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6 Dr. Seuss books won't be published for racist images

BREAKING: Organization that preserves author Dr. Seuss’ legacy says it will stop publishing 6 titles because of racist imagery.

3/2/2021 2:38:00 PM

BREAKING: Organization that preserves author Dr. Seuss ’ legacy says it will stop publishing 6 titles because of racist imagery.

BOSTON (AP) — Six Dr. Seuss books — including “And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street” and “If I Ran the Zoo” — will stop being published because of racist and insensitive imagery, the...

BOSTON (AP) — Six Dr. Seuss books — including “And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street” and “If I Ran the Zoo” — will stop being published because of racist and insensitive imagery, the business that preserves and protects the author’s legacy said Tuesday.

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“These books portray people in ways that are hurtful and wrong,”Dr. Seuss Enterprisestold The Associated Press in a statement that coincided with the late author and illustrator’s birthday.“Ceasing sales of these books is only part of our commitment and our broader plan to ensure Dr. Seuss Enterprises’ catalog represents and supports all communities and families,” it said.

ADVERTISEMENTThe other books affected are “McElligot’s Pool,” “On Beyond Zebra!,” “Scrambled Eggs Super!,” and “The Cat’s Quizzer.”The decision to cease publication and sales of the books was made last year after months of discussion, the company told AP. headtopics.com

“Dr. Seuss Enterprises listened and took feedback from our audiences including teachers, academics and specialists in the field as part of our review process. We then worked with a panel of experts, including educators, to review our catalog of titles,” it said.

Books by Dr. Seuss — who was born Theodor Seuss Geisel in Springfield, Massachusetts, on March 2, 1904 —- have been translated into dozens of languages as well as in braille and are sold in more than 100 countries. He died in 1991.He remains popular, earning an estimated $33 million before taxes in 2020, up from just $9.5 million five years ago, the company said. Forbes listed him No. 2 on its

highest-paid dead celebritiesof 2020, behind only the late pop star Michael Jackson.As adored as Dr. Seuss is by millions around the world for the positive values in many of his works, including environmentalism and tolerance, there has been increasing criticism in recent years over the way Blacks, Asians and others are drawn in some of his most beloved children’s books, as well as in his earlier advertising and propaganda illustrations.

The National Education Association, which founded Read Across America Day in 1998 and deliberately aligned it with Geisel’s birthday, has for several years deemphasized Seuss and encouraged a more diverse reading list for children.School districts across the country have also moved away from Dr. Seuss, prompting Loudoun County, Virginia, schools just outside Washington, D.C., to headtopics.com

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rumors last month that they were banning the books entirely.ADVERTISEMENT“Research in recent years has revealed strong racial undertones in many books written/illustrated by Dr. Seuss,” the school district said in a statement.In 2017, a school librarian in Cambridge, Massachusetts,

a gift of 10 Seuss books from first lady Melania Trump, saying many of his works were “steeped in racist propaganda, caricatures, and harmful stereotypes.”In 2018, a Dr. Seuss museum in his hometown of Springfieldremoved a muralthat included an Asian stereotype.

“The Cat in the Hat,” one of Seuss’ most popular books, has received criticism, too, but will continue to be published for now.Dr. Seuss Enterprises, however, said it is “committed to listening and learning and will continue to review our entire portfolio.”

Numerous other popular children’s series have been criticized in recent years for alleged racism.In the 2007 book, “Should We Burn Babar?,” the author and educator Herbert R. Kohl contended that the “Babar the Elephant” books were celebrations of colonialism because of how the title character leaves the jungle and later returns to “civilize” his fellow animals. headtopics.com

One of the books, “Babar’s Travels,” was removed from the shelves of a British library in 2012 because of its alleged stereotypes of Africans. Critics also have faulted the “Curious George” books for their premise of a white man bringing home a monkey from Africa.

And Laura Ingalls Wilder’s portrayals of Native Americans in her “Little House On the Prairie” novels have been faulted so often that the American Library Association removed her name in 2018 from a lifetime achievement award it gives out each year.___

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AP National Writer Hillel Italie contributed from New York. Read more: The Associated Press »

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The world of Progressive Woke Hollywood ideology It’s a well known fact that Dr Seuss was racist prisonculture I've never heard of any of these titles. Not his most popular ones DrBiden POTUS AOC please leave our children alone. 美国最著名的儿童绘本作家苏斯博士Dr. Seuss 的6本书被下架,不再出版发行。理由是绘图有“种族主义倾向”。 美国左派的“政治正确”已经敏感到了无可救药的地步。苏斯博士的绘本童书例如《戴高帽的猫》《老雷斯的故事》等是最受美国孩子以及世界儿童喜爱的书。赶快收藏吧,今有6本将成绝版。非常遗憾!

That’s unbelievably dumb I wish someone would stop this madness. imagine losing your shit over this lmao Racism is only defeated by eduction in schools and time (death of a generation). Cancel culture does nothing but inflame it and further embolden those the carry the spirit of hatred. No matter how badly many of us want to end racism, there is no quick solution.

4 year olds can choose what gender they are. Ffs 😂 How pathetic. EWErickson Desperate to find racism, leftists turn to burning books. I'll take Shel Silverstein over Dr. Sus any day of the week Well, if some titles are racist, then the author was racist. Therefore ALL the titles should be banned. Isn’t that the logic these days?

This is way out of control!! Bullshit!! I mean no disrepect to any people group at all, this is an honest question - is a Chinese person eating with chop sticks out of a bowl offensive? That's one of the things the article references. That is something I admire about their culture, I've never thought of it as demeaning

Book banning? Do you see what’s happening right under your noses? I haven't read these specifically , but would it be possible to just alter the pages or edit the content to be more acceptable? allahpundit “In “And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street,” an Asian person is portrayed wearing a conical hat, holding chopsticks, and eating from a bowl.” …I haven’t seen the drawing, but isn’t this pretty much a straight-up description of how people eat food in Asia?

Get the hell out of here! This shit has gone beyond too far!! Green eggs and ham is an insult to people from Mars, and a disgusting glorification of bad eating habits. Ok. I wonder what would happen if music publishers stopped releasing music from rap or hip hop artists because they have used misogynistic, homophobic and racist lyrics on some of their recordings?

Yea no Chinese person ever wore a conical hat while eating from a bowl with chopsticks. But since a white dude drew it it’s racist. Gtfoh with this bullshit. Hardcover copies are now going for $1,500 on Amazon Rather than pull the books, modify the artwork. Easy fix. DrSeuss If this is my penance for not having to see racist images like the Confederate Flag and Aunt Jemima then so be it.

kxly4news 🙄🙄🙄 Well, that ought to teach a lesson. Crazy leftists are power drunk with cancel junk they'd mug a monk if he freely thunk. cancelcancelculture Why do White people get mad when minorities demand respect Do not touch the Grinch I will need to read 'If I Ran the Zoo' again. I'm embarrassed that I missed something offensive in it when I read it many, many years ago.

Next generation of kids books will be with drawings of stickmen, that way they're gender neutral and have no ethnicity, just political correct depictions of people. A figurative burning of books? Madness! I for one cannot wait to see what is considered “woke” now, but will be trounced upon in 5-50 yrs by future “wokes” and faux intellectuals who thrive on cancellations than they do on education & art. The pendulum will swing back. DrSeuss

WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP. What's next, Charlotte's Web? W t f I also find the popular kid’s book Press Here by Herve Tullet is insensitive. Welcome to Clown World 🙄 FFS Purchase your Historic Keepsake today. Stay safe and healthy. Cancel culture Why turn something innocent into something to be ashamed of? Who's next? Mark Twain for Huckleberry Finn?

NoahCRothman Censor art ! Censor art! Make it stop Ridiculous Ridiculous I've read this story a thousand times. Never thought it was racist! Maybe it's because the only characters in it are these two and a bunch of fish. The cancel culture in our Country is out of control. The liberal progressive have one goal and that is to further the State not the people. Sad times. We may as well burn all books, ban all movies and art. There is always going to be something that offends someone.

Wow 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️ FFS This is an absolute disgrace, America ia allowing the whiney little, Easily offended, To run this country Communism 2021 - next they’ll be coming to your house and eliminating offensive things in your home Cancel culture needs to BE CANCELED!! Please don't cancel these books :( I am running out of things that include systemic racism and I need that in my and my children's life.

Grow up. You're whining has become tiresome, and we're tired of indulging you. wbaltv11 Total insanity!! NoahCRothman Expect these books will instantly become collectors items. wbaltv11 When is enough going to be enough? These are children's books. WHO ARE THE IDIOTS THAT SPEND TIME TELLING EVERYBODY THAT EVERYTHING IS RACIST DO THEY USE LOGIC AND REASON?

A vast majority of the comments here are a perfect example of why we as a society still have a tough time addressing past/present racism. What is so hard about coming to terms with that? What is so hard about learning how and why such depictions can harm people? Ridiculous! What next book burning? DawnStensland Walter Lantz cartoons must be next. Say bye-bye to Woody Woodpecker and Andy Pandam

But why tho Yes! I say we burn them in a giant fire! Took y'all long enough It is complete insanity They are going overboard. Good grief. 'Racist imagery' Not doing a good job at preserving them then if they won't publish them People are mad because Dr. Seuss books that contain racist imagery are being discontinued and at the same time the same people don't give a shit the last president of the United States stood on a stage shaped as a Nazi symbol for the S.S. as he continued to spew election lies😒

. it shows you that people ofended by dr suess are r-tards cmclymer The true racists are outing themselves, by finding racism where it doesn't exist. I don’t care “The Woke/cancel culture attacks best children’s book author of all time” AfrDiasporaNews africanacarr RickeySmiley rolandsmartin DrMumbiSeraki kengandanation

At the very most, add a forward to the book giving context to the images as not being accepted. Cancel culture is toxic. It's about time. Now children's programming should consult with someone to do the same thing for their programs. We found the 6 niggas who care Oy fucking vey people I feel like every day people find things to complain about leave it fucking alone stop complaining about every single thing and focus on more important things not saying racism isn’t important but it’s a fucking children’s book

So, Dr. Seuss is now basically Entartete Kunst.. Got it ^^ Dr. Seuss pissing off old whites, I see.. Un freaking real. I hope you people are freaking proud of yourselves. I feel bad for children moving forward...it just gets worse and worse. How fitting books getting banned on National Reading Day. Do you people need medical attention?

The truth is, there are real problems bigger than this. But individuals, schools, govt, media will not face them because of peer pressure from certain organizations. You guys need to grow up and see the truth. Otherwise, American society will be gone in the next generation. GROW UP PEOPLE That’s it!!!! We found the cure for racism. Stop printing Dr. Seuss books!

So basically everything is racist We live in a 🤡 world now And here we go again. Cancel Culture. When will it end kxly4news First Babar, next it'll be Plato's Allegory of the Cave getting banned for 'colonialism.' Sheesh. Getting out of hand this is Screw racist imagery. There is none!!!Publish the books.

Banning books now...leftists really are the new fascists... Wait. If the dude had ill intentions why dont we just cancel him? Screw all of his books then.. 😂😂 So from the comments in short...white people don't see racism...ever...got it wbaltv11 Such bullshit!!! This world has officially reached rock bottom. They consulted expert “educators,” or otherwise called “the WOKE crowd.”

Oh my god what a shame so sad this is only the beginning sheep This is wrong. They are meant to preserve those books if they really see them as potentially offensive then they should use a warning. That's what Warner Bros did when they rereleased there actually racist looney tunes episodes. I read mulberry street all the time to my daughter who's half korean. This is over sensitive, there is a stereotypical asian character, but nothing really insulting and could easily be altered. Dont make it sound like dr.seuss is racist, his opinions were in line with the times.

Amazon is also removing books they feel don't match the current trend in this country... no book rather u agree with it or not should be removed or stop being published that is censorship God I have to go get Dr Seuss books now before the FASCISTS take them away. Bunch of sensitive p ssies.. DrSeuss Jesus. Now I have to buy a bunch of dr Seuss books.

This is just bull💩. It’s another form of moving the needle to radicalism. Come on, this is a slippery road. It’s Dr. Seuss for christ sake. Sorry I should’ve have used Christ in that line. People need to take off their over sensitivity pants. prisonculture Just here for the comments! 😂😂😂 Let’s just cancel all books.

Idiots and morons! You're going to piss off the Republicans. They love the racist imagery. Wow... I mean... Dr. Seuss is a threat now? REALLY Green Eggs and Ham? Oh my God. This is so out of control. So do we start shooting Pandas now? Their faces are black and white. aedurkinricher How about using it to teach children that what is okay today might not turn out to be in the future? drseuss

Hey Lefties!! Wanna have book burning party later? Which ones so I can buy them? So stupid. Whoever complained about it is a moron. And they should be cancelled. Ohhhhhh your poor feeling got hurt because something was written the way you don’t like? Ohhhh poor baby Typical liberal alligator tears. Cancel it all. Everything offends someone. Nothing could possibly be used as an educational tool. It’s all terrible. Let’s just sit around staring at each other.

censorship Yup, been saying all my life those green eggs are racist as hell against the white and brown ones. Read the article. You make it seem like biden decided to get rid of the books but in fact it's the Dr Seuss Foundation that decided last year to stop publishing and selling the books. I don't think I've ever read those ones, so they're obviously not mainstream. Still, completely pathetic.

Ok...so when do we ban Nazi symbolism and white supremacy flags in this country? When? Time to hit the bookstore! Ban all books except 'State and Revolution' by Lenin And his other books That will keep the cranks happy ccdinarte2010 Shut up! What? This is ridiculous 🙄 steven_woke we need your voice to be heard !!! Bring this to light!!!

What a weak kneeded bunch some Americans are Pussy nation All you offended clowns should stick your hurt feelings in your ass down by the bay, in some hay. Whadda ya say..... 🤣 SenJohnFrank Why stop now? Use it as a learning tool. Trying to erase Dr. Seuss’ racist portrayal of characters is disingenuous. LEARN from your mistakes and faults.

That’s woke neesietweets I hope Dr Suess Enterprises realize that this is just the beginning not the end JoeChiodo Nothing increases demand for a children’s book than to label it “forbidden”. Why don’t we ban the word black altogether because is racist. Is getting really over the top!!! They think this is bad, wait until they get to the chapter on Disney!!! Pathetic! Bowing down to a small group of attention seekers. So glad other things are in motion!

The American Taliban strikes again without prompting they chose to do this... to preserve their reputation and legacy—as these used to matter. The outrage at this seems far more excessive than the decision not to publish the books. These particular titles are not widely read anymore. How many of the complainers have actually read them. (I read two as a child - Mulberry Street and Zoo).

Associated Press is garbage and feeds into the mentally deranged kids who are now adults.. these people were clearly not hugged enough and most likely have a hard time dealing with life. Stop this cancel crap and stop giving this type of news traction! frankfromny DrSeuss stop Fw me💔🔥 Let’s wipe out movies, musicals, opera, and close galleries that give historical views of how we used to see the world. Can we not accept that the world changes and views evolve? I’m fine if you don’t assign Seuss as homework assignments but to erase a writer’s legacy is wrong.

What about his horrendously racist Japanese comics during world war 2? I knew this would happen. Pretty sure I made a joke tweet about it last year, but I knew deep down it was only a matter of time Stop the insanity already !!! Swept under the rug. 🧹 How weak. Absolutely pathetic So go to your local library and check one out. They aren’t banned and millions exist. So sensitive, Repubs!

These images are what people seem to have a problem with. Originally published in 1950 and 1934 respectively. People have become so delicate. Is this country turning into nazi Germany? If you don’t know what I’m talking about do some research. Awwww geesh. They should put forewords in those books so children can see how culture has changed through out the years. It’s a good teaching moment.

The world is going absolutely freaking crazy... They going to round up the existing copies and have big bonfire in the public square? “I’m Gonna Tap that Ho Fo Sho” is a timeless classic and shouldn’t be cancelled by the snowflakes. Love news like this because it doesn't matter but snowflakes will still cry over this. And to announce this right after Potato Head. These snowflakes can't handle all this. 😂😭

2021 superpower, being able to see racism in all things. Why are green olives in a glass jar so you can see them but black olives are in a can? The publishers decided. I suppose someone else can step in if desired. Also, the books are not being destroyed. Just not published any more. Anyone welcome to go find them at a library or used book store. I’m sure they are out there. Nothing’s being cancelled.

Thank god!! What will the clansmen read now at the meetings? I think this will fix it! oliverdarcy Not gonna go on aa rant about cancel culture but using these books as a teaching moment by attaching disclaimers about offensive imagery and teaching about why they are wrong but not understood in the time of Seuss would be much more profound an impact

allahpundit “panel of experts” Not as comforting as these people seem to think. BTW the Cat is a tuxedo cat...that IS what they look like Nobody beats Americans in this type of gestures.. They are concerned about the images in a book but they are fine with racism in real life.. Especially against black, Muslims (except Saudis who are allies) and now Asians..

I am so sick of this! How about just reillustrating these books rather than canceling them. I’d like to know what parent emphasizes colonization when reading to a child! As to Curious George give me a break! BTW I am a liberal leaning NE Independent. Organization that used to preserve his legacy but now has decided it has other priorities. ftfy

Time to go buy them. You woke pieces of garbage are destroying the world. Don’t worry, your time will come. Good thing I bought my copies years ago. “Ceasing sales... is only part of our commitment and our broader plan to ensure Dr. Seuss Enterprises’ catalog represents and supports all communities and families.” Conservatives must start conserving culture, not just their assets? Conserving culture is their duty and right.

Good This nation has gone super nuts! Sooooo ridiculous. Everything was all fine until it suddenly is racist because a racist person says so.. what a bunch of babies 🤣🤣 the only people who think its racist are those who see or read it and the racist mindset comes up on them, none of those are racist to me!

‘Organisation that preserves Dr Seuss’s legacy will stop publishing a number of his books’ Quote; “The Cat in the Hat,” one of Seuss’ most popular books, has received criticism, too, but will continue to be published for now. This sentence should scare you, as this is how it starts. 6 titles now, the rest later, what ever is deemed un-sterile.

I have a Dr. Seuss collection and had never even heard of the books they are stopping publishing. Just makes me curious what the racist parts were. Let’s go back & review children’s books written & illustrated over the course of time. Each representative of their time in history. What then ? A reminder that our past is ugly and we accept some nasty things

That’s very sad, very sad The left literally is out to destroy mankind with wokeness, soon they will say crap is racist because of its color Big Mistake I’d say the real racists are the ones who somehow see ‘racist imagery’ in children’s books. Says more about them than the illustrator. Opinion : people were reading these books for decades and all the sudden there's racial things in it it. never hurt anybody before or is it just because people learned how to read?

'Organization that preserves author Dr. Seuss’ legacy'. The irony? Bullshit! Grow up people! Self-censorship has just started..🚨 I hope this won’t happen to the classic, and all inclusive, The Foot Book. My kids fav I know let’s start burning books. Chill out. Nothing being 'cancelled'. Dr. Seuss has published over 60 children's books. Six will not continue to be published. Culture will live.

Stupid. The more they fight fictional racisim the more RL racism we continue to see happening all over the place. 😢😢😢 The Pussification of America. Look at all the outraged WHITE FOLKS!!! Your 'offended' comments are the REASON this stuff is happening. If conservatives were as concerned about racism as they are any time someone wants to change their brand, racism would go extinct. Seriously, half you Neanderthals can’t read anyway so what are you concerned about?

Ted Cruz loves those books. wbaltv11 Seriously 😒 beyond ridiculous Oh no! A thing from generations past is no longer trendy, whatever shall we do?! Look at all these conservative snowflakes getting angry over nothing lmao Seuss was clearly prescient about current politics when he wrote: One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.. - BREAKING: Organization that preserves author Dr. Seuss’ legacy says it will stop publishing 6 titles because of racist imagery.

I have never heard of those 6 books. allahpundit Boomers about to mess themselves... Lol. Change the imagery? Who exactly is it racist against? FFS Thank goodness we've already got these in our collection. How stupid. no_itsmyturn Professional Outrage destroying culture and history bit by bit. Including childhoods.

We should stop reading or watching anything made prior to 2000. Holy Jesus are people out of control. But Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler isn't removed from libraries or the shelves of bookstores. Isn't it? Imagine canceling Dr. Seuss and feeling like you're doing good. 🤨 This world has lost it's mind ! allahpundit When Mark Twain was canceled for The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn, this was just a matter of time.

You gotta be kidding... Um, aren't those things by definition part of his legacy? I can’t wait for get a life by Dr. Seuss Dr Seuss’...... whatevers they’re called..... have races? Deleting it isn’t the answer. Teaching about why it’s racist is the answer. Carried this a little too far...we have known about the Dr. Seuss stuff for a long time.

I'm sorry, but this is ridiculous. I suppose Mark Twain is next. Asinine Canceling Dr Seuss, a new low I don’t agree with the decision, but as the intellectual properly owners it’s their decision to make. Perhaps we need to get works of art back into the public domain in a more timely manner. allahpundit This nonsense has to stop

absurd Our world is filled with over-sensitive p*ssies. Couple of months ago I came across a recommendation about Dennis66536 wealth how he helped investors to earn lots of money with their investments. and I decided to give a trial with the little I have. Now my little has turned into something great which was not my expectation

🤡🤡 Socially acceptable equivalent of book burning. Real life “Grinches” trying to cancel everything thanks for this news