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6 Dr. Seuss books won't be published for racist images

BOSTON (AP) — Six Dr. Seuss books — including “And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street” and “If I Ran the Zoo” — will stop being published because of racist and insensitive imagery, the...

3/2/2021 4:16:00 PM

Six Dr. Seuss books — including “And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street” and “If I Ran the Zoo” — will stop being published because of racist and insensitive imagery, the business that preserves and protects the author's legacy said.

BOSTON (AP) — Six Dr. Seuss books — including “And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street” and “If I Ran the Zoo” — will stop being published because of racist and insensitive imagery, the...

BOSTON (AP) — Six Dr. Seuss books — including “And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street” and “If I Ran the Zoo” — will stop being published because of racist and insensitive imagery, the business that preserves and protects the author’s legacy said Tuesday.

“These books portray people in ways that are hurtful and wrong,”Dr. Seuss Enterprisestold The Associated Press in a statement that coincided with the late author and illustrator’s birthday.“Ceasing sales of these books is only part of our commitment and our broader plan to ensure Dr. Seuss Enterprises’ catalog represents and supports all communities and families,” it said.

ADVERTISEMENTThe other books affected are “McElligot’s Pool,” “On Beyond Zebra!,” “Scrambled Eggs Super!,” and “The Cat’s Quizzer.”The decision to cease publication and sales of the books was made last year after months of discussion, the company told AP. headtopics.com

“Dr. Seuss Enterprises listened and took feedback from our audiences including teachers, academics and specialists in the field as part of our review process. We then worked with a panel of experts, including educators, to review our catalog of titles,” it said.

Books by Dr. Seuss — who was born Theodor Seuss Geisel in Springfield, Massachusetts, on March 2, 1904 —- have been translated into dozens of languages as well as in braille and are sold in more than 100 countries. He died in 1991.He remains popular, earning an estimated $33 million before taxes in 2020, up from just $9.5 million five years ago, the company said. Forbes listed him No. 2 on its

highest-paid dead celebritiesof 2020, behind only the late pop star Michael Jackson.As adored as Dr. Seuss is by millions around the world for the positive values in many of his works, including environmentalism and tolerance, there has been increasing criticism in recent years over the way Blacks, Asians and others are drawn in some of his most beloved children’s books, as well as in his earlier advertising and propaganda illustrations.

The National Education Association, which founded Read Across America Day in 1998 and deliberately aligned it with Geisel’s birthday, has for several years deemphasized Seuss and encouraged a more diverse reading list for children.School districts across the country have also moved away from Dr. Seuss, prompting Loudoun County, Virginia, schools just outside Washington, D.C., to headtopics.com

rumors last month that they were banning the books entirely.ADVERTISEMENT“Research in recent years has revealed strong racial undertones in many books written/illustrated by Dr. Seuss,” the school district said in a statement.In 2017, a school librarian in Cambridge, Massachusetts,

a gift of 10 Seuss books from first lady Melania Trump, saying many of his works were “steeped in racist propaganda, caricatures, and harmful stereotypes.”In 2018, a Dr. Seuss museum in his hometown of Springfieldremoved a muralthat included an Asian stereotype.

“The Cat in the Hat,” one of Seuss’ most popular books, has received criticism, too, but will continue to be published for now.Dr. Seuss Enterprises, however, said it is “committed to listening and learning and will continue to review our entire portfolio.”

Numerous other popular children’s series have been criticized in recent years for alleged racism.In the 2007 book, “Should We Burn Babar?,” the author and educator Herbert R. Kohl contended that the “Babar the Elephant” books were celebrations of colonialism because of how the title character leaves the jungle and later returns to “civilize” his fellow animals. headtopics.com

One of the books, “Babar’s Travels,” was removed from the shelves of a British library in 2012 because of its alleged stereotypes of Africans. Critics also have faulted the “Curious George” books for their premise of a white man bringing home a monkey from Africa.

And Laura Ingalls Wilder’s portrayals of Native Americans in her “Little House On the Prairie” novels have been faulted so often that the American Library Association removed her name in 2018 from a lifetime achievement award it gives out each year.___

AP National Writer Hillel Italie contributed from New York. Read more: The Associated Press »

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this app is fuckin broken lmao twitter is shit why does this have to happen ew People should read up on facts. Suesse Enterprises determined they were no longer producing these six books, which by the way, no one really even recalls anyhow. No one is making them stop. They chose to. This is a good move... because hey one of them is already out of copyright and all but one of the rest will be in the public domain from two to ten years from now... (Demagogues...)

Can we do the same with Roald Dahl please While I understand the imagery is wrong and needs to change, I wantbti know why the whole story needs to be pulled I’m no longer offended by anything anymore because now other people are offended on my behalf books have always been burned on moral grounds, yet never has history considered the book burners to be moral.

If one wants to preserve and protect an author's legacy, brushing 'racist and insensitive' aspects of it aside where future bookstore customers might be less likely to notice it is NOT the right way to go about it. DrSeuss racism cancelculture WB did it the right way: 'Oh, the joy you'll ban!' via YouTube

Cancel Culture, in Haiku. There once was a ZOOT. Who always gave a big HOOT. And made it all MOOT. TruthsinHaiku 👎 massive opportunity for small publisher to buy the rights at a knocked down price and publish these there is a big commercial demand from the more rationale and calm peeps out there who can make up their own mind on the merit of the stories

😂🤣 good I hated these books as a kid & before I understand (If you even can w these books) this shit You guys do know Fahrenheit 451 and 1984 are works of fiction and were made as a goddamn warning and yet here we are living in the real life world of these books This makes no sense Snowflakes BRAVO! SELF-reflection is always a Positive action. “These books portray people in ways that are Hurtful and Wrong,” **Dr. Seuss Enterprises told** The Associated Press in a statement that coincided with the late author and illustrator’s birthday.'

Should we cancel Dr. Seuss Well, let’s look at the facts🤷🏿‍♂️ Political correct Madness, l would say Evil. We are no longer a free society. Here come all the woke and radical leftists complaining about Dr Seuss books, as if they could even read. Equivalent of book banning? Book burning? Better to start a conversation about nature of offensiveness

World has gone mad. Who are the useless morons who come up with this crap. Now chopsticks are racist And this? What about the racist movie Kill Bill? A white woman pretends to be Asian Get that trash outta here! Does anyone think that this is reasonable. The world has gone mad. The cancel Cult are at it again

How about this.... I'll stereotype white people for being privileged puss who complain about everything being racist🤷‍♂️ fakewoke AllLivesMatter So glad I own all of them. Going to make a killing selling them online. can't they just update them so they're not racist? or are the books just inherently racist? i haven't seen these books

oliviafierro What next the show The phantom of the Opera has to be rewritten. Because let's face it it comes down to the man stalked this opera singer. Seduced her and kidnapped her and held her for ransom... Does that mean it should be canceled too?! Ughhhhh..... this is becoming too much Wait until they start googling old Disney movies like Song of the South 😂😂😂😂😂

Can we please stop being a super sensitive soft society? The intolerance of the 21st Century in the name of social justice is getting a bit tedious. Clear examples should be exposed and corrected, but things like this just cheapen the ideal and irritate more than anything. Pretty sure most people outraged over this story, one side or the other, have never heard of these books

aww not 🤔 Seems like Stan Lee did let racism into Marvel Comics and your article is wrong. Soft snowflakes Allied censorship during de-Nazification Retarded Trump took down ISIS. Biden took down Dr Seuss and Mr Potato Head. Bunch of pansie whine ass babies! Watching people and corporations stumble over themselves to show how woke they r is a joke. Just stop publishing the books, no need to have a media push to tell people u r no longer publishing them. This was done to prove wokeness. What a joke.

Why is everyone suck fucking snowflakes now adays stop cancelling shit get over it The Red Fish and the Blue Fish are the colors of the American flag, so they've got to go. 😂😂😂😂 So many wrongs in this world right now go unnoticed because our biggest concern is peoples feelings. Check out my book. 100% free of racism

Well gosh dang And the Canceling Continues...CancelCulture Jaysus wept!! Why must they be cancelled? Surely the right step forward is to review the publications and amend the bits that are not PC with the current times 🤷‍♀️ I’m not particularly fussed if they do go, just a thought 💭 Stupid ass losers It just gets worse

i dont see yall going after walt. we all know he was sexist and racist.......but disny owns murica so of course not this is so stupid. i grew up on these books and never found anything offensive or whatever you are talking about. i also never grew up to hate jews or asians or whatever else yall are claiming seuss to be. raise your kids right and you wont have to worry about outside influences

No way y’all actually serious rn, what’s even the end goal of this cancel movement? I dont understand how people are being pissbabies about this Its only 6 fucking books that are racist not being published anymore You can still teach your child how to be racist if youve bought those same books before today

This is ridiculous! Thats gay just a suggestion can the art work not be redone to conform with now just saying Can we stop pretending being 'woke' is woke...and rather backwards? Fucking stupid as hell lmao Imo this is alright but they should have gone with the looney tunes route of the disclaimer at the start of the book, thats the absolute godtier of dealing with it

But Michelle likes it... you all need a life if you gonna can el a childrens book What about the book calked the King’s Stilts by Dr. Seuss. Happy birthday,, Stop the Insanity! That’s great. People literally will have easier access to Mein Kampf than they will Dr. Seuss Who cares!! My kids don’t need your nonsense!! You won’t get my money!!!

And this is going to affect what now? It's a fucking childrens book. We will all have stars on our bellies soon. Just sayin And I'll be publishing said cancelled books and handing them out for free. cancelcancelculture Hear a leftist target your favorite author or innocuous childhood delight? Break his/her/its jaw.

what a fucking waste of time. don’t we have bigger problems to worry about?🙄 If you're upset with those six Dr. Seuss books not being published anymore, take it up with the business that sells Dr. Seuss. They are the ones who made the decision. The more white supremacy pushes its agenda the harder the other side will push to erase them. This is not a war white supremacy can fight with bullets.

I remember being forced to read these over and over again. The images and words forever burned into my mind. My soul still has the scars from those days.... my toddler was happy tho. 🤔 Dude, 'Chinaman' is not the preferred nomenclature. This is getting nuts. Ok, now pls point out why racist? That does deal with shades of skin color right? I could understand if one of his characters head was shaped like a penis but Racist? Hahaha this country has went crazy. Who ever said that is the racist. Grow the fuck up

Jesus everyone these days are pansies. Why not just update the imagery? Is it that sacred that it's better for kids to lose the stories to the pictures? Are there no good illustrators around? The world has become to soft. Go grab your blinki and suck your thumb in the corner. Odd. No one said this when Michelle Obama had Dr Suess to the White House...wait, White House...racist. Let’s call it the Rainbow Sanctuary instead.

This is bullshit. The people who are part of this incredibly mindless “cancel culture” need to get a life. Seriously. Guess the Bible is next. It can fit in the ' new'category. Flat out RIDICULOUS! LIBTARDS ARE THE SOFTEST PEOPLE AROUND. democRATS ARE RUINING THIS COUNTRY Oops. fucking sjw bitches back at it again

Pure marketing. They know Americans are batshit crazy and act accordingly. On top of that, those books aren't good enough to teach anything nowadays, they need a revision. idiocracy I grew up on these books, crazy i wont get to see them anymore. My god. People are so fucking stupid. I wish the world would just end at this point.

People who ban books are never the good guys. Snowflakes... might as well ban all descriptive texts/illustrations then... because in a way isnt that racist to anything and everything. Oh look! A magazine that describes a U.K man dressed up to the nines wearing a top hat and drinking tea.. I'm offended let's get it banned.

drseussisoverparty I feel so much safer now...... Pathetic Everyone hated that Man society have gone to shit Woke 1 Dr Suess 0 Ridiculous Omg over sensitivity much, another PC gone wrong. But I thought all white people were racist. Are you going to ban the depiction of white people from every book? This nonsense never ends. Dr Seuss was a genius, with a wit and creative humour greater than the lot of you put together.

To interfere with literature that was acceptable by society at the time it was published is akin to rewriting history by pulling down statues of those who represent a period which must surelu be preserved for future generations of historians. Lewis Carrol might well be next? This article doesn't mention nearly enough about Dr. Suess's racist past, and that's bias. Dr. Suess literally drew racist propaganda on purpose, and you glossed over that like it wasn't an important detail? Shame on you!

Ridiculous! Absolutely ridiculous! Stupidity What an pathetically over sensitive world we live in. Why not censor the bible for citing fantastical, white centric ideologies? 🤬👎🏻 but republicans can stay This is absolutely ridiculous!! This 'politically correct' environment is about a few people using their causes to silence and cancel parts of our past and culture that don't fit their world agenda. In a free thinking democracy this must not continue!!

This totally sucks. The world has officially gone mad. And just out of curiosity who the f%k makes these f$&ked up decisions. 🤬😡🥵 This is the dumbest ass thing I’ve ever seen. Just stupid ignorant people that someone is bowing to. These people have mental issues and should be removed from any decision making

i’ve never heard of these dr. seuss books. Marxism at work again. CancelCulture The only Dr Seuss books that matter are the Lorax and oh the places you’ll go See I knew from the article’s description that y’all were massively downplaying how racist it is but like ... damn. “A Chinese person eating from a bowl using chopsticks” ok hun

Very good advertising. Books selling for hundreds of dollars on eBay now haha They will have to be passed around secretly & handed over at the dead of night. Burning books... at least nothing bad ever came from that. Utter garbage...what’s next! Surely there are bigger and better things to focus on! Nope. I am not in favor. The denial of 'otherness' does nothing to promote understanding. 'Sameness' is not equality. The freedom to laugh at and be laughed at in our turn is essential to our ability to coexist with each other.

oh no! we share the same birthday, and i adored seuss as a child. 😞 This is pathetic, all to protect the looney liberals from being offended. 'Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.' - George Santayana Learn from history and it's failures, don't erase it! How about this running stereotype in The Simpsons of British teeth? Why is that not offensive? I’d love an answer to that which doesn’t simply involve the words ‘white privilege’ because to me equality, by its very definition, has to work both ways.

And so it begins Can they just change the words or images? Wtf dr Seuss Are they High If these fuckers want to protect his legacy maybe they should, I don't know, protect his work? He was an artist, his art should never be fucked with no exceptions. Can't wait till his work falls into public domain so these can actually be printed again.

But the Bible is still OK? Just checking..... I don’t see anyone stopping releases of 50 shades of grey so why should you still Seuss? It’s educational and an actual legacy. Not some book that everyone will forget in like 10 years Don't read it if you're offended. Damn.💪 What a joke! The United States is pathetic!

Has anyone read 'Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator recently'? 😆 Obama had no issues reading DrSeuss to kids... 🤔 FGS. As a white person, I want every copy of 'The Hills Have Eyes' pulled from every shelf in America because of negative overtones aimed at all my family in Kentucky. My family LOOKS like them but does not behave the way they are portrayed. Never be caught dead in LEE overalls.

Funny how everyone calling this book burning are the same people who usually talk about how companies should be allowed to do what they want with their business. These 6 books performed badly, the company has seen this and decided they don't want to publish them. It's simple. It is hurtful & wrong to portray any piece of literature as 'hurtful' & 'wrong'. Words are words, & they are just about the least harmful things out there.

What a joke. Imagine being so sensitive you have to cancel a kids book This is highly insensitive. this is so funny, twitter had to put a trigger waning up on a kids book for the snowflakes lmao Isn’t this what happened in the book Fahrenheit 451? That sucks We seem to be getting mixed up between describing and racism. If someone eats with sticks....then that is a fact and it simply describes them. If it is used in a provocative, hurtful or derogatory manner than that is racism. We need a line to be drawn. drsuess

Look what they did to Noddy! Sounds like the illustrations are the issue. Can’t they just be altered rather than getting rid of the books altogether? Remember you guy’s voted for this person! 🤔 Damn, the left really be out here getting offended by and cancelling Dr. Seuss. Unbelievable. How ridiculous racist oh my goodness what next this is getting pathetic love Dr Seuss. this racist in regards to books is getting a joke 🙂

Didn't the Nazi's do book burnings? What a hill for all the angry birds in the comments to die on. To all of the ✌🏾welcome back burning books✌🏾, let's-keep-teaching-future-generations-racist,-dehumanising-imagery-because-it-doesn't-bother-me crew... That is so stupid!! Its getting ridiculous now! When you all start picking on kids books! Its you people that are racist! Kids read these books and think nothing about your dumb stuff! STOP ALREADY! WHAT NEXT

Uh ffs. Even Twitter are at it 'The following may contain sensitive material' Continue ? Boo 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Nothing more needs to be said. The Grinch can't steal Chritmas and Horton can't hear a Who. But a rapper can direct a motion picture with the N word in it spoken 50 times in a 1 and half hour movie.

They closing down Suess Landing too? I'm canceling the cancel culture. Get out of my world and go create your own wacky world! Pretending the past doesn't exist will only fuel the ignorance of which racism was born. Maybe the publisher should pile those books up in the middle of Times square and burn them all.

Finally. Another blow to the systemic constructs that keep our BIPOC citizens down. Thank reason and logical thinking for getting rid of these disgusting books. Being offended by words is not oppression, oppression is being prevented from saying something because it offends. Another example of silencing people.

I think PUMA should pull all its products immediately because of its past. What's next? Are we going to stop publishing the works of Mark Twain? The writer of the book himself said he regrets writing certain ones. It was HIS choice to talk about it openly and it was HIS to pull them off. bullshit Can't we not just go ahead and burn the witches that reads these books, already...

Whatever looking for a few more copies for the great grand kids, anyone selling... Why don't they just change or remove the offending images to something more neutral instead of stopping the publishing of the books all together? Seems like an easy fix. Is the publisher really beholden to uphold these specific out-of-date caricatures?

The world has literally gone PC mad. I'm still grieving for poor Mr & Mrs Potato head & now this. It's only a matter of time before Santa Clause is cancelled and rebranded a gender neutral being. MrPotatoHead doctorseuss cancelcancelculture pcworld If you have the originals, keep a hold of them because they'll become a right proper collectors item & make a pretty penny off them! 😆

This is absolutely ridiculous!!! Is this really necessary though? All I see is illustrations accurately representing the history of different cultures. This is insane. We can't sanitize everything to satisfy woke sensibilities. We'll have nothing of value left I disagree. I'm Singaporean-Chinese: the 'Chinese boy who eats with sticks' isn't racist & doesn't offend me. In fact, it could be considered cultural *inclusivity*... DrSeuss DrSeussCancelled

oh ffs people. Let's get rid of Bruce springsteen bc he says yellow man in born in the usa, little house on the prairie books, as a matter of fact let's not have books or music at all then. Let's just not even talk. Who are all these sensitive assholes? What was racist in this book? I’ve not even read it. As a kid, we were poor and these books were bloody expensive. And who gets to say what is and isn’t racist anyway?

I’m so fucking done with just about Eve thing Okay cancel culture let's keep this dog and pony show rolling! Can we cancel Star Wars & GI Joe next? I got lots of those and I'm Ready to cash in 🤑🤑🤑 Apparently Dr. Seuss is more racist then Hitler ym's. First Uncle Ben and now Dr Seuss, my childhood is being cancelled.

Unbelievable 🤦‍♂️ I wonder how many people are mad and actually own Gucci, Prada, Moncler, Katy Perry, Adidas, or Burberry products. All released Black face products and here we are...worried about comics we never knew existed until we looked for it..... wrongthink, as directed by the minister of love

JFC. Fucking cancel it all I guess. People complaining about it all should realise it's the publishers who've removed a few titles from reprint as they don't want the rest of the Dr Seuss books associated with racial stereotypes in the drawings. Probably also as they weren't selling well. I am so relieved to see at least a few of Dr. Seuss’s disgusting works are being recalled. I never felt comfortable at all with titles like, “And To Think I Saw It on Harvey Weinstein’s Computer” and “McElligot’s Brothel”. Shame, Mr. Geisel.

If we’re trying to protect kids by canceling anything, it should be war. The US is supporting this. Concentrate on what is important. Stop caring about frivolous PC garbage. End war. Vote libertarian You can just censor everything that offends you, it just shows how weak you really are. Stand up to it and just say whatever, you guys are the weakest people I have ever seen. Not even stating facts or evidence with what you are saying

Are we going to ban all 90s rap talking about killing a n**** and killing cops and screwing this hoe and shaming women!? There’s a lot worse in the world than this. This is absolutely ridiculous!!! I can’t with this sensitive crap anymore. So, anyone who is of these races, please tell me if you are offended by the stereotypes in this book, and I don't want to hear shit from a 14 year old white girl acab in her bio.

Jesus put down the virtue flares! Know what books contain the most racism and hatred? The bible, the Koran and pretty much any other religious text. I'm half Singaporean-Chinese: the 'Chinese boy who eats with sticks' isn't racist & doesn't offend me at all. In fact, this could be considered cultural inclusivity. DrSeuss DrSeussCancelled

Smh So many people becoming the monsters they think they are fighting. 'the business that preserves and protects' Not these books though I guess. How is it offensive I don't get why, This is stupid. Rap music offends people. I'm sure that some black authors have written offensive stuff. Should we ban and destroy everything that offends someone? If so, burn every book in the world. Delete the internet. Someone is offended somewhere.

Twitter…GTFO! Or, “If I Ran the Zoo” coming to life. I'm kind of annoyed about this... I stopped buying that book YEARS ago. GoodByeDrSeuss👋🏽 Who cares? They’re unpopular 30 year old books. I can’t believe y’all are so passionate one way or the other about literally children’s books Up next Starbucks racist for only using white cups. Why aren't there black, brown, and yellow Starbucks cups?

Or, here's an idea, if you don't want your children reading these six books, why not just choose not to buy these for them instead of banning them outright? Ridiculous!! America is becoming lamer and lamer daily. Those books have been around and favorite of many people. Removal because noone buying is one thing but if people still buy and like should be no problems. Its part of the authors right to make any character he sees fit same with tv

Dr. Seuss books are very popular for learners of English in China and Korea. Every educated Chinese and Korean family has a complete set. The estate may stop publishing, but bootleg copies will be made. And no, Chinese aren’t offended by what American pansies think is racism. I hope there aren't any religious people promoting this decision. The Bible promotes slavery, genocide and rape, yet it continues to be published...

My wife dug up the kids books, we have all six. She is on Ebay now all excited. This is ridiculous Don’t let this distract you from the fact that NYGovCuomo forced nursing homes to take in covid patients that led to thousands of deaths, then covered it up &, that 3 woman have accused him of sexual assualt. Turns out he was everything he & the left accused Trump of.

Welcome to 2021. You don't need to burn books, just cancel them. K From 'To Think I Saw It On Mulberry Street.' I guess this is racist? Loved this book as a kid, have red it countless times to my children. We never even noticed this or thought it was somehow inappropriate. elonmusk When you leave for Mars... Take me with you!

what has the world come to. Why the wise linger in shadow. im going to be real here, just reviewed these books, 4 of them have nothing contentious in them? one of them has a guy named ali who wears a turban.. i lit have people in my town who wear turbans? i don't really think it matters, but some of this is just them covering their ass.

Liberal white washing. The drive to remove persons of color from every inch of history Well I have all these books in mint condition. Looks like they’ll be worth a lot of money in the future. They so fake woke, facts dont care about feelings. Ok this is ridiculous. The sensitivity of the left is honestly sad.

Yet, CardiB wins awards with songs such as WAP. Makes sense. 🤷🏻‍♂️ I remember when I first became racist after reading the cat and the hat Very sad indeed Kid's aren't going to understand what racism is unless someone explains it to them. If you don't like the book then don't read it. All this racism and politically correct bull**** is getting really old. If Dr. Seuss is so 'racist then why wasn't this brought up at the time it was published. Get over it people. I'm tired of hearing about it.

Anyone who disagrees with this decision is a fake fan. These books are for kids, we don’t need to feed kids racist caricatures of Asians and Africans before they’re old enough to know better. Hah what a dumb world. I'm sorry but does everyone recall the song of the year last year But Dr. Seuss is the problem

Before distributing the books, the publishers should tear out the racist pages and throw them in the rubbish bin. DrSeuss How do you tell your kids that Dr Seuss has been canceled? ET TU, Seuss. Apparently this new generation wants to be raised as a bunch of pansies walking around with hurt feelings from literally everything and anything. These are all steps in the wrong direction. My kids will read these books, Tom Sawyer, and every other 'racist ' book.

Brilliant. These books were never their best sellers now they’re flying off the shelves. Fahrenheit 451 was prophesy..... The newest DR Seuss books could be blank pages, page after page of blank white paper... would probably offend someone.. We’re going to let retards destroy our country Oh gee someone being offended again. This country is screwed.

I guess the Karen's got their way the modern day book burners claim another few scalps What ever happened to freedom of speech? Huslter got to use freedom of speech. Don't like it don't buy it. This is bullshit and folks, this country is going to hell!! Thanks Joe for all your dumbass ideas taking us down.

It’s about damn time Precisely nobody asked for this Almost everything can be offensive if a person wants to put a negative spin on it. Oh for fuck's sake End result: These books will skyrocket in value, & some ebay or Amazon user will make more money off of them than the publisher ever did. Who gets to decide? If you don't like it, don't read it. Wake up people. This is wrong. Soon they will come for you, and there will be no one left to help you. Don't be a sheep.

woke mania hits a new low for reference, this is what the page is: I disagree with the racist accusations against Seuss. Some of his books about acceptance, tolerance, anti-discrimination. The illustration about an Asian wearing a specific hat, is what Asian wore in the 1800's working on the railroad, Vietnamese farmers wear that type of hat.

Did DrSeuss write songs for NickiMinaj ? Lol When you give the weakest most unimpressive human beings on the planet power by bending to wokeness, you weaken the human race as a whole in the Western countries. We are all doomed. Pathetic there's actually this weak minded out there parents should be ashamed of themselves

What is happening in this world ? You can’t take away history. Educate your youth don’t tell them what happen before was wrong. Explain and teach them why it was wrong ? Educate them learn from history or be doomed to repeat it Not everyone (Including Asians) get upset about this. It hasn't hurt anybody but since this is Twitter, they have to cancel it and every other book from Dr.Seuss.

I do not like the Cancel Clan. I do not like this, Sam I Am. Doesn't really rhyme, but fuck you; go make a better more topical rhyme. Dr. Seuss, really? I cannot believe this! Kids don't think about racism What a fuckin joke. Over sensitive bubble wrap asshholes everywhere. Society is a wreck Surely its not enough to simply stop printing these books. We must round up all copies and burn them. Am I reich friends?

WTF is wrong with our country? lmfao stupid idea Preserves & protects? Absolutely ridiculous! No kid reading these books would understand the so called racist imagery 😂 Wait until americans actually read the Bible.... Lots of people in the comments angry about books that barely anyone read and no one thinks about when they think about Dr. Seuss, huh.

We have become a soft ass country. First Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head now some old books. Couldn't they just change the pictures? Oh for F’s sake! Now people are offended by Dr Seuss? We should all be so lucky to have an organization protect our legacy by declaring us a racist after we die lol When are all of you people going to stop being so fucking sensitive

Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. How about instead of getting rid of these things like stupud peopleand children would do, how about we keep these books and teach kids about how long ago these races weren't viewed well. And if youre actually offended, thats sad So only 6 books because of the racist imagery but he wasn’t racist when he wrote the other ones 👀😂😂😂😂 They can stop all his books LetThatSizzleInYaSpirit

Like every other child reading Dr. Seuss' books in the 1960s, my takeaway (and clearly, my parents' surreptitious intent) was obviously 'Hooray for Hitler!' I'm so tired of this crap. Amid all the more dire crises in the world right now, this is what grown adults choose to devote their attention to... something most kids already never remembered once they grew up.

Hahaha man people..... Pull it together. Mr. Potato Head, now Dr.Seuss books ? Can’t someone explain to me who is making these choices ? Maybe Elon Musk will help us all out and drop these people off on Mars 👍🏼 As much as I disagree with Malcolm X, he was absolutely right about woke people using meaningless gestures to avoid actual reform.

For any account recovery: Instagrams, Tiktok, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter. Hacking of any social media platforms, spying on someone's phone, Tracking, iCloud Bypass & verification and other hacking activities!!!✅🔐💯 Hit me up Cypher_hackerr: IG and Twitter Can you at least tell us how the books are 'hurtful and wrong?'

Wow the world really has changed. So Eddie Murphy will not play Buckwheat anymore? I'm glad they're doing this. I had no idea that these books had racial imagery. Makes you think again about Dr. Seuss as an author. What's next🙁 huck fin, Shakespeare, the literature of Edgar Allan Poe? Ayo the world is fucked , I deadass can't believe what I'm reading , there's some people out there who seriously need to get off the internet and find a new hobby or help the world out with Real social issues than this , like ffs get a life man it's not that hard

Hi , if tackling things racist is so important to you, how about you push articles discussing the racist nature of Imperialism that is at the core of sanctions, regime & proxy wars responsible for countless deaths and famine?Pearl clutching over words on paper seems so trivial Makes me sick, crybaby assholes have to ruin everything.

Hypocrite much 🖕 This will kektinue until the left grows the courage to stand up to the radical excesses in their own party It's the 'decision was met with divided reactions...' part for me. Like, how are we DIVIDED on content with self-admitted 'racist and insensitive imagery' in 2021? If they're sick of themselves, how is anyone else gon' be divided? Rhetorical

This country going to hell in a hand basket....grrrrr Where can we join the Resistance? It’s time to ban all books on that touch on racism, antisemitism because that’s where we’re heading. think: these are the same people who canceled this guy: Damn we maybe in a pre fahrenheit 451 timeline Ridiculous , no one was offended by them 40 years ago , wtf is happening to our world

Fuck off. This world is full of babies. I’ve never heard of any of these books 😂. Oh well. Bye, Felicia. What is happening to our country, Impeach Biden ! There is nothing wrong with Dr. Seuss Books! USISC1 Good! Hilarious. That's absolutely comical. When will all this crazy end? The radical mob wants to erase are memory. Help me out.... Who are they mad at.... Cinderella Dr. Seuss Mr. Potato ?

it's a fucking book for kids This is Bull Shit. Cry babies getting their way. CancelCulture 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Bored now soo can keep doing this and burn all the history books The Snowflakes are at it again. Why not just stop publishing all of his books since everyone is throwing a temper tantrum about a dead man.

Finally got to use this meme This is complete and utter bullshit!! I’ll have to buy these before they are gone, what absolute woke BS. Ok let’s just make everyone blue, green, orange, purple, and pink because everything offends everyone now. Sad and pathetic 🥱💯 It's so ironic... the man who mentally weakened generations of children is now being taken out of print by the weak adults who he helped create

The human population is evolving into big cry baby pussies Okay Why and how will this help anything How about a middle ground? Publish the book, but remove the offensive illustrations and text. Then, both sides win. Every book needs to be scrutinised But it’s ok for a man in ladies undies to read it to them? Fuck the left.

Meanwhile, eBay, Craigslist and used book stores see lottery numbers Anyone in here saying there’s nothing wrong with what’s in the books that will stop being published, either never read them or is comfortable with harmful stereotypes because it doesn’t affect them directly. KShoop12 bruh they are after Dr. Seuss now 🤣

Ok come on. Really? Now they are canceling Dr Suess? Are the Flintstones next? These people are so incredibly bored they have to actively seek out things to be offended by. Further proof that actual racism isn’t as bad as we are led to believe. If it was we wouldn’t be offended about Dr Seuss. The books aren't banned, but who is to say they won't be in the near future? Is this decision to 'unpublish' these books going to go far enough for the tyrannical, insane woke culture that has brainwashed this generation?

So if own this book will it be worth a lot of money someday or what? Cos I’m poor they’re books! They belong in some sort of museum And 99% of the complaints are black people. 😂😂😂🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦. Since they're the only ones that complain everything is 'racist'. That’s stupid as hell I can’t wait until the Liberals start wanting us to say Gentlemen and Ladies!!!

Why it took so long to recognise racism in literature and educational material! Today some who are leading politicians and influential intellectuals with administrators practice racism as expressed here! I declare this statement because I experienced severe racism non Trinidad! Why not just keep publishing them with an advisory added explaining they are a product of their time? History should never be erased. Use it as a learning tool.

Okay yeah I can definitely see why this will be banned, holy crap. This is stupid, there's celebrities and politicians saying and doing more harm to the future of humanity than these books but burn them if you wish I don't agree with this. These are the Nazis. The idea that we need to be 'protected' is what's messed up. Like, don't buy the book if you don't like it. That would be the adult thing to do; To give adults the choice to decide for themselves.

Now I know which books to buy fir my 5 year old, thanks! Who’s next? Hugo Boss? Volkswagen? Red Cross? Catholic Church? All of which worked with or assisted the [redacted] party. This is silly. Stop rewriting history! Just remove the images and print text. Let people think for themselves. Buy them now before they’re sold on eBay for 10x their value.

But you can still buy this white trash, right? Dr. Seuss was the OG “white rapper...” Aren’t the point in books and material of this nature for the reader to decide. We really are going down a very dangerous road! Are you fucking serious What's next that you guys can remove to make life more boring and uneducational?

Umbrage likes this Great books—please stay out. RespectPreferences Oh dear. After the Potato Head controversy, this might just do in the right wing. I look forward to it! ARE YOU SERIOUS!? THIS GENERATION IS SO SOFT ITS CRAZY Holy crap people. You’ve gone way too far with your overly sensitive rants on how everything is offensive . Sad and pathetic..Never thought I would live to see the world in the state it is in!🙄

Just damned weird anyway.. nobody wears conical hats anymore Suspended_Acct CANCEL CULTURE GONE MAD. Is National Costumes now to be deleted from history? PC GONE MAD 😩🔫 make it stop Bs people are soo Dang soft grow up This generation is screwed what’s next for the up in coming generation because honestly at this point I really don’t wanna know.

These stereotypes are a useful educational tool for identifying the heritage of a given culture. Just because some are negative doesn't mean they all are. The depictions in these books where not always inaccurate. To deny that is to deny history. This is really getting out of hand. Suspended_Acct FUC this gender BS. MAN & WOMAN - FULL STOP. ADAM & EVE. FULL STOP. SNAKE!!!!

Give me a fucking break with this shit already! People have become ridiculous. All I wanted was a stimulus but instead I got dr. Suess cancelled by the Biden admin. Why not just use this to have a constructive conversation if you think these are really racist and have insensitive imagery......Why can't we just have a conversation about it? Instead we just cancel it and pretend like it didn't happen.....Kinda scary.

What is wrong with you people? he was against racism before any hotshot and the first books he published were about the ties between nazis and fascists and 'america first' wtf Dr. Seuss is probably rolling in his grave right about now. oop yep,, there it is this is offically the stupidest fkn sht I read today 🔥

I've only heard of 'Mulberry Street.' I think the rest are out of print. Is banning The Grinch next because it celebrates Christmas? This is an entirely new level of stupidity !! Most races except whites are depicted in a negative limelight in dr Seuss books so some books are not being published. White people mostly affected

Everything is racist now days people are pussys The number of people rushing to the defense of books they've probably never heard of before today, and certainly never read, is astounding But they're keeping the Alphabet Book with this 'horn?' “Unless someone like you cares an awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” Mixed reviews to this recent announcement - come discuss on a platform that facilitates the exchange of credible information through civil and informed interactions.

Wheres the racist pics Lololol Book Burning: 2021 Style. 'Cancel Culture' isn't a real external force. It's a catchy term used by some to express internal feelings of self-doubt in response to changing societal norms, and is usually projection. Basically it's the new 'fake news.' My generation is pathetic. Everyone has a vagina now

Naw...y'all can keep your green eggs and ham! standuptoracism This is utter stupidity. Cancel culture at its finest So stupid. These are children books How stupid. Liberals simply do not understand context at all. Countless children have learned to read because of Dr Seuss! Just sell it to adults, not children, just like porn magazines.

Wow who got offended by this Lmao we are bringing super soft like wow people are sensitive glad i grew up ⬆️ when I did got damn Keep banning Seuss books, you’re only making collectors like me rich on eBay as we sell these once worthless books LMAO Omg people stop being so sensitive they even think of going after the Lorax and watch.

Wow. When will this be to far? The people who agree with this have to really self reflect on what is the limit to censorship? History is slowly being rewritten in disguise social justice. Wake up The Bidens strike again. Plant me a tree you fucking pussies. Fuuuck 🤦🏻‍♂️ Sounds like cancel culture & censorship are one in the same

Can they just adjust the problem parts Seems a bit extreme tossing the work out U are 1 step away from fahrenheit 451. Not saying I approve of any book with questionable material but that should be my choice and not yours. Why not just burn the books in the street. You should be ashamed- sarcasm implied no books were harmed in the making of this post.

what Are you sure it's racist are you just saying that to get a quick buck? Just curious. Ya know people are dying of covid. its funny how we used to read, laugh, and smile by reading these books, but ig our childhood stories are ruined due to finding out it racist and has insensitive imagery. its really sad how we used to think it was a good book but it had a hidden message/background. 🙂😬

Another “black-market” item to make a buck with. Thanks wokies! Next up: no images of middle-aged white men in suits. That is racist stereotyping. No images of Hawaiians in leis. Racist. No images of animals in the zoo. That's insensitive to wild animals. No images of Europeans eating with forks (vs chopsticks) or riding scooters. Racist!

How is this different from other media phasing out? Like the phasing out of racist Disney media or just non- problematic media in general as times change. It's not as though efforts are being made to remove the books from circulation and online archives? Conservatives are gonna lose their damn minds over this one. Especially Marjorie Taylor Greene. 😂

This shit has to stop!!! SERIOUSLY! This White systemic establishment, will give us everything but actual justice. This is madness. What are we going to do: censor every single book that was written in the past? what the fuck 😐 Black American tragedies- The Tulsa Bombings. These white folks about burn the capital and commit mass suicides over loosing an election and Dr. Suess!

peoples feelings are hurt too easily anymore,theres nothing at all wrong with those childrens books,i've read them since i was a kid,and i see nothing racist at all. You guys are sick. Mulberry street has insensitive imagery Get bent. At least my copy will be worth thousands now. Grew up on doctor Seuss and I love all people except news reporters. Imagine that.

😑 Its couple of children books... No kids care... Its the Crazy adults that are offended... Seeing as we are in a time where we're trying to put an end to racism, it's pretty much understandable why some of Dr. Seuss's stories won't be published anymore. And yet, mysteriously, David Walliams' mysgynistic, sexist, racist outpourings for children are in school libraries all over Britain. Who publishes them? Perhaps they need to take a leaf out of this book. DoubleStandards

After generations of growing up dr seuss books now from one day to another its gone thats not right Why not just edit the illustrations instead of pulling the books from production? This will just end up getting used as ammo like the Potato Head thing... Never heard of or read any of these Dr. Seuss books so...fine with me.

I think we are getting to the point that anything before 2015 will be cancelled. No more history or literature at schools. No more reruns of television shows. Nothing. It's easier for the cancel culture to forget than try to learn and understand the past. I hear a lot of conservatives use the phrase 'you can't erase history' to justify racism but this is truly one of those instances where the politically correct are trying to erase history. Take them off the childrens section shelf? Sure, but this? Just plain insanity.

Stop trying to erase history like it never happened... Hickory dickory duck, nobody gives a fuck. I hate all of you. This feels like the start of Fahrenheit 451 and how book burning became a thing. It wasn't the government who forced it through in the story, it was people who started to push the dominoes

Shouldn’t all of Dr. Suess’s books be taken off the market? Getting rid of 6 problematic books doesn’t negate the fact that the author was himself problematic by nature of having written the 6 problematic books in question. Might as well have a mass book burning smh stop destroying my childhood. Just keep dividing and putting us into groups.

This is just to make fun of how all the kids shows are offensive to people who've been castrated and their families. My father fell victim to a sadistic doctor. He didn't rape anyone or molest kids. Now I'm haunted by the imagery everywhere, because you people think it's so funny So very stupid What a fucking joke

World is gone crazy Finally racism has ended Wtf is wrong with people anymore.everything is Racist this makes me sick mfs stop getting butt hurt and saying everything is Racist get a fucking job and live life while you have is this world to be honest now is so sensitive to anything Just don't get started on the class structure of 'The Wind in the Willows'... and as for Winnie-ther-Pooh.

How soft can one be? It’s so pathetic! End this bullshit! Changing sport team names, cancelling dr. Seuss books? Are you fucking kidding me? 😂 Publishing company.....main word is company.... dumbasses The Hope would be To Make a Change by Leading Example.. rewrite them as a teaching tool not to just cover up Ignorance leadership Teachers DrSeuss learning

🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Better cop these 6 books before they’re all gone cuz they gon go up in value 🔥🔥🔥 Can’t they be altered to not be offensive? Why destroy or cancel when they can be fixed? The banning of childrens books?!! I see the German Index has morphed into the Liberal Index and the left are channeling their inner Nazi. What's next? We are all watching.

Lol this article actually cracked me up 😂 oh wait I hope that emoji wasn’t some how offensive to someone All I'm going say is 'really' ffs what's next 🤦🏾 are you fuckin serious After all these years all of a sudden it's racist !? Lol what's next Happy ReadAcrossAmerica Day everyone!🙄 IT WAS THE 30'S!!!!!!!

Cancel culture is destroying human society. IT NEEDS TO STOP! STOP BEING TOO POLITICALLY CORRECT SENSITIVE! I did hear that Dr. Seuss didn’t really like kids! Was that true? Then why write ✍️ children’s books?🤨 Book burning . How’s Lolita still going We’re getting there folks. Any day now from the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep, you’re always gonna be happy and comfortable.

I think I could understand it better if I knew what the images were. I mean I've been reading Dr Seuss since I was little just like everybody else but I've never heard of any of these. Hell I don't even know what they were about. No one would know if they hadn't said anything David Walliams, potato heads and now Dr Seuss, WTF is wrong with the world, I want off!!

Omg the crazy left makes the normal left look bad with this crap. This type of stuff is what is wrong with the world and causes more division. This is so dumb. Yet Mien Kampf is still available for sale? alecrogers1968 We live in an amazingly proposerous, wonderful and free country when this type of thing become one’s raison d’etre. Nothing quite says “tolerance” and “classical liberalism” like the ceasing of publishing decades old children’s books.

There is a difference between banning and discontinuing, I hope this is the ladder Hhahahahahahahaha Thank you. These books had been very disrespectful to the black community. I was glad that my teachers early on saw that and made sure our families never bought any or checked them out at the library Stereotypes -- not positive nor negative; a way to understand different social roles - this is a college definition it also aids in understanding different fictional characters in books, films, etc not everything is meant to be racist or harmful

So these twats cry oppression when people call them out on their BS yet they then oppress others by telling them what they can & can't read, do, say, think... They're literally getting 'triggered' by kids books; though it's probably advanced reading for the idiotic SJW hate-mob. How long till we get rid of Harry Potter books because JK Rowling is a TERF?

Wow it took a long time but I am glad we finally found the source of racism. the maga/white fragilistas are shitting their pants 🇺🇸😱🇺🇸 Jesus fucking Christmas 🤦‍♂️ the people responsible for this kind of shit are the reason why we can’t have good things. Communism, plain and simple. Really? I am so sick of the ”PC“ police! This is totally ridiculous. It is so sad that we are so triggered by imagery that may be inappropriate according to the times. We may as well be China and sensor everything.

hahahaha sensitive little Millennials. Leftists are in no way liberal. bookburning DrSeuss whatsnext Thanks shitlibs! Of everything WRONG going on in the world, Dr. Seuss was for sure top 5... I literally just had to explain to my sons teacher why we don’t read Dr. Seuss because of his history of racist anti-Asian political cartoons. Then I log on and see this article. 😂 timing.

451° i'll take 'when doing the right thing should have happened a long time ago' for $500 Correct decision. Next up Mount Rushmore which is a monument to two slave owning presidents and a rabid white suprematist. 🤔 AHSMaplesAD This all is getting so ridiculous! So we are now banning books? I think cancel culture has gone too far. And those books suddenly skyrocket in value like to the moon!

Absolutely pathetic No doubt they will start on old stuff Roald Dahl etc, then new stuff like David Walliams etc. Absolutely fine. Frightening the shit out of kids, giving them twisted heroes & weird morality in books instills fear & subservience at a young age. Glad they're not any of the ones I've ever heard of

A sure fire way to sell those books they can’t shift Oh good grief!! Whats next? Banning Sally, Dick and Jane? yes, disgusting, much better to stick with harry potter. It’s about damn time! We need to go after Judy Blume and Shell Silverstein next. It’s time we took action - ESPECIALLY against anything that has remotely brought people joy! We need stick figures and dull words. It’s the only way I guess. Idiots.

Erasing history is a cowardly thing to do,IMO. Whatever happened to explaining how things were during the times the books were published? Oh,I forgot-we all have to pander to the Woke culture to keep them happy. Gimme a break! Who cares I thought banning books was a ......oh 😐😐😐😐 perhaps...If we can’t embrace diversity we would rather delete than teach our children genuine peaceful behavior towards all races...then we are being dismissive, disregarding our differences. This is the opposite of that.

Sad . This cancel culture needs to stop Great books! Glad I have them in my library. NorthernlionLP Further to the discussion of Dr. Seuss, turns out he was a racist and anti-semite as well. When do the book burnings begin? Phew! 😅 glad that’s taken care of To think..Here we are That like drawing a white man with a fork and knife

You have all lost your mind This is fucking stupid. Wow. He made books about anti racism but ok Watch this: so tell me when is Rap music gonna be attacked for all the hate in that BS music, Lol walk around all tough but what a bunch of bed hopin whinny ass bitches!!! Its not canceling anything, the estate decided on its own...this is more like an old man who decides on his own to stop using the n word...

Same people upset they're cancelling these books most likely didnt even know of these books till now. Truly pathetic! What’s next from uncle Joe? For anyone crying cAnCeL CuLTuRe, please study some history before dumb tweeting. Warner Bros did this DECADES ago with a number of Looney Tunes cartoons with racist and insensitive imagery.

Been a LONG time since I read those books. Now I’m curious as to the imagery they’re talking by about. Time to dig up some old books it seems. Americans are soft af 😂 RIDICULOUS Oh for the love of God Can’t we add a statement page explaining the images and the change of perspective over the years? Perhaps an explanation rather than an expulsion, I mean Mark Twain...come on. Books are products of the time they were written should we ignore them or learn from them?

A year ago, I saw Mulberry Street! Thrilled! we do have a racial divide especially 60 and up age ranges BUT people in the younger generations are taking this issue to another level! Children’s books were not and have not been written racially they are reading tools that have worked well using repedative site words....

Decent change that Ted would have stopped publishing these books years ago if he were alive, or at least done a rewrite. Sooooo simple disclaimers don’t work anymore? This country is becoming the laughing stock of the free world !! oh you think a kids book isn't racist? stand still please Oof. When you try to be so woke you accidentally become not woke at all

Cancel culture = cancer It's fine - they got feedback from 'specialists in the field! They should stay in the field with the rest of the sheep......... Sounds like collector items Cancel PenguinBooks I read Mulberry Street every single night to my children. I know this book now like the back of my hand. If someone can please explain one part of it that's racist I would gladly thank them.

What about the other 60+ books written by a RACIST?! He didn’t turn it on & off. He is who he is & has been hiding under his cloak for long enough. Someone must have gotten butt hurt It's too bad pictures can't be edited in 'and to Think That I Saw it on Mulberry street' I still think of it when I go on walks with my dogs. The Mulberry moments such as a neighborhood cat and my pups being more interested in a squirrel on the power line than each other.

Dumbest time to be alive The_Real_Fly At least they'll keep publishing this one. Dr. Suess, really? Im starting to think I've been woke too long. They should be used in education as examples NOT JUST DISAPPEAR Oh good grief! Not everything is racist. CancelCulture strikes again This is ridiculous. 🤦🏼‍♀️ GET A LIFE. It’s parent’s choice.

Unreal. Let the people decide. If people think something isn’t right they won’t purchase/ consume it. Let the people do the canceling, not the establishment. Nobody are really going to miss these. The only ones that matter are The Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs & Ham, Hop on Pop, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, The Sneetches, Horton Hears a Who, and The Lorax.

Imagine the Dr Seuss business thinking this will satisfy the woke cancel Mob and they’ll go away. You let them in. Now they take a seat and throw up their feet and stick around a while until they wring more out of you Good thing Michelle is a fan.. Ffs This is mental illness on a mass scale And cancel culture supposedly doesn't exist.

Idiocity continues. And my fellow Dems still can’t figure out why so many people see them as a bigger evil than Trump. Stop the craziness!! By these measures The Bible should be banned immediately. Ungodly racism, sexism, violence, abuse, prejudice in that book.. good grief Why? Not trying to be argumentative just wondering what the reasoning is. I haven't read these books in yrs so I dont know what would b offensive or not but they r pretty old so maybe there is a good reason, or not.

Jesus fucking Christ If we cancel it, it never happened. Nothing to see here. Feelings aren’t hurt. History never happened. Go about your day as it never existed. 🤡 the cirius strike's again 🤡 My daughter has read all of these books and she now punches every mirror in the house when she sees her Chinese self. I should take Doctor Seuss to court for damages.

Book banning on the left is no better than book banning on the right. This is wrong. You know, I know about another popular book that is full of racist and insensitive storytelling that's still being published today. It's first chapter is the Book of Genesis. Dr. Suess is gone but y’all still read the Bible like it’s not wildly inappropriate

The prigs were offended The prigs were irate The prigs said 'Don't publish!' They thought that was great. How did please stop cops from killing black people and stop white supremacy turn into let’s stop publishing anything that might be misconstrued as offensive? And what does stopping the publishing do to actually achieve the initial goals?

Here comes all the right wingers pretending Dr Seuss books are vital to our species 'the business that preserves and protects the author's legacy' is actually tarnishing his legacy by trying to hide his insensitive imagery and are only trying to protect the businesses bottom line. First a bottle of syrup then it was a plastic potato and now it’s a children’s book.

😡☹️😢 I'll need to look at the images to decide for myself but I can see a way they would and wouldn't be racist imagery. I also see a way that it wasn't ment to be racist but there could be unintended offense. No need to dig him up and yell at him. Also no reason to dismiss this. Gee.... wonder what fox will be talking about all week

The only one of these I read as a child was “And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street.” I’m not young, and I was an avid reader, and I’m first hearing of the other 5 now. I have a feeling this isn’t a great loss. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Gen z/ millennials really do be nazis In my early teaching days. I remember reading these books to children, long before cancel culture, and feeling uncomfortable with the portrayal of certain characters. These books could be used as a lesson on stereotyping, but I’m not sure that’s what Dr. Suess would have intended

That's stupid. Wokeism is getting out of hand & sensible people are starting to reject it. Read these books to all my kids and not a single one has become racist. One adopted a Haitian child who is a treasured parted of our family. Kapan I can see why Dr Seuss who was a political cartoonist/satirist may have had some racist undertones in his books😷

I’ve never seen these titles published in any abundance to begin with!! LOL They come up with any excuse for ghetto kids not to read. Don't blame the teacher union for sitting on their ass collecting a pay check while our kinds can't read. Public schools are a joke. This is beyond ridiculous. Trying to decide if America is a nanny state or a ninny state

More Cancel Culture wokeness I can’t figure out which one sets progress back more, a rhyming book or a potato with no genitals. 🙄 Stop. Please, just stop with this shit. 🎎📖 When's the book burning scheduled? add context in utmost serobullshit get the ok by the black community educate dont censor To be replaced by 'Benny the butt f$ing non binary black cat'.

When wil it be racist to breathe? Remeber when people said taking down statues was a slippery slope? 🤔 the united states cultural revolution happening in real time. Can't wait till we get the struggle sessions Modern day book burning 🔥 People are rediculous will not stop reading nor being controlled by such people

Barnes3417 not to rain on our Dr. Suess parade, but since we just talked about him...this is something. Hellow.. Iam Alaa from Sudan,, iam writing a book these days, for the first time, i went to ask about print an publishing, it is very expensive,, i need financial support and help,, if any one or any company can help me, please never hisitate. Thank you 🌹

Aaaaaand here comes the “oh COME ON, if I am not offended, then NO ONE else should be“ crowd.. Since 1931 the pocketbook of boners was published by Dr Seuss and has remained on the shelf since. Is it racial? Is it sexist? Insanity. The socialists no longer just burn books, they just don’t allow them to be published

Translation : 'Oh boy, we have way too much overstock on these dogs. Please buy them up. Sell them on eBay. We don't care. We need to dump this garbage because no one is buying it.' And the sales of these books will skyrocket in 1 2 ... Wow. Now I’m curious about the passages. Ridiculo One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish?

Cancel Culture needs to go Sneaky posting this twice in one hour. Boomers really out here having strong emotional opinions on Dr. Seuss books and potato heads I live in a world where DrSeuss is racist. Un fucking real. Dear President POTUS and VP , please give another chance to all Lottery winners including Iranians who had been refused under section 212(f), pursuant to Presidential proclamation 9645 between 2017 and 2020 years. DV_Diversity_visa CNN

Read Go Dog Go, a real book This is the kind of shit that has to stop. I’m a liberal. Stop this. I’m all for cancelling and holding trumpklan accountable. But Dr Suess? Oh God. CancelCulture when we know better we do better Just here for all the whiny uneducated simps who think this is cancel culture