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Official: Merck to help produce rival J&J's COVID-19 vaccine

BREAKING: Biden administration official: Merck to help produce rival Johnson & Johnson's coronavirus vaccine to speed up supply.

3/2/2021 4:30:00 PM

BREAKING: Biden administration official: Merck to help produce rival Johnson & Johnson's coronavirus vaccine to speed up supply.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Drugmaker Merck & Co. will help produce rival Johnson & Johnson’s newly approved coronavirus vaccine in an effort to expand supply more quickly, a Biden administration official...

By ZEKE MILLERMarch 2, 2021 GMTFILE - This September 2020, file photo provided by Johnson & Johnson shows a pharmacist preparing to give an experimental COVID-19 vaccine. The U.S. is getting a third vaccine to prevent COVID-19, as the Food and Drug Administration on Saturday, Feb. 27, 2021 cleared a Johnson & Johnson shot that works with just one dose instead of two. (Johnson & Johnson via AP, File)

FILE - This September 2020, file photo provided by Johnson & Johnson shows a pharmacist preparing to give an experimental COVID-19 vaccine. The U.S. is getting a third vaccine to prevent COVID-19, as the Food and Drug Administration on Saturday, Feb. 27, 2021 cleared a Johnson & Johnson shot that works with just one dose instead of two. (Johnson & Johnson via AP, File)

WASHINGTON (AP) — Drugmaker Merck & Co. will help produce rival Johnson & Johnson’s newly approved coronavirus vaccine in an effort to expand supply more quickly, a Biden administration official confirmed Tuesday.The announcement comes as the White House looks to speed the production of the single-dose vaccine. Officials have said J&J faced unexpected production issues with its vaccine and produced only 3.9 million doses ahead of its receiving emergency use authorization on Saturday. The company says it is on pace to deliver 100 million doses by the end of June.

The assistance from Merck was expected to help J&J meet its production commitments and expand supply even further, but the administration did not immediately provide specifics.ADVERTISEMENTPresident Joe Biden is set to highlight the development in a speech Tuesday afternoon. The official confirmed Merck’s involvement on condition of anonymity ahead of Biden’s public announcement.

The news was first reported by The Washington Post. Read more: The Associated Press »

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The real “Art of Negotiation”. Competing Companies...working together...4 “common good‼️” Huh.....2 bad our 2 Party “system” cannot take a lesson there 👀 Go Biden!, Don't take this one. It will kill you. Seems like a way to force ppl to take J&Js product on those who dont want it and would rather not use theirs. This way people wont be able to 'define' which vaccine they are given.

:/ Had to have one of their own watching and controlling J&J. Merck is only half as large as J&J. The help was not needed. I believe J&J had to accept the 'help' in order to gain approval. Which drug company has Kamalas husband working for it Oooooh, so theres enuff dumb ass people in amerikkka that will take this vaccine.....even tho the chances of u catchin this said virus is 2%. Nice, amerikkka........good way to show the world how many idiots that this country produces!!👍👍

Well about time, finally done decent, progressive, productive news. Maybe this type of business will move on to other things. I bet Joe & Hunter made a small fortune on this! This is also the same company that knew their talcum powder could cause birth defects & cancer. They owe over $2 billion in lawsuits. It's convenient that they develop a vaccine so quickly after they lost their appeal.

See what we can do when we work together? It has Aborted fetus cells in it! What does Biden have to do with it? Hahaha. Like he’s in charge of something. He barely knows where he is What a joke. Media trying to make him look important like he has some kind of influence. Media on his nuts Somebody is makin a sweet kickback on this deal!!!

Why is the white house get involved in business transactions. They can’t even take of government business But did the help raise the efficacy rate? Wonder how big the finders fee from J&J to Biden will be for putting this match made in heaven together? And you will never convince me I’m wrong. I scheduled to get my vaccine the day right after hell freezes over

good news for once ,Better working tgther to get ahead of this virus n try n control t spread out 👍😎 After reading this thread....I am sad for all the dumbass people in the world! Research vaccines people....easy lawsuits allowed....very low regulations...test dummies. RESEARCH!! Why not? There’s plenty of money to go around.

We finna die Allies until the objective brings competition again. Let’s not have Merck produce anymore vaccines. This IS America. Opposing sides CAN work together for the greater good for the people of the USA. Why is this Administration pushing the J&J vaccine So Hard, Very Strange. Rival? Excellent, this is how our federal government should have been functioning with regard to this pandemic since they first learned of it early last year! It breaks my heart 💔to remember the lives lost because the former president failed to live up to his responsibility!

Big Pharma bottom lines ( profits) been falling like a 100 ton rock. And all of the sudden, vaccination is the new profitable venture capital. Kill two birds with one stone..Damn who own them patents, EndAlz AlzAwareness Art of the deal 46 doesn't know what he's doing they need to remove him This is a game changer!

So this means we got a choice of 3 vaccines that no one can get. 2 good ones and 1 sorta shitty vaccine from J&J. Guess which one they will make the most of? if you said the shitty one, you are correct. florian_krammer I am shocked with the inability to start producing the vaccine in larger quantities

Didn't Merck say HDQ works better? js Thanks to President Trump and Warp Speed for funding J & J and the other vaccine developers to get them to us in record time, and for negotiating the vaccine purchase options that Biden has been exercising to obtain additional vaccine doses!! This is all a game to them pushing these unsafe vaccines. Notice how scientists never mention anything about these vaccines being safe in the long-term.

But only Trump can fix it! This is such an incredible cash cow, rivals are teaming up This is how you lead GOP. Trump is not a deal maker he is a con artist 🙏🏻 Is there a reason that this was not previously done with the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines? He must have stocks in this shit!.....SMDH....first potus in history, to sell this county out!!!..less jobs for us Americans, and more money in his family's pockets, and total self interest! 🤦🏻🤦🏻🤦🏻

This all started when Trump was President. More Joe Biden plagiarizing. America: Its amazing what a POTUS can do when he doesnt have conflicts of interest. the former guy was against J&J working with Merck. As a major stockholder in J&J, he didnt want to share profits. JoeBiden doesnt care about profits, just Americans

If this happened while Trump was president. Donald would have a press conference and told the world it was his doing. so now the question is who in the administration has stock in these companies Luminate_Design We all know who planned and incited January 6 violence. When will the FBI arrest them? Can't argue with the facts.

Good thing Trump tasked all these pharmaceutical companies with developing a vaccine.. Another donor gets a con-tract First thing this administration has done thats is positive. Neither is doing this for humanitarian reasons, pure profit. Still, glad it increases supply! Imagine believing big Pharma is going to save you?

.cv f n What a relief it has been now that we have a POTUS & administration working for the people!! Please call your MOC & ask them to vote YES on ForThePeopleAct I just hope they both will cooperate fully and not try to misuse the arrangement. My former employer and a rival were tasked by the Federal government to design and produce a device. It proved to be difficult as one wouldn't reveal certain information necessary for the other.

I always thought that Johnson and Johnson is a household name they have the best scientist Biden needs to stay away. He screwed up the tiny H1N1 flu .. they will screw this up. What has happened so far was all Trump. what people are getting now was All Trump plan takes 2 month just to get a new batch so what is going into arms today is still Trump

MakeVaccinesOpenSource _Politics There’s no rivals in getting the vaccine to everyone you know... it's amazing and quite frankly refreshing to see an administration that cares enough for it's citizens to work towards ending this pandemic. working on solutions that benefit everyone. this is huge because these are rival companies coming together for a common goal.

GREAT NEWS!!! I’m tearing up at the competence behind this. The admin was on top of the J&J manufacturing shortfall before launch, not waiting until months later to do something... (Old response post) The actual bodily healing system is Cellular Regenerative system, poorly studied, & mostly studied by Becker. It's a electromagnetic system of a rare kind not used in our common power systems, communication systems, etc. Immune system is only for Defense.

Thanos and Ronan working together... 🤨 If the American people don’t recognize that this has the potential to build a monopoly that will significantly increase costs for pharmaceuticals......getting the vaccine will be the least of our citizens worries. corrupt 👍🏿 Sounds Good Wait a minute I thought this was all Biden. You people are truly ignorant.

is this good or bad, i'm so tired What?! You mean major corporations dont like to support one another?! That's just insane! 🙃 what's REALLY going ok with this 'partnership' though 🧐 The true danger of the vaccine is that such will select for all variants that are resistant to the current formulation. Paid for by Friends of Five9 Democrat for President 2028. PNS_News DanaBashCNN HuffPostPol WHCOS nprpolitics POTUS VP BillMoore20 SpennatoJoseph

The setup for this policy occured in 2005. Biden did not broker this. It was in THE PANDEMIC PLAN from 05, that was updated in 2006, 2009, 2017. THIS was one of the procedures the ENTIRE GLOBE agreed to. Gahh thought twitter could post more than one pic.. 232 more pages exist redbikekim This is America.

$MRK Thanks to Trump administration!! It's almost like cooperation is better than competition. Duh. 😂😂😂🙄 I don't trust johnsonandjohnson unfortunately they don't have a great track record. I'll be watching this closely 👀 Again biden has no authority damn so much deception. Yeah I'm totally gonna trust anything that comes from Johnson & Johnson. I honestly can't understand how they're able to practice business or produce anything at all. They are CRIMINALS.

Thank you POTUS !! Tough times call for tough measures. But this is a new high..tough times made friends out of foes ❤️ Stop SoftKillBill & Ilk🛑 I love how they’re announcing it like the administration is responsible for making this partnership a thing. Getting brownie points for doing nothing apparently.

This is what responsible leaders do! Thank you POTUS ! Sounds like something corporations worked out. Why is Biden saying anything? Basking in the glow, hoping to get some credit? MILITARY RECIPE FOR COVID & EBOLA 1. CUP OF EACH EVERYDAY UNTIL U IMPROVE RAW UNCOOKED ORGANIC BROCCOLI _SPINACH_FRESH PINEAPPLE OR. CDC SCIENTIST WHISTLEBLOWER RECIPE 2). SPRAYS OF COLIDIAL SILVER IN MOUTH EACH DAY _ NO MORE THAN THAT CURE OVER 700 FLU STRAINS

Wow! Two rivals putting aside differences to work together to improve the lives of the American people! What other institutions are supposed to do that? Oh, wait, isn't that what the House and Senate are supposed to do? 25 YEARS AGO ON CBS SHOW 60 MINUTES—- THEY INTERVIEW A RETIRED CDC SCIENTIST WHISTLEBLOWER ON THE DEADLIEST VIRUSES ( 1 ) EBOLA ROTHSCHILD CREATED , PLUS BLACK DEATH, & THEY WORKED ON COVID-19 CURES IS COLIDIAL SILVER FOR OVER 700 VIRUSES

👍 INVESTIGATE WHOSE NAMES ARE SHAREHOLDERS WITH THIS COMPANY I BET A BUNCH OF DEMOCRATS & REPUBLICANS WHICH MEANS MORE MONEY IN THEY’RE POCKETS THE CURE COST LESS THAN $20 WILL LAST EACH PERSON 5 YEARS! CDC SCIENTIST WHISTLEBLOWER DISCLOSED CURE 25 YEARS AGO how many people died because these two pharmaceutical companies were actively competing with each other for profits instead of working together to save lives capitalism kills

Bravo JoeBiden Johnson and Johnson shot is crap. Other shots significantly better and not unacceptable percentages of people who could get a moderate to severe case of COVID. Then again what is acceptable about a vaccine that should prevent COVID for the most part but that loses its potency Makes total sense to produce more of the least effective covid vaccine 🤦🏽

ivermectinworks at least now we know why Merck said false statements against ivermectin. Shameful. Deadly I’m just pre What Democrat has stakes in Merck to make money? 👀 if it gets more shots in arms, then who gives a shit who manufactures them? Haven’t we lost enough people to this Pandemic cuz of arrogance,ignorance and some1 being a pompous narcissistic asshole? It’s time we get our lives back to as much normalcy as we can! Don’t u 🤔 so?

THIS is leadership and good corporate citizenship. Will the also use asbestos like J&J Recommend If drug companies can work together than surely Democrats and Republicans can work together This is what a strong administration looks like and leadership that can bring two fierce competitors together to work for the greater good - a uniter, not a divider.

Another one? That would be 4 now and I think it’s getting crazy how many vaccines we would be having, I know it’s meant to speed up the supply. All we really need is 1 vaccine that we know everything about, all it’s information and that it works. totakeitornot COVID19Vaccine Imagine doing something for the good of humanity. Good on both companies for setting aside partisan capitalistic competition and working together for the common good.

Guess he has to do something after bombing the middle east and STILL breaking promises This is what America is all about! Helping thy neighbor or competitor for the betterment of humanity! kudosmerck It's crazy to me - and hella capitalistic- that we have 'rivals' and 'competitors' as we get vaccines manufactured for the pandemic that has affected the global world. Maybe if we took competition out, we'd be kinder to each other and know all people need our help rn

Wonder how much Hunter gets out of that deal. That really handsome and sound great 👍 thanks sir Science is all about teamwork! That’s great!! Now do the same with the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. COVID19 COVID Thank you! Now THAT is corporate social responsibility! Good ,why compete over something that’s killing Americans

Let in more illegals. Ignore the Americans in need. Fund Pelosi’s tunnel. Send my granddaughter back JR High to compete and shower with boys with penises who think they are girls. Kill babies by funding late term abortion. Debunk our 2nd amendment as you defund police. Great job! I still don't want to take your poison AKA biological 'operating system.' You can take my dose and inject yourself with it for twice the 'protection.'

Kudos to Merck and JNJGlobalHealth for working together to produce vaccine! 👏👏 We’re in a war against this invisible enemy, the covid 19 virus, so all hands on deck. More companies need to work together to produce as much vaccines and PPE as possible now, to win this war. We used to make price fixing illegal. Guess our president is promoting it.

Biden should take credit for the cov19 vaccine credit just like Trump took credit for the economy. Thank you Mr Trump. BioCubaFarma FinlayInstituto Thanks for working together for the greater good of the country! 'Rival' Like they're sports teams Maybe the Biden Administration could get a hour long gig on CNBC.

J&J's vaccine is as good at preventing death and less good as a cure, making more money for them long term? It also should give more opportunities for the virus to spread and mutate? The easier storage is an excuse to poor tax our vulnerable where infrastructure is neglected? Thank you President Trump for getting this ready for us. And to President Biden for following through.

Government sponsored cartel: inferior product at higher cost. Pah! Merck. No way in hell I’d let them come within 100 miles of anything being injected into my body! Do your own research. It’s all about money. And when you’re healthy, Big Pharma loses. florian_krammer 👏👏👏 This is how we roll here in the USA. Teamwork in a time of world-wide need - even between competitors. Sure, there's a profit in there somewhere for the companies. That's the nature of things. But the bottom line is we've always managed to pull together to get it done. ❤️❤️❤️

wosunews When we work together, we all win. Another company is going to help JJ produce the vaccine? So? How is that news? That was well underway 6 months ago. To summarize, two gigantic pharmaceutical rivals are setting aside their self-interests and displaying greater concern for humanity and more leadership than the craven members of the GOP can muster up for their own constituents. Did I get that right?

Fantastic! This is exactly the kind of leadership the federal govt can provide. Thank you President Biden!!! Now, if we can only get our elected officials to work together for the benefit of our nation! COUNTRY OVER PARTY! Trump would never. The J&J vaccine is less effective against the mutations of Covid that R more deadly!

Oldest company around should have been leading the way!!!! This vaccine is a crime against humanity as you all know Good idea, what took so long? I'm starting to think it's an emergency. Which one is less lethal? Love seeing the cooperation between the US government and Big Pharma. 🥰 A match made in heaven

Biden is the REAL DEAL MAKER, the other guy was FAKE!!! Finally we have a real president with real solutions! It’s only taken four years to get here. Is Uncle Joe trying to take credit for this partnership? That’s low! Good News! art_j524 interesting! Good news from AP without anti-administration spin in headline

Rival not so much! COVID19 Covid_19 vaccines Wasn't Johnson & Johnson's baby powder exposed children to cancer? Great news! So wonderful to again have a president who actually cares about the American people enough to work hard at finding creative solutions to problems that impact our lives. ThanksJoe for focusing on finding ways to end this deadly pandemic.

What the heck Burden has to do with that? La Administración Biden POTUS une a 2 farmacéuticas rivales para acelerar el abasto de vacunas contra el Covid19. Mientras tanto en Mexico lopezobrador_ matando moscas, sin importarle que más y más mexicanos sigan sufriendo la falta de tratamientos, medicinas, quimios y vacunas

Lol of course the OTHER big pharma , who caused cancer for years in powder, now joins the $ grab shooting people up... While smaller companies that released critical patients from icu in 4 days with antibodies, has been waiting FDA approval for months... It's all corrupt SRNE Line up to get your DNA altered, little sheep!

Fantastic!!! I appreciate this cooperation and that the Biden Administration facilitated it.👍🏿👍🏾👍👍🏽👍🏻🇺🇸😷 No I’m not sure that I’ll be able to trust the Johnson and Johnson shot Good. Really good. So Biden’s plan is to do exactly what the other guy did? 3 vaccines were on their way as the other guy was on his way out. Biden thinks a 4th vaccine is needed? Makes sense. They tell you to wear 2 masks, next they’ll tell you to get 4 jabs.

Then Moderna it is for my family and I. Appreciate that info. J&J's baby powder killed my grandmother from ovarian cancer. She religiously used their powder. They knew. Merck and Pfizer admitted placing some cancer and HIV cells in vaccines. They aren't needed. Moderna it is is. This is what comes from experienced & effective leadership. Thank you JoeBiden!

Look at that, Biden bringing rivals together for the good of the Country. America was smart in electing Biden/Harris. Wow Didn't Johnson and Johnson paid out millions for giving people cancer. naimgoodlove All thanks to operation Warp Speed 🇺🇸🇺🇸👍👍 Saying “rival” as if companies are competing to save humanity or cash in on whoever is paying for it. Someone is going to eventually going to cut corners and end up in the wrong headlines with that mindset.

Instead of giving cancer thru a powder now it’s being administered thru a shot. Seriously the Biden administration did it. You call this journalism This is EXACTLY the kind of thing trump couldn’t think of (because he’s too stupid) and wouldn’t anyways (because he’s too lazy & only thinks about himself). Biden is getting it done!

Great News!!! MISSOURI. SHOW ME. Wow now he is going to say he single-handedly cured this Covid virus because of him and all these wonderful shots. We all know that Trump started all this and that Biden is just as usual just falling into something that somebody else has started and will try to take all the credi

It's wonderful and noteworthy to see competitors put aside competition for the betterment of all. Everyone wins! That is the way things should work in a global crisis. Cooperation for the good of all! Bravo President Biden. Thank you Merck and J&J! We're still waiting to get the vaccine in our house. I don't care who's making it at this point, just make it and get it people's arms!

Partnership? You mean paying billions in bribes Sorry I mean vaccines 😂😂😂😂 Very good job Because that’s what heroes do!👍🏼 So basically he sang hes getting sponsorship from these 2 corporations in the form of stock compensation to support them.. And any allergic reactions Wondering why, if this is possible, why can’t J&J, Merck, Lily, etc... work with Pfizer or Moderna to boost THEIR vaccines? With 97% efficacy, why not just boost the production of those instead?

Wow Take that China - we are going to beat this thing and then like Rocky beat you See Cruz, Graham, McConnell? This is what he means when he talks about bringing people together. That’s what happens when you don’t just tweet from the toilet and watch Fox News and OAN all day. 2B_Crowned idk how I feel about this 🤔

Normally I’d be against this kind of thing but we are racing against time. That’s the way it should be! Bravo. Great news! We still have to remember that J&J knowingly peddled cancerous baby products. It has the lowest efficacy of the 3, but, if this came out last year, we would have all been thrilled. 65+% efficacy is enough to end the pandemic.

Big news for $MRK There is business for everyone!!! The adenovirus vector vaccines are cheap to produce, thermal stable & prevented hospitalization & death in 100% of trial participants- even against new variants. It’s by no means “the worst” vaccine 🙄 Awesome that they can come together during this horrible time.

You love to see it. What's that smell on the Turnpike? PROGRESS. LOL If you can't prick 'em....join them. Thank you President trump for making this idiot president biden look good It’s Rahway versus New Brunswick now Jersey, baby geraldfillion Est-ce que Merck a encore des laboratoires de production de vaccins au Canada ?

Why team up with the company with the less effective vaccination? Hey are they producing more of the worst vaccine though? Now that steamwork. United we stand.... Nice to finally have an administration that takes the pandemic seriously.