6 Atlanta officers charged after students pulled from car

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Prosecutor says he's charging six Atlanta police officers after two college students were pulled from car during protests. (This tweet has been re-sent to fix a typo.)

ATLANTA — Six Atlanta police officers have been charged after a dramatic video showed authorities pulling two young people from a car during protests over the death of George Floyd, a prosecutor said Tuesday.“I feel a little safer now that these monsters are off the street and no longer able to terrorize anyone else,” said Messiah Young, who was dragged from the vehicle along with his girlfriend, Taniyah Pilgrim, while they were caught in traffic.

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms said Pilgrim was released without charges. She said Young, was released, too, and she’s ordering the charges against him dropped. She didn’t specify what charges he faced. A police report says Young was charged with attempting to elude police and driving with a suspended license.Dramatic body camera video that police released Sunday night shows police taking another young man into custody in a downtown street alongside a line of stopped cars.

The car gets stuck in traffic and officers run up to both sides of the car shouting orders. An officer uses a stun gun on Pilgrim as she’s trying to get out of the car and then officers pull her from the vehicle.


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FultonCountyDA Terrible prosecutor. He should be fired.

FultonCountyDA Awwww

FultonCountyDA HINT, Stop going to Atlanta and let their tax base suffer. They are nothing but racists.

FultonCountyDA They are going to run their officers off. Then you'll be just like chicago . Chicago has officers but a democratic mayor who wont let them do their job. Hence , murders daily .

FultonCountyDA Paul Howard is a rogue prosecutor FultonCountyDA Q please help monitor situation in Atlanta. QAnon WWG1WGA WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE realDonaldTrump

FultonCountyDA These are the peaceful protesters Paul Howard wants to protect.

FultonCountyDA It's June 4th and Paul Howard is still an incompetent fraudster.

against police brutality

That video was so disturbing. I'm livid! Those young kids... 😭 I felt their fear and confusion from here. BlackLivesMatter

We're charging U w/ unnecessary Yanking--Ha Ha Ha Ha

FultonCountyDA You’re putting APD officers in a very dangerous situation with these charges. You are giving these rioters and looters plenty of latitude, can’t you give your own police officers some latitude? This will be chilling on law enforcement, causing even more crime.

So, they arrest and charge 6 Atlanta officers for an assault on 2 young college students who were doing nothing, but 3 officers who witnessed their fellow officer murder Mr Floyd and did nothing ate still walking free. What?

Seems like law enforcement gets hit. Just out of curiosity, how many rioters are being charged with violence, destruction, looting, etc?

DCBlueStar What was the explanation for arresting those kids?

Cops are cops ! No matter their color ! They think they rule us all ! They are nothing but nazi ss

This persons picture isn’t in the article, why is it in the tweet? It’s misleading

Badass cops beating to helpless young women there’s a special place in hell for them!!! Say good by to your badge and welcome to our world where you too will fear what you once were!!!

What is this picture you decided to put on the link? It’s not even included in the article nor are any of the other officers photos. This is fuel to the problem

Interesting photo choice.

Where's the video of the story stop spinning the stuff youre putting more Targets on cops backs. I hope those kids enjoy their 15 minutes they should have stopped and got out of the car and complied I like how you note as the car advances forward. Irresponsible reporting

what they did was completely unnecessary... the question is what were they thinking and why?....

Yea arrest the police not the people destroying and killing got it


Howard says he has asked a judge to set a signature bond of $10,000, which means they wouldn’t have to pay anything unless they fail to show up for court dates. The two main reasons for that is to limit the number of people in the Fulton County jail during the Coronavirus, n LEO

Sell out!! Conditioned house Nigga!!

“We need more black officers” They’re all saltines


Six officers arrested but theres only one picture : a black cop. For fuck sake. Where's the other photos

Run by mad people policed by mad people.

Media, relax. ....

They better wake up.

Nothing more than cheap goons doing dirty work for 'idiot in chief'

Heavyhandedly similar to Trump syndrome!

The arresting all black officers but the officers in Floyd's case are still free

How do multiple black officers participate in unwarranted and unnecessary brutality against black ppl period. But y’all do it in the middle of protest against police brutality. Protest resulting from police killing a black man. Without ya uniform they’d do it to y’all. Smh!!


Fuck turning themselves in. Arrest them in the same way they assaulted those students. NoJusticeNoPeace

Fuck YES!


'I’m not dying today' 'as the dark sedan advances a bit'- 2020 Creative Award Winner

Time for mass detention camps. Peaceful protesters......BULLSHIT.

Theirs or yours !!!

These police are WORSE than the Gestapo! Thank you for firing these thugs! Time to start holding cops responsible for excessive violence. The two young people should file assault charges! MayorBowser

Weed out the dirty cops. ALL of them. Go all the way up the chain of command and then go higher BunkerBitch

KarlousM Only showing black officers, media are just as bad

TeresaMWalker Imagine..if we could do this for all the police brutality going on... imagine if George Floyd's murderers were charged this quickly. Imagine me wanting to go for a car ride to try to clear my head right now but i can't cuz i'm too stressed while i'm driving on being pulled 4 DWB

Good! These officers are the real thugs!

This comes from lack of SOPs and ignorance. I would suggest that all government of the world put a distress number, app or other quick solution when a citizen is facing haressment. I guess that this should be the job of the UN!

Tired of politicized news of AP.This media used to be professional

It's amazing when black cops screw up somehow the 'justice system' speeds up and actually works the way it's supposed to. When white officers screw up for the same offense all of a sudden 'There's nothing the DA can do, qualified-immunity and all'.🤔

Great plan. Let the criminals go free and charge six great police officers tasked with an impossible mission of success! realDonaldTrump FoxNews seanhannity NYCPBA

Walk out. No more policing.

Will be pretty interesting when cities cant find people to police their streets.

As they should be.

Criminal Twitter assist Nazi China against USA

Threeheadedtoad Was there only one black cop or couldn’t you find other photos?

Charged with what?


There! You fixed it!

So those are supposed to be the Faces of all the wicked cops now wow

Good. Now charge the other officers in Floyd’s death.


Actual consequences!?!?! What is this!?

SMH these white supremacist cops never stop. Also, driving with a suspended license should be totally legal

can you address the responsibility of famous people to be better models to the youth...rappers promoting “get rich quick”, gun violence, “f$5k the cops”, objectification of women in their music ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM... TuesdayThoughts

bginns they fixed it 👍

Good. That was a disgusting stunt they pulled. You could see the terror in their eyes.

Charged for what..?

Does this mean the protests are working?

Good. This isn’t hard. Police brutality should be a federal crime. There needs to be accountability EVERY TIME.

Once these cops are in gen pop with no armor or weapons we'll see how tough they really are.

Good -- watched the video of this disgusting display of police brutality. Enough already!

You’d think they’d learn. It will continue no matter what. This is just the beginning.

2 out of the 6 you decided to picture are black and brown.

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