6 Atlanta police officers charged in forceful arrests of college students in car

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BREAKING: Six Atlanta police officers charged after allegedly pulling two college students out of a car, smashing its windows and using a stun gun in the course of an arrest as protests continued nearby, prosecutor says.

Messiah Young and Taniyah Pilgrim were driving past a protest in Atlanta when police used a taser on them and pulled them from their car, as seen in dramatic video.

Six Atlanta police officers have been charged after forcefully pulling two college students out of a car, smashing its windows and using a stun gun in the course of an arrest as protests continued nearby, a prosecutor announced Tuesday.


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All they had to do was peacefully get out of the car, which they didn't. It's just that simple!! You don't need a college degree to figure that out. At this point, the police should boycott and let what happens, happen. BlueLivesMatters

stop saying 'allegedly' we literally have it on fucking video

Your headline should have been that at least 2 of them were black. It is kind of important. Bad cops can come in any color

good, throw these cops in prison




JohnLloydTaylor But let’s talk about why they were charged so quickly!?! Hmmmm. I wonder why....?

Transparency. Justice. That was unnecessary.

A lot of police officer are recruited after leaving the military, where they have been trained to attack first ask questions later. It's very difficult to untrain that mindset & rather than focus on police sensitivity training, focus on doing psychological profiles BEFORE hiring.

We are in trouble: The DEA Has Been Given Permission To Investigate People Protesting George Floyd’s Death protesters

Tonight’s coordinated media narrative: All cops are bad! MSNBC cnn abc are the true evil and a camcer in our society.

If I were an Atlanta cop I’d move to a city where police are respected.

Both occupants were black and I would bet the farm had they been white would never have been stopped


5 black cops, 1 white. It’s a cop problem


Why y’all only posted a pic of the black cop ? Let’s see the white ones

They should all be kicked out of the force as well and all get criminal record 🤔

“Allegedly” when there’s video footage?

The police are not your enemy. If you believe that then you are embracing anarchy. Wise up.

Allegedly? 🧐

Six? I counted way more I saw a mob of fucking terrorists, and the one that slashed the tires... this is no where near justice. More charges and actual arrests. Do not celebrate this yet.

I read about this incident this morning but after watching the video it’s like this is the exact reason why there are protests. Dumb cops are really showing their ass right now

JaVonniBrustow 'Howard said there was no reason to wait for an indictment to charge these officers because the 'information is available' and they 'usually don't have witnesses because the witnesses are usually deceased and are police officers who refuse to interview with the DA's office.'



An0nAKn0wledge What the fuck is really wrong with their hands? They need cyclops to be attached to their skins so they'll direct them where to go, what to do and where to fuckingly stand.

It’s this simple.


Black police showing out for the white cop

Gross. They didn’t deserve that at all. PS They messed with the guys lady and his car. What happened to basic man code?

Charge every last one of these criminal thugs. It's the only way they will learn. We don't literally pay these 'public servants' with our hard-earned tax dollars to abuse and batter us. In fact, this is the exact opposite of what we pay them for.

benFranklin2018 I’ve been saying it for years, all applicants for police officers should be drug tested for everything, including steroids. They should have deep background checks including social media to see if they are affiliated with white supremacy groups. This is insane.


Minimum of a year in prison for each

“Allegedly”? No.. they were caught on camera.

Can anyone explains to me why I can' t find such brutal attacks on rioters who devastate and rob ? Lack of police courage or what?

and now arrest every other cop and guard who stood around and let that happen


GOOD! They were absolute disgusting monsters doing that to those kids. Absolutely disgusting. They deserve jail time!

Allegedly Nigga it was on video tf

Atlanta is doing it right. Crazy how arrest warrents arent out yet for the cops in minnesota. This needs to be widespread. Every cop caught on video doing something illegal needs to be charged.

You know this wouldn’t have happened if there wasn’t video evidences. Right now, our phones are the only thing that can bring us justice. Always spread awareness and videos that show corrupt authorities. BlackLivesMattter

Kno June 5th... $10K bond. That’ll send a message.

Allegedly? I’m sorry but we fucking saw them do it, we have proof, Amit no allegedly, lock those raciest up

Absolutely terrible

That's great. But when will the remaining officers be charge with George Floyd's death? Why is it taking so long?


Will their pension be turned over to the victims

Everybody needs to help trend strategicprotest so we can be safe AND smart


As they should be charged, lock them up ain’t ATL gonna deal with y’all


Ok now for the rest of the cops out there brutalizing protesters and causing havoc

'Allegedly?' I'm sorry what? It's literally recorded by multiple people. It's not alleged lol

These were innocent bystanders... fuckers

this is disgusting. my heart goes out to those two. 😔❤️...

Nah not in Wakanda! Tip

GlobalTuesdayService 심각하게 반응하라 지금의 코로나는 장난에 불과할 정도로 앞으로 닥칠 질병과 재난은 상상불과할것이다 모든죄를 버리고 창조주께 돌아오라

Glad Atlanta Police is showing some restraint too, just like their NYPD buddies.... NYC mayor defends police after video shows NYPD trucks driving into protesters via nbcnews

This should have NEVER happened!!!

GlobalTuesdayService 마지막 파수꾼이 지구를 무대삼아 강력한권세와능력으로 걷고 활동한다 밤이 심히 깊은시간에 파수꾼은 깨어서 보고하고경고한다 아침과함께 밤도온다 회개하고 청종하라. 한국어통역


Everything is wrong .... ppl and police needs to have a truce, and rethink what’s doing wrong, and how they can solve it .... is not ppl vs police, we all r humans beings with differents jobs ....we shouldn’t be enemies 😕


MORE: Six Atlanta police officers charged in forceful arrests of college students in car.

We need more details...don’t just report one liners like and causing more trouble


protestupdatez Yet people were defending these cops before... probably still gonna defend them

JuliaDavisNews Now the Atlanta cops REALLY are gonna go nuts.


These cops are adrenaline junkies Well trained dogs stop when u call them off but these grown men can't control themselves


JuliaDavisNews Charges had better stick

These cops are overworked. They need relife...

Allegedly is an interesting word choice.

Trump will pardon them.

I can only imagine how a parent would feel watching the video. It was horrifying!

JuliaDavisNews Three more need to be arrested


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