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AP source: Biden won't go to Milwaukee for acceptance speech

BREAKING: AP source says Joe Biden will not travel to Milwaukee to accept the Democratic presidential nomination because of concerns over the coronavirus.

8/5/2020 6:46:00 PM

BREAKING: AP source says Joe Biden will not travel to Milwaukee to accept the Democratic presidential nomination because of concerns over the coronavirus.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden will not travel to Milwaukee to accept his party’s White House nomination because of concerns over the coronavirus. That's according to a Democrat...

By BILL BARROWAugust 5, 2020 GMTFILE - In this July 28, 2020 file photo, Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden speaks at a campaign event at the William "Hicks" Anderson Community Center in Wilmington, Del. Biden will not travel to Milwaukee to accept Democratic presidential nomination. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

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FILE - In this July 28, 2020 file photo, Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden speaks at a campaign event at the William "Hicks" Anderson Community Center in Wilmington, Del. Biden will not travel to Milwaukee to accept Democratic presidential nomination. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden will not travel to Milwaukee to accept his party’s White House nomination because of concerns over the coronavirus.That’s according to a Democrat with knowledge of the decision who spoke to The Associated Press on Wednesday on condition of anonymity to discuss planning.

The move is the latest example of the pandemic’s sweeping effects on the 2020 presidential election and the latest blow to traditional party nominating conventions that historically have marked the start of fall general election campaigns. Read more: The Associated Press »

Trump again casts doubt on whether he'll accept election result in latest unfounded attack on voting process

President Donald Trump said Thursday that he's not sure November's election will be 'honest' because of the use of unsolicited ballots, extending his baseless assertion that widespread mail-in voting is rife with fraud and again casting doubt on if he will accept the results of the election.

Tired of upheaval,unrest,violence,untruth:Listen 2 'Happy,'by Pharrell Williams 'Because I'm Happy,Clap along if U feel like HAPPINESS is the TRUTH Because I'm Happy,Clap along if U feel like that's what U wanna do Bring me down,Can't do nothin' Bring me down My level's too high He’ll continue to hide in basement

BretBaier He can’t travel because not being able to hold his pee is messy. Bad excuse..hold it in whatever city BidensHiden, Potus would go there. If he can’t leave his basement, he can’t function as Potus - as we already know. He can’t hide forever. let him self isolate forever. robinwilliams❤️ What’s the point, Biden will bring back CDC to China what’s the difference

What no teleprompter...... Good. It shows common sense. Maybe he can conduct his whole presidency (until they incapacitate him for dementia, see Amendment 25) from his basement? BretBaier Are you kidding me. So you’re saying that he won’t travel to Washington if he wins too? Pathetic He couldn’t find it.........

Didn’t you hear? Biden saw his shadow. He’s stuck in hiding for another 100 days. BretBaier Hiden-Biden, the new demo campaign. That's fine - he isn't going to win anyway. Hiden Biden ain't going nowhere Actually a wise think to do. A Trump rally in Tulsa was deadly BretBaier Americans don’t run and hide. We fight. Is this the kind of leader we want?

BREAKING: Joe Biden will not be President either. BretBaier Well what if he wins the election? Will he govern the country from his basement? I wonder who will read his inauguration speech for him? Exciting times ahead. BretBaier Bunker Biden *dementia concerns 👴🏻 He can’t find the bathroom without help. His wife should be ashamed of what the Democrats are doing to her husband. This farce has to be stopped. Everyone knows whomever he picks as VP is going to be our next President if he were to somehow win this election. Disgusting

enoreikaTV Is he still hiding in the basement He is dead, and only exists virtually. Bullshit it's because they can't take a chance on him speaking in public uhhh ahhh harry legs uhhhh ooooo aaaa snake in my bed hummmmm you know the thing uhhh red bird in tree uhhh a dog barked iiiiiii was VP to uhhh O you know his name🤦‍♂️there gonna keep him locked in a basement

Joe if he wins may be the first President to go from the inauguration to the White House and invoke the 25th Amendment and go out the back door to his basement. We may be electing the Vice Presidential candidate for President. BretBaier No surprise. OMG, he’s literally not going to do any major televised event. He will most likely refuse to debate in person as well. This is truly a remarkably whacky time. People are being hoodwinked by the DNC. And they just might get away with it.

not much of a man is he! Accepting from a library would be nice or a theater. Because he can’t. You people are actually cruel to even think he has the capacity to stand at a podium and make any sense. What a joke. Good move Maybe its because every law enforcement agency has elected not to protect the racist alt-left anti-American liberals who demonize them call the traitors, the enemy, an occupying force. Now the sniveling crybabies want the cops help. They can figure it out themselves.

BretBaier Baloney. Joes ducking Trump BretBaier Why not wear his mask? It will protect him! HE WONT ATTEND THE CONVENTION GEE WHO COULD HAVE SEEN THAT COMING BretBaier Will anyone else be there? If yes, so disrespectful like Hillary refusing to address her supportes at the Javits center 4 yrs ago. Quid Pro Joe

if Biden loses in Nov, the only rage riots that should happen should be against the DNC for being incapable of finding a real leader. BretBaier Coronavirus my ass. Creepy Joe Biden. BretBaier I’m guessing he just forgot he was running for President and couldn’t figure out why he would want to go to Milwaukee.

BretBaier Can’t wait for fox to stop relying on AP It’s because he doesn’t know where Milwaukee is Can we just move him into the White House today Makes perfect sense. Even my company is smart enough to cut travel during the pandemic. Anyone with half a brain understands he can’t risk tough questions, debating or making a speech at the convention. He has severe cognitive issues.

No need to. It’s the 21st Century. We can stream him from anywhere. He has no clue where he is right now anyway BretBaier Let’s be honest, the coronavirus is the least of his concerns. Corona or Dementia? Trump is an idiot ... no doubt but Biden is a bastardised first politicising the covid crisis we in the US ... I feel sorry for the citizens of the US for having to choose between the deplorable and despicable!!

Tough getting away from the basement room and the spike, eh JoeBiden ? AreYouAJunkie BretBaier JoeBiden appears to be mentally compromised making voters nervous. Must take a cognitive test. This means that he’s already made more intelligent decisions than Donald Trump in the past 3 1/2 years. LisaMarieBoothe democrats in inauguration day be like: And here's Joe Biden!

Why this season's antagonist is China, according to American elites. BretBaier and mental status. Not mentioned. Why does America elect geriatrics? Theres a point in time where retirement is essential. Im talking about both of them. Do better America, look at NKorea, they have a virile youthful leader....

Why would he go? Lol. How is this news? BretBaier How can he lead , when he can’t leave his basement. He’s a joke BretBaier Campaigning bunker style. BretBaier Of course he won't. This like Weekend at Bernies. BretBaier What BS! How is this guy going to be President then? Watch, I'll bet he gets out of the debates somehow. Maybe blame the coronavirus for that to

Well then, nominate Bernie! Bernie2020 Not the reason! BretBaier Maybe you can take your 90% of scum liberal panels with you to his house Baier? That’s cause he has dementia Joe Biden will address the nation from his basement.... That a surprise we didnt see coming. What a joke he is . Joe the basement puppet... No wonder why China wants him to win......

BretBaier Just stay in the basement JoeBiden BretBaier If Biden wins, he will never move into the WH either. His VP will move in and Biden will be institutionalized in California. What the dnc private jet isn’t safe? How will you run the country from your basement? BretBaier I wonder if he will travel to DC if he wins, or just Obama move back in. Oh, no. That won't happen. Obama is moving into the Supreme Court building just waiting to destroy the Judicial Branch like he did the Executive Branch.

To busy with smelling his way around Funny that he didn’t have those concerns when he and Symone Sanders were lying about it being safe for people to go and vote in the middle of a pandemic. It’s amazing how many troll accounts there are on this thread. Ok, let's get someone better to accept it. Biden will not get the job done, he can't even make it through a speech.

Joe Biden, a man of the people. Except, he really shouldn't go out in public, be seen by anyone, do scripted interviews, read from a teleprompter, be photographed, debate, tweet or be more than 3 feet from his wife. He's resting comfortably in a 'Am I Prez yet?' snuggie. Pffft.O K.. Back to the basement.

Pretty lame he doesn’t go? Biden wants to be the President? 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ Not a good choice at ALL!! Would still like to hear him speak...if he can get it together Guess he’ll just have to stay home then if by some miracle he is elected president. So let’s say he wins. Is he never going to travel anywhere to do the work of a President? If he’s that fearful of getting sick he cannot do this job. What a sham. Just nominate his VP and let the poor man retire.

Smart. He’s highlighting his leadership via ability to meet the seriousness of the moment. Calm + rational = Dem candy. The optics are good: Joe doesn’t need validation. He doesn’t need flag humping propaganda. He’s secure in his abilities. He’s got a wicked smart team. BretBaier People go to work everyday.... JoeBiden who wants to run for the highest office on land can’t make it to the nomination

Bet he uses that excuse to not debate Trump. Will the person(s) who write his Tweets go instead? 😂 Coward's gonna govern in the WH bunker. Also, if true, then same cowardly excuse for not debating the other coward Republican. But yea, YOU go vote in person 🙄 FvckEmAll Cognitively impaired More like concern that he will be outed as mentally insufficient for public office.

BretBaier Why didn’t delay voting and do vote from home? Is Biden’s life more precious than the 150,000? Some of those had to have been people going to vote. Good for Joe. Or is it cause of the rioting? The same guy who urged people to go out and vote during a pandemic. Lol ronflatter Also he doesn't know how to get there and back

Bunker Biden 😂 Huh. A responsible adult making grown up decisions. Weird. AND, because the Stair Lifter has yet to be installed in the basement BretBaier He is afraid of his own shadow 'Make sure you get out there in-person and vote though.' He should get to do it from the white house lawn. If its good for Trump its good for Biden!

This picture reminds me of this.... 😂😂😂😂 Why not, it's going away. BretBaier Paralyzed with fear. Worthless and weak. HollowJpe Funny. He had no trouble sending my wife (immune deficiency in her lungs) and I (congestive heart failure) out to vote in the middle of this mess. He’s hiding out because he’s losing his mind and DNC doesn’t want it to get out. Unfit to lead this country is Biden.

But I thought wearing a mask made everything cool. No? This is all just a show to get Trump re-elected. Republicans and Democrats are in fact the same puppets for the bankster elites. Look how much Americans are hating each other today- divide and conquer at it’s best. BretBaier can someone tell me what the Dems have planned. They know he cannot be President....... If mail in ballots take several months to come in does that make Nancy President until they are figured out.....They do nothing without a reason

But really senility. Good, we need a leader who’s actions don’t put others in danger. Does it matter where he accepts the nomination from? I didn’t think so. Cocofritz Why should he go. Their going to replace him anyway. Get a clue Peeps 😉 You could put this clown in a square room with a door in each wall and he still couldn't find his way out. Lost and you want this guy to be president from where his home basement?

Just setting himself up to not do the debates. I’m all for doing everything we can but when the nomination wasn’t locked up coronavirus didn’t seem to matter. BretBaier Weak coward. prob gonna be a giant bitch and wuss out on the debates Yeah, suuuure that’s why. They can't control his dementia as well on the road

I assume this is why: He'll be hiding in his basement to avoid showing America that he has dementia. Voters don't HAVE to vote for either Idiotic Oligarchic Puppet. If Progressives vote GreenPartyUS Corporatists vote DNC Conservatives vote LPNational TrumPets vote GOP Then the Duopoly sees you won't vote for them and you retain your power.

Can he just not be nominated? Thanks. It's almost like Biden is behaving like a responsible adult. Coronavirus will still be a threat if he becomes president. If he's afraid to travel for a few days, how do we expect him to run the country? I'm sure cognitive decline has nothing to do with it... I agree 100%. Leave the glitter and show biz BS to the non-mask wearing Republicans. They know much more about deception, military parades, ratings, crowds and lies than the Democrats. Let them parade their Coronavirus failures anywhere they want, they are the real losers.

And he might get lost 'As I accept this nomination, I want to send a special shout-out to the moops.' - Joe Biden I totally agree with this move, stay home please, we can't afford to allow you to get sick. BretBaier BretBaier Furious Chinese in USA cheat for unemployment benefits while they work now Replace him, for Fucks Sake! Is he dying?

Joe said it was safe to vote in the primaries. His handlers can keep him from groping women and children. Trump's handlers can't keep him from being narcissistic. Neither should be President of the U.S., but there is no other option. Democrats literally hiding him away lol. BretBaier This is a preview if Biden becomes president he will hide in the White House and just phone it or Skype it in ,he will be a no show

I think he needs to be more concerned about dementia. I feel like he could get there without coming in contact with that many people. Probably saving his energy for the debates, which will he must watch TV. I don't think he really wants to be President. I think he just wants Trump *not* to be President. I guess in that he is probably a mirror for the nation.

Can he run the country from his basement? Joe, can you give me a chance to vote for you by doing some live interviews and let my see and hear from you directly. This is my right and your duty to do so. If you refuse to do live interviews and debates with Trump, you are disqualified to run this race and no vote for you.

BretBaier So if the virus is still around in January, he won’t go to his inauguration? Sad basement2020 BretBaier I thought masks work. NewsRadio930 It’s to keep him from stiffing and groping. Because they don't want him talking in person, I'm 100% sure he doesn't even run his own Twitter account Stream the acceptance speech Joe.

BretBaier HidenBiden So weak, so corrupt and soooo demented! Because he gets very confused outside of his basement Ah yes. This post really brought out the crazies. Was not disappointed. BretBaier Biden won't show up for anythin. If by chance he wins the presidency, someone other than him will be taking over America. All Americans should be concerned about the underhanded tactics of Democrats to tear this country down, to do away with democracy.

BretBaier Hidin’ Biden! BretBaier Joe’s planning on the White House being moved to his basement if he wins. I don't blame Joe one bit, he needs to stay safe. 💙 Biden2020 🇺🇲 Maybe he can still send his wife like he did to a fox interview Too 3embarrassed to show his face anywhere in front of reporters Might ask him questions he can’t answer A Fox station in the city! Will they reimburse all hotels for all revenue they have now LOST 3 times cancelled!

Can we get Bernie to go instead? BretBaier ...yep, because of the Coronavirus. Ok... sundene Good, I would rather the future president not get sick. Actually Mr Booker would do it too. SILVER ALERT! SenileJoe won't even accept the presidential nomination because his handlers are afraid he'll show his rapid cognitive decline!

Don’t you have to be present to win? We should just postpone the election until this Wuhan Virus scare goes away...... 😁 LucidFoxx more like hes deathly afraid to speak in public. BretBaier More like they dont want him in the publics eye to see ho bad his dementia really is. Bet he will not do a debate either, 40+ yrs sucking up tax payers money doing nothing but making money for himself and his family. Besides Jeff wants his dummy back.

He should accept in his backyard just like Trump plans to do. BretBaier Breaking News::: This just in... Joe Biden will let his VP run the country Due To Covid-19. BretBaier He couldn't find Milwaukee. Campaigning for top job arguably on the planet and wont leave his basement, Youcognitive be honest, it’s cognitive challenges. Voted since 80s not fond of any candidates, if honest, Biden not capable. When is HRC coming to steal the spotlight as VP bill said copresident anyway

I had to change my party to Green Peace because Joe Biden is NOT qualify for President!! He does not give a straight answer!! DeAnna4Congress HowleyReporter TweetRevere CitizenAnalyst BlueBoxDave WulffJones xBenJamminx TuckerCarlson Really is “Weekend at Bernies”. What a joke. SidneyPowell1 GenFlynn patton6966 MelissaLeggett4 Chrismc44

He will not give others the virus. He is scared to get the virus. How can you claim to handle the virus better than the current president when you are so obviously afraid of it. It’s this your example for a country looking for a bright spot. Depressing. scaredjoe They can nominate him in his basement.

Sure wasn't worried about corona at that funeral he went to.... Is this guy for real? Amazing. How will he travel the world as President? The idiocy. Me fellow apples and root cast members “Look Joe! It’s your favorite squirrel at the feeder today! I know how happy he makes you. Oh dear... it appears you’ve had another accident. Let’s get you cleaned up for dinner. I hear there’s tapioca pudding for dessert tonight!”

BretBaier We DESERVE to know TheTruthAboutJoe Yeah, Hillary didn't bother to travel much either when she was campaigning. Cool. BretBaier Blarney! No law enforcement will protect them. BretBaier I can see it now. He will not debate because of concerns of coronavirus health officials in Wisconsin informed the DNC that speakers for the convention should not be traveling to Wisconsin. Maybe you should report that.

Doesn’t matter. He will step down after the election. They want someone else but need Biden name recognition and ties to Obama to win. Whoever he picks as VP will be president. How many people got Covid after Trump rally’s? Solid move Joe BretBaier Smart. What Face masks, goggles, shields. You can 'decorate them'! Let's see you all in Milwaukee! Face masks, goggles, shields......

Smart! Joe Hiden He probably shouldn't. He brain is broken. BretBaier 😳😂😂😂😂 Sounds like the sensible thing to do under the circumstances. BretBaier The virus has become an escapist alibi. His rapid cognitive decline is tough to watch. Shame on his wife for putting him through this. He’s not physically able to travel with his dementia. Crazy.

We’ve all learned the art of zoom meetings. Debates shouldn’t be a problem 🤣 Wow! That’s weak ... we need a strong leader. trump2020 🇺🇸 “Because of concerns he might reveal his advanced dementia”. There. Fixed it for you. I heard he crapped his adult diapers again. Rttvhafvhctncca Yngffvhodnswiufvcn Evfovvgcafvvenm Yvhhsniyttmcuytfr Bgbceetoiuhfvccn Eoiufvgbbwtiafuvhcu Pttwhvnfivhondfvb Njvvkjffnaeyvhf Evohcboffnhwtcydvh Wifhtyuvnncukhanop Wfsvviknitvgwvfn

Dems will insist that any Presidential debates will have to held virtually. That way they can blame gaffes on internet problems and cut away anytime to avoid issues and give Joe answers. This is step one in the process. But we see him travel for other photo ops. If it is safe enough for that, it is safe enough for a convention. Limiting people inside would work. No excuse. The people deal with risk daily, 'others' can also.

Smart man... DumpTrump we need him healthy, beloved BretBaier He is the Democrats only hope!! 😂 BretBaier It’s Monday, August 3, 2020. Joe Biden has had 44 years and failed AMERICA! Expect 3 things from Joe Biden! Lies. Promises and more Lies! Being a pathological liar most of his 44 years in politics, he is also mentally incapacitated, and everyone knows it.

Smart. Now is not the time to risk infection. BretBaier Right🙄 And he’s getting away with crap! JoeBiden Joe accepting the nomination in a MEMORIALIZED public place like Lafayette Park or BLM Plaza, would be priceless. He only needs a gathering permit from the DC mayor... Great promo for his inaugural parade. (travel by private train car to DC 😉)

Keep Joe safe! AMERICA NEEDS HIM! BretBaier Stay in the basement Joe, it’s your best strategy. Im worry Millions of people are working. We all know the reason. How embarrassing Smart man BretBaier LetJoeBidenTalk And trump will deliver his acceptance speech from the White House. The rumors are true. Nothing but jelly beans upstairs!

But, I thought masks worked? 🧐 Cause he can't stand in front of a crowd and speak without handlers, teleprompters, written notes and someone to nudge him when he starts going off on a tangent. BretBaier Why travel when you can stay in your basement and talk to the wall... 'concerns over the coronavirus.' Uh huh. AreYouAJunkie

I don't blame him. It can all be done on a screen. That's how we all are living. RIDIN WITH BIDEN! Leadership by example is refreshing. GOOD GOING JOE !!! MY PRESIDENT !!! SMART MAN !!! I am sure its concerns over him completing a sentence not the virus. Can’t remember how to get there? Joe is in decline and needs someone else to be the nominee

He’s still trying to remember what he’s running for. Basement Boy!!! Or because.. Because he probably can't walk anymore Can this guy leave his basement for anything Weak! Probably a good idea. Smart. I miss smart. He already has it along with hiv good on him, maybe he should do it from the Rose Garden What a responsible leader would do

Here is realDonaldTrump Campaign’s plan: Confuse as many Black Voters as possible in key states like Wisconsin and make them vote for kanyewest; Democrats must do a better job at educating people that a vote for Kanye is a vote for Trump! As long as he’s at the debates! That state is one of the worst states for covid-19!

Smart move! Why travel when it isn’t necessary? . . .and, the risk of making a fool out of himself again. Biden doesn't know he's the nominee. Sad! Cancel debates! Let realDonaldTrump destroy himself And for no other reason whatsoever? Epic Failure. We don’t need him sick

As Trump trails Biden, 2020 aide pressed on broken jobs pledge, Obama-Biden economyTrump 2020 Campaign Adviser Steve Cortes faces a probing interview from MSNBC anchor Ari Melber over Trump’s failure to keep his 2016 campaign pledges on the coal industry and jobs. Pressed to provide factual answers on the economy, Cortes says he does not want to play “quiz show,” and Melber walks through economic data showing Trump has not overseen a net gain in coal jobs nor come close to the new jobs created during the Obama administration, even before the pandemic recession. Melber also asks Cortes to address public comments he made about whether Trump should be a little bit “more fascist.” AriMelber This guy can not be our President the country will be left in ashes AriMelber Perhaps it is more difficult to add jobs at 49-year low unemployment and first time there was more open positions than unemployed? AriMelber People who say nothing are enabling Trump

Some People Don’t Want Biden To Debate Trump – Biden Isn’t One Of ThemSome people don’t want Joe Biden to debate President Trump—but Biden isn’t one of them by AndrewSolender AndrewSolender I can’t wai for the debates. AndrewSolender Joe 'come on man' Biden AndrewSolender Ironic statement by Ted Cruz who himself lost it when Trump attacked his own wife during his own debate with Trump.

Charlie Cook: 'Biden looking up' in key swing states'Right now, Biden is in ahead in states with around 350-360 electoral votes,' CharlieCookDC says. CharlieCookDC 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 CharlieCookDC CharlieCookDC Bullshit

Biden focuses on narrowing VP list, plans to interview finalists this weekThe presumptive Democratic nominee is unlikely to have a running mate announcement before next week. ❤️❤️ Omg! Are you serious?! He needs to announce his VP already! LMAO 'Focus'? he can't he focus on the food on his bib!

Trump’s Planning to Throw Everything He Can At BidenStill looking for something that sticks as his polls slide, the president and his team appear determined to go lower, striking an even darker note for the final months of the race. You mean the dude under criminal investigation? Bring it on. I believe it will get worse based on what I’ve read about malignant narcissism. Uglier than the Democratic cities being ripped apart by Democrats?

Trump campaign restarts TV advertising with spots slamming BidenTrump's campaign went dark on television airwaves last week amid a reevaluation of its advertising strategy by Trump's newly installed campaign manager. Today it's out with new ads casting Biden as beholden to the left wing of the Democratic Party And they think that's bad? That’s the scariest thing they can come up with? What about his emails? 😂😂😂 By now, most everyone has all things Trump on ignore. All know he's a liar and horribly incompetent.