convention due to coronavirus concerns. He will deliver remarks from Delaware. comeoutofthebasementjoebiden I wonder if Biden will get backlash like realDonaldTrump did when he did backed out for the same reason... So now it starts.. Next he will cancel his appearance at the debates.....

As Trump trails Biden, 2020 aide pressed on broken jobs pledge, Obama-Biden economyTrump 2020 Campaign Adviser Steve Cortes faces a probing interview from MSNBC anchor Ari Melber over Trump’s failure to keep his 2016 campaign pledges on the coal industry and jobs. Pressed to provide factual answers on the economy, Cortes says he does not want to play “quiz show,” and Melber walks through economic data showing Trump has not overseen a net gain in coal jobs nor come close to the new jobs created during the Obama administration, even before the pandemic recession. Melber also asks Cortes to address public comments he made about whether Trump should be a little bit “more fascist.” AriMelber This guy can not be our President the country will be left in ashes AriMelber Perhaps it is more difficult to add jobs at 49-year low unemployment and first time there was more open positions than unemployed? AriMelber People who say nothing are enabling Trump